The plot of this season is an original story written by Nuno Lúdico Manao.
Any act of copying the plot or claiming it as one's own will result in legal action.
After the Dark: Hydrophobia
Season 25
People 16
Situation Global drought.
Pacific Group
3 / 8
Atlantic Group
5 / 8
Series Chronology
Previous Season 20 Days
Next Season Hell's Gate

After the Dark: Hydrophobia is the twenty-fifth season of After the Dark.

With a plot largely focused on character development, many conflicts, likable NPCs and an intriguing story, Hydrophobia proved to be one of the best seasons up to date.




Pacific GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
29 Gravedigger Is a necrophile. Survived
40 Writer Predicted the drought. Survived
37 Farmer Can drive any car perfectly. Survived
John Arvin(1)
10 Student Purry's brother. Deceased
Week 18
Shot by Kristoff.
Laugh in the Haze!
25 Plumber Knows the way to the Reservoir. Deceased
Week 9
Shot by Joan.
80px-Max All Stars
35 Bank Owner Has a black belt in Karate. Deceased
Week 9
Shot by Joan.
19 Student USA's President's daughter. Deceased
Week 8
Beaked to death.
Gavin (9)
40 Computer Expert Used to be a swimming teacher. Deceased
Week 3
Killed in explosion.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Kristoff 30 Biker Is good at hand to hand combat. Deceased
Week 18
George 25 Biker Is gay. Deceased
Week 18
Shot by soldier.
Natalia 27 Biker Is a professional hacker. Deceased
Week 8
Impaled by Beakers.

Atlantic GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
Noah Mason Mangatar5
30 Swimmer Can hold his breath for a long time. Survived
Received 1623337661221808
50 Unemployed Can spend 7 weeks without food. Survived
20 Real Estate Agent Very good at shooting. Survived
12 Student Luke's daughter. Survived
26 Lawyer Rebekah's father. Survived
35 Environmentalist Knows how to get water from cacti. Deceased
Week 15
Eaten by Crave.
24 Singer Allergic to peanuts. Deceased
Week 8
Fell to death.
Jaylen Peru
34 Clown Knows how to balance. Deceased
Week 7
Pinched by Creeker.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Karla 26 Biker Is a Lara Croft fan. Survived
John 34 Biker Was part of the marauders in the past. Survived
Ingrid 24 Biker Is good with katanas. Survived
Kahn 32 Trader Dating John. Survived
Flor 21 Nurse Works in Paraguay. Survived
Pedro 12 Kid Is bipolar. Deceased
Week 18
Shot by soldier.


Week 1Edit

  • The whole group wakes up in pods in a cryogenic lab. They can hear footsteps coming from a corridor.
  • From the corridor, comes a man dressed in a white coat. He asks the group who woke them up.
  • Not getting a proper answer, the man, a scientist, pulls out a gun.
  • Joan throws a beaker at Tommy, proving he was already awaken.
  • Andrew punches Tommy in the face.
  • The scientist explains the group what happened to the world, and aims his gun at Andrew.
  • He tries to shoot Andrew, but Andrew hides behind Reid, and Reid is shot instead. He points his gun at Jaylen.
  • The group hide behind the desks, making the man miss the shot.
  • Tommy throws glass shards at the man, to no afail. Joan finds a scalpel.
  • Tommy distracts the man, as Joan stabs him in the shoulder. The man then kicks Joan to the other side of the lab.
  • Luke and Miguel find metal plates on their desks, and Joan leaves the room, locking it from the outside.
  • The man tries to shoot Tommy, but misses.
  • Miguel finds a saw, and manages to sneak up on the man and cut his neck. The man falls on the ground, releasing his gun, but tries to run to a corner of the room.
  • Miguel grabs the gun and shoots him dead.
  • Meanwhile, Joan grabs supplies from the nearby rooms, including food, weapons and some files.
  • Luke finds a keycard in the man's pocket, after spitting on him.
  • The group tries to use the keycard on the door. It opens, as they leave, taking the man's white coat with them.
  • They read the files and find out who they were in 2015.
  • They leave the room, and open a door at the end of a corridor. They find themselves in front of a giant staircase made out of glass.
  • Joan climbs the staircase, and finds himself in a gigantic corridor with lots of doors, and markings on top of the doors such as "Pod Room A1" or "Pod Room B1". On the end of the corridor, he can see a glass door, and it seems it is a sunny day.
  • The group go outside the glass door, and find themselves in a base with many other glass doors.
  • Luke finds a 5 cent coin under a cushion.
  • The group leaves the base and find a mountain car nearby and some bike tracks. They open it using the keycard.
  • Nathaniel teaches Joan how to get water from cacti.
  • The group, thinking they might have to split up, divide themselves, as one group stays inside the car, and the rest check the bike tracks.
  • The group hears gunshots behind the base, ensuing in a gunfight. A woman falls from behind the base, shot in the arm.
  • People come out from behind the base, and it is noticeable two groups of people, one wearing black leather jackets, and another one dressed up as security guards.
  • The woman, in an attempt to get the group to help her, shoots at the tire of the car. Nicholas is shot in the leg.
  • Eventually, after some shooting, the guards die.
  • The woman introduces herself as Karla. The rest of the black leather people introduce themselves as George, Kristoff, Ingrid, Natalia and John.
  • They explain the situation to the groups, and state they must split up, one group to head through the Pacific Desert, and another to head through the Atlantic Waste.
  • The groups split up, and head in their directions.

Week 2Edit

  • Nicholas's injury looks to be getting better, but will take a few weeks until it heals up.
  • The Atlantic Group stop at Montgomery, Alabama to look for supplies.
  • The Pacific Group go to the zoo and look for supplies. They only find bones there.
  • Max, Joan and Reid go to the hospital to try and get Reid healed. Max and Reid enter through the front door to ask for help, while Joan sneaks on the back with a white coat.
  • The Atlantic Group go to a bazaar (black market) to look for someone to trade water with. They find a man.
  • They trade a nickel for all bottles of water a man has to give, after Karla threathens the man.
  • Joan invades the hospital's storage room and rips out every bandages there, only taking one (not ripped) with him. Reid is taken to the emergency room.
  • As Karla and John leave to look for weapons, a gang stops the Atlantic Group at the black market. Ingrid shoots the leader and a gunfight ensues.
  • During the gunfight, Jaylen is shot in the back, but eventually, the group manages to win the fight. Karla and John return.
  • Reid leaves the emergency room, being patched up. He and Max meet up with the rest of the group, along with Joan.
  • The Atlantic Group find the hospital to be closed with police lines. They see people inside moving.
  • They decide to head to the drugstore. Upon there, they see that it is being raided. They hide, and wait out until the robbers have left. Karla explains to them that they were Marauders.
  • The group tries to raid whatever is left of the drugstore, and find 2 boxes of medicine and a bandage. They use the bandage on Jaylen, and decide to sleep on the city.

Week 3Edit

  • Reid's injury fully heals, as well as Nicholas's. Jaylen's injury seems to be getting better.
  • Kristoff yells at the Pacific Group. They decide to drive off the city, but as they do so, they notice several bikes heading in the direction.
  • Tommy drinks a water bottle.
  • The Atlantic Group leave the city and hit the road. They also notice bikes on the road, but they seem to be heading ahead of them. They wait it out a little before continuing their path.
  • Karla tells them to stop the car to look at a ravine. She and Luke stare at it for a while.
  • The Pacific Group ensue themselves in a gunfight against the Marauders, as their car tops over, and they are stuck inside.
  • Kristoff, Joan, Reid and Max all successfully escape the car. They notice the fuel tank is leaking.
  • The group runs to a rock, and hide behind there.
  • Karla notices that something is coming out of the ravine and takes Luke back to the van. They begin to drive on the opposite direction, as thousands of giant, stonelooking crabs emerge from the ravine. Karla calls them "Creekers".
  • The Atlantic Group begin driving away from them, but find themselves in uneven soil, and John loses control of their car, as they start to head off in the direction of a mountain, about to crash.
  • Tommy is shot in the arm by one of the Marauders from inside the car. He then helps JA, and they both leave the car.
  • The Atlantic Group tie themselves to a rope, preparing to jump out of the van in case John can't get control back. However, he manages to get control back indeed, and they drive away from the Creekers, who lose interest in them. They continue on their path.
  • The Pacific Group continues trying to gun down the Marauders, and Reid shoots one of them dead, despite he ends up lighting the gasoline up. George, Natalia and Purry escape the car.
  • Max tries to sacrifice himself to save Andrew and Gavin, but only manages to save Andrew, as the car blows up with Gavin inside, killing him.
  • The Marauders leave, and the group examines one of them. They can see a weird symbol on his forehead, but can't tell what it is. They sleep in front of the big firey car.

Week 4Edit

  • The Atlantic Group reach NYC. They start to look at the bazaars there for anything of interest.
  • The Atlantic Group head to Liberty Island, but only find bad traders, and Karla storms off. They then go to Brokelyn.
  • At Brokelyn, they find a man that John is dating. He says that he can get the group food for his brother's bike. The group goes to Queens to look for the bike.
  • Reid and George decide to go to a nearby town to look for supplies on the motorcycle. They get there safely.
  • Joan looks for cacti, but can't find any.
  • Reid and George find a grocery store and take water and food from there.
  • Joan looks for cacti again, but can't find any.
  • The Atlantic Group hear noises coming from an alley. They head there and notice Karla chasing something.
  • They find Karla ready to shoot a kid at a tunnel to get the bike, as soon as realizes what she was going to do. Luke takes the gun from her.
  • The group takes the bike and heads back to the bazaar.

Week 5Edit

  • Jaylen has fully healed from his injury, and so has Karla.
  • The Atlantic Group return the man the bike, and find out he is named Kan. He volunteers to go with the group in their journey with his brother.
  • The Pacific Group go to a town nearby. They find a black market.
  • On the black market, the group find a trader who would give a virgin for 20 bottles of water. They trade Andrew and Tommy for 55 bottles.
  • The Atlantic Group try to trade some more, until a trader suggests handing out water bombs for water bottles, causing Karla to get pissed and throw a water bomb at the man, destroying his stand. She steals water bottles and a map.
  • The Atlantic Group all run after Karla, and get insid the van, on the border of the Atlantic Waste. They meet Kan's brother, Pedro, and all leave for the desert.
  • Tommy and Andrew find out they have to strip and pose for pictures. They do so, and pose. Tommy gives a kiss on the photographer's cheek.
  • The Pacific Group begin to try and trade a car for 20 bottles of water.
  • They manage to get the car trading it for 15 bottles, and head for the desert.

Week 6Edit

  • The Pacific Groups car runs out of fuel. They decide to walk back to the town, taking up all week.
  • Karla, John and Ingrid get suspicious of the Atlantic Group. They ask them to check their stomachs, and the group finds Marauder tatoos on them.
  • Ingrid holds the group at gunpoint, as do the rest.
  • Rebekah begins to cry. The bikers wonder what she is doing. They ask her to stop.
  • Rebekah, Luke and Noah all begin to cry, and the bikers begin tearing up. Not knowing what that was, they begin panicking and asking for the group to make it stop.
  • Eventually, all of them begin to cry, and seem to have a breakdown. They all fall asleep after a lot of crying.
  • Luke gives Karla a kiss before she falls asleep, and she returns it.

Week 7Edit

  • Karla and the rest wake up from their crying. They tell the Atlantic Group they need to get water from a waterfall inside a ravine if they want to gain their trust back.
  • The Pacific Group head back to San Francisco, looking for supplies. Reid and JA enter many houses without knocking, and find families inside.
  • They go to a gas station, and find fuel. They head back.
  • The Atlantic Group begin trying to figure out ways to go down the ravine. Eventually, they tie ropes together to form a bigger rope, and climb down of it.
  • They go down in an order, but as Jaylen climbs down, Creekers come out of a hole hole and start climbing the ravine up and down, some of them going for Nathaniel and Paulette on top, and others going for the rest of the group. However, they can't reach Jaylen since he is on the rope.
  • The group begins shooting the Creekers, but they start to come from behind, and one of them cuts Nicholas's arm off.
  • Jaylen, Nathaniel and Paulette all go down the rope, but Jaylen is pinced in half by a Creeker on the way to the rest of the group.
  • The group heads inside a cave, running away from the Creekers, and find themselves in front of a cliff where they can only see water down. Without any other way to escape, they dive down there.

Week 8Edit

  • The Pacific Group continue their path by car. On the way there, they notice a big vulture. They choose to ignore it.
  • The Atlantic Group land on a pool of water, despite Paulette dies from the impact. They find a cave with many ores and gems.
  • They go deeper in the cave, and find what it looks to be a mining system, with many carts and tracks.
  • Out of the sudden, a big vulture pierces through the Pacific Group 's car, and stabs Natalia in the stomach, killing her. JA throws her body outside to distract the Vultures. George tells the group they are Beakers.
  • The group keeps shooting them, but when they let their guard down for a second, another Beaker pierecs through the car and impales Purry, eating her midair with the rest of the Beakers, but giving time for the group to escape.
  • The Pacific Group group decide to head beyond a mountain, into a tunnel, and sleep after leaving it.
  • The Atlantic Group divide themselves in three carts, ready to go down the track, with Noah and Miguel in one, Luke and Rebekah in the second and Nicholas and Nathaniel in the third.
  • Noah's cart starts heading straight, as they notice the tracks ahead have their right part broken.
  • Luke's cart seems to be heading straight and gaining speed quickly, and he can see a wall at the end of the tracks.
  • Nicholas's cart heads down really quickly on the tracks, as if it were a roller coaster fall, and notices a waterfall at the bottom of a giant pit he ends up on.
  • Noah's cart leans to the side, and it manages to avoid getting off tracks. However, this sends their cart in what look to be a "roller coaster track", making them going down and up frequently, just like Nathaniel's cart.
  • Luke and Rebekah look, and see a lever straight ahead that would change the cart's directions, as an intersection is nearby, leading to two other ways that cross the wall.
  • With the right timing, Luke turns the lever, sending the cart to the left, as it goes around the wall, and intersects with another track, making it one. Their cart starts heading to the end of the tracks, slowing down a bit.
  • Noah's cart continues on a roller coaster effect, until they notice on that a track far ahead is broken in half.
  • Nicholas's cart reaches ground again, and starts heading in fast speed, as they start to reach the end of the tracks.
  • Noah's cart jumps at the right time, and makes it to the other side, heading to the end of the tracks as well.
  • Nicholas and Nathaniel throw the bungee rope at a stalactite, and hold it, escaping the cart as it crashes on a wall.
  • The group climbs up a staircase, and finds the waterfall they were looking for, filled with blue shiny water. They take it.

Week 9Edit

  • The Pacific Group reach a cryogenic clinic. Kristoff suggests the group goes inside of it.
  • Reid, Andrew, Max, George and Kristoff go inside the clinic, but get tazered and pass out. They are then dragged to a cell inside the clinic.
  • The Atlantic Group find themselves in the same cave. After searching, they can find 4 holes out of the place they are in.
  • Joan enters the base by the back door using a white coat. He gets eventually greeted by a female scientist, who suggests him to take care of the newly caught Marauders.
  • The female scientist leads Joan to his captured friends and tells him to check them for any Marauder tattoos. It seems like Reid, Max and Andrew have them. The scientists tells Joan to kill them.
  • The Atlantic Group go through the first cave, which has geysers. They manage to get past them, despite Nathaniel burns his arm.
  • Joan shoots Reid in the shoulder, Max in the leg and Andrew in the arm. The scientist then tells him to finish them.
  • The Atlantic Group find themselves in a tunnel with many Creekers on. Luckily enough, they manage to sneak by to the other side. They then get out on the same ravine they were at.
  • After finding no means of escape, Joan shoots Max and Andrew in the chest, aiming for non lethal parts, but just kills them instead. After that, a gas comes out in Reid's cell, causing him, George and Kristoff to pass out.
  • A bungee rope is thrown in the ravine the Atlantic Group are in. They climb it, and find Karla, along with the rest of their group, shooting at what looks to be scientists near a base.
  • They then begin shooting the scientists, when they realize their group is shooting at the air. Soon enough, a giant chameleon appears and eats a scientists. Karla calls it a Zeylanicus.
  • Joan sleeps inside the base.
  • The Zeylanicus grabs Ingrid, but Pedro throws a rock at it, causing it to drop her. The Atlantic Group get on the car and leave.

Week 10Edit

  • The Atlantic Group find sand dunes in their path. They decide to head through a mountain path.
  • Joan explores the entire base. He goes to Zoo 1 and releases Beakers on all building.
  • Running away, Joan hides in Bathroom 1, while Beakers can be heard killing many people inside the base.
  • The Atlantic Group begins discussing their lives before the happening.
  • Luke can be heard singing, which causes Ingrid to sing Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler and Ordinary World by Duran Duran.
  • Luke sings Moody Blue by Elvis Presley. He gets great reception from it.
  • Miguel suggests a song, to which the entire group disagrees to.
  • Beakers destroy the control room, causing Reid, George and Kristoff's cell to be taken down.
  • JA and Tommy enter the lab by the back door to distract some Beakers, shooting them.
  • JA and Tommy go outside and open the front door, waiting until all Beakers have left.
  • The Pacific Group all escape the base.
  • Luke sings 03 Moonage Daydream by David Bowie.
  • Rebekah sings Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. She gets great reception from it as well.
  • Luke sings Annie's Song by John Denver.
  • After Luke brings up his father, Pedro asks him where he is now, to which Luke replies he is dead. This causes Karla to tell them that most their family members are dead anyways.
  • In hopes of changing the subject, Karla asks the group if they had blocks of paper in their time, to which they marvel to. John explains to them Karla meant books, and they start having a conversation about them.
  • After reaching the top of the mountain and night coming, the group decides to camp on the mountain top.

Week 11Edit

  • The Atlantic Group reach Brazil, and look for many traders. They can't find any they like.
  • The Pacific Group reach Peru, and look for traders.
  • They find out the traders are hispanic, so Joan tries to speak with them.
  • They sign up Reid in the rally.
  • Reid, after many crashes, wins the rally.

Week 12Edit

  • The Atlantic Group arrive in Asunción, Paraguay. They decide to go to a hospital.
  • At the hospital, they find a line with many engineers hurt. They wait it out.
  • The Pacific Group reach Sucre, Bolivia. They look for a hospital as well.
  • Miguel persuades the receptionist into taking in Nathaniel and Nicholas for 5 bottles. He suceeds, promising a date with her.
  • The Pacific Group go to a market, and try to bargain for food. They pacifail.
  • The Atlantic Group go to a school, and find out it is a military training school. Karla gives Rebekah a gun so she can practice.
  • Rebekah shoots a water bottle, but misses.
  • The Pacific Group go to a car repair and pay 400 pesos for it. They then head south.
  • Rebekah manages to shoot all water bottles with enough practice.
  • Luke asks Karla onto a double date, to which she accepts. He, Miguel and Karla head to the hospital to pick up Flor.
  • The couples spend some time talking, while Noah sympathizes with John back at the van.
  • Flor agrees to join the group in their adventure.

Week 13Edit

  • The groups merge into one in Santiago del Estero, Santiago del Estero.
  • Tommy begins twerking and dancing, much to everyone's concern.
  • After continuing despite being told to stop, Kristoff points a gun at Tommy.
  • The group talk some, then decide to rest.

Week 14Edit

  • Karla tells the Merged Group they should look for information.
  • They hear a loud noise far away. On the distant blue sky, they notice a large rocket being fired up, heading to the city.
  • George runs around the city warning everyone of the rocket.
  • Karla, Kristoff and the rest help some people outside their houses.
  • The group try to drive off, but can't find Karla.
  • After going back for a bit, they find Karla entering the capitol building.
  • Luke rushes inside, John and Kahn following him, as the rocket comes closer.
  • Karla can be seen throwing several cabinets around a room looking for something. John and Kahn help her.
  • Panicking, the group takes random papers and leaves the building, jumping into the car.
  • They manage to escape it with ease, as the rocket explodes the entire city in a fiery blaze. However, the explosion sends the cars way ahead, causing them to enter a cave in high speed, as they crash inside and pass out.

Week 15Edit

  • The Merged Group crash inside a cave, and seem unharmed. However, they can notice that Ingrid, John, Rebekah, Nathaniel and JA aren't around them.
  • Karla gets a noteboke and says the name "Craves".
  • Pedro stays back with Reid, as the rest of the group go exploring.
  • Far ahead, they notice something with 16 legs walking towards them, that resembles a spider.
  • They try to shoot the Crave, but it moves at a inhuman speed, quickly avoiding the gunshots and disappearing in front of them.
  • The Crave jumps behind Tommy and George and engulfs them in a weird substance, taking them away to the main cave afterwards.
  • Reid and Pedro encounter a Creeker. They shoot it, only them to be captured by Craves.
  • Going deeper into the cave, the rest of the group finds what looks to be the main cave, where many Craves are walking through walls and the ceiling, as they can see all of their captured friends in a pool of weird substance in the middle of the cave.
  • They hear loud groaning coming from the other side of the main cave.
  • Going through an upper tunnel, they get a view of up above the main cave where the Craves are in, along with some walkways to the sides, which they notice are slim.
  • Craves keep walking around, and they see a giant Crave come out from the back of the cave and start walking towards the strange substance and their friends.
  • The group kills many Craves with their guns and waterbombs.
  • Reid and Tommy try to escape, but due to wasting time, the giant Crave grabs Nathaniel by a leg and eats him, killing him.
  • Karla asks Luke to act like he is selling waterbombs to her. This gets her angry, and she throws the bungee rope at the top of the cave, then slides down, throwing it at the giant Crave, eventually killing it.
  • The group escape the cave together, when they meet Marauders holding them at gunpoint outside.
  • The group tries shooting the Marauders, but before they can, they suddenly pass out, as if something tazered them from behind. As they lose their sights, they see the Kristoff standing behing them, smiling. They then pass out.

Week 16Edit

  • The Merged Group all wake up tied up. It seems they are tied up in the hands to a big pole, sitting, while their feet are also tied up. Kristoff is not anywhere nearby.
  • They notice they don't have any of their inventory with them, and that Karla and John are sleeping.
  • The group tries to struggle, but fails.
  • Joan starts digging around the pole, despite it doesn't look of very much use.
  • The group tries to lean over to cause stress on the ropes. They fail to break them.
  • The group continues to struggle, but fail.
  • Luke turns furious and tries to break through the ropes. They do not break.
  • Joan tries to slip through the ropes. He fails.
  • Tommy starts to dig, despite it doesn't look of very much use.
  • John wakes up, and tells the group to look inside their pockets. Noah tries to reach inside his pocket, but fails due to being tied up.
  • Tommy grabs a sharp rock from under the dirt. He rubs it against his hands, cutting his palms.
  • Tommy rubs the rock against the ropes, breaking them. Luke, using all his strength, breaks free from the ropes.
  • After freeing everyone, the group help Karla up. She tells them to trust her.
  • They start heading south after learning how to orientate themselves.

Week 17Edit

  • Heading south in the long walk through the desert, the group eventually catch a car ride and end up in Tierra Del Fuego's border. In here, they can notice many military cars, along with armed people. The place also looks awfully protected.
  • Karla says they are definitely close to the Reservoir, but suggests them to look for information.
  • The group finds out Ingrid is Kristoff's cousin.
  • The group goes inside a library and find a timeline of events that happened since they went asleep.
  • The timeline read:

2014 - Start of the Aquaworld program
2015 - Incubbation of test subjects
2040 - End of Water in the world
2041 - Creation of the Reservoir
2042 - Beggining of rocket propelling engine construction
2047 - Formation of the Marauders
2050 - Attack on the Leaders
2052 - Implantation of Clinics
2054 - Genetic experiments start
2057 - Genetic Crysis
2058 - Terrain Animals escape clinics
2060 - Start of 3rd World War talk
2062 - Marauder Attack on NYC
2069 - Rocket propelling engines finished

  • After being convinced by Karla, the group find a book about the Marauders, with pictures of John and an unrecognizable Kristoff.
  • The group find out that every Marauder gets a tattoo at immediate joining of the group. However, these could be easily faked by Marauder members with the right tools.
  • Rebekah pokes her stomach, and her tattoo falls off.
  • All of the group poke their stomaches, and their tattoos go off.
  • The group discovers a book talking about how the Marauders wanted to control the world.
  • Tommy goes to the school and finds lots of guards standing there. He tries to make them move, but fails.
  • Rebekah finds a book talking about the Aquaworld program.
  • After reading through the book, they learn about the true intention behind them being frozen and why the Leaders want to take the water.
  • Karla challenges the group into answering questions she has so they would find out the truth about everything.
  • They get it wrong the first time, but eventually manage to sucessfully figure out everything.
  • Karla and them walk south, ready for the final battle.

Week 18Edit

  • The group reach the Reservoir. They find the place to be surrounded by the only trees left on the world. They also notice a giant pump machine leading to a rocket nearby, with many cryogenic tubes outside of it, waiting to be put inside.
  • They notice the Marauders, Kristoff among them, arriving by bike near the pump.
  • The group hides behind trees and hear on in the Marauders' conversation. They find out that Kristoff wants to destroy the water to rule the world.
  • Out in the distance, they see armies marching from every side towards the Reservoir.
  • Ingrid tells the group they need to stay on a side to get help, and suggests picking the biggest army's side to stay on.
  • The group notices a Zeylinacus killing many soldiers on the behind of an army on the other side.
  • The group tries to hide near bushes, but Kahn finds Pedro shot dead in the head. He grabs a gun and joins the fight. The group also hears some weird noises coming from a nearby ravine.
  • The group start shooting the enemy army, killing many of the soldiers, but notice that a huge amount of Creekers start to come out of the ravine, headed for the battle. This causes many of the opposite side to be pinced and killed by them. They also notice the Reservoir's water is starting to be pumped out.
  • Miguel manages to kill most of the people, but the Creekers avoid the shots.
  • The Zeylinacus appears behind the group's army, killing most of their army.
  • The group continue running to the pump, but as they reach there, JA is shot dead in the head as Kristoff fires his bullet at him, along with the many other Marauders.
  • Before either group can shoot the other, dozens of Beakers begin flying between them, some shot by the group's bullets, as they start to fly off the opposite direction, heading to attack many of the armies. They also notice something with 16 legs behind the Marauders, realizing they are seeing Craves.
  • The group tries to shoot at the Marauders, but as the Beakers fly away, they notice they're not there anymore.
  • The Zeylinacus tries to grab Rebekah, but Karla shoots its hand, causing it to drop her. They notice his hand is being patched up by some sort of skin.
  • The group tries shooting at the Zeylinacus, to no avail. It throws its tongue at George, and George begins struggling to break free.
  • They try shooting it in the tongue,but it doesn't seem to do much, since the group keeps missing the shots at it, but as Noah and Miguel try to blind the animal, they succeed in causing it to rampage, throwing George far into the Reservoir, as George begins to sink into the water. The group all notice he can't swim, and that the Zeylinacus is trying to hit the group randomly with his tail.
  • The Zeylinacus grabs Joan, but as Joan has the concrete needle with him, he manages to stab him in the head, fully killing the giant chameleon and dropping Joan.
  • As Noah dives into the water, he begins swimming with all his strength and dives deep to get George. Wandering deeper and deeper into the Reservoir, he grabs George's hand and comes back up, with him. However, he realizes the immense blood trail that was left inside the water, as Noah notices that George was fired directly in the heart, as he begins to die and whispers something in Noah's ear. He then passes out, dying.
  • The group realizes the pump can only be stopped from the inside of the rocket.
  • The group try to make their way to the rocket, but Nicholas gets shot in the foot by the Marauders, who start running in the group's direction, trying to shoot at you, with many Craves behind them.
  • The group all try to head forward to the rocket, but are suddenly knocked over to the side by a swarm of Beakers, who continue fly up and start to descend, as the Marauders start shooting the Craves behind them.
  • The group divide themselves in two groups. Dividing into two groups, the first one notices the Beakers are easily killed off by shots, falling down from the ground and crashing very heavily. The second one, however, aren't lucky enough, as they notice the swarm of Creekers is starting to migrate in between them both.
  • As the group shoot the Beakers, they all eventually fall and die. The group continues heading towards the rocket, as Noah throws the grenade at the Marauders. This causes the Craves, along with some Marauders, to be blown up in the explosion, but the group can still see Kristoff and some other Marauders hoping on bikes and starting to drive across the Reservoir, much to get to them by another direction.
  • The Creekers try to swarm the group, and the group tries to fend them off in a circle, but it just causes them to swarm them more.
  • Karla rages about water bombs trading again, and throws a couple of them at the Creekers, killing them. The group relaxes for a second, as Kristoff puts guns behind Tommy and Noah's heads.
  • The group begins talking to Kristoff and trying to persuade him, until he gets angry and aims both guns at Tommy, letting Noah go. He also commands shooting Joan in the foot for something said by him.
  • Karla has an emotional heat off with Kristoff.
  • Kristoff is quickly distracted by Noah's act of sobbing, and as he begins to slowly look over at Noah, Tommy headbutts him with all his strength, pushing Kristff down the Reservoir, falling with him. Due to the water being pumped all of this time, the Reservoir's water was all led out to the rocket, causing the Reservoir to turn into an empty pool, as Kristoff falls to the ground, splattering and dying. Tommy falls right behind, but is cushioned by Kristoff's remains.
  • On the distance, the group see the rocket fly up, as John and Kahn escape it just in time. The rocket headed upper and upper, and the group noticed the cryogenic bodies were still outside.
  • Karla asks John where the water went, and he points to the sky, as the rocket explodes on it and a huge clouds surrounds it.


  • A large cloud roamed through the skies with the explosion, but this wasn't a smoke cloud. This was a cloud like ones they had seen before.
  • The first drop fell. Followed by many, it was finally happening, after 55 years. It was raining. Everywhere, it was raining.
  • It didn't take a while until the entirity of the human race started cheering on the rain that some of them never saw on their lives. They jumped, they celebrated, they drooled over the water, and they drank it, ending some of their dehydrations.
  • The water killed all terrain animals, from Creekers to the Zeylinacus.
  • The government, realizing this was all their fault, decided to do something for the people for once. They gave out free food supplies, with all the new water, and distributed it around the world, for all the hungry and all the thirsty.
  • The scientists, greedy and drove over by restarting humanity, realized, that they didn't need to restart anything. They just had to fix it. This made them replant the genes of every single animal that ever existed on Earth, and with all the water and supplies, life on Earth was regrowning again.
  • The oceans soon came back with all the constant raining, and what was a waste and a desert became a pool of hope again. Hope that would spread around every corner of the world, giving them a chance to be humans again.
  • A year passed, and rebirth had begun. The group all went to live in New York City, with some exceptions.
  • Nicholas, who had lost an arm, went to an old clinic near Bolivia to get it patched up. Due to today's molecular engineering, Nicholas swiftly managed to acquire a new arm, and now lives happily in Bolivia. He is still unemployed though.
  • Miguel and Kristoff never came to be, so he just went with Flor instead. They both live happily in Paraguay, despite Miguel quite a few times would go to gay strip clubs, but Flor told him it was alright.
  • Reid married a hispanic woman and continued to farm, creating large crops that filled everyone, and eventually being a prime tester for new vehicles that came out in the country. He also always got help in his farm from Tommy. Tommy isn't allowed Reid's children, however.
  • Kahn and John expanded their horizons, eventually living together and doing things every couple would do. John finally learned the value of emotions and learned this lesson, staying loyal to Kahn for the rest of his life.
  • Joan continued writing, this time writing about all of what Earth had done to deserve this, but now that a price was paid, they could feast on all the water recovered. Joan's book was the second book to be locked in Margaret Atwood's 100 year books, and this one was guaranteed to be a best-seller.
  • Noah, on the other hand, was benefited from all of this. Learning much and teaching many, he was a symbol of hope for most people left on Earth for being one of the last professional swimmers out there. He married Ingrid, to whom he had a child with, and named it George. This was just part of the promise he kept to him, the other one was telling Karla, that George was "sorry".
  • As for Luke and Rebekah, they met a more happy ending than the one they had been in before. After Luke's wife died, this caused much grief among he and his daughter, but Karla came in the picture to bring hope back. Luke and Karla married, and had their honey moon where was once was the Reservoir that humanity fought for. They were a happy family.... forever. It didn't take, though, much time for Karla to reveal the actions of her past.
  • Karla had been a test subject, just like the others, in the year 2015, but due to her Father being the leader of the Marauders, George and the others woke her up to this apocalypse to keep her as a hostage for them. This plan proved to backfire, as Karla taught them many things about what it was like to be human, and they grew together in the location, fending off against the Marauders. However, due to the roughness that was living in a place like this, her emotion, empathy and love were all thrown down the drain. It only took the past to save the future.

"The minute we become hydrophobic, we lose our humanity."


  • Hydrophobia is the 4th season hosted by Nuno.