After the Dark: Bloodsport
Season 47
People 27
Situation Humans hunting humans.
Team Jaws
0 / 6
Team Cruise
1 / 7
Team Discovery
4 / 7
Team Love
3 / 7
Series Chronology
Previous Season Zero Escape
Next Season Occupied

After the Dark: Bloodsport is the forty-seventh season of After the Dark.




Team Jaws

Person Age Profession Traits Status
40 Prosthetist Has very wealthy relatives. Deceased
Day 7
Shot by hunters.
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Sean The Artic Fox
35 Exterminator Grew up in a farm. Deceased
Day 4
Shot by hunters.
33 Pyrotechnician Hypochondriac Deceased
Day 2
Mangatar SandraLee
"Sandra Lee"
30 Luthier Took aviation classes. Deceased
Day 2
Mangatar EliseBoucher
Peppermint Princess
"Elise Boucher"
38 Sushi chef Amateur aromatherapist. Deceased
Day 2
30 Saleswoman Has very poor eyesight. Deceased
Day 2


Person Age Profession Traits Status
Lake 34 Lumberjack Lost a leg on Day 8. Survived
Day 8
Thorn 25 Camgirl - Deceased
Day 2
Scotty 38 Lifestyle blogger - Deceased
Day 2
Sister Fister 33 Drag Queen - Deceased
Day 2

Team Cruise

Person Age Profession Traits Status
40 Fursuit tailor Certified midwife. Survived
Day 8
37 Martial arts instructor Overweight. Deceased
Day 7
Bled out.
Iconic manga
34 Entomologist Has lived in a camping site for the last 5 years. Deceased
Day 7
Blown up.
39 Lighthouse keeper Has dwarfism. Deceased
Day 6
42 Theology teacher Has a soothing voice. Deceased
Day 6
22 Construction worker Speaks fluent Spanish.
Broke both his legs on Day 3.
Day 6
Shot by hunters.
Dakota Finland
64 Former competitive swimmer Susceptible to heart attacks. Deceased
Day 2
Shot by hunter.


Person Age Profession Traits Status
Walter 58 Gunsmith Obese. Deceased
Day 6
Bled out.
Bret 19 Dustman - Deceased
Day 3
Fell to death.
London 22 Public speaker Is paraplegic Deceased
Day 2
Shot by hunters.

Team Discovery

Person Age Profession Traits Status
46 Cartographer Used to vacation to the Bahamas every year. Rescued
IMG 4557
19 Contortionist Doesn't know how to tie his laces.
Right hand ripped off by a dog on Day 3.
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29 Psychiatrist Allergic to bug stings. Rescued
43 Lap dancer Shouts when speaking. Rescued
36 Immigration officer Used to work as a fitness instructor. Deceased
Day 5
Shot by hunter.
27 Haberdashner Certified locksmith. Deceased
Day 5
Shot by hunter.
23 Dishwasher Addicted to prescribed drugs. Deceased
Day 3
Decapitated by motorboat.


Person Age Profession Traits Status
Christie 20 Model Originally a hunter; abducted by Team Discovery on Day 5. Deceased
Day 9
Blasted to pieces by Nuno.
Eimear 52 Ballet teacher - Deceased
Day 7
Blown up.
Baek-Han 20 College student - Deceased
Day 5
Shot by hunter.
Bram 82 Toy maker Has very bad hearing. Deceased
Day 3
Throat ripped open by dog.

Team Love

Person Age Profession Traits Status
32 Interpreter Allergic to cats. Rescued
26 Firefighter Has congenital insensitivity to pain. Rescued
60 Fisherwoman Expert on carpentry, plumbing and electrical equipment. Rescued
57 Prison warden Smuggled a revolver with 6 bullets.
Had all his fingers broken on Day 8.
Had both his feet blown up on Day 8.
Had his left arm mauled on Day 8.
Day 9
Bled out.
"The Queen Bee"
29 Coroner Suffers solar urticaria. Deceased
Day 7
Shot by hunters.
52 Driving instructor Knows how to hot-wire any vehicle. Deceased
Day 2
Shot by hunter.
"Black Syndra"
43 Babysitter Allergic to dust. Deceased
Day 2
Choked on straws.


Person Age Profession Traits Status
Jean 18 Socialite Is an amateur detective. Deceased
Day 9
Decapitated by LeShandria and Laughlisha.
Candi 27 Cake decorator - Deceased
Day 7
Shot in the head.
Dani Bunn 2 Dead rabbit Is a dead rabbit. Deceased
Day 4
Killed by a cat.
Peri 29 Jewellery sales rep - Deceased
Day 2
Shot by hunter.

Other NPCs

Person Age Profession Traits Status
Cheyenne 31 Gravedigger From a previous bloodsport. Deceased
Day 9
Shot by LeScamdria, Nuno & Laughlisha.
Donna 72 Retired Banker Originally a hunter; abducted by Team Love on Day 7. Deceased
Day 8
Throat slit by LeScamdria.




Day 1:

  • The four groups are abandoned in different parts of New Providence, Bahamas after being informed that they'd be hunted for 21 days as a result of debt problem of one of their loved ones.
  • Team Jaws explore the forest next to their beach. They find some green apples and coconuts and picks them up for the group.
  • Scotty volunteers to be in charge of building shelter, wanting to build a treehouse. He however proves himself to be useless and is stripped from his leadership. The shelter construction is handed over to Lake, whom many of the females in the group have grown really fond of.
  • After a shelter is built, everybody squeezes inside. Sawyer, Elise and Hibiscus all snuggle around Lake to keep themselves warm.
  • Team Cruise discovers that London can't walk since she is paraplegic, they consider abandoning her so she doesn't slow them down, but after spotting the hunters making their way from Paradise Island to downtown Nassau they decide to keep her, having Walter carry her around.
  • The group travels away from the downtown area into Arawak Bay and divides into three groups to look through a zoo, some houses and a cargo bay. A monkey jumps on top of Blaine in the zoo, but Walter scares it away.
  • The group meet up at a restaurant and hears a vehicle drive by. They duck and keep silent before deciding to move inland, towards the University.
  • As it darkens, the group finds a wheel chair for London at a sports centre's infirmary and decides to stay the night at the University's dormitories.
  • Team Discovery see that the only standing building in their small island is a large house. They decide to explore it and scavenge for supplies.
  • They discover that Bram has very bad hearing and discuss about the hunters probably having knowledge of their location. They consider trying to get to the mainland island.
  • The group shuts all windows and doors in the house to prevent Nicolai getting bitten by any bugs and go to sleep.
  • Team Love walks up to a resort and scavenge through the heaps of trash outside it.
  • The Queen Bee's skin starts itching from the sunlight, so she proceeds to use a cloth bag to cover her bag she found lying about to cover her face, cutting holes to see through. Laughlisha is upset by this, being reminded of an extremist right-wing secret society.
  • The group proceeds to move on to the hotel complex as Jean says that there might be dangers in the area. They explore the lobby where Nuno inspects with Jean the reception desk, discovering bullet holes and old blood stains.
  • Everybody decides to stay the night in the hotel, locking themselves into individual bedrooms and barricading the doors with whatever furniture they could find.

Day 2:

  • Team Jaws eats some coconuts and explores the forest, reaching a different beach and spotting a factory down the shoreline.
  • They explore the factory and decide to move their camp inside there, trying to barricade themselves indoors.
  • The group all eat the apples they'd picked up, which turn out to be deadly manchineel. They tried to vomit it out and wash their mouths as they feel the poison kicking in but are interrupted by the arrival of a stranger with a strange scar around his neck.
  • The stranger drags Sean and Lake away and feeds them gum from the manchineel tree, countering the edema that has been forming in their throats. He then returns to discover the rest of Team Jaws passed out on the beach. He carries Alexandra and feeds her the gum, saving her, but upon returning to the beach he discovers that Sawyer, Sandra Lee, Elise, Hibiscus, Thorn, Scotty and Sister Fister have all succumbed to the poison.
  • Team Cruise goes to investigate a stadium, but after hearing a vehicle outside they all rush to hide inside the changing room.
  • After some time, Dakota goes out to peak out and sees a jeep. He calls over Bret and considers going to investigate the vehicle up close, but sees two people returning. The group decides to go to the opposite side of the stadium and run away to the nearby junkyard.
  • The group scavenges through the graveyard and some nearby warehouses, separating into different small groups, they decide to regroup at the stadium, where they run into a startled female hunter that tries to fire at them with a machine gun but misses.
  • Dakota charges at the woman, who screams and shoots at Dakota, killing him. The group runs away as they hear more hunters running to their area. They arrive to the junkyard and hide underneath a heap of trash and wait out the hunters to leave.
  • They then proceed to go to an abandoned food storage facility and decide to stay the night inside it.
  • Team Discovery discusses their escape plans some more, not doing much else than picking up some coconuts to eat and eating some uncooked ramen noodles Wes found.
  • Wesley discovers that Bram is good at carving and has him carve some wood knives. The two bond with each other.
  • Team Love decide to leave the hotel they were staying at and go explore a nearby nightclub.
  • The nightclub is incredibly filthy and most equipment has been damaged, but LeScamdria decides to get everybody to get to fix the nightclub for her whilst she rummages through the coat room.
  • Black Syndra starts sneezing, and despite people brushing off the sneezing in given time The Queen Bee realises that Black Syndra is having an allergic reaction to dust. She proceeds to take Black Syndra outside to try help her get some fresh air.
  • After Black Syndra's situation does not improve, everybody goes outside to check on Black Syndra to see that she is having an anaphylactic shock, her neck bloating. Candi, Jean and Peri are asked if they know what to do, and Candi suggest shoving a straw down Black Syndra's throat to help her breath through it.
  • Blake shoves a drinking straw down Black Syndra's throat, and after she makes a weird noise, LeScamdria decides to shove many more. Black Syndra starts choking on the straws, as a hunter jeep drives nearby and spots the group outside the nightclub. The group abandon Black Syndra, running back indoors for cover as she chokes to death on the straws.
  • The group decide that they will try to escape through the balcony upstairs but find that the door leading upstairs is locked. Nuno searches through the bar and finds some keys. The group rushes upstairs but Jean, Dani and Peri get shot at and injured.
  • Upon opening the door and going through, Peri collapses from her wound. The group decide to abandon her, jumping out the balcony as the hunters charge upstairs and kill Peri.
  • Outside the nightclub, the group runs into two weak and elderly hunters. LeScamdria throws sand at their eyes, causing them to freak out and shoot at them erratically as the group runs away, hitting Nuno, LeScamdria and the Queen Bee.
  • Upon being hit again, Dani collapses to the floor as the rest of the group reach the hunter's jeep. Nuno considers going back for her but choices not to, the hunters catch up with Dani and shoot her dead.
  • The group realises that inside the jeep there is a hunter that is surprised by them, as he tries to grab his gun, Blake shoots him in the head and shoves his body out of the car as the group jumps inside the jeep and drives away as the hunters shoot at them.
  • They decide to drive into a forest through a dirt road, but after driving for some time, they run into a dead end due to a fallen tree blocking the road. The group piles out of the jeep and rushes into the greenery, trying to go deep into the forest and stay there for the night.

Day 3:

  • Team Jaws woke up in a shelter, they were given food and water by the man, who didn't speak once to them. Discussing what to do, they decided to stay with the man for the rest of the day.
  • Team Cruise spent all their day inside the warehouse, eating from some cans that were stored in a crate and drinking dirty water from a tap.
  • Wanting to scout the area from one of the windows, Nathaniel sent Bret up a shelf to look through one of the windows near the roof. Whilst climbing, Bret fell and cracked his head against the ground, dying in the process.
  • Nicholas tries to climb up after this, he also ends up falling up after he loses balance after letting go for a second. Nicholas tries his best to fall in a "standing" position, as James tries to catch him. This ends up with James getting kicked in the face by Nicholas and Nicholas breaking both his legs.
  • The group decide to change tactics and peak through the main door. There were no dangers nearby. They decide to sneak back towards where they lost London and retrieve a bloodied wheelchair to put Nicholas on it. They then change warehouse for the night.
  • Team Discovery wake up to discover that a motorboat with some hunters and dogs are heading their way. They try to sneak through the backdoor but are caught by the hunters, prompting them to run to a marina they hadn't previously explored in hopes of finding an escape vehicle. There weren't any.
  • As the hunters run up to the dock, the group jumps into the water and starts swimming towards the mainland, diving underwater to escape the firearms.
  • Bram lags behind and is caught by a dog that rips his throat open. Some of the hunters go fetch their motorboat and chase after the group.
  • The group decides to stop swimming and wait until the motorboat is nearby before diving underwater to dodge bullets. Two dogs jump off the motorboat, and one dives towards Nifty, who tries to stab it with a poorly-made wood knife made by Bram, this ends up with the dog ripping Nifty's hands before Crissan scares it off with his fire poker.
  • After the group spots a shark swimming towards them, Nifty separates from the group as they swim towards the shore and tries to get blood on Eimear to bait the shark towards her. Eimear is angered by this and swims away. The shark seems to lose interest and swim away.
  • Nifty is left behind as the motorboat chases after the rest of the group. Crissan dives underneath the motorboat and sticks the firepoker into the rotor, prompting it to shoot loose and decapitate him. The motorboat stops working and the group use the chance to swim up to the beach. They lose the hunters behind and take refuge inside a hotel.
  • Team Love found themselves lost in middle of the forest. Upon wandering for a while they came across an abandoned fish farm with murky pools. Using some nets found in a shack, LeScamdria catches 20 fishes and drags them along in the net.
  • Trying to make their way back to the jeep, the group heads back into the forest and wanders off. They end up coming across and overgrown golf course where they break into a club house and drink flat sodas found in its bar. They stay the night there.

Day 4

  • Team Jaws learns that the mysterious man was actual a past contestant of the bloodsport, his neck scar matching a broken collar he shows them.
  • Team Love leaves the golf resort and goes to explore Adelaide Village. LeScamdria attempts to conjure Dani's spirit into a dead rabbit she found, said thing being impossible. The entire group starts to act as if the rabbit is talking to them at times, clearly starting to lose their sanity.
  • Upon exploring a supermarket, the group discovers that it is booby trapped and claim a bear trap that had been set up at it's entrance.
  • The group head towards Jaw's Beach, running into the mysterious' man shelter and merging with Team Jaws. A yelling match ensues, which unknowingly reveals the groups' position to a group of hunters.
  • The man proceeds to abandon the group, leaving them behind. The groups starts trying to track down the hunter, but realises that they are being followed by hunters and start running away.
  • A trap is triggered when the entire group are chased into a clearing, but Nuno, LeScamdria, Laughlisha, Candi and Jean manage to evade it, meanwhile the rest of the group is trapped in a net hanging from a tree.
  • LeScamdria launches a molotov cocktail at the hunters, setting one of them on fire. The hunters start shooting at the members of the group that are not trapped, but they fail to hit them as they take cover. LeScamdria keeps fabricating molotov cocktails meanwhile Candi shoots at the hunters. The hunters take cover in the dense foliage of the forest, but after it catches fire, they decide they should try to get as many kills as possible from shooting at the net.
  • Nuno climbs up the tree and cuts down the rope hoisting up the net with a can opener. He is hit by a bullet but doesn't notice. The net falls to the ground and the entire group is now free, Sean however, has died from several bullet impacts he received whilst trapped in the net; several other people are also injured.
  • The hunters flee, as the fire becomes too dangerous. The group decides to also abandon the forest too, heading back towards Love Beach, and stopping at a pharmacy they find in their way. They treat each others wounds, Lake and Nuno converse, Nuno seemingly pissing off a pissed off Lake. The group decides to stay the night at the pharmacy.
  • Team Discovery searches the hotel for supplies to help Nifty, but find none. John finds a clinic after going out to explore, and brings back several pills.
  • Wesley uses Mikey's glasses to start a fire after some struggle, and uses the fire to cauterise Nifty's wound.
  • The group moves to a different hotel for the night.
  • Team Cruise head back to the saw they visited the first day, and search it for supplies. The group uses Felix's camping skills to start a small fire indoors and boil some water from an animal biome. They all drink. They then stay the night inside a gift shop.

Day 5

  • Team Love healed their wounds overnight, but several conflicts arise within the group after Nuno and Lake flirt, prompting Blake to disapprove in a homophobic and racist manner. Furthermore, LeScamdria and other members of the group accuse Alexandra of being racist, thus the group decides to move to a church to host a trial.
  • Alexandra pleas guilty after being harassed by the group, so LeScamdria decides to sentence Alexandra with a hanging from the top of the church's bell tower. All the group moves outside the church to watch this, with the exceptions of Laughlisha and LeScamdria, who go up the bell tower with Alexandra, and Nuno and Lake, who decide to stay inside the church to pray.
  • LeScamdria proceeds to hang Alexandra, by the feet, and Laughlisha after getting annoyed decides to untie Alexandra and let her free. The group decides to go to a marina village, looting it and then going back to the hotel the group stayed their first night at.
  • Team Discovery realises that the hunters are scouting the area they are staying at, whilst trying to get water in the kitchen in order to appease their dehydration, a hunter with dogs starts heading towards their location, they proceed to run away through a deliveries exit, but run into a jeep with three hunters in the street.
  • The group tries to charge and stab the three hunters, but the youngest hunter runs inside the jeep and hides in there, meanwhile the other two shoot at the group: killing Mikey, Bae and Wesley before they are both killed. The group gets inside the jeep and drive away with the scared hunter, Christie, who begs for her life and swears she didn't want to kill anybody.
  • Driving away from the hotel, they decide to stay the night by a lake surrounded by a swampy area. Christie asks the group about the whereabouts of somebody called Jean, but the group don't know her.
  • They stay the night by the lake, inside the jeep, having obtained water, food and weapons from stealing the hunter's jeep.

Day 6

  • It is announced that after the players had all been killing hunters repeatedly, it was decided that a new rule was in place. If an entire team managed to obtain the intact collars of different groups (one per person), said team would be allowed to leave the island.
  • Team Cruise goes to explore the cargo bay, and decide to split into small groups and search through the containers. Nathaniel and Anastasia find a container where there is a crate with cans of well-preserved food.
  • Nathaniel and Anastasia try to carry as many cans as possible, but as they do that, the door of the container is slammed shut and locked from the outside. The other people from the group decide to hide as they see a crane moving above them. Soon enough, the container in which Nathaniel and Anastasia are trapped is picked up by the crane.
  • The free members of the group try reaching the crane, but are shot at by some hunters, being injured, Nicholas being shot and killed as his mobility was limited by his wheelchair, and the rest of the group being forced into taking refuge behind barriers. In a desperate attempt, they try shooting up to the crane's conductor, but the conductor ducks behind the control panel and proceeds to release the container into the sea.
  • Giving up on their friends, the rest of the group run away from the cargo bay into some apartments, where Walter bleeds to death, meanwhile at sea, Nathaniel and Julia drown as the containers fills up with water.
  • Team Discovery explores the lake and decide to swim over to a shiny structure in middle of the lake. They discover that it is a wrecked airplane, and exploring it leads them to finding a locked suitcase handcuffed to a skeleton. They take the suitcase and proceed to leave.
  • The group drives out of the wilderness into the outskirts of the city, and decide to stay the night in the break room of a supermarket.
  • Team Love stayed in the hotel for a bit, Nuno talking to Candi and learning about her past. Dani Bunn's body falls apart in a mush of decaying flesh, but LeScamdria doesn't want to give up on the poor dead rabbit and puts the flesh inside a jar and keeps it as a "pet". The group decides to head back to the forest.
  • They find the jeep they abandoned, but soon enough notice lumps in the ground surrounding the vehicle. LeScamdria throws a stone at a lump, proceeding to trigger a land mine and blowing up the car. The group go through a different road and find the fishery they came across a few days ago.
  • LeScamdria captures some fish and proceeds to slit their throats and poor their blood over her. The group the decides to keep going down the road, but hide in the forest as they see a jeep drive by.
  • Eventually, the group decides that travelling through the forest will be much safer and decide to travel south through the forest until they reach some houses and decide to stay inside one the night.

Day 7:

  • Team Love explore some ravished houses near the beach, and consider making a raft out of pieces of wood from the houses to either escape, travel around the island, or set a trap for the hunters.
  • LeScamdria creates a weapon from a piece of wood and several nails.
  • Laughlisha punches Blake in the neck, hitting the collar and causing it to beep, emitting the group's coordinates to the hunters.
  • A jeep is driving through the area where Team Love is at, they all hide behind the ruins of a house by the beach, after Laughlisha proposes calling her friend Michelle Obama so that she airlifts the group to safety, LeScamdria is angered and tries to kill her, but Nuno gets in between and separates them as Laughlisha yells for help, alerting the hunters of their position.
  • Team Cruise hides in an apartment and make a fire to cauterise their wounds, but the smoke alerts the hunters of their position. The hunters head into the floor below and start heading up the stairs, but the groups shoot at them and push them back downstairs.
  • A grenade is thrown at the group, meanwhile James and Blaine back away, Felix heads to the stairs, getting his legs blown up and falling down the stairs and getting shot at as he fell down them, dying in the process.
  • Blaine and James charge down the stairs and kill the remaining hunters, whilst Blaine stays behind James and James gets shot in the process. Blaine leaves James to bleed out as he steals the hunter's jeep and starts driving around the island.
  • Blaine spots Team Love as he drives around the island, he gets off his jeep and observes their encounter with the hunters from afar.
  • Team Love run into the beach as the hunters start shooting at them, and hide behind a sand dune, The Queen Bee getting shot in the leg in the process. LeScamdria prepares one last molotov cocktail.
  • The group runs back towards the houses, Lake carrying the Queen Bee in a piggyback. The Queen Bee gets shot at, Lake deciding to dump the Queen Bee in order to run faster. The Queen Bee dies, but the other hide behind a house.
  • The hunters throw a grenade at the house, causing everybody to freak out and jump away from their cover. They all are shot at, Alexandra getting injured, Candi is shot in the head and killed. LeScamdria runs away from the group towards a jeep, knocks out the old woman guarding it, steals her gun and gets in the car.
  • Meanwhile everybody else gets behind another house, Alexandra, being injured, can't get up and gets shot and killed.
  • The hunters see that the group is incapable of fighting back and surround them, they order them to get in a straight line, preparing to execute them all, but LeScamdria drives towards them, the group jumps out of the way but the hunters are too stunned, and are all injured or killed.
  • Team Discovery explore the city, reaching the bridges that connect to Paradise Island, where Christie explains that all the hunters are staying. They see a medical car drive out, unbeknown to them headed towards the location Team Love is at.
  • LeScamdria and company kill all the hunters but the old lady and a handsome man they want to keep only because of his looks. Blaine reveals that he had been watching the entire fight and joins the group.
  • The medical car comes to pick up the injured handsome man and the old lady. The medic doesn't seem to really like the hunters at all and is relaxed around the group, even having some banter with them. He picks up the handsome man but the group convinces him to leave the old lady since she wasn't injured. He drives away.
  • Team Discovery decide to keep exploring around the island.
  • The group decide to decapitate Alexandra and The Queen Bee in order to retrieve their collars. Blaine and Lake keep the collars. Candi is however given a proper burial by LeScamdria.
  • Nuno, covered in blood, starts harassing the old woman, threatening her with Alexandra's decapitated head, Blaine flirts with Lake and Laughlisha starts yelling at Jean and suspecting her of being a mole as Team Discovery arrive to the beach and the groups merge.

Day 8:

  • Past midnight, the group catch up with each other. Jean revealing that she was abducted due to her brother despite coming from a wealthy background, and Christie revealing she signed up for the hunt only to try help Jean escape.
  • LeScamdria and Laughlisha distrust Jean and Christie, meanwhile Nuno keeps trying to get information out of the stunned old woman via intimidation. Lake and Blaine have headed back down to the beach where they sleep behind a sand dune after copulating.
  • John sits down on the beach and is approached by Jean and Christie, whom share with him a plan to escape using a yacht docked in Paradise Island. Nifty joins them in the chat.
  • Blake tries to be nice to the old woman, resulting on Laughlisha and Nuno pinning him down to the ground and harassing him whilst he gets the woman to talk. He learns that her name is Donna and was actually only there to keep an eye over her husband, not realising how cruel the game was. LeScamdria decides to slit Donna's throat out of the blue, angering Blake.
  • Blake shoves Nuno to the floor and smacks LeScamdria in the face for killing Donna, which results in LeScamdria breaking all of Blake's fingers as payback.
  • Nuno tries to tend Blake and coaxes him into giving up his revolver now that he can't use it due to his broken fingers.
  • Blake gives Jean the revolver, prompting Laughlisha to have a bitch fit and storm off, accusing Jean of being the mole once more.
  • Everybody decides to go to sleep.
  • Blaine and Lake wake up early and decide to make a run for the airport in order to escape. They run down the dirt road in the forest and encounter some land mines that they avoid by walking through the foliage instead.
  • Lake gets his leg trapped in a bear trap, and Blaine helps Lake get his leg free and assists him in walking after wrapping his shirt around the wound.
  • Blaine and Lake arrive to the airport, where they hand over The Queen Bee's and Alexandra's collars to a guard. Lake's wound is treated and the two of them are allowed to leave the island. Blaine and Lake are interviewed before leaving, and they thank each other for the support they've offered to the other over the last few days. They then get on an helicopter and leave the island.
  • Jean organises a plan in order to sabotage and abandon Team Love, breaking into Team Love's car and stealing their supplies before waking up Team Discovery.
  • Jean writes a goodbye message on the sand, before having Jayme break off her collar.
  • Jean and company run away by foot, reaching a mall and hiding in it for the rest of the day, searching through it for supplies that will aid them in their escape.
  • Nuno, LeScamdria, Laughlisha and Blake wake up and realise that they have been betrayed. They see that the hunters have discovered their position due to Jean's collar having been broken off.
  • As two groups of hunters drive towards them, the group gets on a jeep and start driving away, but soon enough they see that something is burning within the car, and the entire group jumps out of the moving vehicle after slowing down. Blake takes longer than the others, since he can't open his door since all his fingers are broken, he instead jumps out the opposite door, getting caught on the explosion that blows up both his feet. The explosion however causes a hunter jeep to also blow up as it crashes into it.
  • The explosion took place due to LeScamdria placing a molotov cocktail in the car's gas tank the night the groups merged.
  • Laughlisha carries Blake as the group runs away from another hunter jeep, but after seeing that it is catching up, Laughlisha and Blake dive into a forest, as LeScamdria and Nuno shoot at the hunters before also running into the forest. Laughlisha and Blake are chased by some dogs. Nuno reaches a lake and waits for the others there, but when Laughlisha and Blake arrive, they are tackled by the dogs into the water, a dog mauling Blake's arm. Laughlisha kills one of the dogs meanwhile Nuno kills the other.
  • LeScamdria then reemerges into the road to shoot some more hunters before running away into the forest once more. She manages to set up a bear trap that injures a hunter. As two other hunters help the trapped hunter, LeScamdria tries to make a deal with them after getting shot at. She reveals Jean's plan to escape before getting forced to hide behind a tree after the hunters would not let her get away.
  • Nuno runs through the forest and sneaks behind the two hunters that have been closing on LeScamdria, shooting them in the back of the head before running back to the lake.
  • LeScamdria goes down to the bear trap to discover that the injured hunter has run away but a first aid kit was left behind. She reclaims the bear trap and also keeps the first aid kit. After trying to go back to the road, only to discover that the hunters have fled, LeScamdria returns to the group at the lake.
  • Laughlisha rips off all her clothes to bandage Blake, and the group treats each other's wounds, but it becomes clear that Blake has lost a lot of blood.
  • The group finds Blaine's jeep after retracing their steps, and use it to try drive to a hospital. They find one in a ravaged area, where they use a syringe to transfer some of Nuno's blood to Blake once. The group then bandages their wounds and stay in the hospital for the night.

Day 9:

  • Team Love is recruited as hunters to try and foil Team Discovery's escape. This however fails, with by the end of the day only Cheyenne (previously known as the nameless man), Jean and Christy being killed whilst the rest escape in a yacht, reaching mainland US where they became activists against Bloodsports. Team Love is however granted a celebrity status by the Hunt's showrunners and allowed to survive, with a contract for a new show that involved pillaging third-world villages and burning them to the ground.