This is all confessionals made during the ninth Leg.


We did it! We got Nuno and Emma out! IT FINALLY HAPPEND! THIS ONE IS FOR CHALLAS. THIS ONE IS FOR TEAM KHAPTAD. Revenge feels so sweet, even sweeter now.


So damn glad Emma and Nuno are gone, even if they werent threatening in the slightest, they were annoying. It means with the final 5 we have, I reckon Wes and I are pretty solid. Joan and Sam will never be able to beat any of us, and Crtha needs Kman to survive. I can see me and Wes being in the final 3 with Szymon and Henrik, and Perry and Jo, and hopefully winning it.


Well, we had fun. I am so proud of ourselves, even more with Emma, she is amazing, she surprised me so much, she was so quick to find stuff, and a great teammate. It sucks to leave the race with people rubbing you lost in your face, but we had a great time. I mean, we survived 2 U-Turns, never won a leg, and could only get 3rd's and 5th's and we are would be pretty happy if we returned for All-Stars ;D Overall, it was an amazing ride, and well, what can we see. We Are 2 Ratchet 4 You.


Well we are finally gone 6th is not that bad not bad at all and i got to play it with one of my best friends nuno <3 i cant believe we did so much we should be proud i hope either team slut or jo and perrys team win it was great i hope we can do that again! oh ya team sandra as well maybe team hungergames.