After the Dark: Don't Starve
People 40
Situation Mysterious Island.
Mountain Group
5 / 10
Desert Group
3 / 10
Grassland Group
3 / 10
Jungle Group
5 / 10
Series Chronology
Previous Season One Posthumous Month
Next Season Journey Through Time
After the Dark: Don't Starve is the thirty-sixth season of After the Dark.

Don't Starve is known for having the biggest cast ever in After the Dark, which led to the season being slowly paced. However, its story and world were positively seen, and the season succeeded relatively well, considering it came out after the strong season of One Posthumous Month.


Daddy Purry


The Mountain GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
60 Juggler Mickey's mother. Survived
Miguel (2)
"Miguel D."
59 Priest Appeared on the television show Survivor. Survived
Vday prisceel
43 Cosplayer Homosexual. Survived
51 Sherrif Is a very picky eater. Survived
Octoling King
35 Middle School Teacher Married to Nathaniel. Survived
Arty ZT
38 Hairdresser Scared of the dark. Deceased
Day 10
Blood loss.
44 Veterinarian Has a gambling addiction. Deceased
Day 9
Killed by Guadlupe.
57 Singer Preforms on Broadway. Deceased
Day 8
Killed by the attackers.
47 Graffiti Artist Is a struggling musician. Deceased
Day 6
Killed by Wolves.
59 Photographer Prone to Asthma attacks. Deceased
Day 5


Person Age Profession Note Status
Doug 37 Hunter Good with long ranged weapons. Survived
Holden 70 Retired Skilled navigator. Survived
Jo ?? Journalist Fast runner;
Found by Lene and Xantara.
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Jan 0 N/A Wolf Cub;
Found by Miguel D.
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Happy 0 N/A Wolf Cub;
Found by Miguel D.
Day 16
Ceased to exist.

The Desert GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
34 Ice Skater Enjoys knitting. Survived
29 Dentist Is a motivational speaker. Survived
19 Pianist Is dating Dallas. Survived
"Miguel F."
21 Animator Plays Online Survivor Games. Deceased
Day 13
Died from injuries.
63 Unemployed Was in the army. Deceased
Day 12
Died of illness.
48 Air Steward DJs in their spare time. Deceased
Day 11
Large 1491693
52 University Professor Partially blind. Deceased
Day 11
28 Professional Darts Player Nunetta's roommate. Deceased
Day 11
22 Garbage Man Dating Aren. Deceased
Day 9
Died from Infection.
43 Comedian Is the brother of Pete Wentz. Deceased
Day 8
Died from Infection.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Ellie 16 Student None. Survived
Ky 17 Student None. Deceased
Day 4
Killed by wolf.

The Grassland GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
Large 1319527
34 Tattoo Artist Has multiple personalities. Survived
38 Builder Married to Xantara. Survived
74 Farmer Knows almost every type of fish. Survived
Caleb Loki
33 Actor Has been arrested several times in the past. Deceased
Day 16
Killed by Guard.
29 Television Show Host Can speak Japanese. Deceased
Day 16
Blood loss.
62 Martial Artist Heavy smoker. Deceased
Day 14
Died from infection.
S28 Joan
35 Painter Is in a band. Deceased
Day 11
Killed by sea creature.
12659672 1528447860788899 1470943911 n
19 Youtuber Won several dancing competitions. Deceased
Day 6
Poisoned by Justin.
78 Librarian Knows morse code. Deceased
Day 4
Eaten by rats.
31 Fanfiction Writer Studies the stars in their free time. Deceased
Day 4
Eaten by rats.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Mollie 28 Law Student. None. Survived
Austin 34 Drummer Is a drummer for the band Ministry. Deceased
Day 16
Ceased to exist.

The Jungle GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
20 Glazier CNK's Roommate. Survived
75 Judge Racist. Survived
31 Mid Wife Lene's son. Survived
43 Professional Swimmer Has an eating disorder. Survived
Olga (1)
24 News Anchor Is six months pregnant. Survived
Sean the Artic Fox
66 Postman Has done alot of Pub Quizzes. Deceased
Day 16
Killed by guard.
51 Stay At Home Mother Has an IQ of 125. Deceased
Day 14
Killed by spider.
TAR 7 Nicholas
70 Trucker Homeless. Deceased
Day 9
Died from Over heating.
Chrissa a
39 Babysitter Alcoholic. Deceased
Day 8
Stabbed by attackers.
50 Receptionist Overweight. Deceased
Day 4
Died from infection.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Bella 15 Student None. Survived
Olga's baby Newborn N/A None. Deceased
Day 16
Birthing Complications.
Heath 48 Police Officer None. Deceased
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Kelly ?? N/A Olga's Buzzard Deceased
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Shaw 42 Advertiser None. Deceased
Day 15
Killed by wolves.

Other NPCsEdit

Bunnymen ColonyEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Darus ?? Leader of the
Bunnyman Colony
None. Deceased
Day 16
Ceased to exist.

Pigman VillageEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Anthemius ?? N/A Pigman;
Befriended by Asa
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Basiliscus ?? N/A Pigman;
Befriended by Asa
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Elagabalus ?? N/A Pigman;
Befriended by Asa
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Glycerius ?? N/A Pigman;
Befriended by Asa
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Vespasian ?? N/A Pigman;
Befriended by Asa
Day 16
Ceased to exist.
Theodosius ?? N/A Pigman;
Befriended by Asa
Day 12
Crushed by tree.



  • It was just a regular Saturday night. A new theme park had opened up in town, although small, it became a huge success and it just so happened that this particular Saturday, 40 people decided to purchase a ticket to go to a featured magic show, Featuring "The Amazing Fendersons" and "Lene".

As they take their seats, surrounded by many other people, they notice two people on stage. One man wearing a tight black suit and a top hat. He seems nervous. Beside him is a woman, shxze is smiling, waving her slim arm into the air as a signal to dim the lights. As far as you can tell, they're professionals! They even bring on a professional juggler to help them with their acts, down her trouser leg the name "LENE" is spelled.

Coming up to the last act, the man announces it's a dangerous trick and only the best can preform it. The woman brings out a ring and starts whirling it around her head, fire sparking inside.

The man opening a book, starts chanting some sort of spell while taking off his top hat and moving his hands mystically around the top. Soon enough, thick smoke starts emitting from the hat, turning a blue, purple and orange color. Lighting strikes. You can see the woman looking oddly confused, as the rest of you are either frightened or intrigued. The man begins cackling as the smoke soon starts whirling around you. Your food and drink flying into the wind. What almost looks like a portal appears, a brown-yellow sort of color with whirling black spirals spinning around and around. The smoke following. You can hear grunting and what almost sounds like demonic scream.



Your adventure begins... Now.

Day 1Edit

  • The groups awaken, finding themselves to be transported to a new place.
  • The Mountain Group lie on a ledge hanging over a large mountain. When they awake, Miguel D. and Lene both scream. The mountain has a path leading down with a hollowed out area beside it, upon further investigation, the path leads downwards to the ground. The group find a bagpack and Barb discovers claw marks in the carved out section of the mountain.
  • The Jungle Group find themselves in a large jungle, trying to understand their surroundings. Nunetta looks for water.
  • The Desert Group wake up in the middle of a burning hot desert. Miguel F. tries to get answers from Ky while Aren flirts with Ellie, despite dating Dallas. Asa looks for food.
  • The Grassland Group wake up in the middle of a large field of grass. Caleb immediately starts looking for food, finding toxic berries. Nathaniel awakes and starts worrying about his wife.
  • Lene and Maryann get in a small dispute while Xantara investigates the pathway. Lene begins screaming, throwing rocks off the edge of the mountain.
  • Miguel F. begins searching for water, finding none. Aren continues to try and flirt with Ellie, although it doesn't seem clear weither it's working. Asa collects twigs while Aren collects flint.
  • Justin and Dani begin looking for more berries, Dani hears a noise and decides to go check it out, coming across a large chicken-like creature. It is scared away by her presence.
  • Nunetta begins making tools and along with The Jungle Group she begins collecting fruits. Chrissa tries to climb up a large tree to reach the fruits easier, but fails.
  • Dallas inspects the small mountains that surround his group, they're quite tall. They decide to move towards them.
  • Kaffe finds a half broken pipe in his pocket, he looks around for anything and can see an ocean.
  • Lene tests the path by rolling a rock down it, deeming it safe, herself and Priscilla make their way down. Followed by Xantara and soon the rest of the group.
  • Guadalupe attempts fishing with a small spear she had made. She finds a river with alot of fish inside, but misses her throw. Her spear disappears down the river.
  • At the small mountain, Aren discovers faded footprints leading in the direction the group just came from. Meanwhile, Dani tries to capture some nearby rabbits with her bare hands, but she fails.
  • Lene finds a rabbit tied by it's tail to a rope hanging off a tree. Kaffe takes glass out of the watch he is wearing and uses it to make fire. Caleb and Nathaniel applaud him.
  • Sofia sharpens a rock and turns it into a weapon. Lene wanders off and finds a forest.
  • Caleb, Joan, Justin and Dani practice weaving with grass. Justin manages to make a small basket and Caleb a small rope. Caleb uses the basket as a trap.
  • Hope makes a small pick axe and starts mining out some boulders.
  • The Mountain Group stumble across a clearing with many animals around. They decide to try hunting and killing a nearby deer. Miguel D., Sofia and Doug attack the deer, scaring away any other animals in the area, Sofia stabs the deer in the back, although it darts into the trees behind it. Meanwhile, Lene and Holden bond.
  • Hunter tries to dig to find any signs of water, but the ground is too hard to do so. Hunter then uses Danny's glasses to create a fire. 
  • Nunetta helps Guadalupe with her fire. After this, Nunetta swears she sees something and drags Shaw into the wilderness, after realizing she might have saw nothing, they walk back. While this happens, Chrissa collects moss and begins making makeshift beds.
  • Sofia, Miguel D. and Doug give chase. Finding the deer stopped, Sofia tries to throw her weapon at it, but misses due to the distance. they get closer and simultaneously throw their spears towards the deer, Miguel and Sofia missing, but Doug hitting it in the leg. Sofia finishes it off by stabbing the deer in the neck.
  • Sofia, Miguel D. and Doug hear noises around them, discovering all the commotion has attracted a small group of large spiders. Sofia manages to cut one of the deer's antlers off before screaming and attracting even more. They then start running back to the group, the spiders giving chase and leaving the deer behind.
  • With the spiders surrounding them, The Mountain Group decide to jump into the river to avoid them. A spider, however, jumps on Hugo. Lene attacks the spider on Hugo before jumping into the water alongside him.
  • Trent attempts to eat a rock, Nunetta pouring water in his mouth, however, Trent starts choking. He manages to get the rock out of his mouth.
  • Xantara gets attacked by the final spider, scratching her arm with one of it's many legs. Lene manages to bat it away.
  • Lene and Miguel D manage to make a fire, while Sofia collects water. Lene cooks berries she had collected earlier, cooking enough for eight people. She gives them to Holden, Sofia, Maryann, Hugo, Xantara, Artemis, Priscilla and herself.
  • Guadalupe looks for a calm spot by the river to collect water, while heading downstream, she notices a few snakes. She collects water in a bowl she had made earlier and puts it in the middle fo the fire for it to boil.
  • Miguel D. snatches Lene's berries and puts them in his mouth, realizing they may or may not be poisonous, he spits them back out. Leaving Lene with no food.

Day 2Edit

  • The Mountain Group wake up and follow the flow of the river. Xantara's scratches not needing any medical attention. 
  • The Jungle Group's presence attracts many snakes to their area overnight. 
  • The Desert Group wake up feeling quite hot. Dallas looks for twigs and grass while Aren rips off his shirt, giving it to Asa.
  • The Grassland Group awake hearing sounds from the forest behind them. They decide to go explore.
  • The Mountain Group come across a split in the river, they decide to split up. Lene and Xantara are left on their own, along with Holden as the rest of the group go down the river, Lene and Xantara go down the other path.
  • Nunetta begins trying to scare the snakes, although two of them take this as a threat, attacking her. Jason tries to help her, but ends up causing the snake to bite Nunetta on the ankle.
  • Dallas spots a tree in the distance, guiding the group over there, they discover a lake with little water inside. The group decides to soak their clothes in the water so they don't over heat, leaving little drinking water left.
  • Justin, Nathaniel, Dani and Joan head into the forest behind them to look for supplies. Caleb goes to check his trap, there is nothing inside of it. 
  • Maryann starts freaking out due to her rosery snapping in half. She renames herself LeShandria. Meanwhile, Lene, Xantara and Holden walk down the path they chose, coming across a group of large animals. They decide to go around.
  • A snake jumps for Jason, wrapping it's jaw around his spear handle and breaking it. Another jumps towards Trent, sinking it's fangs into his arm. Nunetta calls out for Shaw, but he doesn't come.
  • Aren continues to try and flirt with Ellie, she however doesn't take this very well, giving him a disgusted look. Dallas smells the water they found, seeing that it's quite dirty. 
  • Nathaniel manages to build a small shelter using materials in the area. Dani and Justin head back inside the forest, investigating the clucking sound, they find the large chicken-like creature from yesterday running around again. She tries to attack it, but it runs away from her.
  • The Mountain Group come across some birds in the trees, Miguel sticks his fingers down Hugo's throat, causing him to vomit, attracting some birds. Maryann, now known as Leshandria, throws a rock at the bird, killing it. She then lets out a loud scream, which scares away the rest of the birds.
  • Lene and Xantara finally reach a beach after walking, discovering a few crabs and snakes. They walk in the opposite direction the snakes are in, killing crabs as they go.
  • Nicholas pulls the snake from Trent's arm and kills it. Jason fights off the snake attacking him, however it bites him through his shoe.
  • The Desert Group manage to exit the desert, now entering a forest. They discover a large chicken-like creature, too. Dallas throws a rock at it, startling it and making it run away. After this, the group begin to collect fruits and start setting up a fire.
  • Austin and Joan start collecting flowers and begin bonding. Caleb talks to Mollie.
  • Miguel D and Leshandria begin using their baskets to catch fish. They end up catching one fish, a very small one.
  • Nicholas pulls off the snake biting Jason on the foot, although it tries to bite him too. Another attacks Chrissa, but she manages to defend herself while two snakes attack Trent while he attempts to lie down.
  • Lene, Xantara and Holden begin walking along the beach, collecting clams while they go. They see smoke in the distance, upon investigation they discover a fire and carrots strewn across the ground, rabbits eating them.
  • Dallas makes a small axe and begins chopping down a small, weak tree. He manages to get plently of wood from this. He then builds a fire.
  • Caleb finds a Y shaped stick and makes a hammer out of it. Everyone then eats.
  • Trent tries to kick the snake off from his leg, but it continues to wrap itsself around him, biting him bellow the knee. Trent then walks over to the river to try and drown the snake, although he discovers even more snakes, along with the growing danger of being swept away down the river. Jason crushes the snake's head that is attacking him and Nicholas. Meanwhile, Guadalupe is building fire.
  • The Mountain Group discover a new break in the river, they decide to take the left path, coming across a beach. They see something in the water.
  • Lene tries to kill a rabbit, but misses, causing the rabbits to run off in fear. She then cooks what she found on the beach and her, Xantara and Holden all eat. They debate weither to return to their original group, but decide to stay where they are.
  • Trent jumps out of the river, yelling, causing three snakes to attack him, biting him on various parts of the body. Nunetta throws rocks at the oncoming snakes, only angering them. Olga can see snakes approaching her. 
  • The Mountain Group send Hugo over to check the water, he discovers a body with multiple scratch and bite wounds, floating in the water. He drags the body back to the beach. Leshandria checks the body's pockets, finding a sharpened piece of metal.
  • Guadalupe creates a ring of fire, which the group jump into, Eva's leg is set onfire. Nunetta stabs the snake wrapped around Trent's leg. The snakes do not come near their fire circle, Nunetta beheads the snake hanging on Trent's leg.
  • Miguel and Sofia have loud sexual intercourse away from the rest of the group. Leshandria and Erica cook and eat the bird, Miguel D. cooks the fish and eats it.
  • Nunetta begins ripping Eva's pants apart, wrapping the cloth around rocks, setting them on fire, the group throw them towards the snakes. A snake attacks Chrissa and Mickey, everyone runs towards the river, planning on going up the hill on the other side. Chrissa and Mickey manage to get the snakes off of them. 
  • Everyone begins climbing up the hill, although it proves difficult, Olga cant manage on her own and Trent starts feeling dizzy due to the number of snake bites. Three snakes attack Nicholas, although in the end everyone manages to get up the hill. The snakes do not follow.
  • Trent collapses, causing everyone to need to drag him. The Jungle Group manage to find an area where they can start a fire and the group start considering inducing Olga's labor so her baby is born early, they however do not go through with it.

Day 3Edit

  • In The Mountain Group, Bryce doesn't feel very well. Johnny begins having breathing difficulties.
  • Lene, Xantara and Holden are awoken by a woman raiding their camp, she appears to be friendly and introduces herself as Jo .
  • In The Jungle Group Trent cannot be woken, his bite wounds looking awful. Nunetta's ankle has slightly swollen.
  • The Desert Group awake in the forest, nothing new happening except a little hunger.
  • The Grassland Group awake to loud banging coming from the forest behind their camp. Jamie and Blake feeling incredibly hungry.
  • The Mountain Group go down to the beach, catching crabs for food. Sofia goes to the river to collect water and Miguel catches a fish inside a basket.
  • Nathaniel creates an axe and heads into the forest along with Dani, Justin, Edward, Kaffe, Caleb, Raism, Mollie and Austin.
  • Owen, Miguel F. and Ky take a trip towards a lake that they had spotted earlier. They come across some large, black creatures, way taller than them. The lake is surrounded by nests.
  • Upon seeing Xantara's wounded arm, she tells Lene that she can help her. They begin running in the direction of Jo's camp. 
  • Mickey and Eva head into the jungle around them. They come across a skeleton.
  • The creatures by the lake start noticing Miguel, Owen and Ky. One approaches them as Ky collects some water in his hands. They manage to get away, though. Having enough water for Asa and Dallas, aswel as themselves, they drink.
  • Miguel D. creates a fire, Sofia and Priscilla then cook and eat the fish Miguel caught earlier.
  • The Grassland Group run into a strange looking small creature, running through the forest with an arrow poking out of it's back. Meanwhile, Nathaniel and Edward are cutting down trees to get wood and Dani and Justin are collecting berries.
  • Chrissa begins walking to try and find food and water, coming across a large piece of land which has risen upwards, blocking her from going any further. Olga checks on Trent's wounds, finding them to be severly swollen, purple/red colored and leaking green puss.
  • Lene, Xantara, Holden and Jo come across large spider's nest, Jo manages to jump through them with ease, followed by the others. They keep running until they reach the campsite.
  • The Grassland Group track back to where the creature came from, discovering a small girl in a tree and a man on the ground, they're spotted by them after trying to watch the two, they evacuate the area being followed by the little girl along the trees.
  • Olga and Heath take a random path through the jungle, stumbling across many fruits. Chrissa gives Trent some water.
  • Edward tries to call down the girl, but she remains in the trees, watching them.
  • Caleb checks his trap and finds a small rabbit inside, setting up the trap again as Nathaniel breaks the axe while chopping down trees.
  • Miguel F. cuts a hole in a log in order to hold water. Dallas tries to return to the lake, but the creatures are totally surrounding it, so he returns.
  • Nunetta gets water and uses it to pour on her wounds, she then rubs some leaves on it, hoping to stop the swelling.
  • Joan walks up to Austin, giving him a kiss and then turning, walking into the forest. Caleb and Dani attempt to fish, although they fail. They then go down to the water, Dani gathers snails and cooks them on the fire.

Day 4Edit

  • The Grassland Group awake to large rats surrounding their camp. Jamie and Blake are also sickly.
  • Lene, Andrew and Holden reach Jo's camp.
  • The Mountain Group awake and use their baskets to try and catch fish. Johnny starts having difficulty with his breathing again and is almost near starvation. Bryce is feeling better.
  • The Jungle Group awake to find Trent has passed away in his sleep due to infection. Nunetta's swollen ankle has gotten slightly better.
  • The Desert Group begin hearing banging and growling around them. Ellie climbs a tree to see if she can see anything.
  • Joan begins moving away from the rats and starts collecting grass, a rat approaches him, starting to sniff his hand. Justin attempts to throw poisonous berries he had collected previously towards the rats in hope this will distract them, it doesn't.
  • Joan throws a stone in the opposite direction from him, the rat follows it. Justin picks up Jamie and throws her towards the rats, aggrivating them. The rats quickly attack Jamie, others jumping at Justin.
  • Dani begins moving away from the rats while one jumps ontop of Justin, he tries to hit it away but this does no good. The rats begin attacking everyone except Dani and Joan, deeming them threats. Joan and Dani evacuate on their own to the beach.
  • Jo uses her final medical supplies on Xantara's wounded arm. Lene then looks for supplies.
  • Nunetta treats her ankle again. Eva investigates the nearby skeletons for anything unusual. She then investigates the large piece of risen land, It seems twice their size and goes as far as the eye can see in both directions.
  • The Desert Group take a trip to the lake, everyone drinking. Danny decides to jump in the lake, he finds bones at the bottom of the lake, and hands them out as weapons.
  • The rats kill Jamie, eating her alive. The rat on Justin bites his neck and more rats begin jumping on others, Blake, Caleb and Edward getting pinned down. Joan and Dani walk to the jungle.
  • Miguel D. notices the river becoming a strange red color, he leaves immediately. He creates a fire and begins cooking the fish.
  • Justin manages to throw the rat off of him, although two begin coming for him, he runs towards the water, a rat jumping on him from behind and causes him to topple into the water. The rat ontop of Edward begins devouring part of his shoulder. Joan and Dani manage to make themselves weapons as a rat begins running for them. Blake hits the rat ontop of him, managing to injure it enough that it falls off him, he then starts running.
  • As The Desert Group are at the lake, a black wolf leaps out from the trees. Miguel F. decides to throw a bone in the direction of it, this angers it as it begins running towards them, another one emerging and running behind it.
  • Guadlupe picks up a pickaxe and begins trying to break through the wall, she fails though, breaking the pickaxe on a large rock. The group then create a human ladder to get to the top of the land, although sucessful, Guadalupe pushes the person at the bottom, knocking the whole thing over. Heath lands ontop of her, hurting them both.
  • The Mountain Group begin walking, coming across a pile of bones, LeShandria looks inside and sees several sleeping wolf clubs. Sofia collects some bones and uses them to make weapons, but afterwards they quickly leave. The group then come across a large herd of buffalo.
  • Lene finds eggs and bring sthem back to camp, cooking them, eating them and then going to sleep.
  • The Jungle Group attempt to create the human ladder again as Guadalupe walks along the left side of the wall, waiting until she finds an exit, before she can find anything she stumbles across a large ravine. Eva manages to climb up the human ladder as Guadalupe starts walking along the right side of the wall.
  • Dallas pushes Ky towards the wolves, one wolf jumping ontop of Ky and another on Grace. Owen and Danny manage to knock the wolf on Grace off, but the oen ontop of Ky begins tearing at the flesh in his shoulder. Dawnquisha, Hunter and Miguel F. rushing to help him.
  • Joan kills the rat coming for him. Edward begins to bleed out as the rat continues to eat him, unharmed. One rat finishes eating Jamie and begins attacking Austin. Justin drowns the rat attacking him, the other one waiting on the shore for him. Blake meets up with Joan and Dani in the jungle. Justin manages to escape the rat, running into the jungle without his shirt. He begins collecting berries.
  • Eva discovers the top of the wall to be a large land of rock, Nunetta throws a pickaxe up to her so she can begin mining rocks. Guadalupe finds a part where the wall curves down, creating a small room like area with a lake and tree. There is an owl hole with a blanket in the tree. Nunetta creates some sort of mixture with herbs, flowers and water to see if it will heal her ankle.
  • The wolf that was ontop of Grace regains it's self, jumping ontop fo Danny and biting into his arm. Ky's wolf begins running at Hunter, but he manages to hit it over the head. It begins attacking him again, biting him on the chest. One wolf attacks Dallas, It is hit over the head by Asa but it bites into Dallas' side.
  • Austin arrives at the jungle, meeting up with the others, Austin starts saying they should go back for Kaffe, Raism, Caleb, Nathaniel and Mollie. Austin leaves the group in the jungle and begins heading back towards camp. They decide not to follow him and instead go to sleep.
  • Danny charges at the wolf attacking Hunter, managing to knock it over, he hits it several times in the head with his bone, killing it. Dallas and Asa both manage to kill the wolf attacking them. Ky, however, continues to scream on the floor.
  • The Mountain Group come across a strange purple glowing hole, they send Hugo to inspect it, he throws a rock down, it disappears. LeShandria then throws Hugo, Johnny, Artemis, Barb and Priscilla down the hole and they disappear, who knows where they went? The remaining members of the group then collect food, eat it and then fall asleep.
  • The Desert Group try their best to try and save Ky, but he dies. Danny finds a photograph in his pocket of him and an older woman. Dallas takes Ky's shirt to wrap his wound before Miguel F. lays him in the nearby lake as a burial, Ky sinks to the bottom of the now contaminated lake. They then light a fire and fall asleep.
  • Raism runs over to help Austin, he tries to kill the rat with a rock, but it claws him on the leg. Kaffe, Nathaniel and Mollie run to help Caleb, managing to pull the rat off of him, they then take off running. When they reach the jungle, they await the rat with their spears ready. They kill the rat when it arrives. Raism and Austin run towards the ocean and swim away from the rat, swimming towards the jungle. They then find the others in their group and sleep.

Day 5Edit

  • The Mountain Group awake to heavy rain. Doug is considering leaving them behind.
  • Lene, Xantara and Holden find that Jo has disappeared. Xantara's arm is still swollen but is getting better.
  • Dallas, Hunter and Danny of The Desert Group are all injured from the wolf attack. The group are also hungry.
  • The Jungle Group wake up to rain. Olga beings to pick flowers.
  • The Grassland Group wake up to find the rats are gone. The weather is rough, thunder and lightning. Austin and Mollie are both shaken up and Austin is distrusting. The group are thirsty.
  • Lene looks for shelter, which she has Jo's tent. She, along with Xantara and Holden stay inside the tent for the whole day.
  • Hugo, Artemis, Barb and Priscilla awaken, discovering themselves in a new area after being thrown down the Wormhole. Johnny, however, does not awaken, having starved to death. Priscilla strips him off his clothes.
  • Miguel D. tries to find out what's wrong with Doug, he seems very upset about yesterday's events. He wonders if people are even looking for them back home.
  • Hunter wraps his wound and with the help of Miguel F., creates a trap. Danny searches for food. Hunter then searches for something to help reduce the chances of infection, he finds nothing except the nearby Beehives.
  • John looks around a rocky area for anything useful to build a shelter with. He begins to mine rocks and finds flint.
  • Dani and Justin weave a watertight basket each, they collect water inside them. Nathaniel checks if the corpses of the rats are edible, he decides they aren't and heads back.
  • Priscilla drags Johnny's body to the wormhole to check when it opens again. She forages for grass and searches for any animals, the group, conveniently called The Wormhole Group find rabbits.
  • Miguel D. offers to "de stress" Doug, but he turns down the offer. Miguel finds fruits, but then breaks down by the river because he let Priscilla and the others go. Leshandria comforts him.
  • Asa examines the people who are injured, finding Dallas has a bite on his side, Hunter a bite on his chest and Danny on his arm. Miguel F., meanwhile, takes a sharpened bone and goes to the beehives.
  • Chrissa goes to find water while John continues mining. Olga heads her own way, away from the jungle. Chrissa collects some water and then helps John with mining. Nunetta carresses Bella's hair.
  • Justin asks Austin what they should do next, but he doesn't know. Dani panics over the lightning and Mollie is shaking, worried she might die. Justin hugs her. Joan takes them to the cave he discovered.
  • Priscilla manages to construct a trap and sets it up near a rabbit nest. They then create small grass beds and fall asleep on them.
  • Miguel D. pulls himself together and together the group head west, they also begin singing together. The Mountain Group see two figures ahead of them, Miguel D. tries to scream and get their attention. The man asks who's there while Leshandria sneaks off. The man switches off the light and the people seem to disappear through the rain.
  • Miguel F. collects some honey from the beehives, but some bees notice him and begin flying towards him. Miguel F. goes back to the group and uses the honey on Hunter's wounds. Asa puts a trap on top of a rabbit burrow.
  • Chrissa eats, Nunetta thanks everyone for being here and tells them they need to move. Mickey collects water in their bowls, which Sean and Nicholas drink. They then all sleep.
  • The Grassland Group head inside the cave, inside there is a plant emitting light. Austin takes the plant in his mouth, doing this yanks the plant from the ground and the light disappears. The cave becomes instantly pitch dark. Raism stuffs dirt in his pockets.
  • The Mountain Group continue heading west. They discover a forest and try to catch rabbits, they fail. Deeper into the forest, they discover cow like creatures with two heads. They attempt to kill the cows, but this angers them. The herd begin advancing towards the group.
  • The Grassland Group move along the walls of the cave, trying to find an exit. They discover more light plants and a large green, spiked object. A small green creature jumps out as Raism approaches. Raism let's the creature sniff his hand.
  • The Mountain Group begin running out of the forest, but the herd follows them, hot on their heels. The group attempt to climb up a single tree, but the cows catch up to them before they can all get up. Doug and Sofia are knocked down.
  • Dani and Justin cuddle together. Nathaniel checks if the storm is going on, which it is. Nathaniel spots a light outside in the darkness, he tries to get it's attention but it disappears as quickly as it had appeared.
  • The cows grab at Sofia, trying to chew her but they have no teeth. The tree that Miguel D. and Leshandria are up begins shaking. The cow begins trying to swallow Sofia whole, but Sofia manages to stab it in the roof of the mouth. Doug climbs on top of one of the cows.
  • Caleb, Kaffe, Joan and Blake drink water. Dani and Justin collect more water for the group. Raism asks for Dani's bra, which she hands over. Raism rips it up, much to the upset of Dani. Raism also smothers rope in goo from the creatures. They then all fall asleep inside the cave.
  • Sofia manages to climb ontop of one of the cows, riding it just like Doug. Leshandria and Miguel D. jump from the tree, barely making it across to another, Miguel falls and hangs by the trunk. Leshandria pulls him up. The cow that Sofia was riding kicks her off, however, Doug manages to reach her before the other cows do. They both run into the forest on the cow, disappearing, they however return a short while later. They collect fruits and then fall asleep.

Day 6Edit

  • The Wormhole Group awake to feeling hungry and thirsty. Priscilla checks the trap they set last night, but nothing is in it. They then begin to head north.
  • The Mountain Group hear growling and barking surrounding them. Miguel D. wants to try and find the others that they pushed down the Wormhole, but they don't know where to go. Miguel sets up a trap for animals as the growling grows louder.
  • Jo has still not returned to Lene, Xantara and Holden. They decide to pack up her and their things and head north. They discover a tundra and a herd and large moose and some rabbits.
  • The Desert Group are all hungry. Danny's wound seems to becoming worse while Hunter's is healing. Dallas' doesn't seem to be worsening or healing.
  • Everyone except from Chrissa is hungry at The Jungle Group. Guadalupe looks for fruits, which there are none. Eva eats while Guadalupe tries to knock fruits down from trees.
  • The Grassland Group wake up inside the cave. Dani checks if it's raining while Caleb begins to mutter about having no water and radiation. Dani asks if he wants to go exploring, which he agrees too, they head into the forest.
  • The Wormhole Group discover a group of around eight near the Jungle. They merge with The Jungle Group!
  • Miguel D. and the others hide inside bushes, waiting for animals to be attracted to the trap. Some crows swoop down and they try to kill them, but fail. They then jump in to the river to try and escape the growling creatures coming towards them.
  • Xantara, Lene and Holden discover a igloo. They go inside a create a small fire. They block off the entrance a small bit and fall asleep inside.
  • Miguel F. goes back to the beehives to try and collect more honey. Hunter makes a small leaf basket. Miguel F. places his carved out piece of wood under the beehive to try and collect honey very slowly. Spirit suggests they should cut off Danny's leg.
  • Priscilla and the others from the wormhole group eat some fruit, along with the rest of the Jungle Group. They head back to the place they were before and go to sleep.
  • After a while, The Mountain Group are met by three, large, black snarling wolves. The group begin to try and swim away. The wolves begin chasing, being quite fast, one of them jumps into the water and grabs Leshandria's shirt, scratching her back. Leshandria tries to tear free as they continue down the river, another wolf lunges at Miguel D. missing but clawing his arm. The wolf on Leshandria bites into her shoulder.
  • Asa kills a rabbit stuck in the trap. Miguel F. returns with honey and wraps Aren and Dallas' shirts around the wounds. Hunter starts a fire with Miguel F. The group all eat except CNK, Danny and Grace.
  • Dani and Caleb search for any animals, finding none in the area. They search for berries and manage to collect some. Justin picks up one of the green creatures and takes it off Raism. Justin comments on how Dani has not mastered his skill yet, Dani kicks him in the balls. Justin then puts one of the berries in Raism's mouth and goes out with Dani to find edible berries.
  • Sofia stabs one of the wolves, not doing much damage. The wolf on Leshandria claws her one of last time before pouncing on Sofia, dragging her under the water for a short time. Leshandria tries to stab the wolf, hitting it on the leg. The wolf bites Sofia hard in the shoulder. Leshandria manages to kill the wolf, but not before it rips a chunk of Sofia's neck and shoulder away. Meanwhile, Miguel and Doug continue to stab the wolf trying to kill them as the third one disappears.
  • Danny tries to capture a rabbit with his bare hands, but he trips and falls over before he can catch one. The group then fall asleep.
  • Dani and Justin come across an area with spiders and berries, the spiders are larger than real ones. Dani starts collecting some of the fruits, but one of the spiders start approaching her and jumps on her as she tries to move away from it. Another one approaches Justin. The two sprint back to the cave, the spiders try to chase but the rain causes them to go back.
  • Leshandria, Miguel D. and Doug successfully manage to kill the second wolf. The group finally crash into a small lake. Sofia is bleeding fatally as Miguel D. attempts to stop the bleeding with his shirt. Doug tells them to wait as he suddenly runs into the forest. Miguel D. begins to break down again.
  • Justin forcefully makes Raism chew and swallow the berries he collected. Suddenly, Raism's eyes go bloodshot, he foams at the mouth and his heart stops, dying. Austin screams at Justin, telling him he's crazy. Mollie begins to cry as Austin begins leaving, disappearing from sight. Dani strips Raism of his clothes and Justin wears his shirt.
  • Doug doesn't return, Sofia bleeds out as Miguel cries over her corpse. Leshandria suggests they eat her, beginning to cut her arm off. Miguel D. makes a fire as Leshandria continues to chop off her head and her other arm. Leshandria also cuts off the teeth of the wolf. As Leshandria begins to roast some of Sofia's body parts, Doug comes back, holding a bunch of leaves. They begin going through a forest, which gets darker and darker as they progress. Miguel D. starts a fire.

Day 7Edit

  • The Mountain Group can hear strange noises around them. Leshandria's wounds look bad. Miguel D. tries to find herbs to help her. Miguel D. asks Doug to take them somewhere, but he doesn't know where to go. The group seem to have lost direction inside the darkness.
  • Lene, Xantara and Holden go north. They begin following the coast around the island and find some small houses, they ignore them, however, and continue going. They find a spider nest and avoid it easily.
  • The Desert Group pass around their water for everyone to take a sip, it isn't much but they all drink a little. They do nothing else.
  • Guadalupe manages to light a healthy fire using a very precise technique. Priscilla checks what Johnny's clothes are made out of. Guadalupe boils water and drinks it once it's cooled. John goes to collect some of the orange flowers, but they appear to be alive, snapping at him. He then collects some sticks and stones. They do nothing else.
  • The Grassland Group are hungry and thirsty. Dani gives Joan the green water, not knowing what it will do to him. They then all gather their things and go to the beach. Dani looks for snails and finds some.
  • The Mountain Group begin leaving a trail of Sofia's body to try and find a way out of the forest. It begins to become more difficult to breath as they go deeper, they can't find an exit. Miguel D. drops to his knees and asks Doug to pee in his mouth, which he does. The group then all pee into each other mouths.
  • Lene, Xantara and Holden discover a burnt out firepit and dead bodies and animals. They discover footprints as they enter a forest and decide to follow them. They follow recent trail, discovering people by the beach.
  • The Grassland Group look for dry wood around the beach when suddenly someone yells out, Dani yells out hello and a woman runs over with two others. Nathaniel recognizes her as his wife, Xantara. They embrace. The two groups merge.
  • Doug attempts to climb a tree, but a branch snaps and he falls back down. They try and set fire to a tree, but it's no use. Miguel D. asks Doug to kiss him, but he doesn't reply, just awkwardly standing there. Leshandria and Doug begin to get worried he's gone crazy, Miguel D. then runs and follows the footprints they left, looking for lighting while creepily singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • Lene asks The Grassland Group if they've seen his son, Mickey, but they respond they haven't. Justin goes out and gets his shirt he lost. Dani breaks apart a washed up boat in an attempt to get wood, she tries to start fire with the wood and doesn't manage too.
  • The Mountain Group feel like they're going to pass out. They finally manage to find a light source leading two ways. They decide to follow the light to the left. Doug collapses out of exhaustion as they reach a more normal forest.
  • Dani and Blake manage to collect dry grass and get a fire started. Xantara and Nathaniel go fishing with the spears. Joan takes the fish they catch back to the others as they cook the snails and the fish. Dani gets to know Holden as she cooks.
  • Miguel D. finds peaches and the group eat them. They then fall asleep.
  • Justin asks Mollie if she's alright, which she isn't sure about. Dani asks about Holden's loved ones that will be on the island with them, he tells them their names and Dani says they'll find them. Holden thanks Dani for her compassion. Xantara and Nathaniel return to the rest. Dani almost burns the snails, but manages to save them thanks to Holden. They all eat the snails and the fish before falling asleep.

Day 8Edit

  • At The Mountain Group, Leshandria's wound begins to look infected. Doug tries to investigate the dark forest they recently escaped from but just states that it's "all black." The group eat the rest of the peaches. They head in the opposite direction of the forest and find a group of large rabbits.
  • Danny passes away during the night due to lack of treatment for his infection. The Desert Group have a minute of silence for him, but then Hunter starts singing afterwards. Asa takes his glasses and clothes. Hunter looks for if they have any honey left but they don't. Dallas' wounds are also worsening severely.
  • The Jungle Group awaken to smell smoke. They begin to leave the area, but can see many people in their way. They begin running from them, but the men begin yelling at them and some of them are riding large beasts. They begin chasing after the group as they reach the grassy land.
  • During the early morning, the tide came up and extingushed The Grassland Group 's fire. Joan has been vomiting all night and morning, his vomit being slightly black. The group feel very dehydrated and weak.
  • Doug tries to catch one of the rabbits, but it bites him. The group decide to leave and look for water, they find a small lake. Miguel D. continues talking about having to find Priscilla. They drink the water in the lake.
  • Asa goes and puts their log under the beehive, hoping to catch honey today. Asa fails to make another trap as the group discover no animals have been caught.
  • The Jungle Group begin running, looking for the wormhole. Gudalupe pushes Chrissa down as a sacrifice, the men stab Chrissa in the stomach before one of the men takes her away, the other one follows them. The wormhole can only fit one person at a time, so the group has to decide who goes in first.
  • The Grassland Group collect alot of berries. Kaffe, meanwhile, runs over to a tree and quickly uses a spear to carve a hole into it, while the spear breaks, he pushes his broken pipe into the tree and sap begins to slowly trickle out of the tree. He creates a container and fills it with sap.
  • Guadalupe, Mickey, Eva, Olga, Priscilla, Nicholas, Nunetta, Holden and Bella make it down the wormhole. Hope manages to slice one of the beast's eyeball as they approach. The beast almost topples over onto Barb, the man jumps off the beast and begins to head to Hugo, attacking him. Two of the other men begin circling the remaining group members.
  • The Mountain Group continue walking, coming across a burnt up jungle. They go through the jungle, discovering footprints and a bloodied plank of wood. They begin to smell alcohol and can hear men laughing in the distance.
  • Hunter manages to catch a big, fat rabbit. Without thinking, he pulls it out and they group eat it without cooking it. He then begins to make a fire, realizing his mistake. Hunter also collects honey and then eats it.
  • One of the attackers slice at Hugo's stomach, causing him to bleed. Hope manages to stab one of the attacker's in the back. Jason stabs one of the attackers in the shoulder as he is also slightly stabbed. Sean manages to jump in to the wormhole, but before Barb can follow behind, one of the men grab her and begin trying to choke her, he begins screaming at Barb, telling her she'll never escape.
  • Leshandria disguises herself and begins to get closer to the group of men, spying on them. Miguel D. and Doug head in another direction, coming across a woman rummaging through the burnt wood. Miguel D. confidently greets the woman. Leshandria throws a rock as a distraction.
  • One of the attackers slit Hugo's throat, causing him to collapse and begin to bleed out. Hope stabs her attacker in the back of the neck, killing him. Hope, Heath and Shaw manage to drag the attacker choking Barb off of her, Hope then stabs and kills him.
  • The woman who Miguel D. and Doug came across jumps up from her position, bringing out her spear. A man notices the stone Leshandria threw, but decides to ignore it. The woman relaxes and introduces herself at Jo. Jo begins to walk away, Miguel, Doug and Leshandria following. They reach a cave and Jo lights a fire, Miguel gets to know Jo and the men they ran into. They then fall asleep.
  • Hope collects any supplies that the men left behind, which are just their spears. He then approaches Hugo, who is bleeding fatally and is unconscious. He drags Hugo to the wormhole, sending him through before going through himself. Hugo dies as he appears at the other side with everyone else. Jason says something, which causes Bella to look at him judgingly. Hope slaps him. The group are at an oasis, with some animals rushing around. They decide to fall asleep.

Day 9Edit

  • At The Desert Group Dallas passes away. Ellie begins to have a panic attack and blames Hunter for Dallas' death. They all feel very dizzy and ill.
  • Leshandria's wounds get worse, without medical attention she could die. Jo brings in breakfast and Miguel D. asks if Jo was a doctor, she responds no but her brother was.
  • The Jungle Group wake up in the sweltering heat. A pack of large buzzards surrounding them and snakes heading in their direction. Guadalupe tries to run, but a buzzard begins following her, it catches up to him and blocks his path, they begin fighting.
  • The Grassland Group's fire is extinguished again by the tide, Joan continues to vomit black and is dehydrated. Blake has fallen ill and begins seeing hallucinations.
  • Hunter, ignoring Ellie, goes looking for some water sources. Asa begins to try and calm Ellie, who climbs up a tree and begins mumbling. Asa checks their traps and finds a large beetle.
  • Miguel D. asks Jo and Doug if they know about anything medical. Neither of them know but Jo says she may know something that can help them.
  • Guadalupe slices the buzzard's stomach and wing. The buzzard grabs her by the arm and begins running with her to the other buzzards. Olga makes a fire and Eva sets a spear on fire, waving it at the snakes.
  • Joan tries to talk to Austin, who is no longer with them. Justin watches on before grabbing the water damaged items and lying them in the sun to dry. Joan tries to vomit on Dani, but she runs away. Justin, suddenly, grabs Joan and tries to shove a poisoned berry in his mouth, the berry goes in and he begins choking. Joan and Justin wash themselves of the poison and Dani goes looking for water.
  • Jo leads Doug and Miguel D. somewhere, but they're stopped as Jo drags them both into the bushes. People run past them, not noticing them. Miguel D. tells Jo and Doug that he is sexually aroused before they continue. They finally make it to some sort of dry area full of what appear to be nests.
  • The buzzard looses it's grip on Guadalupe after she punches it several times in the head. The snakes stop as they see the fire and begin circling the group, trying to find a place to attack from. Olga tries to tame one of the buzzards as Guadalupe is attacked by two.
  • Joan hugs Dani, crying. Mollie asks Justin why he attempted to kill Joan. Blake says he doesn't feel good before he starts throwing sticks at everyone. Dani tells Joan to drink the river water, but Joan demands she boils it.
  • Miguel D. looks inside one of the nests and finds sleeping wolf cubs! Miguel, at first, it disgusted by their discovery but soon grabs two of them to keep. Miguel names them Jan and Happy.
  • A snake suddenly lunges at Jason, biting him in the neck. Another snake goes for Nicholas. Guadalupe manages to kick away the buzzards. Hope charges at one of the buzzards attacking Guadalupe and stabs it in the back, but it lets out a loud screech which causes the other buzzards to walk towards Hope and Guadalupe. Nicholas stops moving as a snake bites in to him. Snakes head towards Olga as she tries to get her new buzzard pet, Kelly, to fly away with her.
  • Justin throws his spear at Blake, which he tries to dodge, but it hits him in his side. He also kisses Mollie, who slaps him and storms off to find Dani, Caleb and Joan. Dani tells Joan they can't boil it, so he drinks the water straight from the river.
  • Doug tries to grab one of the spider bags that they're looking for, but alerts the spiders. One of them jumps out infront of him and, after the group fail to stay still to not anger the spider any further, the spider jumps on Doug, he moves out the way just in time.
  • Kelly, the buzzard, jumps away from Olga in fright. Jason collapses, Hope and Eva manage to stab some of the buzzards, the group manage to kill all the buzzards and snakes, but not without sustaining injuries. Barb collapses. Guadalupe approaches a nest he sees in the distance, finding it to be a spider nest.
  • Justin breaks down and cries. Caleb and Joan join Dani as she rests by the river. Blake yells for help in a different accent. Justin approaches Blake, ready to stab him in the heart but Mollie runs over, holding a spear up at Justin. Justin faints.
  • Miguel D. runs from the spiders with the bag, along with the wolf cubs. Leaving Jo and Doug behind, he reaches the cave. Miguel D. begins crying and this awakens the wolf cubs. Miguel D. tries to treat Leshandria's wounds with the liquid in the bag and they await the return of Jo and Doug.
  • Hope checks if Nicholas has a pulse, which he doesn't. Mickey begins to try and revive Nicholas with CPR, but it doesn't work. Mickey flops on Nicholas' body, defeated. Guadalupe and Hope approach Barb and with no hesitation they both murder her with their spears. Kelly becomes comfortable with Olga.
  • Justin wakes up, pushing Mollie over and then running away to find Dani, Joan and Caleb. Blake thanks Mollie for saving his life. Dani creates weapons using resources she finds around her. Justin tells Dani that Blake attacked him.
  • Eva helps clean Guadalupe's wounds using boiled water. Afterwards, they hydrate themselves. Olga tries to get Kelly to fly into the air, but she doesn't understand her. They then begin to walk through the desert and soon come across a grassy area with three wooden houses.
  • Jo returns to Miguel D. and Leshandria, covered in dirt and blood. Miguel D. hugs her and is happy she is back, she tells them that she was attacked and she has no idea where Doug is. Jo then leaves again, telling them she's going to find Doug and the people who robbed her (Xantara and Lene). Miguel D. and Leshandria fall asleep.
  • Hope approaches one of the wooden houses, inside one is a cooker and blood coating the walls. He immediately leaves. The group continue walking and come across a hole in the ground which becomes a cave. Hope goes inside and slips, falling and hurting his back. He can see a long wide tunnel and goes through, he can hear voices inside.
  • Hope discovers large, rabbit creatures. They start yelling things and asking what he wants. Hope tries to talk to the bunnymen, but Olga shoves Erica in to the hole. She falls inside and hits her head badly. The bunnymen think it's a trick. The bunnymen take Erica into the cave for medical attention while another, who introduces himself as Darus, leaves with Hope.

Day 10Edit

  • The Jungle Group awaken to find that Heath and Shaw have disappeared over night. Everyone, excluding Sean, Darus, Kelly and Bella, eat.
  • The Grassland Group's gear is dried in the sun. Blake is still ill and having hallucinations. Joan is still vomiting. Dani tries to make a basket, but fails.
  • Leshandria survives the night at The Mountain Group. They heard voices through the night.
  • At The Desert Group, CNK, Grace and Dawnquisha are suffering badly and might die. The rest of the group are also starving and dehydrated.
  • Guadalupe goes over to Darus and smiles, asking him how he's doing. Darus tells him he's okay and he is happy that his family will be freed soon. Olga tries to train Kelly.
  • The Mountain Group eat their fish. Miguel D. attempts to get Leshandria to breastfeed the wolves, but she fails to do so. He also checks if she was on her period recently, which she wasn't.
  • Asa checks her traps and finds a large beetle and a baby bunny. She also puts out items to catch water in and creates an axe.
  • Joan proposes to The Grassland Group that they make a raft to escape the island. Justin, Caleb, Xantara and Nathaniel drink water.
  • John goes to investigate the houses nearby his camp. He finds inside cookers and small beds. Darus tells Guadalupe that the humans on the island forced his tribe into hiding.
  • The Mountain Group head out to hunt. They find fruit and beetles. Joy and Happy begin playing outside. Miguel D. tries to feed the wolves the fruits, Happy eats the fruits but Joy spits it out.
  • Asa checks the ill members of her group and puts them in the shade of the trees. She keeps the baby bunny with her and kills the beetle and cooks it. She chops down a tree and cooks the beetle over a fire.
  • Joan manages to create six sturdy axes. He begins cutting down trees and Dani then lays out the logs in the formation of a large raft.
  • Olga and Kelly continue to bond, Kelly boops her nose with her beak. Guadalupe suggests to Darus that his tribe join them to kill the attackers, but Darus states his tribe are not fighters. Olga hugs Darus, which he seems weird about but recognizes the sign of happiness.
  • Miguel D. manages to kill a bird. He cooks it and feeds it to the cubs. He leaves a note for Jo in the blood of Sofia and they head towards an area East they have never been to before.
  • Asa, Hunter, Aren, Jayme, Ellie and Owen eat. Leaving Grace, CNK and Dawnquisha to stay starved. The group then head south and find a cluster of wooden houses.
  • Nathaniel begins tying the raft together as Joan and Dani wander off, coming back with vines and braiding them to make sturdier ropes. The group then test out the raft by standing on it, a log rolls out of place.
  • Olga and Darus go looking for food with Kelly. John investigates some snake tracks. Olga finds fruits and gives it to Darus. Olga kisses Darus, which he responds negatively too. Guadulupe runs over and tells her to leave him alone.
  • The Mountain Group come across an injured man. They ask who he is and the man says that someone tries to kill him. Miguel D. puts his spear to the man's neck and demands him to tell them who attacked him.
  • The Desert Group spot a pigman. Hunter sets up traps nearby. A pig man starts investigating one of them. Jaylen goes over and tries to speak to the Pigmen, but they run away frightened inside their house.
  • Blake asks Mollie to help him with his wounds. Mollie takes off her top and tells Blake she's sorry before quickly removing the spear from his body. She starts panicking and covering his wound with her shirt. Blake and Mollie start yelling in panic.
  • Darus and Sean hug. Olga starts crying and Darus asks her why. The Grassland Group start walking along the coast. They see a woman run past them and begin following her. They continue walking.
  • Miguel D. stabs the injured man in the throat, killing him. They drag him back to the cave and find Jo has returned with a new friend, John.
  • The Desert Group collect water from the Pigmen's well before walking away from the houses, coming across a dark part of the forest. Hunter begins creating a fire. Grace drinks some of the water. Hunter sets up his traps and the group then go to sleep.
  • Blake starts hallucinating, mistaking Mollie for his deceased mother. A group of eight people suddenly show up to The Grassland Group.
  • The Jungle Group and The Grassland Group happily merge!
  • Leshandria throws the dead body towards the cubs. They don't seem interested in eating it, though.
  • Lene runs up to Mickey and pinches his cheeks, telling him about Jo. Guadalupe creates a fire. The group introduce themselves to each other. Olga goes to get water.
  • Guadalupe begins cleaning out Blake's wound with boiled water. Priscilla gives Mollie Johnny's clothes to wear. Joan makes shabby looking oars for the boat. Joan and Nunetta run away and return a few minutes later, Nunetta feeling rather weird. 
  • The group's raft can fit all of them on it. Nunetta tries to make glass. Darus gets upset about the raft and begins leaving, believing they don't want to help his tribe now. Lene wants to set Mickey up on a date with Jo.
  • Everyone except from Blake, drinks. Olga gives Blake some water. Lene begins singing, Holden tells her it's a beautiful song. Joan tests out the canoe, it tips to one side and begins leaking. Joan drags it back to shore and empties it. They then sleep.

Day 11Edit

  • Every group can see a weird purple glow filling the dark sky. The sun hasn't risen.
  • At The Grassland Group, Blake is hullucinating. Kelly, Sean and Olga begin wandering into the forest. Dani runs over to them and asks where they're going. Mickey begins looking for snakes and Priscilla picks flowers, although she can't find any. Dani, Joan and Justin go fishing and catch some fish. Mickey observes some snakes from afar, he approaches them but they get ready to attack him. Mickey runs away from the snakes. The snakes follow him, Mickey manages to beat one of the snakes and one jumps on Kaffe.
  • Meanwhile, Sean, Kelly and Olga come across a crazy man who begins chasing them.
  • The snake coming at Kaffe bites his ankle.  Mickey chases Kaffe as he runs for the raft, ripping the snake off of his ankle. The man chasing Sean catches up to him and grabs him, engaging in a fight.Mickey tries to throw a snake at the man as Sean stabs him, but the snake appears stunned and plays dead. The man gets off Sean and begins dragging him into the forest. Sean yells for Darus to help him but he's terrified. Mickey kills a snake. Olga appears with another man, who weilds a spear. The crazy man begins running for Mickey and soon he dies. The other man says that he wants the boat. Hearing this, Joan and Dani begin paddling away on the canoe.The man makes an agreement with Mickey and leaves into the forest, taking Olga with him. Dani and Joan make it to the sea but begin feeling their boat to shake. The group on the raft take it to shore again, seeing no need to flee anymore. Dani and Joan manage to stabalize their canoe, but only a few moments later something slams into it, Dani and Joan tumbling into the waters. Dani feels something tugging on her leg, she can see a black tenticle. Dani and Joan begin swimming back to shore, the tenticles trying to grasp their legs. Joan is grabbed by the tenticles and pulled under, he stabs himself in the abdomen and bleeds out as he is pulled under the water. Dani makes it back to shore, the creaturing disappearing along with Joan into the ocean. The group gather their things and head into the jungle to find a cave they've been too before. The group leave the continue walking until they come across a campfire, seeing Olga. They decide to turn around and walk away, they discover a grasslands area and continue walking until they find a cave with people and wolf cubs sleeping inside. They merge!
  • At The Mountain Group, Jo wakes up the group to tell them about the sky. Leshandria's wounds have gotten better. John and Jo discuss the men in the jungle and the sky. Leshandria tries to train the puppies and bond with them. John and Jo head out and they begin moving quickly in one direction until they can see, in the distance, people floating aboard a boat. They hear a sound of struggling and they run towards it and find Sean, Mickey and Olga with a man.John follows a man holding Olga captive. They reach a camp and a few men are there. He sits her on a log and talks to her. John heads back to the cave, avoiding the men. Leshandria continues to train and bond with the puppies.

Day 12Edit

  • At The Mountain Group an earthquake hits. Jo tries to argue with Tommy and Andrew, but have no time due to the earthquake. Everyone begins running out the cave, mostly fending for themselves as the boulder at the entrance threatens to trap them all inside. While escaping, Nathaniel's ankle is trapped between the boulder and wall. With room at the top, the rest of the survivors begin climbing out the cave. As the earthquake continues to tear the surrounding landscape apart, Kaffe is hit with a falling branch and falls to the ground, Jo takes off without the group but ends up coming across two men, who chase after her. Lene and Jason help Jo fight off the attackers while the rest of the group evacuate to a nearby beach. Two people, including Olga, run over to the group. The earthquake slowly comes to a stop. Lene comes across men putting together the last of a raft and warns them of sea creatures after they threaten her. Leshandria continues to train her pups as the group spot a group in the distance. Jo offers to check it out and leaves.
  • Justin, Dani and Eva go looking for food, Dani climbs a tree to get fruits and comes across a strange bird which hisses at her, she manages to climb back down the tree without alerting the bird. Dani finds a nest with baby birds inside and kills the babies for food.
  • John comes across a man stuck under a tree, which most likely fell during the earthquake. The man asks about his daughter.
  • At The Desert Group, the earthquake also hits and Owen is found dead. After not doing anything for a while, a tree begins toppeling towards them. Theodosius is crushed under the tree and Miguel F.'s legs are trapped. Jo finds The Desert Group and tells them about the group back at the grasslands. The group decide to go back to the desert and almost forget to get Miguel F from under the tree, they free Miguel from the tree and carry him back with them to the other group, where all groups officially merge.
  • At The Merged Group Asa and her pigmen friends help lift the tree that John is at, freeing the man trapped. However, he doesn't move. John drags the now passed out man out from under the tree. Dani, Justin and Eva continue to search for fruits and share them out with some group members. Asa leaves to explore the jungle, coming across a group of men yelling at eachother and eventually begin killing eachother. Two of the men notice Asa, one of them are quickly killed by the pigmen while the other throws a spear at Asa, he runs off after the pigmen chase after him. John takes the dead body for later. Everyone regroups, lights a fire and share out food between everybody.

Day 13Edit

  • At The Merged Group, Darus begins becoming impatient, Miguel F. passes away and Leshandria disappears with her wolf pups. The man John found also dies. LeShandria left a note in the dirt, which Olga reads out for everyone. Asa interacts with her pigman friends, Olga tries to talk to them but they run away from her. Sean offers to help Darus and his tribe, which he is greatful for. Miguel demands that they find LeShandria. Justin goes hunting, finding a group of rabbits nearby while Dani and Olga scavenge for fruits. Two rabbits approach Justin and he picks them up, deciding to keep them which Jo doesn't agree with. Meanwhile, John walks off from the group and finds a nest of spiders. Dani finds a girl, Willow, injured in the forest with a tree branch stabbed into her stomach, Dani manages to pull the branch out but the girl begins bleeding heavily, Olga covers her wound with her shirt as Dani heats up her spear to cauterize the wound. Willow tells Dani about a door that can take them home as Olga goes for water with Kelly. Mickey goes looking for snakes, finding eggs, he decides to leave them for now. Miguel decides to leave with Priscilla and Sean, going south with half of the group's supplies in a search for Leshandria. As this is all happening, Hunter creates a fire to cook food and boil water.
  • John, Xanatara and Nathaniel come across a door, which has nothing around it except a machine that reads the number twenty. They stay there overnight.
    • Guadalupe and Eva go to a nearby spider nest, beginning to battle the spiders. Guadalupe is chased by one spider as Eva is surrounded by others. Asa runs, with her pigmen, to Eva and begin helping her take down the spiders. Eva and Asa are both jumped by spiders, that bite and scratch them. Asa grabs the spider attacking her and swing it about, hitting the spider attacking Eva. Eventually they fight off the spiders, while Guadalupe continues to get attacked and is eventually killed by the spider on top of her as she fails to fight it off.
  • Leshandria and the pups, having left in the middle of the night, go to TBA.

Day 14Edit

  • Xantara, Nathaniel and John decide to head back to the main group.
  • The Merged Group wake up to find Kaffe dead, Guadalupe has not returned and has been mauled to death by a spider. The temperature has dropped drastically and Eva and Asa's wounds are both bad. Around the camp, noises can be heard. As Mickey investigates, a man emerges from the grass. He informs the group that when his people took the raft out to escape they were attacked by a giant octopus. The man and the remaining members of his group blame Mickey and his group. Justin attempts to leave with his rabbits, but is demanded to stop by the man who wants to rob them. John runs at the man, killing him with his spear. One of the attackers try and kill Xantara, but is quickly killed. The men threaten the group before leaving with a warning. Meanwhile, Asa searches for herbs and only slightly cares for Aren. 

Day 15Edit

Day 16Edit


  • You were back at the circus, the stage was empty except Lene stood at the back of the stage, shocked. Everyone around you disappeared. Only the remaining 14 of you sitting in the large circus tent. The circus is closing soon... You might as well leave...

  • Lene continued her juggling career, of course making sure that the people she was working for weren't evil. She soon became a well known juggler all over the world. She also kept in touch with Holden, who became quite fond of her in years to come. Who knows, maybe a relationship could form between the pair, better late than never.
  • Miguel quit his job as a priest, he felt quite traumatized after what he had witnessed those 16 days. Loosing multiple lovers took a toll on him. Despite all this, he returned for a season of Survivor and won, winning one million dollars and he took a trip around the world. Who knows what lies around the corner for Miguel now?
  • Priscilla lost her eye due to her infection. But no fear! She survived! That's all that mattered, doctors are baffled by what could have caused black liquid to spill from a large gash in her face, but no fear. She continues to cosplay at all the conventions she can and she even started writing her own comic book.
  • Xantara continued teaching, in her free time she wrote a book about her journey through a lost island and what happened to her. Everyone thought it was just a fairy story, but only a select few know the truth. Also, she occasionally tells her class about her adventures.
  • Hunter continued ice skating and with enough determination he became one of the best ice skaters in America. Despite the trauma that was left with him he soon settled down with what seems to be the love of his life and lives happily with them now.
  • Asa managed to get by her leg injury, even if it means she has a limp for the rest of her life. She quit her dentist job to go around the states and the world to give speeches about her experiences. She also became pregnant and had a baby boy, how nice!
  • Aren fell depressed after the death of so many, and his illness that he had developed stayed with him for weeks. He became a well known pianist around his city but nothing else really exciting happened during his life. Ellie kept in touch, however, that's nice.
  • Blake settled down with Mollie. The couple confessing their love for each other shortly after the incident had passed. They had four children together and lived a nice, happy life together.
  • Nathaniel became overly protective of Xantara despite the threat being gone. He couldn't get over what had happened and started a online blog, which got quite alot of views over time, about the supernatural and impossible.
  • Justin remained living on his farm, making a large profit from it. He invited Olga to stay with him and they lived there together and he spent the rest of his life here.
  • Nunetta moved on to other places, she moved to the United Kingdom in search of new life, and she had found something incredible out. She was pregnant! She gave birth to triplets and found out the father was Joan. Not surprising.
  • Hope continued his job as a lawyer, many people asking him daily if they had found out what had happened to the people who had mysteriously disappeared one night. He refused to answer. He continued his racist ways, too, probably getting alot of innocent people into trouble!
  • Mickey continued his job as a midwife, he found a wife and settled down. He was haunted everyday by the baby that he could not save and due to this he ended up never wanting children and instead adopted around 10 snakes.
  • Eva dropped out of her swimming career, but her eating disorder continued. She moved away from her city and nobody really knows what happened to her. Rumor has it she's fighting bears in Russia, although nobody REALLY knows for sure.
  • Olga quit her job as a news anchor to help Justin up at his farm. She stayed there and eventually took over once Justin passed away, learning all she needed to know. She kept in little touch with the people who helped her during her failed pregnancy.
  • Doug went back to hunting, spending most of his time out in the wild where he liked to be.
  • Nobody really knows where Bella is. She is most likely continuing her studies, but nobody has seen or heard from her since the journey ended.
  • As for Leshandria? She sits in the throne, rebuilding her world. Waiting. Waiting for the next group of people to arrive.


  • This season has the biggest cast in After the Dark history, with forty players.
  • This season has by far the most survivors in After the Dark history, with sixteen.