After the 3 Years
People 16
Situation Nuclear war
Bunker Group
5 / 8
Outside Group
3 / 8
Series Chronology
Previous Season None
Next Season None
After the 3 Years is a celebratory season of After the Dark. It celebrates the 3rd anniversary of After the Dark by reenacting season one.


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Bunker GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
Tres favorite wlw purry
23 Electrician Homosexual; Nathalia's mother. Survived
63 Dentist Has a tendency to heart attacks. Survived
25 Nurse Pregnant and will deliver in 4 months; Miscarried in Month 2. Survived
46 German diplomat Speaks eight different languages. Survived
43 Computer programmer Recovering alcoholic; Nathalia's father. Survived
31 Author Educated plumber. Deceased
Month 9
Failed lobotomy by LeShandria.
45 Politician Knows the code to the bunker. Also helped design the bunker. Deceased
Month 2
Shot by LeShandria.
51 Teacher Was once a lifeguard. Deceased
Month 2
Shot by LeShandria.

Secret Room Edit

Name Age Profession Season Status
Nathalia 0 None After the 3 Years Survived
Kaaitlyn 14 Student  After the Dark Survived

Outside Group Edit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
38 Gunsmith Hunts in her spare time. Survived
30 Soldier Might have malaria. Survived
49 Farmer Has a lung disease that might kill him in 8 months. Survived
40 Nuclear Engineer Claustophobic. Deceased
Month 7
Shot by Collin.
28 Park Ranger Knows morse code. Deceased
Month 1
Succumbed to radiation.
29 Cook Bad immune system. Deceased
Month 1
Succumbed to radiation.
28 Carpenter Has been in prison for murder. Deceased
Month 1
Slit her own throat.
35 Accountant Has an IQ of 128. Deceased
Month 1
Succumbed to radiation.

Vacation Cabins Edit

Name Age Profession Season Status
America 26 Flight Attendant  One Posthumous Month Survived
Serpent 54 Hunter Spider Invasion Deceased
Month 7
Shot by Collin.

Riverside Camp Edit

Name Age Profession Season Status
Jeppe 36 Teacher  ZA Survived
Bilal 38 Dentist Burden Survived
Bartholomew 43 Astrologist The Deluge Survived
Saul 47 Doctor The Deluge Deceased
Presumedly drowned.
Edurne 27 Fortune teller Hell's Gate Deceased
Month 7
Shot by Collin.

Ski Resort Edit

Name Age Profession Season Status
Larn 48 Soldier  Game of Thrones Survived
Khent 52 Pilot Burden - Barbados Survived
Beatrice 35 Soldier Falling Skies Survived
Sonya 31 Soldier The Other Side Survived

Lost Lake Edit

Name Age Profession Season Status
Jourdain 27 Ship mechanic Rising Tide Survived
Ratchet 1 Wolf  Under the Dome Deceased
Month 7
Blood loss.
Kamalaiakyea 56 Scientist Game of Thrones Deceased
Month 7
Shot by Dani.
Collin 32 Hitman 20 Days Deceased
Month 7
Poisoned by Kamalaiakyea.

Bunker Vote Edit

Person Votes Status
John 113  Inside
Wesley 93 Inside
Nuno 87 Inside
Purry 87 Inside
Jaylen 83 Inside
Miguel 68 Inside
LeShandria 56 Inside
Andrew 54 Inside
Nathaniel 47 Outside
Jayme 44 Outside
Nicholas Nullified Outside
Mikey Nullified  Outside
Gavin Nullified Outside
Sam Nullified Outside
Wendy Nullified Outside
Dani Nullified Outside


Week 1

  • The Outside Group find themselves in a parking lot in a demolished ski resort in Mount Hood. They get on two military trucks and decide they'll try escaping to the sout-east, as all the towns to the west are being bombed.
  • Having to choose between an unpaved but straight hiking trail and a winding paved road, they decide to risk the hiking trail for the sake of getting out of the mountain faster.
  • They travel down the hiking trail with no problems, but find themselves at a fork between going into a narrower trail inside the dense forest, or a curved road in a cleared area, they decide to go to the straight but narrow trail.
  • As a result of this, they have to slow down since the dense forest had hidden the fact that there were unexpected curves in the path.
  • The group manage to get safely to the town of Goverment Town, just to realise its the next target. They try to drive through it and away from it as fast as possible, but a small nuclear missile drops on it, the blast generated by it catches on to the military trucks, flipping them over several times.
  • The group regain coinscense to realise that their cars are flipped over and burning. They get out of the cars through the windows, realizing that all glass had exploded. When the group see each other they see that they are covered in 3rd degree burns and glass cuts, yet they can't feel them.
  • Sam buckles over and vomits a jet of blood. The group decide to walk towards some vacation cabins that are located outside the town, they get there and meet America and Serpent in the basement of one of the cabins.
  • Serpent points out that Sam, who had been carried by other members of the group ever since he came out of the car, is dead. Wendy, Gavin and Nicholas realise that they all have radiation poisoning.
  • Meanwhile Dani talks to America to get some ointment for the burns and new clean clothes, Wendy talks to Serpent about her sickness and odds of survival.
  • Dani and Jayme change into America's clothes.
  • Only Dani, Jayme, Nathaniel and Mikey decide to apply ointments to their skin, since their were only enough for four people.
  • Serpent claims that Wendy's life will end in either hours, days or weeks. Wendy, not wanting to waste the groups resources, decides to slit her own throat, shocking everybody.
  • Over the next few weeks, Nicholas and Gavin both die from radiation poisoning.
  • The Bunker Group explore the bunker, discovering its many rooms.
  • Nuno decides to host a manhood-comparison gathering, where all men compare the size and shape of their manhoods in order to decide who is most gifted to impregnate Purry.
  • It is decided that Purry will be impregnated through artificial incemination, all men but Nuno and Andrew are tasked by Nuno to fill a cup with their reproductive fluid in order to keep in the fridge just in case they die.
  • Nuno searches for pornographic material in the library to help stimulate Jaylen, Miguel, John and Wesley. He finds a book about art.
  • Nuno decides to try extract the sperm from Jaylen himself, taking Jaylen to the garden's sunbed, blindfolding him and having Purry stimulate him verbally.
  • Wesley and John produce their cups after going to the bathroom.
  • John decides to help extract the sperm from Miguel, locking himself in the bathroom with Miguel.
  • All four cups of manly fluid are stored in the fridge.
  • Everybody lives through the month feeling ashamed of themselves, especially Nuno, John and myself.


The BunkerEdit

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The bunker is located in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.

Only 1 person knows the code to the bunker's blast door from the start.

Trivia Edit

  • JA, Tommy and Jonas were all considered but could not be contacted. Miguel, Dani and Wendy were offered a place instead. Noah declined his invitation, so Allison was given a last minute invitation to fill in for him. Allison was then removed from the season due to behavioural issues, giving John, the rightful deserver of the spot in term of number of cycles played, the spot.