After the Dark: Ib
Season 28
People 16
Situation Trapped in art gallery.
4 / 16
Series Chronology
Previous Season Game of Thrones
Next Season Unrested

After the Dark: Ib is the twenty-eighth season of After the Dark.

The season is largely remembered for its wide variety of deaths and its shocker ending. The season also introduced the rose petals as a form of lifespan, which was well accepted at first, but received criticism when it was reused in a future season.




Person Age Profession Trait Rose Status
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20 Singer Feels fatigue frequently. Yellow Survived
Tommy (15)
25 Track Runner Has a fake left eye. Sepia Survived
40 Fisher Very good with hooks. Orange Survived
12 Student Is Noah's daughter. Pink Survived
30 Archaeologist Is very good at climbing. Red Deceased
5 AM
Attacked by spider.
9 Student Can't read a lot of words. Cyan Deceased
5 AM
Stabbed by mannequins.
20 Tanning Expert Has recently recovered from a car crash. Teal Deceased
4 AM
Melted in acid.
Noah Mason Mangatar5
35 Retail Buyer Is Purry's father. Purple Deceased
4 AM
Pierced by cat.
Captura de pantalla 2015-07-11 a las 11.33.32 AM
50 Curator Knows nearly every Gueterna work. Gold Deceased
4 AM
Pierced by cat.
Laugh in the Haze!
19 Student Is allergic to silk. Carmine Deceased
2 AM
Chest ripped by painting.
Large 1385967
30 Cartographer Is a hard sleeper. Fuchsia Deceased
1 AM
Ripped apart by painting.
16 Student Is claustrophobic. Silver Deceased
1 AM
Ripped apart by painting.
Survivor pic
38 Race Car Driver Is a good runner. Violet Deceased
1 AM
Ripped apart by painting.
Psychomanstudios (1)
21 Poet Is related to the late Gueterna. Green Deceased
9 PM
Kicked hard on head.
24 Animator Draws really well. Blue Deceased
8 PM
Fell to his death.
26 Cop Keeps a gun with him at all times. Maize Deceased
7 PM
Pierced by paintings.


Person Age Profession Note Rose Status
Ib 12 Student Is looking for her sister.
Has been in the gallery before.
White Survived
Garry 23 Novelist Is helping Ib.
Has been in the gallery before.
Black Survived
Mary ? ? Is a painting of Gueterna. ? Unknown
Gueterna ? Painter Is an famous artist. ? Unknown


The group will be locked inside the art gallery, and they will try to escape. Each of them have roses that represent their lives. Each person has their own rose, and each rose has 5 petals. If they get injured, they will lose a petal (or more), and if they lose all of them, they die. It is possible to lose more than one petal at once, and they get more injured as the more petals fall. The only way to make their roses regain petals is by putting them in water vases, if they can find them.

If the group find that words or phrases have ??? on them, it is due to them not being able to read those words (Dani), or the words being smudged.


2 PM

  • In one afternoon, under the gray sky, a trip advisor scheduled a visit to the late Gueterna's art gallery exhibition.
  • The art group were left off in the gallery and explored.
  • After much exploring on part of the group, Drexel enters the 5th room of the 2nd floor, and he finds that nobody is around that room. A large, gigantic painting of what looks be a darker gallery just like the one the group is in currently is on the wall of the room, and a small plaque was underneath it.
  • After the group read the plaque, the music on the gallery stopped. After looking around, they all realized only they were inside the gallery.
  • The group try to open the lobby door, but find it locked. They also begin to hear footsteps around the gallery, somewhere.
  • Tommy hides behind the desk, and grabs some pamphlets. He reads about Gueterna's life, and finds a small writing undernearth a pamphlet saying "Aligned", written with a red crayon.
  • After some time, Joan and Drexe go up to the second floor, and on the staircase are faced by a headless mannequin holding a katana, dragging it on the floor as it goes. It starts walking towards them, as they run back to the lobby.
  • The group eventually run to the second room of the first floor, and find it to be a room filled with mirrors. The rest of the group runs off to the 7th room, while Joan stays behind.
  • As the headless mannequin reaches the mirror room, it looks over at the mirror, and stays still looking at it, dropping the katana.
  • Joan picks up the katana, and finds out it is made out of paper.
  • Upon reading the plaque under a mirror, Joan and the rest try to figure out how to get out, checking many rooms to no avail.
  • The group spends a long time trying to figure out what to do.
  • After remembering about the pamphlets, Tommy heads to the room with the planets and finds that there is a sun planet model now, emiting a ray of light in a direction.
  • Tommy adjusts the planets to be on the same place the ray is, and he notices the Earth model opens. Inside, he finds a paper that tells him that babies come first.
  • The group head to the room with paintings of a man, a boy and a baby whom all have plaques underneath them. They switch them up, and both hear a sound from the first room and a paper hammer falls behind them.
  • In the first room, they find out that the painting of the tarantula has disappeared, and only a painting of an ocean is on the floor.
  • They all jump in, and find themselves in a corridor leading left and right. They go left.
  • They find many nightstands with roses on top of them inside empty vases. Each of them takes on.
  • The group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 3 PM.

3 PM

  • The group notice a door with a plaque behind one of the nightstands.
  • The group checks the plaque, as it reads: "You and the rose are unified. Know the weight of your life."
  • Dane checks the drawer of the nightstand his rose was in, and finds a picture of his eyes, in the color of his rose.
  • Tommy does the same, but finds his left eye to be colorless in the picture, while his right one is the color of the rose.
  • Everyone does the same.
  • Dane tries to lift his nightstand, but it is too heavy for him.
  • The group go inside the Liars' Room, which has many paintings of different people in different colors. Each of them tells them something.
  • Based on the statements made by the paintings, Tommy takes a path the green painting suggested. This causes him to land on a tile, and as he takes off the tile, it releases a gust of poison on him, making him fall to the side, and he notices his rose has one petal left.
  • Based on the statements made by the paintings, John take a path the yellow painting suggested. He lands on a tile, and takes it off, finding a vase with some water left on it and a pretty small blue key.
  • John gives the water vase to Tommy, and he puts his rose inside, healing it up by 3 petals, as Tommy now has 4 petals.
  • The group arrive in a big, wide room that is decorated like a beach, with an ocean and sand painted on the floors and walls. It is called "The Beach". They notice 4 doors, a large well and a large painting on the other side of the room, above where the ocean is painted.
  • Dane examines the large painting, and finds it to be of a man missing two eyes. Two large oval spaces are on the place the eyes were supposed to be in.
  • Miguel and Tommy go to a room and realize that the painting of the sun is actually emiting heat.
  • Dane examines the well and finds a rope holding something on the bottom of it. He tries to pull it, but fails.
  • Miguel, Tommy, Dani, Dane and Danny go inside the door of the room Miguel and Tommy were in, and find a little girl and a young man running from a painting of a woman in red with her head and arms out of the painting, crawling after them.
  • The group closes the door, but the girl and the man open it and close it again. They introduce themselves as Ib and Garry, and say they are looking for Ib's sister.
  • Tommy goes inside a door, and finds himself in a corridor with a mirror on the end of it, and a malevolent force behind him.
  • Tommy goes to the mirror and sees behind him the face of something evil with sharp teeth.
  • Miguel goes to save Tommy, and both are pushed off the room, with bite marks on them, as they lose a petal each.
  • Garry suggests the group rest to save for energy.
  • The group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 4 PM.

4 PM:

  • The group wakes up and finds Ib and Garry missing. They also hear screams coming from a door.
  • Danny, Dane and John enter the door, and find themselves locked inside it, as the door has no doorknob. They find a sign saying: "Do you like mazes?"
  • Dane, Danny and John all venture through the maze, meeting up with headless mannequins and splitting up, despite they do not get injured.
  • After they meet up, they find the end of the maze, a room with many bookcases. There, they see Ib trying to wake up a sleeping Garry. Garry only has a petal on his rose.
  • After putting a book that was out of place into a bookcase, they open up a passageway on the wall, revealing a water vase and a box with a white glass ball on it, along with an apple made out of wood. They dip Garry's rose in, and Garry wakes up, healed.
  • Taking the path, they end up at the start of the maze, with the door opened. They escape it.
  • The group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 5 PM.

5 PM:

  • Gavin tries to pull the rope from the well, but finds it too heavy.
  • Noah enters the corridor door with the apple. He notices a mirror at the end of the corridor, and can feel a strange presence behind him.
  • Gavin looks for something that could be used as a water bucket, but fails to.
  • A voice tells Noah to feed it, as it is hungry.
  • Gavin tries to get water with his suit, but fails.
  • A force grabs the apple off Noah's hand and eats it. It then tells him thanks, and tells him that he is now allowed in the mirror realm.
  • Noah examines the glass, and finds it to be molten.
  • Noah, Jaylen and Gavin go through the mirror, and find a room exactly like the one in The Beach, just mirrored.
  • The three of them go inside the main room, and find a toy crane. They grab it, and go back to the other side.
  • They use the toy crane on the real world near the well. It manages to catch a white glass ball, despite the toy crane breaks.
  • Tommy braids Purry's and Dani's hair, much to everyone's dismay.
  • Noah fits both glass balls on the holes of the eyes of the large painting of the man, and they both turn, as the man in the painting throws a key to the group.
  • The group try the key on a door, and it opens. It reveals a long corridor.
  • The group begins walking down the corridor, looking at paintings of women in dresses as they go.
  • Garry tells the group about who Mary was, and how she could have caused them here.
  • The group reach a room called "The Ballroom."
  • The group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 6 PM.

6 PM:

  • Joan finds a drawing on the floor that looks like "7 Steps to Heaven".
  • Dani examines the piano, and finds it be to very large. It also has no sheet of music on it.
  • Joan and Tommy find bookcases on the upper floor, and look through the D section.
  • Dani makes a sound with the piano.
  • The group find a picture of a man, that nobody can recognize who it is, on the upper floor.
  • Tommy reads a book called "Door". Despite most pages on it are glued together, two of them say: "The doors of the ballrooms of this world are quite fascinating. Some say you will never find the correct path."
  • Drexel goes through a door, and finds himself in a corridor with the door number written on the walls of it. He goes through one of the many doors, and goes back to the ballroom.
  • After much time going through all doors, Tommy finds a room with some writing on the wall and a sheet of paper on the floor.
  • Checking the writing on the wall, Tommy finds it to say "M A R Y".
  • Everyone takes various paths and eventually leaves the doors.
  • Using the sheet of paper, Tommy begins playing a song on the piano. After finished, a rock drops from the ceiling.
  • Garry examines the rock, and plays the "7 Steps to Heaven" game. After he finishes, a small key drops from the roof.
  • The group put a key on a book called "Mine". Inside, they find writing on it.
  • The group open a book called "Air". Inside, they find writing on it, along with a number.
  • The group open a book called "Rose". Inside, they find writing on it, along with a number.
  • The group open a book called "Yours". Inside, they find writing on it, along with a number.
  • Garry and Noah take the painting of the man down, and find a safe with a 3 number lock.
  • They put down the numbers they found on the books (481), and it opens, revealing a button inside.
  • Nathaniel pushes the button, and the wall and safe transform into a corridor, leading forward.
  • The group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 7 PM.

7 PM:

  • Due to not eating in a long while, the group started feeling the symptoms of thirst and hunger. Everyone lost a petal due to that.
  • The group walk down the corridor. They notice paintings of a man crying blood, and the blood increased the further they went. Garry marks his disgust over the paintings.
  • The group reach the end of the corridor, and find the door locked.
  • After searching around, the group find a writing saying "Up". As they look above, they see many ropes hanging from the ceiling.
  • Danny and John pull ropes, and back out, as giant maces fall down in front of them.
  • John examines the carpet in front of the door. It read "Just when you've forgotten. What was the quickest way?", and it had 5 roses on it.
  • John pulls the 5th rope from the room, and he hears an unlocking sound around.
  • The group finds themselves in a room called "The Halls" after entering the door and going down a staircase.
  • Danny tries to open a door, but finds it locked, and with a number lock on it, and writing underneath. "How many paintings are there in total in the halls?"
  • The group enter another door and find it to be a resting area, with a ripper off couch, some boxes, other luxurious items and a large painting of two people.
  • Dani recognizes the two of them as her parents.
  • Tommy heals his rose back to 4 petals.
  • Danny tries 32 on the door. It does not open.
  • John tries 33 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Tommy finds a palette knife, and takes it.
  • Tommy reads books about paintings.
  • The group realize both Garry and Ib went missing.
  • John tries 24 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • The group finds a small crack on a wall behind a bookcase.
  • Jaylen is made rip out the couch. As he does this, the lights go off, and brutal murder sounds are heard around. When they come back, the group can see red paint coming from the painting of the two people and leading to Jaylen, who has been impaled by bars and has many knife wounds. "NO VANDALISM!" is written in red paint on the wall.
  • Tommy takes Jaylen's gun.
  • Gavin takes Jaylen's gun from Tommy.
  • Danny tries 8 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Danny tries 39 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Nathaniel tries 31 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Tommy tries 40 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Tommy reads the "Yours" book they found on the ballroom. He finds that the first page says "Don't exclude mirrors" with a frowny face nearby. The second page says "All is connecTed". The third page says "Yours Rose Air Mine".
  • Gavin tries 41 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Mikey tries 45 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Mikey tries 38 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Nicholas tries 68 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Drexel tries 36 on the door. A snake painting nearby stings him, and he loses a petal.
  • Dane tries 63 on the door. It unlocks.
  • Inside the room, the group finds a vase of water with quite some water on it on a nightstand. There is also a very large bookcase and a drawer nearby.
  • Mikey and John heal their roses back to 4 petals.
  • The group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 8 PM.

8 PM:

  • Everyone lost a petal due to hunger.
  • Gavin opens the drawer to the new room and finds a piece of paper and a small key.
  • Nathaniel reads the paper, and it says: "Good luck. I wish you were blind...."
  • Purry checks the A section of the bookcase. "American Horror Story", "American Dad", "American Idiot", "America's Next Top Model" and many other books of the sort were found on the shelf.
  • Mikey check the T section of the bookcase. "The X Factor", "Teen Wolf", "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" and "Take It All Away" and many other books of the sort were found on the shelf.
  • Gavin finds a keyhole on the second door of the Halls.
  • Mikey check the K section of the bookcase. "Keeping up with the Kardashians", "King of the Hill", "Karma" and "Kid vs Kat" and many other books of the sort were found on the shelf.
  • Miguel tries to smell for food, but finds none.
  • The group open the door with the small key, and find it to be pitch black.
  • As John enters the room, he can't see anything. He steps on a ledge, and he notices it falls, despite he jumps back before it does. He then leaves the room.
  • Tommy check the M section of the bookcase. "Monster's Inc.", "My Funny Valentine", "MasterChef", "Made in America" and many other books of the sort were found on the shelf.
  • Tommy leans Danny against a wall.
  • As Joan walks a bit around the pitch black room, a board under him breaks, and he falls. However, he manages to grab on to what is left of the floor, and holds on to it, despite he can't get up on his own.
  • Nicholas goes inside the room to try and save Joan, but before he can, a floor under him breaks and he falls to the bottom of the room. He dies from the fall.
  • John tries to go help Joan, but slips on a loose board as well. However, he holds on to the part of the floor that is left.
  • Joan and John try to grab a loose floor board that could gain them time, and they suceed.
  • Tommy checks the mirror again, and realizes his hand goes through it.
  • Going inside with Gavin, they find a large stick on the hallways.
  • The two go back, and with everyone's help, they use the stick to pull out Joan and John. John is pulled by the stick, and is saved, now with the group on the halls. Joan tries to hold on and on, but he can't hold on much longer, and lets go off the floorboard. He, however, realizes that his collar is hanging on with him on the floorboard, despite it is choking him. A petal falls off Joan's rose.
  • The group stick the stick out again, and Joan loses another petal.
  • Joan manages to grab onto the stick, and despite knocking out some floorboards on his way to the door, he makes it to the group. However, he falls asleep.
  • Using the stick as a blind guide, Tommy makes his way around the room, crawling. Despite not the best strategy, he reaches a light switch. He presses it.
  • The lights in the room go on. It reveals itself to be a cafeteria, with many paintings of food on the walls, and a place where all food is kept. A large iron floor falls from the ceiling and replaces the broken floorboards, making it able to walk on.
  • The group all eat and drink the food, but fall asleep.
  • Before falling asleep, the group all hear a small tick somewhere around the gallery. It is now 9 PM.

9 PM:

  • The group wakes up, and find no signs of illness on them.
  • Noah finds a book with some Japanese letters on it. After wasting a lot of time reading it, he can't figure out what it means.
  • The group find a word lock on a door, along with writing near a wall reading: "Where am I going tommorow?"
  • Noah lifts a floorboard off the floor and finds a piece paper with some writing near a doodling of a city. The writing read: "Ever took the time to learn Japanese?"
  • John tries the word "Cormorant" on the door, and it does not open.
  • Noah tries the word "Kyoto" on the door. It opens.
  • The group find themselves in a long corridor. They walk it.
  • After entering a door, the group find what looks to be a big room shaped like a city, with sculptures acting as human sized buildings, and streets shaped on the floor. There are also drawings of the sky and skyscrapers on the walls. There are around 6 doors on this room, a sewerhole, a bunch of junk near a corner and what looks like a fountain sculpture in the center of the room.
  • The group read a sign saying: "The City".
  • Noah checks the fountain, and notices some holes on it.
  • Noah and Purry talk about their lives before coming here.
  • Noah checks the pile of junk, and finds it to be a pile of things from a broken bicycle.
  • The piece of the bike are found out to be very heavy.
  • Nathaniel investigates the park, and finds the soil to resemble actual soil.
  • The group investigate the building sculptures, and find them to be sculptures.
  • Purry mentions Jaylen, to which Noah replies that he is sleeping. Gavin then storms in on the conversation and tells Purry that Jaylen died.
  • Noah and Gavin argue over how to raise children.
  • Miguel takes care of Dani as Noah and Gavin fight.
  • Noah and Purry check the first room, and find it to be something that resembles an office.
  • Miguel and Dani have fun at the park.

10 PM:

11 PM:

12 PM:

1 AM:

2 AM:

3 AM:

4 AM:


  • This is the fifth season hosted by Nuno.
  • Ib has the shortest title of any season yet, along with ZA.