After the Dark: Ice Age
People 17
Situation Ice age.
Scooter Group
1 / 6
Montréal Group
3 / 11
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After the Dark: Ice Age is the fourty-first season of After the Dark.




Scooter GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
62 Mink farmer Skilled with firearms. Survived
Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.56.31 PM
32 Phlebotomist Knows a lot about pharmaceuticals. Deceased
Day 11
Froze to death.
23 Taylor Took the first year of med school. Deceased
Day 10
Shot by bandits.
Dakota Finland
31 Shamanistic priest Once owned a peanut farm in Brazil. Deceased
Day 9
Crashed snow scooter.
51 Woodsmith Speaks fluently French, Spanish and German. Deceased
Day 6
Starved to death.
Sean (ice age) (1)
Sean the Artic Fox
35 Welder Once worked as a wigmaker. Deceased
Day 4
Burned to death.


Person Age Profession Status
Freddy 42 Snow plow driver Survived
Frank 65 Storage facility curator Deceased
Day 7
Blown up.
Mary 65 Storage facility curator Deceased
Day 7
Shot by bandit.

Montréal GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
29 Feng shui consultant Carries a revolver with six rounds. Survived
48 Helicopter pilot Once worked on Antarctica for three months. Survived
Manga avi diamond and topaz
44 Movie producer Was once a geology teacher. Survived
18 Barista Can fix most plumbing issues. Deceased
Day 12
Stabbed by Balthazar.
54 Fisherman Can sail a boat, and drive almost any vehicle. Deceased
Day 12
Shot by Balthazar.
46 Offshore engineer Is also a famous food critic. Deceased
Day 12
Shot by Marcus.
22 YouTube celebrity Knows how to knit. Deceased
Day 9
Heart ripped out by Ivan.
49 Bill collector Knows a lot about astronomy. Deceased
Day 8
Throat ripped out by Balthazar.
Large 1602975
Octoling King
38 Optician Amateur radio operator. Deceased
Day 7
Shot by Marcus.
Manga 6 blue
28 Museum curator Knows how to purify water. Deceased
Day 5
Froze to death.
33 Glazier Is also a certified locksmith. Deceased
Day 2
Fell off a rooftop.


Person Age Profession Status
Harim 29 Journalist Unknown
Milford 42 Cook Deceased
Day 12
Shot by Balthazar's soliders.
Steve 38 Waiter Deceased
Day 11
Shot by bandit.
Natalie 16 Student Deceased
Day 7
Shot by Marcus.
Tom 39 Accountant Deceased
Day 7
Shot by Nathaniel.
Brenda 36 Hairdresser Deceased
Day 7
Shot by Marcus.

Other NPCsEdit

Champlain ChurchEdit

Person Age Profession Status
Margaret 45 Priest Deceased
Day 7
Froze to death.


Person Age Profession Status
Selma 28 Museum curator Deceased
Day 10
Shot by Chris.
Riette 25 Student Deceased
Day 10
Burned to death.
Paul 59 Watchmaker Deceased
Day 5
Burned to death.

Free City of MercierEdit

Person Age Profession Status
Balthazar 38 "King" Deceased
Day 12
Shot by Nuno.
Marcus 26 Criminal Deceased
Day 12
Shot by Ngeb.
Ivan 49 Butcher Deceased
Day 12
Shot by Chris.

African RepublicEdit

Person Age Profession Status
Ngeb 32 Pilot Survived



Day 1Edit

  • The Ice Age has begun, having dramatically changed the weather within just a few months. The entire northern hemisphere is experiencing heavy snowfall while the southern hemisphere experience cold weather and many dead crops. After two months of this, the infrastructure of Canada has collapsed due to the heavy snowfall. Realizing the starting of a new ice age, the government of Canada disestablishes the nation of Canada, leaving all survivors of the ice age to fend for themselves.
  • 17 people follow a light on the Honoré-Mercier Bridge in Montréal, Canada. Here, they save a snow plow driver named Freddy. On the bridge is also two snow scooters, each seating four people. Dakota, Purry, Sora, Wendy, Gavin and Sean go with Freddy on the scooters, while the rest stay in Montréal.
  • The Scooter Group leave Montréal and arrive at Champlain. Here, they decide to seek shelter in a storage facility for libraries. The front door is locked, but Purry climbs to a balcony on the second floor and enters the building through an open window. Here she meets the elderly couple Frank and Mary, who allow to let them spend the night there, though the couple refuse to share their food supply. Mary brews coffee for them, warming them a little. The people of the Scooter Group explain their plans of going southwards to South America, as Mary explains that herself and Frank plan to stay in the storage facility. Dakota offers the two to come along, though Mary insists that they will slow them down. Freddy furthermore informs that their snow scooters only seat four people each, and that they should probably lock them in the future. As they go to see if the scooters are locked, two young men drive off on one of their scooters. Freddy locks the other one. Purry and Wendy then go loot a nearby canned fish factory, finding two full boxes of canned fish and a pistol. Dakota, Sean and Frank loot an office building, finding a toolbox. They all return. Dakota and Sean, having learned of locked rooms in the storage facility, go to check them out. Then unscrew the hinges on one door, allowing them to get inside. Dakota goes inside, finding a lot of items for a museum, like muskets and swords. Frank wakes up though, enraged. He tells Dakota to leave, though Dakota eventually convince him to let him stay for the night. Frank locks him into a storage room.
  • The Montréal Group leave the Honoré-Mercier Bridge and go to a nearby residential area, where they loot the houses. Justin's skills as a locksmith allows them to enter the buildings easily. In the first building, they find a family, frozen to death. They loot their coats, as well as the rest of the house. In the second house, Mikey and Justin start rearranging the Furniture to get more feng shui in the house. Meanwhile, the house is looted and Dani goes to investigate a sound coming from the bathroom. This turns out to be hungry rats, who all jump onto Dani, gnawing on her. Nuno and Wes start kicking off the rats, though they just run back to continue gnawing. Nuno then lights fire to a broomstick, kicking away the rats. Some rats is set on fire by this, and starts running around the house. This sets fire to the entire house, and scares off the rats. Everyone, except Justin and Mikey, escape the house. Justin and Mikey get to the kitchen, where they break a window and escape the burning house. The group loots another three houses, while Wes goes to knock on the door to a grocery market, which has people inside. A man shows up, pointing a gun at Wes. He demands that Wes and his group hands over all their stuff. If they do, the man's group wont harm them. The Montréal Group prepares to leave, though as they do, the man and his group stops them. He demands all their things again, and they hand over most of it. The man is not satistfied though, and has one of his men, André, go check if they have any weapons on them. Eva offers some clothes, and as André comes over to take it, Eva stabs him in the throat and the hand, using a nail. André then pushes her down into the snow, strangling her. Meanwhile, the three other people start shooting at the Montréal Group. Dani and Justin come to help Eva, who manages on her own. She makes André's wound in the throat larger by slowly letting her fingers slide into it. This eventually kills André. Dani and Eva get away, while Justin drag the corpse of André along. This enrages the other man, who thinks that Justin killed André. The man pulls the trigger of his gun, though it has run out of bullets. This gives Justin time to escape. Justin is shot in the shoulder, but they all get away alive, and make it to a university building. Walking through the blizzard, the entire group has become very cold and in serious danger of hypothermia. They get inside an unlocked storage shack, as they cannot break into the locked university. Eva starts knitting some makeshift bandages from yarn. Eva throws up, early symptoms of PTSD appearing after she killed André. Nuno and Chris bandage up Justin, stopping the bleeding. They then all go to sleep inside the shack.

Day 2Edit

  • In the storage facility, The Scooter Group awaken to Mary brewing coffee. Frank apoligizes to Dakota for his behavior last night, but makes it clear that they have to respect their rules if they want to stay. Frank and Dakota argue, with Freddy trying to break off the argument. Dakota, Wendy, Purry and Mary take the snow scooter to the centrum of Champlain, finding a street clear of snow and with people walking in and out of open stores. They discover that people are surviving here by trading goods with each other, and that the open stores around offer to sell their goods for fair trades. They have no supplies to trade with them though, and return back to the storage facility. On the way, Dakota loot a house. Back at the storage facility, the group discuss whether they should split up. Frank and Mary make it clear that they do not want to leave, and everyone but Dakota agree to stay. Dakota goes downstairs to fix the door he ruined yesterday, but instead searches the room he was not allowed in. He finds another door, leading to a garage. He decides to break into the room, but is discovered by Frank. Frank gets enraged, having already given Dakota a second chance. He kicks out Dakota from the storage facility. Meanwhile, Purry and Freddy agree to stay at the storage facility, not going with Dakota.
  • Dakota takes the snow scooter and drive into town. Here, he is offered shelter in a church, where a handful of other people are already sleeping.
  • The Montréal Group has spent the night in the shack outside the university building. Eva, having PTSD, barely slept due to the nightmares. Justin's wound has stopped bleeding and is in the process of healing. The snowfall during the night has blocked the door, so Nuno kicks off a plank from the shack's wall and digs his way out. He then clears the snow by the door to the shack, allowing the door to be opened. Justin then, with his good arm, picks the locked door to the university building. Nuno and Wes explore the cafeteria of the university, but hears a pan drop to the floor in the kitchen and run back out. Andrew goes to check on the woodshop outside, though finds it locked. Nuno, Wes and Andrew then go upstairs where they hear human noises. They go to find out who it is, and meet two young people; a man and a woman. The man starts talking about some guy named Henry, who killed a woman. Joan, exploring the kitchen, finds the corpse of this woman. He also finds a bit of food. Chris searches the woodshop, after it is unlocked by Justin. They find tools and coats, and Chris finds some more coats around the university building. Meanwhile, Eva is coping with her PTSD by knitting, making a sweater. The man and woman are arguing with Nuno and Wes, and the discussion eventually get heated. They calm down though, and all come to the agreement that they can all sleep in the university building. The man and woman share some bandages with the Montréal Group. Chris finds some white powder which is taken by Dani. Justin hits Dani in the head with a shovel, but because of his bad arm, having been shot yesterday, he has a hard time controlling the shovel. This leaves a significant cut on Dani's scalp and opens up Justin's wound. Both are bandaged though. Justin eventually gets a hold of the white powder, and takes some of it. He discovers that it is drugs though, and starts hallucinating. As his hallucination man appears in front of him, and leads him to the roof. He tries talking Justin into jumping, and the drugs have made Justin's mind lose complete control over his body. Mikey and Eva try to find him though, and eventually get to the roof. Mikey go up first, and as he does, Justin slips and falls off the edge, dying. Witnessing the death of Justin, Mikey starts showing early symptoms of PTSD. Mikey then get rid the last of the white powder, and everyone go to sleep.

Day 3Edit

  • The Scooter Group wakes up to Frank and Mary fixing the door that Dakota previously destroyed. Sean says that he wants to leave the storage facility, though neither Sora nor Freddy agrees with him. Sora eventually changes his mind, going with Sean. Purry stays behind with the rest, discussing with Freddy whether or not it was the right decision. Purry and Freddy go out to scavenge. They scavenge a warehouse, in which they manage to get in by destroying a window to an office. The warehouse, a storage hotel for webshops, has a lot of things, but not much of use. Another warehouse had no obvious way to get in, as the snow blocked the door. Another warehouse had a window, though as they break it to get inside, a very loud alarm goes off. They loot if, but find little of use. They make it back to the storage facility, where Frank has fixed the door that Dakota previously destroyed.
  • Dakota wakes up in the church, where the priest, Margaret, is blessing some people. Dakota informs her of some dangerous people, telling them about the Scooter Group. Sora and Sean meet up with him in front of the church. Sean and Dakota attempt to loot an apartment complex, though the snow blocks the door and they are unable to get inside. Dakota then goes to the street they visited yesterday, known as Barter Street. Dakota visits some shops before returning to the church with Sean and Sora. In the church, Margaret is having a ceremony for the people there.
  • The Montréal Group wakes up to find the two young people from yesterday gone. Wanting to leave, Chris and Nuno jump out a window on the first floor and clear the entrance to the university building for snow. After that, they manage to get into an apartment complex, located next to the university. Inside, they hear some very loud music coming from one of the apartments. Chris goes to check it out, asking for help. A rough male voice responds that he doesn't want to help, and the loud music just continues. Chris and Nuno then loot an apartment, where a family of three have died. They afterwards loot another apartment, in which an elderly man has died. The rest of the apartments are locked, so Chris decide to break into one, destroying the door with his crowbar. Inside is a family of three: Tom, Brenda and their daughter Natalie. Tom is initially angry, as they broke his door. Chris, Nuno and Wes all apologize and explain their situation, eventually convincing Tom that they're not bad people. Brenda is not convinced, but Tom is eventually talked into joining the Montréal Group. Himself and Brenda pack their things while Natalie meets Eva, a YouTube sensation. Natalie is very excited about that, being a big fan of Eva. Tom and Brenda finish up packing, and the Montréal Group head downtown. Here, a shady man offers them a good deal for a place to spend the night. They refuse and leave the downtown area. In an apartment complex, they enter an unlocked apartment, already looted. Inside is a dead woman, having been stabbed several times in the chest. Not comfortable with staying there, they leave and instead go to a different apartment complex. In an unlocked apartment, they find an elderly couple, frozen to death. They spend the night there.

Day 4Edit

  • In the storage facility, The Scooter Group decide to leave. Purry convinces Freddy, Frank and Mary. This has Frank reveal a secret garage, in which a snow scooter with seats for six is located. While Frank clears a small path out of the storage facility, the rest packs up their things. They all six then head towards the center of Champlain, towards the church. Here, they are shot upon by a guard who had been previously warned of them by Dakota. Sora and Sean joins them, taking the small scooter. They all leave, headed towards Montréal. The largest of the two scooters break down when they reach the outskirts of a small city known as Sainte-Martine. Frank tries fixing the scooter, but informs that he needs a spare part to do so. Gavin, Wendy and Sora go to check on a nearby rest stop. Upon hearing noise coming from inside however, they leave and go back to the scooters. Meanwhile, Purry, Sean and Freddy search a wooden shed. Sean crawls up on the roof and breaks the roof by kicking it. This causes the entire roof to collapse, making Sean fall down with it. He lands in a shed with hunting equipment, and his leg gets caught in a bear trap. Purry tries to pry it open with a stick, though the stick just breaks. Purry then tells Freddy to make Sean stop screaming, which Freddy resolves by knocking Sean in the head. Sora and Gavin appear and loot the shed before they all come to the conclusion that they have to cut off Sean's leg. They found a hatchet in the shed, which Sora uses to cut off Sean's leg. Freddy and Purry leave while this happens, leaving Gavin and Sora to do the job. Sora gets halfway through, making a clear cut, before he shows early signs of PTSD by throwing up and freezing. Gavin finishes up the job, being able to do it with his experience from med school, and cauterizes the stump with a lighter. They carry Sean back to the scooters, though the wound goes back up and he starts bleeding again. Having a lost a lot of blood already, this has Sean's pulse be very low. Purry, Gavin and Freddy go back to the rest stop. Sora tries to stop Sean's bleeding in the meantime, though with little luck. Purry attempts to get the attention of the people inside the rest stop. She does so by shooting her gun. This makes a very drunk man appear, who offers the group shelter. While this happens, Sora has taken the working scooter and gone to the burning city of Sainte-Martine. Here, most buildings are on fire. A man, badly burned on his face, threatens Sora. Sora treads on the gas pedal, making the scooter go forwards. He then jumps off, while the scooter keeps going. The scooter rams down the man who threatened Sora, and it continues moving inside a burning building. Sean was still on the scooter though, and falls off the scooter and onto the burning floor of the building. He then burns to death. Sora returns to the others and they all spend the night at the rest stop.
  • Sora and Sean goes up to talk to Margaret, who says that all she can offer is shelter and warmth. Not happy with that, Sora and Sean steal some altar wine and drinks that. Margaret catches them doing that though, kicking them out. A large man with a rifle enters the church, forcing Sean and Sora to leave. Dakota stays behind, and offers his assistance to Margaret. Margaret informs him that his help is appreciated, and that he could help guarding the area. Dakota asks a guard if he would come with him on a supply run, but the guard refuses. Dakota then goes to the bakery on Barter Street, and the baker donate a small piece of bread to Dakota. Dakota spends another night in the church.
  • The Montréal Group decides to head south, and makes it across the Honoré-Mercier Bridge. Here, they hear a voice, but decide not to figure out whose it was. They continue south and make it to an abandoned rest stop. They loot the rest stop, which is full of people who has frozen to death. Brenda and Natalie stay outside, not wanting to see the dead bodies. After looting the entire rest stop, the group decides to leave and head towards Mercier, further south. While walking, the blizzard picks up and makes their visibility slightly worse. They make it to the outskirts of Mercier before darkfall. Here the blizzard makes them unable to see very far ahead, so they decide to search the area for buildings to spend the night in. They find a bus, an electrical shed and an office building before nightfall. They decide to look for other shelter, but night falls and the blizzard picks up even more. This has the entire group get lost. After walking around in the cold darkness for a while, they make it to a small bridge and find a few cars under it. They spend the night in those three cars, though there's only room for four in each. Linus stays outside, while the rest spend the night in the cars.

Day 5Edit

  • The Scooter Group wake up in the rest stop, where the drunks from the day before are asleep. Gavin tries to wake up the man who saved them, though all the drunks are asleep with hangovers. While Gavin tries awaking the drunk, Purry and Freddy head towards the burnt-down town of Sainte-Martine. They search the town, finding nothing but burnt-down buildings. They eventually get to the outskirts of the city, finding an abandoned restaurant. They make it inside, entering a dark kitchen. The buildings is completely covered in snow, making it entirely dark. They find a gas stove, and Freddy makes a makeshift torch so they can find their way around. Purry and Freddy decide to sleep in the restaurant.
  • In the church where Dakota still is, a man died during the night. Magaret holds a burial ceremony for the man.
  • The Montréal Group wake up finding Linus dead, having frozen to death. During the night, Dani, Eva and Brenda got frostbite in their toes. They start up the cars they spent the night in, and they all warm up before moving on. Once they move on, they find that they have ended up in the city of Mercier. They head towards the city, and Chris starts digging through the snow into a greengrocer. Nuno meanwhile finds a watchmaking shop, while Joan gets onto a balcony on the first floor of the building. Chris, in the greengrocer, finds a bunch of dead people who have died from hypothermia. One of the people on the floor is still alive though, moaning and sobbing. Chris tries to warm her up, but while doing so, she freezes to death, dying. Chris then loots the greengrocer. Joan meanwhile loots the apartment, while the rest of the group, save Nuno, loot another apartment. Nuno enters the apartment above the greengrocer, where an elderly man is. The man sees Nuno as a thief and calls for another man with a gun. The elderly man is Paul, the younger man is Harim. Nuno explains that he did not intend to steal, while the elderly man named Paul tries to convince the other man Harim to shoot Nuno. Harim refuses, and instead goes with Nuno to the greengrocer where Chris is. Upon seeing all the dead people there, Harim is shocked, telling them that he knew those people. Chris attempts to loot the bodies, though Harim refuses to let him do that. Harim covers the dead bodies in blankets. Nuno gives Harim some food, and in exchange Harim takes Nuno and Chris into the watchmaking shop where he gives them watches and tools. While being there, Paul informs them that he doesn't think they should be there, and that he isn't a fan of Harim either. When they are about to leave, the say goodbye to Harim, but is met by Paul with Harim's revolver. Paul aims the gun at Harim, though Chris manages to shoot Paul in the shoulder. Paul hits the ceiling with his bullet. Chris miss Paul with his next shot, but Paul hits the wall behind Nuno, hitting a gas pipe. Nuno throws a knife at Paul, hitting him in the throat. As Paul then tries to shoot Nuno, he instead hits the leaking gas behind him. Before that though, Harim throws a clock on Paul's head, knocking him out. As Paul's bullet hits the leaking gas, an explosion knocks over Harim and Chris, and also sets Chris' and Nuno's coats ablaze. Nuno and Chris throw off their coats and escape with Harim, leaving Paul to burn to death. The three of them throw up when they get outside, all three showing early signs of PTSD. The entire group, including Harim, then stay at the apartment they looted.

Day 6Edit

  • The Scooter Group wakes up to a dead Sora, after he has starved to death. Purry and Freddy are still in the restaurant, while the rest are at the rest stop with the drunks. Purry and Freddy dig their way out of the restaurant and make their way across the town of Sainte-Martine. While walking, they come across a parking garage and they dig their way inside. They find many working cars, as well as dead people, inside. They loot it all, and also find the spare part they need for the fuse. They then return to the rest stop where the others are. Gavin tries to convince the drunks to come with them, though none of them wants to, reasoning that they might as well die in there, having fun. Brenda agrees with them, but still joins Gavin and Wendy as they leave the rest stop with Frank. As Purry and Freddy return, Frank quickly fixes the scooter. The group then leaves the rest stop, headed back towards Champlain. They decide to drive throughout the night.
  • In the Champlain Church, three more people have died during the night, all of cold. Dakota is left with Margaret and two other people in the church, which is completely buried in snow now. While Margaret and the other two survivors use the day praying, Dakota tries to signal for help by throwing things at the church's bell. This makes the bell ring many times, letting it be heard all over Champlain. Dakota tries to convince the three survivors to help him, though they refuse and continue praying. Dakota then tries to eat a human corpse, though pass out while trying to do so.
  • The Montréal Group wakes up to flames approaching the apartment complex they spent the night in, the fire coming from the watchmaking shop that was set ablaze the day before. They leave it and head further in the city Mercier. On their way, Brenda and Natalie make it onto a rooftop, while Dani, Joan and Mikey fall into a hole in the snow. They are buried under the snow, so Nuno and Wes jump down to help them. Joan gets a manhole free, allowing the three of them to get into the sewers. Nuno and Wes clear the area for snow and climb down the sewers too. Meanwhile, the rest of the group make it to Natalie and Brenda, and Tom make his way inside to a luxury suite of a hotel. The part of the group not caught under the snow get inside with Tom. Mikey, Dani, Joan, Wes and Nuno explore the sewers, following voices. They eventually make it to a crossroad in the sewers, and decide to check out a door. As they open the door, something makes a loud sound, and they hear footsteps. As they try to escape, they instead meet up with the people that the footsteps belonged to; the couple of Milford and Steve, who has set up camp in the sewers. The five of them decide to spend the night with them.

Day 7Edit

  • The Scooter Group make it back to Champlain Church. Here, Dakota wakes up, finding Margaret and the two other survivors dead. He is also very weak, hungry and cold. Part of the church's roof has collapsed, making it even colder inside. Outside the church are two young men with a snow scooter. When they see The Scooter Group approach, they start shooting at them. Purry fires back, hitting one man in the shoulder. He falls off the scooter, landing in the snow. The other man stops the scooter, and starts shooting at them. He hits the scooter's engine, sending the entire Scooter Group flying through the air. He then hits Brenda, killing her. This has Frank stunned, as he drops down next to her. Purry manages to hit one of the two bandits, as Wendy and Freddy are both hit by the bandits. The Scooter Group's scooter blows up, killing Frank and the remaining bandit. While this happened, Wendy had been crawling into the church, meeting up with Dakota. Purry, Gavin and Freddy make it inside too. Purry and Gavin then leave to scavenge supplies, as all of their supplies were destroyed when the scooter blew up. They search through two apartments, while Wendy makes a makeshift bandage for her shoulder, using cloth from the dead people in the church. Purry and Gavin return with a bandage for Freddy's leg, and they all, including Dakota, leave for one of the apartments that Purry and Gavin searched. They then spend the night there.
  • The Montréal Group wakes up, hearing someone yelling. He says that he is King Balthazar, king of the Free City of Mercier. He wants them and their supplies. Two of his henchmen enter the luxury suite, but Chris hides in a closet before that. The two henchmen tell everyone to get outside, but as Tom protests due to Brenda's frostbite, one henchmen, Marcus, shoots Brenda in the head, killing her. The rest are then taken outside, forced to kneel before Balthazar. Balthazar orders two of them killed, but spares Natalie and Eva, the two women. As Nathaniel and Andrew plead their cases, Harim protests, saying that they shouldn't try to get him killed over them. Balthazar then spares Harim. Nathaniel then argues that he is very loyal, and would even kill Tom is Balthazar asked him to. Balthazar tells him to do so, and Nathaniel shoots Tom in the head. This has Balthazar spare Nathaniel, leaving Andrew. Marcus prepares to execute Andrew, and Andrew then says that Chris is hiding in the hotel. Balthazar doesn't believe him, ordering Marcus to shoot him anyway. Marcus does so, killing Andrew. Chris then moves out to shoot Andrew, but Balthazar's men thinks that he shoots at them, shooting back. Chris escapes though, digging his way through the snow down to the street, finding a manhole. He enters the sewers. Meanwhile, Balthazar's men bring Nathaniel, Eva, Natalie and Harim to the Mercier Main Hall, where they are tied to the wall of the kitchen. In the kitchen are already three other people, one of them being cut up by a butcher, Ivan. Ivan and Marcus are in the kitchen, as Natalie gets her hands untied and steals Ivan's knife, then charges Nathaniel. She is angry at Nathaniel for killing her father, and stabs him in the shoulder. Marcus then shoots Natalie, killing her. Marcus drags Natalie's corpse away, while Ivan cleans up the blood. Ivan also takes out the knife from Nathaniel's shoulder and takes care of the stab wound.
  • In the sewers, Dani, Nuno, Wes, Mikey and Joan listen to Milford and Steve's story, after Dani's frostbite was almost completely cured by Milford: "A week before the Canadian government disestablished the nation, Milford and Steve left their apartment with their parents and child. They knew the snow would never be able to reach the sewers, so they spend all their money and stocked a maintenance room down there with supplies. Eight or nine days later, Milford’s mother had a seizure so Milford had to get up to find medication for her. He exited the sewers through a hatch in the basement of Mercier’s main hall. In the main hall, he stumbled upon a ‘gang’ led by a guy who called himself ‘King Balthazar’. Balthazar had freed the prisoners from a nearby prison, and paid them supplies to be his army, as he wanted to create a new nation; the Free City of Mercier. Balthazar’s henchmen captured Milford, Steve and their family and stole all of their supplies. They started out by eating Milford and Steve’s son, cutting him up right in front of their eyes. Milford and Steve eventually escaped and barricaded the hatch, but their parents were tortured and more than likely killed. Since then, they has been down here, living on what little they have. And they’re now all out of supplies." They discuss how they should leave the sewers, and eventually meet up with Chris, whose frostbite is taken care of by Milford. Nuno, Joan and Wes craft a torch, as they want to explore the sewers.

Day 8Edit

  • The Scooter Group wakes up to a raging blizzard. Freddy's wound is healing, but Wendy's isn't. Dakota decides to leave, taking the bandit's scooter and driving south. He drives through the night, while the Scooter Group stays at the apartment, allowing Freddy and Wendy to heal.
  • The Montréal Group, now consisting of Nathaniel, Eva and Harim, are still in the kitchen of the Mercier Main Hall. Marcus removes the other two prisoners and orders Ivan to butcher Nathaniel. Nathaniel says that he'd be a much better servant for King Balthazar, and says that they should eat the dying Eva instead. Marcus listens to him, ordering Ivan to butcher Eva instead. Marcus then brings Nathaniel with him. Ivan sharpens his knives, then begins to cut off Eva's leg. Eva screams in pain, then faints. Nathaniel is taken to Balthazar, where he pleads for his life, trying to convince Balthazar to spare his life. Balthazar tells Marcus to leave, and tells Nathaniel about the voices in his head and how he can't listen to them while being a king. He says that he can't listen to the voice who tells him to bite into Nathaniel's neck and drink his blood, and that he also cannot listen to the voice that tells him not to kill Nathaniel. Nathaniel says that Balthazar should listen to his inner voice, which Balthazar takes as the vampire-voice. Balthazar sinks his teeth into Nathaniel's throat, ripping out his jugular with his mouth. Nathaniel then dies on Balthazar's floor.
  • In the sewers, Chris continues heating up his hands to get rid of the frostbite. The rest looks for an exit, wanting to find food. They find the hatch to the main hall, but move on. They then find an area which Milford and Steve call "The Maze", due to its large and complicated system of pathways. They move on from that too, and find some bars blocking their way. On the other side of the bars, they see light coming from around a corner. They melt the ice under the bars, allowing Mikey to get under the bars. He gets under and walks to the light. The light comes from a sewage drain, also barred. This drain is completely covered in snow, with the exception of a small part on the top, letting a bit of light get in. A dead man is stuck on the outside, between the bars and the snow. This man has a backpack, which Mikey takes. Inside is some food, which the people of the group share.

Day 9Edit

  • The Scooter Group are still in the apartment. Wendy's wound isn't getting better. Purry and Gavin search all the apartments in the apartment complex they are in, finding some bandages for Wendy. They then go outside, digging their way to the ground floor of the building. They find a pharmacy, but are unable to get inside. They next find another apartment complex, and enter. As they walk up the stairs in the hallway, a dog walks down from the third floor. It's frothing, with blood dripping from its mouth and fur. Purry tries to shoot it, though has forgotten that her gun is out of bullets. This allows the dog to jump onto Gavin, who drops his revolver and tries to kick off the dog. The dog bites Gavin's leg, then shakes its head to create a large wound on Gavin's leg. Purry gets a hold of Gavin's revolver and kills the dog. She then loots an apartment before treating Gavin's leg and bringing him back to the others. She then digs another building free, finding a pet store with living animals inside. She moves on, back to the place where the shootout happened yesterday. Here she finds the corpses of Frank, Mary and the two bandits, looting some shotgun rounds from Frank's corpse. She then returns to the apartment, where they all spend another night.
  • Dakota have been driving through the night in the blizzard. At one point during the night, he crashes his scooter, due to poor visibility in the blizzard, colliding with another snow scooter. He is crushed between the two scooters, dying from his injuries shortly after.
  • The Montréal Group, the people in the sewers, have to find food for the starving Joan. Nuno, Wes and Milford leave, headed to "The Maze", while the others stay behind. Leaving yarn behind them, they navigate their way through the many corridors, ending up in a large room with a weird machine in the middle of it. They loot an office, finding nothing of use. Wes tries climbing a ladder, leading up to a catwalk. When it starts breaking however, he climbs back down. The ladder breaks off, landing on top of Wes as he and the ladder falls down. The ladder gives Wes a concussion, knocking him out. Nuno and Milford continues exploring, finding another room with some machinery, as well as a large pool with sewage water. They head back, dragging the unconscious Wes along. They find another corridor, and a staircase leading up to a basement. In this basement are paintings and some other random stuff. There's also a vending machine with an old bag of chips inside, which they bring along. Nuno walks up from the basement, finding himself in an art museum. As the door is opened, a very loud alarm goes off. Nuno and Milford drag Wes back to the others, where Joan is given the bag of chips. They all decide to leave the sewers, going back to The Maze. They decide to go along another path this time, ending up in an old tomb, with stone coffins and ceramic urns along the walls. They break a door leading to another corridor. In this corridor is a set of stairs with a door at the top, and as they enter the corridor, the door opens. A clock then strikes twelve indicating midnight.
  • At the Mercier Main Hall, Eva wakes up to Harim yelling and Ivan having cut off both of her legs. Ivan then rips out Eva's heart, killing her.

Day 10Edit

  • The Scooter Group are still in the apartment, which is now completely buried under the snow. Gavin's leg wound has worsened, still bleeding occasionally and starting to become infected. A helicopter flies over, an announcement telling them to get to the Honoré-Mercier Bridge in Montréal in two days, at which point they will be rescued. Freddy panics, as they wouldn't be able to get there in time, since both Gavin and Freddy have injured legs and Wendy is injured as well. Purry comforts him, assuring him that they will be saved. Purry leaves, searching for transportation. Since everything is buried under the snow, she has a hard time navigating, and eventually decides to just dig by a random antenna, which is sticking out from the snow. She digs free a radio station, which she enters through the window. Here, she finds the place running on a back-up generator, and decides to try and call someone on the radio, which she manages to get working. She is contacted by an African man, Ngeb, who tells her to meet him at Champlain Church within two hours. She runs back to the others, telling them about the situation. Gavin, who would slow them down, making it possible that they wouldn't make it there in time, is left behind. Wendy, Purry and Freddy make it to the church, where they are picked up by a helicopter, Ngeb being the co-pilot. Purry tries to convince Ngeb to return for Gavin, but Ngeb says that they can't due to an incoming blizzard. Wendy stays behind, returning back to Gavin. Purry and Freddy then leave with Ngeb and the other pilot. Oh her way back, Wendy meets some bandits, who heard the helicopter arriving. They rob her things, then shoot her in the head.
  • The Montréal Group stumble upon two sisters; Selma and Riette. They show them around the church, and then lead them to an exhibition hall, in which nothing but a large bonfire is. Selma and Riette then begins a suicide pact, leaving out enough bullets for everyone. Selma starts out by pointing the gun at Chris, to start it all out, but is stopped by Mikey who shoots a bullet towards her. He miss, but Selma's bullet hits Chris' forehead, leaving a bad wound. Riette then charge Mikey, taking the gun from him. She is then knocked over by Wes, who knocks her in the head by a shovel. As this happens, Riette empties the magazine in panic, hitting Wes in the shoulder and Joan in the ear, causing Joan to lose his ear. Riette falls into the bonfire, being burned alive. Selma is then shot by Chris. Nuno, Milford and Steve take care of the wounded, and manage to get the bullet out of Wes' shoulder, after a longer surgery. They eventually succeed, and manage to take care of all the wounded. Joan then scavenges the building, finding a little food. He then gets to the roof, clearing a path to the surface of the snow. They then all leave towards Montréal, wanting to get to the Honoré-Mercier Bridge.
  • Purry and Freddy are taken by helicopter to a hangar ship. Ngeb explains that the surviving nations of Africa had joined under the nation named the African Republic, and South American countries had done the same things, as most areas on those continents were still warm enough to live on. The African Republic had decided to help out people around the world, aiming at the bigger cities, which is why Ngeb was there. Purry and Freddy are taken care of, then taken with plane to Lagos, where they are given shelter, food and medication, as the two of them survived the Ice Age!

Day 11Edit

  • The Scooter Group, now only consisting of Gavin, makes a fire in the apartment, to warm himself up. He makes a makeshift peg leg, allowing him to keep his leg safe as he goes outside. He is forced to crawl, due to his leg injury. After crawling for a while, he sees an antenna, which he crawls over to and starts digging by. He doesn't get far though, when his already weak body starts shutting down, and he dies of hypothermia.
  • The Montréal Group continue walking towards the Honoré-Mercier Bridge. Here, around 20 people are waiting for the helicopters to pick them up. One of those are one of the bandits the group met during day 1. The rest of his group are dead, and he blames Dani and Wes for that. He threatens to shoot them, while Joan pretends to not know the rest of the group. Chris pleads for their lives, while Wes explains that he is a helicopter pilot, and valuable for everyone's survival. The bandit buys it, and decides to instead have them experience the same thing as him, by killing one of their friends. He then shoots Steve in the head, and is then tackled, knocked out and tied up by one of the strangers on the bridge. Wes tries to comfort Milford, but Milford is upset about Steve dying, and partially seems to think it is Wes' fault. A group of strangers cover up Steve's corpse in a blanket and comfort Milford, letting him stay by their fire. The Montréal Group make a fire on the bridge, spending the night with the strangers.

Day 12Edit

  • The Montréal Group have been awake all night, waiting for the helicopter. On the bridge, many other people have joined. There's around 40 people on the bridge as the helicopter arrives. A man, Ngeb, jumps out of the helicopter, and a few metal crates with food follow outside after him. He explains that he's from the African Republic, here to save them. However, the helicopter only seats four people at a time. He says that he will decide who goes onto the helicopter, letting four strangers on it. The helicopter flies away, as Ngeb starts giving out food to the people on the bridge. After that, Balthazar arrives with his army of around 25 men. Balthazar says that any people who want to abandon his 'kingdom' are traitors and should be sentenced with death. He orders his men to kill everyone on the bridge, and Marcus starts out by killing and elderly woman. Everyone on the bridge take cover behind the pylons and metal crates, as both sides start shooting. However, the people on the bridge only have six guns. The helicopter arrives, taking four strangers with it. Bullets start flying, with Ngeb and a young woman with a gun helping out in killing the many people in Balthazar's army. Joan starts moving towards the place where the helicopter arrives, but is shot while doing that, as he walks out in the open. He is shot in the chest, though not killed. He falls into the snow, where he manages to stay hidden. His wound in his chest is severe though, and he is bleeding a lot. Meanwhile, Chris, Nuno and Dani manage to shoot some of Balthazar's people, with Chris killing Ivan, the butcher that killed Eva. One of Balthazar's men move towards the pylon, shooting four strangers before getting shot by Ngeb. Nuno shoots one of Balthazar's men, standing next to Balthazar. Balthazar is startled for a minute, before he notices Nuno. He then takes aim, trying to shoot Nuno, though without success. As everyone take cover from the shooting, Balthazar's men advance towards the pylons. This has the people hiding behind the pylons escape to the second set of pylons, twenty meters back. While running, several people are killed, but most make it to the pylons alive. Ngeb and the woman with the gun hide behind the crates, as the helicopter arrives. Ngeb has three strangers and Mikey get on the helicopter, though a stranger tries to take Mikey's spot by holding him down and running towards the helicopter. That stranger is shot numerous times in the back by Balthazar's men though. Mikey runs towards the helicopter, and is grazed by a bullet on the way. Mikey makes it though, and is rescued, brought to a hangar ship where he and the three strangers are taken care of. Ngeb gives cover fire for Mikey, also allowing Wes and the remaining stranger to get to another crate, the one Nuno is hiding behind. On the way, Wes is shot in the shoulder, but is helped by the remaining stranger. Ngeb joins up with them, then tells them to cover him while he runs to the pylons. He gives them his assault rifle, then takes out a gun himself. Meanwhile, Joan is still laying in the snow, injured. Marcus and another of Balthazar's men notice him. Joan kills one of them before Marcus puts down Joan. Nuno covers Ngeb as he runs for the pylons, while he also covers for Wes and the stranger to get to the crate with Chris and Dani. When Chris peaks out to shoot, two of Balthazar's men approach their crate. Dani shoot one, and then peak up again to shoot the other. However, at that point the attacker is too close, and she is startled, causing her to miss. The attacker is, luckily for Dani, out of ammo and instead tackles her. Milford looks up, then charges Dani's attacker. Dani gets back behind the crate, though has dropped her gun. Milford begins beating up the attacker, managing to knock him out and kill him before he is shot himself. Using shaken beer cans as distraction, Wes and the stranger try to make it to the crate Chris is hiding behind. Nuno follows, also getting there. Dani tries to get the gun she dropped, while Cris shoot an approaching soldier from Balthazar's army. Dani is shot in her hand though, making her unable to use it, as it is nearly shot off. The helicopter arrives again, and it becomes Wes' turn to run for it. Wes runs, easily making it to the helicopter. He is taken to the hangar ship, where he is treated for his injuries. Meanwhile, Chris tries to grab the gun that Dani dropped, but Marcus arrives, stepping on Chris' hand. He twists his foot, hurting Chris' hand. Marcus then prepares to shoot Chris, while Nuno and Dani stay hidden. Nuno then gets up to shoot Marcus, though only hit his ear. Marcus steps back though, startled from being shot. This makes him miss Chris as he fires his rifle, and also allows Chris to take the gun that Dani dropped. One of Balthazar's men jump on top of the last crate, shooting the strangers behind it. Ngeb is still shooting at Balthazar's men, when Balthazar orders them to run over to Chris, Dani and Nuno and shoot them. Nuno, Chris and Dani get up and run to the fourth crate, Nuno and Chris each killing one of Balthazar's men on the way. While running, Dani is shot in the head by Balthazar. Ngeb provides cover fire for Nuno and Chris, allowing them to get to the crate. The helicopter then approaches. Chris, Ngeb and two other strangers move towards the helicopter, though Marcus moves towards them to shoot Chris. Ngeb shoots Marcus though, killing him and saving Chris. With Nuno, Chris and Ngeb having killed everyone else, save for Balthazar, Chris also makes it to the helicopter and is brought to the hangar ship. Meanwhile, Nuno is attacked by Balthazar, who shoves his knife into Nuno's stomach. Nuno manages to kill Balthazar by shooting him in the head, but this makes Balthazar land on top of Nuno, making the knife go all the way into his stomach, causing Nuno to bleed out and die. The survivors from the bridge war was then brought by plane to Lagos in the African Republic.


  • Freddy’s leg healed after a few months, and he then got job at a car shop in Lagos. When the owner of the shop died after a few years, Freddy took over the shop, and became one of the most popular car salesmen in Lagos. He died happily married, with his two sons taking over the car shop after him.
  • Purry’s story was different. She never fully healed, feeling guilty for leaving behind Wendy and Gavin. She started harming herself, and eventually ended up in a mental hospital in Cotonou, a city near Lagos. Freddy visited her every week until the day she died, still in the mental hospital.
  • Mikey was treated for his disease and injuries on the hangar ship, and quickly recovered. In Lagos, he made a new life for himself, after being treated for his severe PTSD. He opened up a successful furniture shop, and developed a strong bond with many of the other survivors from the war on the bridge, even hiring some of them. He spent the rest of his life in Lagos.
  • Wes did not stay in Lagos. Instead, after being treated for his injuries, he was hired by the African Republic as a helicopter pilot. He worked alongside Ngeb, rescuing people from all across the world. Wes died many years later, when his helicopter crashed during a trip to Warsaw. Ngeb also died in the crash.
  • Chris was also treated for his injuries, and also settled down in Lagos, where he began a series of movies based around his experiences in Montréal. He never recovered from his severe PTSD though, and killed himself at an old age. His legacy never died, however.


  • This is the first time a player has survived the season before it ended, with Purry surviving in the tenth cycle.