This is all confessionals made during the twelfth Leg.


Me and Sam know where the final leg is taking place and thats an advantage, however we didn't research about it instead we spend all two weeks trying to predict what the final task could be. I believe that knowing its in Maryland as long the first clue doesn't say so will give us an advantage over the other teams.

Also Jamie did tell me that after certain thing Sam did yesterday she was going to try get Tung and Duy to win just to spite him. So oh well, we all knew she was a bitch.


It's make or break time tbh! Our third season should end with happiness tbh!

Me when I honestly don't care about coming third, like three times third is quite pretty to look at. Idfk why Jamie is being a bitch, I was trying to like make the argument happier and she called me a child and lost a lot of respect for me, like oh okay that's fine I'm surprised she had respect in the first place.

Like I'd take an argument between Jo and Jamie seriously lol. But hey, it's not like I lost a friend or anything ^.^


I'm really hoping we can pull out a win today, it'd be our 8th win and it'd be a great end to a great season for us.