This is all confessionals made during the seventh Leg.


Well apparently mayhem has ensued on my behalf. So yeh, I went away with my closest allies being Joan and Sam, and now I come back and Joan is annoyed at Wes, and Wes is annoyed at Joan, and apparently a bitch. Why, why cant I go one ORG without having somebody pissed at me.


Okay so we managed to come in 7th, so we would of been eliminated but luckily Chandni took a penalty and it was a not elimination leg, so awesome! Wes and Charlie told us the Pit-Stop so we could make it, but Joan, being the dumbass that he his sent them a fake screenshot, which was so obviously fake that it would take a fucking mole rat to think it isn't, and now Wes and Charlie no longer trust Joan and wont help him anymore. And if they wont help Joan, they wont help his teammate either! Wes and Charlie helped me out on 4 legs where Joan wasn't even here, so for him just to send a fake screenshot was basically a massive middle finger to me and the struggle that I went through.


So I fucked it up pretty badly... Maybe I should beg mercy to Wes... Orrrrrr I could just tell him he is an ugly repulsive fuck that destroys ears when skyping... Hmmm... My pride is over begging and sucking mushrooms to get my way up the staircase...

So now Wes is fucking with my buddies Emma and Nuno. Well tough tits cause he is a dumbass and I'm gonna fuck him up. He must quit being a bitch, especially having the igene of one.


Well, that was another exciting country. Travelling through the beautiful city of Dubai! Anyway, Apparently two teams are gunning for us. So, we are basically on our own since the rest is being dragged by us. Praying for miracle that we soon get first to the U turn and U turn the ass out of Nuno and Emma. Being able to get Nuno and Emma out, or even Jo and Perry would be great. It turns out that the little Bitch Nuno, Yes, I said B-I-T-C-H, is organizing our departure from the race. Well suck to be him since we ain’t going nowhere. Adamant like a mountain, Stronger than the strongest, staying in the race. Slaying through the legs hopefully I see a bright future in my trust in my alliance with Szymon. He was warned me several times now and he has earned my trust. My personal goal for now is just survival. Getting through the legs without being eliminated. Getting into that F3 that win! Winning is my goal!



So, me and Emma were alligned with Jo and Perry, Chandni and Kaeghan and Charlie and Wes. However, Charlie and Wes were being selfish and weren't honoring the alliance with me and Emma, only playing with the rest.

That means, they were probs with Challas and Kaeghan and Chandni, while the other teams were apparently trash to them.

We are done being used by those bitches. We created a new alliance, "The Amazing Ratchet". That is Ratch Hoes (Me and Emma), Slut (Szymon and Henry) and Hunger Games (Joan and Sam).

We are avengeful like hell, and we plan on getting Jo and Perry with us to screw with Charwes, Challas and Chaghan, cause they are allied and stuff.

Now the best part: Joan faked a screeny and showed it to Wes, but he found out it was fake xD Well that screws our plans masterfully, which means Szymon and Henry need to use the express pass next to get to the U--Turn first and U-turn Challas and Charlwes :P Well, like Emma would said. Looking forward to the Hotel soap.