After the Dark: One Posthumous Month
People 22
Situation Zombie apocalypse.
Mall Group
3 / 8
Campus Group
3 / 7
Airport Group
1 / 7
Series Chronology
Previous Season Burden - Barbados
Next Season Don't Starve

After the Dark: One Posthumous Month is the thirty-fifth season of After the Dark.

Acclaimed for its great hosting, active cast, good story and memorable moments, One Posthumous Month's take on After the Dark was positively seen by virtually everyone, and is recognized as one of the best seasons ever.


NunoFC GavinFC
LúdicoManao GoldAce153


Mall GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
36 Weather reporter Takes spinning classes. Survived
Edinburgh John-Rockstar
40 Mall janitor Has keys to most stores. Survived
"LeShandria Black"
31 Mall cop Has a taser. Survived
24 Waiter Learned how to parkour as a teenager. Deceased
Day 17
Split in half.
25 Sales associate Has an eloquent manner of speaking. Deceased
Day 16
Died from infection.
26 Ballet dancer Has very light steps. Deceased
Day 13
Octoling King
28 Cheese sculptor Has a box filled with cheese near him. Deceased
Day 5
Shot in the head by Purry.
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39 Pharmaceutical worker Has participated in a reality show called Survivor. Deceased
Day 5
Stabbed in the head by Alex.


Person Age Profession Trait Status
Nellie 29 Belly dancer Is obese. Comes from Brazil. Deceased
Day 30
Eaten by licker.

Campus GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
21 Cheerleader Is also the cheerleading team captain. Survived
33 Career counselor Has a friend that works in the army. Survived
23 Psychology student Keeps a knife under his dorm bed due to paranoia. Survived
Jayme (1)
36 House director Takes care of a very big fraternity house. Deceased
Day 22
Shot in the head.
27 Environmentalist Is carrying a megaphone. Deceased
Day 20
38 Golfer Has with him a bag full of golf clubs. Deceased
Day 5
Shot in the face by Wes.
41 Physics professor Moves with a wheelchair. Deceased
Day 3
Beheaded by LeShandria.


Person Age Profession Trait Status
Oscar 20 Drama student Suffers from anxiety.
Has a working knowledge on firearms.
Day 18
Decapitated by LeShandria.
George 21 Literature major Lived inside of the fraternity house. Zombified
Day 6

Airport GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
22 Au pair Is a very skilled motorcycle rider.
Trying to fly to Italy.
Large 1475778-1-
Sean the Artic Fox
27 Photographer Has appeared in a zombie series called The Walking Dead. Deceased
Day 19
Shot in the head by LeShandria.
Large 1465806
45 CEO Owns a mansion near Park Place. Deceased
Day 18
Throat slit by Mikey.
Nicholas (1)
52 Taxi driver Knows many shortcuts around the city. Deceased
Day 13
49 Plastic surgeon Has a monster truck hidden in the woods. Deceased
Day 9
Died from infection.
Hunger Games
35 Coach Can bench press up to 625 pounds. Deceased
Day 5
Eaten by zombies.
30 Barista Is carrying a backpack full of electronics. Deceased
Day 5
Eaten by zombies.


Person Age Profession Trait Status
America 26 Flight attendant Is a hyperpolyglot. Survived

Other NPCsEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
Nero 1 None Is a puppy. Survived
Angie 11 Student Is looking for her family. Comes from the UK. Survived
Sophie 0 None Is a baby.
Found by Mikey and Nellie. Named by LeShandria.
Adopted by Mikey and LeShandria post-apocalypse.
Harvey 0 None Is a baby.
Stolen by Clark. Named by Mikey.
Adopted by Mikey and LeShandria post-apocalypse.
Clark 39 Farmer Leader of the Top 10. Deceased
Day 30
Stabbed by LeShandria.
Gulliver 23 Amateur fitness instructor Has short-term memory loss. Deceased
Day 29
Eaten by pales.
Ramses 27 Nurse Has with him a bag filled with medical supplies. Deceased
Day 28
Shot in the head.
Eva 25 Medium Can see how people will die in the future. Deceased
Day 24
Eaten alive.
Wes 25 Engineering major Was the president of Delta Psi. Deceased
Day 18
Died of blood loss.
Twina 41 Fired analyst Used to wrestle when she was young. Deceased
Day 18
Run over by plow truck.
DJ 28 Bar attendant Found handcuffed in the airport. Deceased
Day 17
Blown up by America.
Bryan 24 Demoted police officer Keeps an extra stache of guns with him. Deceased
Day 15
Stabbed in the back by Joan.
Dexter 26 Doodle artist Can operate radios. Deceased
Day 9
Mutilated by licker.



  • The members of the Airport Group all had their flights delayed, and decided to stick around and get to know each other. However, after a while, a family of sick tourists appeared on the second floor. Nicholas tried greeting them, to no response.
  • Meanwhile, the people at the mall and the Mall Group were ready to leave to celebrate New Year's Eve, but were stopped due to a fight happening near one of the entrances. LeShandria ran there, seeing a man with his finger bit, and another one that had blood in their mouth. LeShandria used her taser on the man with blood on his mouth, as the man convulsed and fell on the ground, presumably dying. She then proceeded to run to the other entrance after hearing the cops at there needed backup. Meanwhile, Purry and John went inside of a clothing store.
  • The university was holding a bonfire party, burning off a huge wooden doll on the middle of campus. Nifty tried to get people to stop burning to protect the environment, but failed. However, Jaylen and the Campus Group noticed that the campus gates were closed by police officers. Olga and Jaylen went away from the party and dancing, deciding to investigate, but an officer sent Olga away, due to her being a student. Jaylen then asked what was wrong, and found out a kid had tried to bite another one earlier, and the police were shutting down the campus to protect them from any other unfortunate events.
  • Back at the airport, the tourist family begins growling, much to the concern of people, as the father of the group lunges on a sleeping man and bites his throat, removing a piece of flesh and letting blood spur out. The two boys from the family do the same, as the mother of the group runs towards Sean, and the teenage girl tackles Joan, trying to bite him off.
  • Sean manages to grab the woman zombie by the hair and then grab her by the back of her head, slamming it on the wall, killing her. Joan manages to yank the hair from the girl that tried to bite him, kicking her off afterwards, as he reunited with the group.
  • Joan throws a luggage bag towards the glass wall nearby, grabbing glass shards from the ground, while the teenage girl tackles Ahsan and begins trying to scratch his face. Joan, however, manages to shove a glass shard down the girl's spine, killing her. He then grabs a map from the airport. The Airport Group then decide to take advantage of the situation and run downstairs, after hearing sounds from the hallway end.
  • Meanwhile, LeShandria goes to the outside and notices police officers being bit by the pale people, zombies. LeShandria manages to use her taser to kill off a zombie nearby, and drags a bit police officer inside, closing the door. However, realizing she needed a key to bring the metal gate down, she runs off looking for it.
  • The Mall Group all eventually decide to reunite in front of the elevator, noticing the stairs were blocked, and get inside of it, as many, many zombies break inside of the mall.
  • The group hit the button to go up, however, the elevator stops working midday, as its lights go out. Hannah jumps on top of Felix, causing the elevator to shake more. After two wires of the elevator break, LeShandria uses her taser on the buttons of the elevator, frying them. They stop working.
  • LeShandria finds a gate on top of the elevator, and with Felix's help, gets on top of it, Felix following. John, Purry, Hannah, Alex and Andrew all make it to the top, but Austin is left behind due to not having anyone to climb on. After discussing a lot whether or not to leave Austin, John and Hannah help each other to pull Austin up and suceed.
  • While all of that happens, Jaylen notices students that look pale and sick trying to climb the university's walls, and warns the officers. Mikey goes to his dorm to get his knife. Jaylen and Olga proceed to get themselves into a dorm building, as do the rest of the Campus Group. Inside of there, they hear screams coming from the party, and try to get to the elevator, but fail to opening it, finding out the power was cut.
  • Hoping people are polite, the Campus Group try to climb up the stairs with Jaylen, but fail, as a stampede begins to get to the roof, and Jaylen and Olga are thrown out, Jaylen out of his wheelchair. Nifty, Nathaniel and Jayme make it to the second floor, though. Pepe and Mikey come back down, Mikey with a knife and Pepe using one of his golf clubs, as six zombies appear on the dorm entrance. Pepe manages to smash one of them with his golf club, and Mikey stabs one in the neck, as Olga puts Jaylen back in the wheelchair. The group then get upstairs.
  • People start coming downstairs to where Nifty, Nathaniel and Jayme are, so the three decide to reunite back with the other four, as the Campus Group run inside of a random dorm. After barricading the door and locking it, they find inside a boy named Oscar, who introduces himself to be from the drama club and to be very shy. He also points out to hiding a bow and a quiver with arrows under of his bed.
  • The Airport Group get downstairs and find a total of five living zombies biting and eating people, along with a man in handcuffs to a chair being attacked by one of those. The entrances looked blocked, except for one. Sean goes over to the woman zombie and kills it off, but another zombie tackles Sean. Alexander, who was nearby, though, manages to kill the zombie off.
  • Joan begins looking for other living human beings, and sees a woman, looking like a flight attendant, running from a zombie, as she takes her boot off and stabs the zombie in the head with it. She then proceeds to cuss the zombie out, and gets downstairs, meeting the group. She introduces herself as America.
  • After killing off other zombies, Sean finds a paperclip and tries to pick the lock on the handcuffs of the man, who calls himself DJ. Sean tries three times, and fails all of them.
  • DJ begins screaming, catching the attention of zombies outside, as Joan grabs a bunch of cellphones from corpses and lays them out on the bathroom. America then comes out from the bathroom, revealing that she ripped off lots of parts from her outfit, to make it easier for her to run. She suggests that the group stay at her apartment, despite Ezekiel says that a mansion would be better.
  • The Mall Group leave the elevator, discovering they are on the third floor, without any zombies, and find an obese woman rushing to a food parlor nearby. After she tries to steal food, LeShandria stops her, asking her where she came from. She states that she was performing, but didn't keep track of time, so she stayed in the mall. The group then decide to spend the night by the food parlor's floor.
  • The Campus Group learn a bit about Oscar and his father, but then decide to stay put, sleeping on Oscar's dorm.
  • After following America to a waiting room, and leaving DJ downstairs, the Airport Group rest there. America shows Ezekiel a newspaper talking about a mysterious virus that could be worse than all previous virus, such as the Influenza or Ebola. After wishing the group Happy New Year, America goes to sleep, and the group do the same.

Day OneEdit

  • The members of the Mall Group awake to the cries of zombies infesting the area below. Nellie, last to wake up, assess the situation though fails to come up with a proper course of action. John takes it upon himself to try and unlock the gate, and proves successful as one of his keys unlocks the gate to reveal a dark corridor ahead. Clothing, shoe, and earring stores line the corridor.
  • The members of the Airport Group wake up inside a waiting room for flight attendants, tired with America's snoring and DJ's constant yelling keeping the group up. Groaning and mumbling can be heard outside the room. Sean opens the waiting room door, the only apparent exit, letting in a two zombies. America runs to a nearby phone, and uses it as a weapon to attack one of the zombies, but the still open door allows for numerous more zombies to enter. The other zombie who came in previously tackles Sean and began trying to bite him, scratching him a lot on the shoulder, making the shoulder bleed, and afterwards shoves its head on the shoulder. Joan grabs the zombie currently Sean by its head and bashes it on the wall, injuring but not killing it. To finish the job, Clifford creeps up behind the zombie, and beheads it with one decisive blow. Joan now sees seven zombies lethargically walking about outside in the hallway.
  • The members of the Campus Group wake up in Oscar's dorm, meeting up with Oscar as he returns through a door that had previously gone unnoticed. The groaning out has gotten louder, foreshadowing bad news to come. Only a few zombies seem to be milling about the campus, though. Olga puts her ear to the door to hear even more groaning, as if someone was growling on the other side of the door. Nathaniel, Mikey, and Olga remove the barricade from the door, and Olga proceeds to look through the peephole as Nathaniel and Mikey hold the door shut. Olga cannot make out much, only a few figures walking outside, as the rest of the group readies themselves for combat. Everyone once again barricades the door following these events.
  • LeShandria puts on some casual fancy clothes from the surrounding stores, as the others mill about the store to find items of use.Austin goes to the earring store and grab the piercing gun, hidden in the storage room along with some pretty neat earrings. John leaves the store, and after a bit of walking, John sees another gate. It seems to be leading to a bigger area, lit up a bit, where some zombies are, but are just walking around. There seems to be a library nearby, and a wall with a lot of snack machines laid out on it. Furthermore, an escalator that leads to the second floor is seen. The group catches up to John as John opens the gate just enough for LeShandria and Austin to pass through. The gate makes some noise, causing some zombies to start going in the direction of the gate, despite slowly. LeShandria and Austin manage to get to the snack machines, however, and they seem to be working.
  • Jayme proceeds goes to the bathroom, and looks out on the peephole to the other dorm, but fails to see anything, just pitch black. Jayme cannot hear anything on the other side either, despite putting their ear against it. Jayme turns the key and slowly opens the door, despite it creeks a bit. Inside, he finds that nobody is in the dorm, and the door to the hallway outside is locked. There is also a diary on top of one of the dorm beds, and a black tart glued to the peephole of this dorm. Jayme reads the last entry in the diary as Kaeden and Nathaniel keeps their weapons ready. After reading, he looks out the room's peephole to see figures roaming about.
  • Sean assess the severity of the injury, recognizing how badly he was hurt, though cannot tell if he was bitten or not. America pulls in Joan and closes the door shut. With two zombies still inside the room, Sean and Clifford begin to rip out their guts and cover themselves in those guts. America and Joan do the same. America proceeds to identify another exit as she points to the airvent above. Joan, as one of the smallest of the group, climbs through the airvent with one gun. He begins walking, but comes to a crossroad, with paths presumably leading to the bathroom, hallway, and baggage claim. Joan goes to the bathroom, and is able to spot one zombie from his vantage point.
  • After some quiet argument, the Mall Group makes their way to the library, discovering that it houses numerous bookcases within its three stories, a café, and a garage at the last level. LeShandria goes to the café and finds a cake knife, and proceeds to take it. John goes by himself to discover an open air garage exit looking over the entire city, with one car parked outside. He seems numerous cars ablaze, with people jumping out of buildings, and zombies infesting the streets below. LeShandria leaves for the second floor, but is greeted by seven zombies spread about her path. She shanks one of them in the back of their head, and runs to the garage. LeShandria makes it to the car, and is able to open its door. Keys seem to be inside, and she snatches the keys and bolts back into the library. John follows in suit, as the group reunites by the car. After discussing their options, they all head back in, with John and LeShandria using Austin's piercing gun to kill two of the six remaining zombies in the room LeShandria was previously in. They kill two more afterwards, but lose track of the last two.
  • Everyone, but Nifty, gets to Oscar's room. Nifty begins yelling in his megaphone, as the door in his room begins to receive some bashing. The group, not knowing if there were any zombies, open the door to the outside, and are greeted by three zombies jumping out on them. One bites Jaylen's hand, another one tackles Oscar, but Oscar manages to kill it, by accident, after falling backwards and making the zombie's head land on an arrow. The last zombie roams around the room, trying to bite Mikey and Nathaniel, as Nifty runs back to the ground. It is noticeable that the door to the other room was knocked down, and various zombies are coming from the other room. Pepe manages to bash the zombie biting Jaylen in the head, causing the zombie to fall over, but a bunch of blood to pour out of Jaylen's hands. Mikey, despite nearly getting bitten on the neck, manages to stab the zombie in the head as well. The zombies approach the room. Olga and the others push Jaylen and his wheelchair towards the zombies, as the others begin running for the stairs. However, Oscar, ended up falling from the wheelchair as well, and Olga was dragged by Jaylen with. A zombie tried to bite both of them, but Oscar managed to pierce an arrow through its head, screaming in fear while doing so. He quickly pushes Jaylen back up with the wheelchair and pushes him out of the room, as Olga follows. Oscar screams as he runs. The group eventually get to the third floor, which is also filled with zombies, but they aren't nearby. Olga, Jaylen and Oscar follow pretty soon behind, also getting to the third floor. As the group run down, again, they are faced by the zombies, who followed them. A zombie manages to get a bite on Nathaniel's shoulder, and another one scratches the surface of Olga's chest. Nevertheless, the group manage to kill off the zombies with the arrows, knife and golf clubs, respectively. After much running, the group get to the ground floor, which only has a few zombies. The zombies soon die as Oscar faints.
  • America finds a roll of bandages as Joan continues through the airvents. Joan eventually gets to a dead end leading to a storage room. No zombies seem to be present inside, though cleaning supplies are apparent. Ahsan patches up Sean, as Joan gets inside the storage room and locks the door. Joan fashions two stakes out of the storage supplies and jumps down into the bathroom, killing one zombie. He peaks out the door to see eight zombies. Ahsan tries to get inside the airvent but gets himself stuck. America pulls Ahsan out while Joan slides the phone he found across t the baggage claim. DJ is nowhere to be seen as the phone rings after two minutes, sending the zombies into a frenzy as they flock to the sound. Joan makes his escape, exiting the airport. Chased by zombies, Joan makes his way to his motorcycle, and drives away leaving the rest of the group. America tries to open the fridge in the room but cannot open it, and the rest of the group talks as the sun sets.
  • Mikey cuts Jaylen's hand off as blood begins gushing about. Oscar wakes up as Mikey tries to stop the bleeding with his shirt. The group then cuts off the area Nathaniel was bitten in, and wraps the arm with clothing to try and stop the bleeding. Jayme leads the group to the frat house. Olga begins talking to a man at the frat house. The man open the gates after Fitz talks to him, revealing two men by the names of Wes and George. The group is shown around the frat house and introduced to other frat boys. They soon fall asleep.
  • A zombie jumps from behind John and tries to bite his neck as the other gropes LeShandria from behind. LeShandria kills the zombie with her taser, but John is unable to kill the zombie on him as it begins to scratch him. LeShandria manages to stab the zombie before it bites John, ridding the area of the undead. The group makes their way to the second floor, and from there to the fourth floor. LeShandria runs to the security office, finding an individual in a rolling chair a ways away. LeShandria walks up to the chair and turns it around, as a zombie jumps out from the chair, a cop, but is killed swiftly by LeShandria. John meets back up with LeShandria as they discover a pistol and a key, a skull key. At Nellie's request, the group proceeds to sleep.

Day TwoEdit

  • After sleeping in front of a security office, the Mall Group is abruptly woken up by Nellie, who motions to a horde of zombies approaching from the escalator nearby. LeShandria quickly eats a burger and shoves a milkshake down her throat. The group find many places to head to, such as a hallway or stairs, and end up choosing the stairs. Getting to the first floor, Nellie trips, but LeShandria helps her up, while the horde quickly approaches. Felix opens the emergency exit leading to the garage, despite the group notice the horde closer than before.
  • The Airport Group wake up to find Joan and America gone, the door to their guest room opened, and five zombies inside of their room. Due to the guts and blood they passed earlier, they don't attract any zombies for a while, however, Ahsan and Ezekiel begin talking, as two zombies begin heading towards them. Ezekiel kicks one away, as Ahsan stabs it in the head. Ahsan then gets his phone, sets an alarm, and slides it out of the room, as the alarm goes off. The zombies in the room leave and go toward the sound, along with others, as they pile up. Ezekiel then closes the door.
  • The Campus Group wake up inside of the fraternity house. They are called for breakfast, but find out that the pancakes are just filled with worms. They decide to eat regardless. Wes asks the group if they want to go on a mission to steal a television for the house with them. Olga, Nifty and Oscar volunteer.
  • Nicholas, Ezekiel and Ahsan arm themselves with glass shards, and leave the room, as the ringing stops. They head to an escalator, and notice America searching for something on a corpse downstairs. After chatting a bit with the group, she seemingly finds a piece of paper, however, she also, along with the rest of the group, notice the twelve zombies that were upstairs coming down through the escalator. America reaches for a fanny pack inside of her skirt, and throws what looks like a grenade at the horde, exploding them, but also damaging the escalator. America then gives the password she found to Clifford and Alexander, who manage to open the fridge with it, finding 20 bottles of water and three frozen sandwiches.
  • Inside of the mall's garage, LeShandria and Nellie decide to go together inside of a car, while the rest split up in two different cars. LeShandria's car ends up hitting the other cars on the way out, causing Alex to be knocked unconscious inside of his car. He wakes up shortly after, however. The Mall Group then head to the History Museum. Inside, on the East Asia aisle, they find two katanas, John and LeShandria each taking one. They then decide to rest for the day.
  • George tries to flirt with Mikey, despite Mikey is shy and blushes. Mikey then helps George unscramble cards, and the Campus Group inside of the fraternity house begin to play Cards Against Humanity.
  • After following a specific tunnel under the basement, Olga, Nifty, Oscar, Ed and Wes, armed with guns, head to the Dean's Office building. There, they notice a considerable amount of zombies nearby. Wes and Ed say that a team should distract, while the other gets the television. Nifty uses his megaphone to attract zombies to a distant area than the place the two are in, while Olga shoots them with her submachine gun, and Oscar with a shotgun. However, finding out there are too many zombies, they begin to retreat, Wes coming down with the TV. Ed gets tangled up in rope and asks for the group to wait for him, but Wes just rushes back to the fraternity house, with the other three following.
  • The Airport Group run outside of the airport after reuniting, avoiding zombies, and getting on a bus. Despite a zombie inside nearly bites Sean after Ahsan drives the bus on reverse, Sean manages to kill it. The group then drive to Ezekiel's mansion, where they see the door ajar, despite three zombies mile around the property. With America's help, Nicholas, Ezekiel and Sean manage to kill the zombies, without any bites, despite some scratches. They then get inside and find Ezekiel's cat, Leonardo, exploring the mansion shortly afterwards. Nicholas rushes outside to grab the rest of the group and kill the remaining zombies. After a fight sequence, the zombies fall, but others are attracted towards the house. The group eventually get inside, however. They decide to rest there for the night.
  • The Campus Group all reunite inside of the fraternity house, as Tyson and Wes begin setting up the television. Olga tries to argue with Wes about what he did to Ed, but Wes just shuns the subject away. After setting up the TV, the group watch a channel showing that the outbreak seems to have started near hospitals, and it looks like a huge wall is being built at the bridge leading outside of the city, along with around the city.

Day ThreeEdit

  • The Mall Group wake up abruptly again, this time to the sound of a fire alarm and water rushing down their faces. Looking around, they realize that LeShandria, Nellie and the katanas are gone. Looking outside of the museum, they notice that their cars are beeping, with the windows broken and tires popped, alongside seeing a horde of zombies far ahead heading towards the museum. This causes them to get inside of the museum, going to the prehistoric exhibit aisle. John decides to look around the place for anything of use, but wastes time, as the group find themselves in a dead end, while the horde of zombies enters the museum.
  • LeShandria, alongside Nellie, drives to the university.
  • Inside of Zeke's mansion was where the Airport Group rested for the night. Sean wakes up feeling worse than before, finding out that his scratched wound has gotten worse, as he finds himself feeling the need of antibiotics. America woke up early and went to the attic, being there for hours since. Sean, Nicholas and Ezekiel go to the attic, finding America to be very tired, having stayed up all night long. She tells the group she is looking for a rifle so the group could set up a sniper station. After searching around the attic a lot, Sean finds the rifle. Nicholas then heads to Ezekiel's bathroom, looking for antibiotics. After searching on a cabinet and asking for Ahsan's opinion on the right medicine, he applies some on Sean, hoping it will cure him.
  • The Campus Group wake up to find out that Ed has not returned to the house at all. They, however, see Wes heading to the entrance, noticing that someone is outside. After opening the gates, the group find a black-skinned woman in casual clothes, LeShandria, and a fat belly dancer, Nellie, seeking for help. They join the group.
  • The Mall Group, knowing it might be their last stand, arm themselves. John grabs the piercing gun, while the rest of the group, sans Felix, arm themselves with bottles of water. The group charge at a horde of 15 zombies charging at them, John manages to kill around seven of these, despite the rest of the group fail to kill any, only slightly stunning the zombies with the water bottles that are made out of plastic. However, with luck, the group get past this horde in the mess. They see the back exit, despite some zombies surround the way. John leads the group as he shoots down many zombies with his piercing gun, getting through the exit, as Austin and Hannah follow nearby. Alex is scratched by a zombie that jumps down on him and tries to bite him, trying to scratch him a lot, injuring Alex. The group, however, decide to sacrifice Felix, throwing him to the zombie on top of Alex, freeing Alex. Alex and Purry then make it out as well. Drexel and Felix try to escape, but a zombie bites Felix in the leg, the same one that he was thrown on, and as Drexel opens the exit door, a zombie bites his arm. They both manage to leave, despite with their wounds. The rest of the Mall Group find a RV, with a fridge, and a bedroom that has a note and a machete inside. John then cuts off Drexel's arm and Felix's leg.
  • The Airport Group trample over the garden of Ezekiel's mansion, heading over to a boat there. The boat itself seems old, with the paint cracking and the wheel rusting. In the back of the boat lies two beach noodles, a volleyball, and a boogie board. After getting very stressed, America suggests the group think of another gameplan. They group head to the museum where the Mall Group is staying, but don't meet up. The horde of zombies that were in front of the museum, also entering, begin surrounding the bus, eager to eat the residents of this vehicle. Sean suggests sacrificing himself as a distraction, but America drives the bus way backwards, crashing on the fort nearby.
  • Sean leaves the bus, carrying the rifle, and walks to the RV where the Mall Group is in, who were startled by the noise. Sean talks to the Mall Group about what happened, and soon enough, the Airport Group follow Sean and meet up with the Mall Group, merging with them, creating the Mall + Airport Group. Sean and Nicholas begin saying something about America, causing her to slap Nicholas out of stress and anger, as John pulls a machete on her. The new group then drive to The Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel, where they decide to spend the night in the first floor, after seeing that it is clear from zombies.
  • While all of that happened, Olga confronted Wes about Ed, angering Wes, and causing him to slap Olga, knocking her back, as she hits her head on a couch corner. Wes then retreats to his room, after throwing LeShandria out of the way.
  • Nellie finishes her meal, asking Tyson for more food. Tyson goes to the survival room where the supplies are kept, and comes back announcing that rats ate all of the group's food and spoiled all of the water. Tyson yells at the group, suspecting one of them let the rats in on purpose, and goes to Wes's room. The Campus Group began then to plot against the two fraternity members, causing Oscar to escape the house through the tunnel system. Nifty tried to follow him, but couldn't find him, only seeing a horde of zombies chasing him down campus.
  • LeShandria tries to eavesdrop on Wes and Tyson's conversation inside of the room, and she makes out the words: "In chains." "Food." and "Eat them.". She and Nellie then try to lift a couch upstairs, but George stops them halfway through. After distracting him, LeShandria knocks him unconscious with the back of her gun. Nellie then finishes carrying the couch, and sits on it. Nathaniel and Jaylen sit on an unconscious George.
  • After many failed attempts at trying to break down the weapon room door, LeShandria suceeds doing so by shooting the lock. The group get random weapons and fill them in five backpacks. Nellie brings out a bottle of vodka from her boobs, as LeShandria gets a machine gun and heads to the room Wes and Tyson are in, opening it and shooting randomly inside of the room. However, she finds that nobody is inside, and the window is opened.
  • Nellie begins spreading liquor and vodka all over the house, as the group reunite in the basement, with the bags in their backs. Mikey decides to carry the unconscious George with them, dragging him along the way.
  • Needing to leave and seeing Jaylen as a liability due to his injury and his wheelchair, LeShandria takes the responsibility of beheading Jaylen with her katana, as his head falls on the floor, rolling. She then throws the lighter on the liquor, setting the fraternity house on fire, and follows the group inside of the tunnel.
  • The group go outside, and see the frat house burning. However, the sound of flames attracts the horde down at campus, who start running after the group. They seek shelter inside of the woods, despite it being late at night and their vision being faulty, due to the darkness. LeShandria uses her taser to make light, but only notices there are more pales around. She and the rest of the group get on top of trees, and argue nearly all night on what to do, even throwing a gun bag at the ground and wasting cellphone light battery. They eventually end up deciding to rest on the treetops.

Day FourEdit

  • During the morning, the groups hear a message coming from a ship that warns about how they have food and water, and will pick up any elderly or teachers by the night on the mountains.
  • The Campus Group wake up on top of the trees, unsure of what to do. After a while, Olga begins jumping from tree to tree, to a window nearby, and shoots it. She doesn't attract many zombies, though. LeShandria heads towards where she is shortly afterwards. The group then decide to shoot down the zombies under the trees, gunning them down, until none is left. However, they waste a lot of ammunition doing so.
  • Having woken up on the Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel, the Mall + Airport Group find out that Drexel's and Felix's injuries have gotten worse, and need help soon. After hearing steps from the floor on top of them, Austin, John, Sean and Alex head there to investigate, and meet a woman named Twina. She introduces the rest of the group to two other survivors, Dexter and Sondra, who welcome them.
  • Purry finds a roll of bandages, worth 3 uses. She uses it to wrap Drexel's and Felix's injuries, hoping it will work. Twina, Sondra and Dexter agree to stick around with the group, going to their floor.
  • The Campus Group run outside of campus, towards LeShandria's car, but think that the car won't be able to fit everyone. LeShandria decides to stay behind so the rest get on, as the rest of the Campus Group drive off. They head to the Environmental Studies Center, where they find storage houses, a glass house, a lake, trees, a narrow path near the trees, and a bigger house, with a metal door. Despite trying to break in, the group find that the windows have been blocked. They decide to sleep on the car.
  • LeShandria, being left in front of the campus by her group, attacks two zombies, chopping their arms off and breaking their jaws with rocks. She ties them with chains, heads to the neighborhood, and sleeps in a random house.
  • The Mall + Airport Group all get inside of the RV, and begin driving towards the mountains, in hope of getting there in time. However, having left late, the group fail to reach the destination in time, and decide to drive to a hospital, despite it is filled with pales. They park near an alley, and decide to sleep inside of the RV.

Day FiveEdit

  • The Mall + Airport Group wake up to notice that their RV is shaking a lot, zombies outside of it. Nicholas drive the group away from the horde a bit, but the gas of the RV runs out 50 meters distance from where they were. John, Sean, Drexel, Dexter, Purry, Nicholas manage to escape the RV, running to a nearby church, but as America, Alex and Clifford try to escape, they are forced back by a zombie, who bites Clifford in the neck. Ezekiel, Leonardo and Ahsan are attacked, but Leonardo jumps in front of a zombie that tries to bite Ezekiel, as Leonardo gets bit. It lets out a single fainted meow, falling down dead. Ahsan gets bit on his foot by a pale, but Twina manages to get a glass shard and stab it in the head. However, Alexander ends up being bit on the chest stomach, as a zombie tackles him, and begins to try and rip off his chest, blood pouring all around the RV. Sondra is also bit during this mayhem. Felix, who stayed in the back of the group, doesn't get attacked by any zombie. America and Twina help each other to kill the zombies inside of the RV, around 6, including the one on top of Alexander and the one that killed Leonardo. America then closes the RV, as the RV begins to shake, violently. Meanwhile, the rest of the group run, John, Nicholas, Dexter carrying Drexel, Sean and Purry. This small group manages to reach the church, House-Joshua Christian Center Church.
  • LeShandria wakes up inside the house she slept in, finding some tripwire near the kitchen. She finds some snicker bars, then hears the sound of a motorcycle nearby. After peeking outside to see a couple going to the house next to the one she is in currently, she spots yet another motorcycle, with a man stepping out of it, heading towards her. After a small conversation with the man, he leaves. She investigates the house, finding 25 firework launchers in the attic. With the couple leaving the neighborring house, LeShandria decides to check it out, but finds out it is covered in dynamite, with a single fire being led down a powder line to the dynamites. She escapes the house minute before the explosion, and isn't injured. She decides to leave.
  • The RV topples over, and a glass shard stabs Hannah in the wrist. Austin manages to remove it and wrap bandages around it, though. Austin, America and Alex manage to get out safely before any zombies begin to head to that side of the bus. Hannah and Felix try to leave,but three zombies come by and tackle both of them, who are weak, and begin fighting them to bite them. Zeke tries to leave, but his path is blocked by the two who are wrestling zombies. Alex heads over to Felix, knowing he won't make it, and stabs him in the head, stabbing the rest of the zombies aftewards. Everyone, except Sondra, Clifford and Alexander, leave the RV, as the three are left behind and killed.
  • After arriving in a church, LeShandria encounters a blond man. She disarms him and tases him unconscious, then leaves for the mall.
  • The Campus Group wake up, noticing a horde down the road. They try to go to a glass house and drink water, but can't get enough for everyone. They then decide to drive down the road, despite their car runs out of gas, and they see the horde. Taking a quick decision, they run to the trees, on the narrow path, with some members tripping and falling on the lake, but they get up without an issue. While navitgating through the woods, George gets jumped on by a zombie and bit on the neck. Nellie kills this zombie, however.
  • The Campus Group then reach a church as well, and open it. However, Tyson and Wes point guns at them upon opening the door, holding them at gunpoint. Quick on their feet, Nifty and Nellie shoot Tyson, knocking him out. Wes shoots Kaeden in the face, killing him, and runs away. George and Mikey sit on the pews, admiring the sky, as Nellie secretely throws Tyson's dead body outside. After some talking, the group decide to stay in the church, but make George lock himself in a room.
  • Inside of the mall, LeShandria creates a diversion by activating a car alarm and entering the mall, alongside her two zombies. After venturing inside, she encounters a strange hallway, and after following it, finds herself inside of the hospital. She goes down the hallway of the hospital, and sees a door with many languages, most of them indicating "Biohazard". LeShandria enters the room, noticing an empty operating bed alongside syringes and blood spread around, indicating something left earlier. She finds a sheet that reads: "C-Virus when used on human tissue was a success. We hope this is a step for the future. However, we can't let this spread. We certainly don't want an outbreak of the virus". She takes it, then rests in the security room back in the mall.
  • The Mall + Airport Group head inside of the church, and explore it. Purry takes the rifle and heads to a resting room, finding a priest holding captive a zombie woman, who he claims is his sister, and it becomes apparent that he was feeding her people. John then goes inside of the room with his machete and stabs the priest with it, afterwards decapitating the zombie woman. John also finds a revolver in the priest.
  • The group then hear a window breaking, and find out that the huge window on the main room was broken, despite there is nothing inside. Purry hears lurking noise, and investigates it, despite she notices something jumping, kinda like a shadow. She notices a weird slime left behind. Afterwards, she shoots Drexel in the head, ending him of his misery, despite the door begins to bang a bit due to the sound. The group get ready to attack, but find out that the zombies stop banging after a while.
  • John confesses his love for Ahsan.

Day SixEdit

  • The mayor's wife makes an announcement asking everyone in town to stay in their homes, as the C-virus contamination has gotten over what was expected of it.
  • The Mall + Airport Group wake up in the church, and begin debating what to do. Nicholas and Ezekiel reinforce the barricade of the church, putting up some fallen pews back in place.
  • America and Ezekiel find a dressing room with many nun robes inside. America puts one in thinking they are for warmth, but has no clue, finding the robes to just be colder. Sean, Twina and Ezekiel then leave the church to explore. They head to the USA Children's and Women's Hospital, but find it crammed with zombies. Ezekiel and Twina bond a bit, Ezekiel learning more about Twina's past. The trio then head to Subway, but find some zombies inside of it. They decide to leave and go back to the church.
  • The Campus Group wake up to groaning coming from George's room. Nellie stops by a huge cross and begins praying, and tells Jayme about an old traditional ribbon used where she came from. The group then decide to abandon George, heading to Knolwood Pointe, a resting home for the elderly. There, they kill of zombies and find out that there is only a roll of bandages left in the place. They sleep there, then.
  • LeShandria learns more about the mall's gate system, figuring out how to use it to her favour. She then decides to go to the hospital again, eventually finding a room with a computer on it. She searches for 'C-Virus' on the computer, and sees that one animation displaying the DNA structure is seen, circling around, with many files popping in on the screen at once. She notices in the animation that the DNA starts to become dezoomed, as now she is now looking inside of what looks like a blood cell, then through a vein. Then, she sees a needle inserted on the vein from the outside of it, as a pasty, caramel burnt liquid begins flowing through the vein. Small particules of this liquid start heading toward blood cells, and begin eating them, feeding off them. After a fast forward of two hours, she notices a sillhouette of a human, with their shoulder developing a red region. After another two hours, the red region takes over the entire head and middle body, and after another two hours, the entire body is painted red. Another video then opens showing a video of bioscientists inserting the same liquid on what looks to be a little small particule, a zoom in revealing it to be human tissue. The room looks like the operating room LeShandria found earlier, just a bit different. The tissue then begins to grow and grow, out of proportions, and the video dies down. LeShandria then finds a weird vial with a green liquid inside, reading "Anti-C". She takes it and leaves.

Day SevenEdit

  • Mobile, Alabama has started to feel colder than usual.
  • America wakes the Mall + Airport Group to a puddle of blood laying around in the middle of a room, maybe indicating that something came inside of the church at night and left this. Austin searches inside of the church after finding out that Hannah's injury needs serious treatment. After a while, he finds antibiotics and applies them on her injury.
  • The group begins arguing about staying or leaving, talking about how it is good to leave and bad at the same time. The group tries to leave, but find it to be very cold, and go back inside.
  • LeShandria spends her day having lunch with her zombies.
  • Upon waking up, Nellie tells the Campus Group that she heard a lot of lurking noises outside of the building. The group then decide to leave, noticing a slimy substance on the ground, and rustling on a nearby tree. They head to the parking lot of Fedcorp, but find forty zombies there. They head to the USA Orthopaedic Specialists building, finding 17 zombies on there. The group begin trying to get inside of the building. However, as soon as they do so, a swarm of 6 zombies attack them at once. Nellie manages to kill two with her shotgun, and Nifty kills one with his revolver, however, the swarm get closer, and it begins difficult to aim. Trying to use golf clubs doesn't work. One of them tackles Jayme, biting his right wrist. Meanwhile, Nathaniel, who is already weak, gets tackled again. Olga manages to bash the head of the zombie that is on top of Jayme, killing it, despite she feels a sharp pain behind her, a huge scratch on her upper back, caused by a zombie. Nellie manages to stab this zombie with an arrow, however. While this happens, Mikey and Nifty try to make a run for it, getting quiet ahead from the rest of the group, however, are forced to stop when they are blocked from moving any further by the zombies, who surround them. The two try to run, but a zombie tackles Nifty, trying to bite his face. It manages to bite just a slightly small tip of the nose, causing very small bleeding, but Mikey kills off this zombie. Olga is scratched again, this time on the chest. Another huge scratch mark lets blood come out. The group notice these zombies have stronger nails. Nellie runs from the parking lot of the place, and with her shotgun, begins shooting zombies nearby the group, allowing Mikey and Nifty to make their way to the group, and killing some zombies on top of group members. Mikey and Nifty, upon arriving, manage to bash/stab the rest of the zombies that are trying to tackle group members. However, Nellie's shotgun runs out of bullets, and she is forced to run back, despite this takes time. Mikey and Nellie then, together, take out the rest of the zombies.
  • LeShandria spots a man with a bag on his face breaking inside of the mall. She tries to catch him, but fails to do so.
  • The Campus Group hide in a nearby house, after scavenging and finding nothing, then sleep.

Day EightEdit

  • The temperature went down in Mobile, again.
  • The Campus Group wake up and find out that everyone, except Mikey and Nellie, are terribly injured. Yesterday, Jayme and Nifty had their right hand and nose, respectively, cut off to prevent any of the infection from spreading. Now, Nathaniel, Olga, Jayme and Nifty find themselves in a situation they can not move, and are incredibly hungry. Mikey and Nellie leave to scavenge for supplies.
  • LeShandria spots a lizard like creature roaming inside of the mall through the footage. After a game of cat and mouse with the creature, by closing and opening gates, and failing, the creature eventually leaves the mall.
  • Due to the cold weather, Hannah's injury did not get better. The group also felt extremely hungry and thirsty, but had enough supplies to hydrate and feed themselves. Sean, John, Nicholas, Purry and Ezekiel then left towards a Subway, hoping to gain more supplies. After killing three zombies inside, they heard lurking noises coming from the kitchen area. After looking there, they saw a much blushed pale zombie, with sharp claws and a bigger head than usual, also with a long tongue, eating a dead corpse. John shot a bullet through its head, but it did not kill it. The group then ran away from the Subway.
  • Mikey and Nellie enter a CVS, finding many zombies. With luck and using up all of their bulletes, they kill the zombies inside, taking 4 random packs of antibiotics and 2 rolls of bandages with 2 uses.
  • The group of 5 pass by a motorcycle with two people on it. After it heads to the church, they find out that one of them is Joan, and the other is a police man named Bryan, who carries a dog called Nero. They get inside, and Bryan talks to the rest of the Mall + Airport Group, finding out Dexter called him to help the group.
  • Bryan suggests going to scavenge in a nearby store. However, Joan suggests going to the mall, as the rest of the group follow them there, carrying all of their supplies. Arriving on the parking lot of the mall, they find a weird slimy substance on the floor, but ignore it. They then go inside, finding the mall empty of any zombies, and see on the big screen of the mall the face of LeShandria, who begins talking to them. She tells them to drop their weapons so they can live, and then locks everyone in a store after they drop their weapons. Joan and Bryan stay outside, as LeShandria goes downstairs with two zombies in chains to get the weapons, and goes back upstairs. She then opens the store she locked the group in, and says they are stuck there. She opens a mattress store, where she commands the rest of the group to be in, despite Bryan decides to sleep outside. Bryan gets mad at Joan, and asks Joan to stay away from him.
  • Mikey and Nellie head to Applebee's, finding 5 bottles of water and 5 cans of food. Mikey contemplates leaving the group, but decides not to. He and Nellie eat and drink. Afterwards, they head to other stores, ending in Popeye's Chicken Place, where they find the final can of food and bottle of water. They return to the group, feed them, hydrate them and apply medication to their injuries. They then sleep.

Day NineEdit

  • The Campus Group wake up to find out that none of them died the previous day, however, they are out of any supplies or bullets for guns. They begin discussing where to go to.
  • LeShandria wakes up to see a Licker lurking around the store through the camera feeds.
  • The Mall + Airport Group wake up in the mattress store to find out that Ahsan passed away over night. Ahsan had been bit on his left foot in the past, however, didn't turn until now, and didn't tell anyone. Without aid, Ahsan passed away. Bryan is also nowhere to be seen, aside from the fact he stayed outside all night long.
  • America tries to give a speech inside of the store, however, nobody, sans Purry, listens to her. Angered, America runs to the counter, grabs the cash register, and throws it through the window of the store, effectively breaking it. An alarm begins ringing on the store, and America runs towards the big Christmas tree on the main lobby, prompting others to follow her.
  • LeShandria tells America to stop doing what she is doing through a monitor, but just gets a middle finger from America pointed towards her.
  • The Campus Group decide to head to Woodside Apartment Homes. They sneak past zombies to get there.
  • America, Ezekiel, Sean and Purry climb ahead, managing to get across the Christmas tree without a problem, as America jumps from the tree into the third floor. Joan and Austin also manage to get up to the second floor, and Alex passes both Nicholas and Hannah due to his ability with parkour, also passing Joan and Austin, as Alex gets to the third floor as well.
  • While climbing, the group hear a message from LeShandria, warning them about a weird zombie. Dexter and Twina, who were climbing from the bottom of the pack, go down the Christmas tree after Dexter drops his radio and tries to assemble it together, causing Twina to stay behind waiting for him. Joan and Austin eventually reach the third floor as well, as Hannah gets tangled on the tree branches, and falls, hanging by the branches. A random empty store is also opened. Joan, Sean, Purry and Nero lock themselves in this store.
  • Ezekiel tries to get Dexter to climb up, however, fails to convince him to. Dexter throws the radio with the pieces inside to the third floor, as Ezekiel catches it. The group also begin hearing lurking noises. The rest of the group get inside of the store, locking themselves there as well. However, the gate of the store begins to distort itself from the outside, clearly the effect of a huge force banging on the outside of the place. Twina warns everyone to stay still and to not make a sound. Right as the gate is about to collapse, an alarm goes off somewhere inside of the shopping mall, and the banging halts.
  • Joan pries open an air vent gate, and begins crawling inside of it, trying to find an exit. Ezekiel and Twina notice that a gooey, slimy substance that was on the outside of the store leads to the front door downstairs, and no signs of Dexter are seen. The two decide to run towards the security room where LeShandria is located, and Sean follows them right behind. After encountering her and bargaining with such, they return to the group, with hopes of escaping the mall.
  • The Mall + Airport Group, with the exception of Joan, leave the mall, finding a trail of blood that leads to the behind of the mall coming from the front of it. They choose to ignore it. Afterwards, the group head to Woodside Apartment Homes, as well, and meet up with the Campus Group, officially merging into the Merged Group. They begin bonding and talking about their life stories, what they each do and are good at, and eventually decide to sleep inside of the small house lobby, which is a one floor apartment house.
  • Joan and LeShandria meet up, becoming the Duo Group. They go to the security room, seeing tapes of Bryan from last night. They find out Bryan went through a door on a blindspot. After a while, they also realize Bryan broke inside of the security room and grabbed his weapons back. The two then head to the door on the blindspot and begin breaking it down to try and open it, using varied tools, however, find out that the door is jammed from the other side, and fail to open it, trying to for the rest of the day. LeShandria then sleeps in her security room, while Joan sleeps in a Panera Bread store.

Day TenEdit

  • Overnight, the energy finally died down. All these days, the power in Mobile had remained on for some parts of the city, as some buildings and houses still had energy to turn on lightbulbs and other eletric moved objects. Despite the energy in the city is gone.
  • Lurking noises are heard somewhere inside of the mall.
  • America is the first to wake up from the Merged Group. She wanders off outside and suggests to the group that a barrier made out of trucks or other miscellaneous objects is put up as a barricade defense.
  • Joan looks for a large piece of bread inside of his store. He tries to please himself with it, but stops after realizing it will not replace Bryan. LeShandria wakes up and leaves her room, seeing on the far end of the balcony on her floor none other than a Licker.
  • Purry and America grab golf clubs and start walking further inside of the apartment complex. They find a truck that America says could be used for the barricade. After checking inside of the truck, Purry finds a corpse inside. She decides to back out, as the corpse reanimates and tries to go for her. Purry bashes the corpse in the head multiple times, killing it. She then grabs a shotgun nearby it, and drives the truck in front of the entrance of the complex, unloading the furniture on the back of it to bolster the barricade.
  • Ezekiel, Sean, Nathaniel, and John head to the Fuego Mexican Restaurant, but decide to go to Pizza Hut after finding out that the number of zombies increases as they walk towards the restaurant. Here, they find water bottles, kitchen utensiles and a swiss army knife left behind with a note. After reading the note, they find out a note that was also left by Muriel. They find out she was pregnant. They head to two other restaurants, but either find the food there to be spoiled (the first one) or too many zombies on the way (the latter).
  • After the Licker jumps around randomly for a while, LeShandria sacrifices one of her jawless and armless zombies, Frank, as the Licker attacks it, eating it whole. The Licker then begins passing through a metamorphosis phase, becoming bigger, stronger. A better hunter. LeShandria tries to decapitate it, but fails, being knocked out on the Christmas tree, falling down with it. She uses a firework launcher on the roof, breaking it, but causing fireworks to appear on the sky. A weird noise begins resonating outside of the mall, causing the Licker to go out.
  • Joan tries to break through the blindspot door again, but fails. LeShandria leads Joan with Nero and the other zombie through the hallway that the Mall Group had not taken before. After walking for a long time, they realize it is not specific of the mall, it is a different type of hallway. After heading through a tunnel, going up a ladder and opening a hatch, they find themselves on the USA Women's & Children's Hospital.
  • The two enter an office and find a dead man with blood dripping from his head on the floor. LeShandria stabs it in the head and notices the blood is making up a sentence. "Find Eva" it reads.

Day ElevenEdit

  • The Duo Group wake up inside of the office and hydrate themselves. It is still nighttime. Joan puts his ear on the side of the door, hearing both the sounds of groaning and lurking. After looking, they see a Licker go down the hallway, then taking a right, losing his sight from the group. LeShandria, Joan, Nero and the zombie then head the other way, finding a staircase. They decide to go downstairs, where the sounds of growling can be heard resonating about.
  • LeShandria and Nero go inside of a room, while Joan and Louise (zombie 2) stay behind in the hallway. The two of them start hearing lurking noises approaching them, as a Licker begins sniffing them. Joan decides to stay completely still, but Louise moves a bit, causing the licker to attack the zombie, eating it and going through the same transformation again. Joan rushes to the room LeShandria is in, and the two of them, along with Nero, decide to spend the rest of the day there.
  • The Merged Group wake up to the news America killed zombies that tried to enter through the parking lot. She now reiterates: the barrier must be fortified. Nellie also states that she can't go out to scavenge, due to her belly dancer clothes not being good for the weather outside. Ezekiel then barricades the barrier some more, with the group helping by unloading furniture and putting cars on the barricade.
  • America and Nellie go out, trying to get more cars for the barricade.
  • Olga and Sean begin investigating the apartments of the complex, finding lots of them to be locked, but using keys they found at the reception desk, they open up many. After searching all of them, taking a long time, they find 70 Kitkat bars, 40 bottles of vodka, a flashlight and a raincoat with an umbrella.
  • Coming back with the vodka, Twina is excited, and begins drinking it, so does Purry. The two of them get drunk together and begin messing around with each other.
  • Olga, John and Sean go to Ashley's, the complex's restaurant, and find a man there, dressed as a nurse. He says that he is looking for survivors and a group to stay with, and joins the group. Called Ramses, he reveals to be carrying with him a bag filled with medical supplies.
  • Ramses asks who the leader of the group is, and Sean says it's him and John, despite Olga states that they make group efforts. Ramses takes Sean's word for it.
  • America and Nellie eventually return, but say they found a weird house on their way today. The group decide to rest.

Day TwelveEdit

  • The Duo Group wake up in the same room inside of the hospital, hearing the licker outside evolve. The licker then leaves the hallway, after a while. Joan, LeShandria and Nero leave the room, and begin going downstairs, eventually reaching floors filled with zombies, but they decide to continue going downstairs. After running back and forth through floors, they eventually get back to the hatch they came in by and head back to the mall. They spend the rest of the day barricading the hallway that led to the hospital.
  • The Merged Group wake up in the middle of the night, hearing the sound of metal hitting metal. Mikey's dehydration, added to his paranoia, has made him see things. Things that are sometimes not real. Things that are probably real. The group hydrate themselves, as John goes outside to check. After checking, he finds it to just be a sharp piece of metal hitting on the truck. However, when John returns to the house, he hears the sound of a body dropping behind him. Scared, he decides to stay still. This proves successful, as a licker walks behind John, revealing itself to his front. Despite the licker being near John, it does not see him, as it walks away. John then returns to the group, and they go back to sleep for the rest of the day.
  • Sean, John, Purry, Twina and America go together to investigate the weird house from the other day. They find the door jammed at first, but Sean breaks through it. They manage to get inside, albeit tripwire is set off on their way in, releasing gas on them, causing them to go unconscious.
  • Mikey has a vision of George visiting him. After talking, George tells him to find someone called Eva, but is very vague about it.
  • Nifty, Nellie, Austin and Nathaniel go scavenging nearby. They find six zombies around the location of a shop. Austin and Nifty quickly run towards the zombies, trying to take them out, but the group find out these are the faster type of zombies. Nifty is bit twice, in the foot and arm, while Austin is severely scratched. Nathaniel's ear is also bit off. All zombies are eventually killed with Nellie's help, though. After getting groceries, she carries back the group to the complex. Ramses begins taking care of Austin, then towards Nathaniel. The group think Nifty is not going to live, and decide to stab him in the head, however, Nathaniel accidentaly stabs Ramses in the hand instead, angering Ramses, who begins to operate on the other two, all throughout the night. He then asks where John and Sean are.

Day ThirteenEdit

  • Nathaniel, Austin and Nifty survive their injuries due to Ramses's work. Moreover, Nifty has not turned into a zombie despite being bit and not having his limbs amputated. This makes people think he is immune.
  • Meanwhile, Purry, Twina, John, Sean and America wake up upside down, in their undergartments, hanging from chains on the roof, with a horde of 10 zombies on the ground. The chains go down an inch periodically. Sean tries to swing from the chain to a ledge on the second floor nearby, and suceeds. After a while, his inches all go down, and the chain disconnects from the ceiling. He gets to a room nearby, puts on his clothes and grabs a knife. Twina jumps towards a ledge as well, puts her clothes on, and grabs a golf club. Sean tries killing some zombies with the bow and arrow, but fails. Twina jumps down on the pit and begins kiling the pales. She suceeds, helping the group.
  • The Duo Group hear banging from the blindspot door. Joan looks at it, but doesn't try to open it. He then looks for a map and finds out it leads towards the sewers. He plays a bit with Nero later.
  • Mikey has a vision of a very obese Ramses eating zombies of Nathaniel, Austin and Nifty.
  • Alex, Ezekiel and Jayme are sent to the same house, to try and save the rest. However, they follow the footsteps of the other 5, and end up being gassed out as well.
  • Sean goes down a trapdoor, seeing a bright light ahead. He follows it, and so does the rest of the four. They find an incinerator and a huge metal tray leading there that has Alex, Ezekiel and Jayme on it. They wake them up, and head to the exit. They hear noises coming from the living room, and Purry, John and Sean go check. However, tripwire is activated yet again, and the trio get trapped in the living room. The footsteps head to their direction, and they decide to break through the window to escape. They regroup with America, Twina, Ezekiel, Jayme and Alex, and leave the house, going back.
  • Ramses tells Mikey that there is a medium called Eva that is in town. Ramses states his disbelief for her.
  • The group eat and drink, and sleep.

Day FourteenEdit

  • An inch of snow fell on Mobile.
  • The Merged Group send a scavenge group to find winter clothes. After many tries and close calls, they eventually return and find clothes for the winter, coats and jackets. Nellie thanks them.
  • Mikey kisses Ramses. Ramses feels flattered.
  • The Duo Group get winter clothes. Joan gets a collar for Nero. The two enter the door, knocking over a huge shelf that was on the way. Checking around, they find the room to be the room where the plumbing system is located. A trapdoor nearby begins shaking a lot. Joan backs away, and the shaking stops. After a long time, trying to get light working, Joan makes two torches. The two then head down the trapdoor, finding it to be the sewer system.
  • The two follow a trail of blood on the sewers. They find a door, where Joan finds Bryan, bleeding. Bryan explains there is a group of people who are ganged up to take out the survivors, and also states that he killed a licker. He warns the two of dynamites being set up on the sewers to blow up the mall. This prompts both to exit the mall.
  • LeShandria runs back inside of the mall, opening the garage gate she had previously closed. A horde of pales begins running after her, as she barely escapes. However, just as she is about to exit the mall, an explosion starts inside of the mall, blowing everything up, and sending LeShandria flying across the parking lot, she takes a heavy fall after the explosion. Joan checks LeShandria's pulse and finds no pulse. At first. He then feels a slight heartbeat. Joan drags LeShandria to the bike, but makes Bryan fall due to his injuries. They then head to the Hampton Inn & Suites. They settle there, and Joan tends of Bryan's injuries.

Day FifthteenEdit

  • Another inch of snow fell on Mobile.
  • Joan feeds Nero upon waking up. Bryan has also starting feeling better, and can walk again. Joan suggests searching on a night club, despite Bryan states it is better to scavenge alone in a place like that. Joan leaves without a pistol there. He then comes back to get a knife, and drives off in the bike. Driving on a lot of snow proves difficult, even to Joan's skill, causing Joan to fall and hit his head on the asphalt, cracking it.
  • Mikey woke up in the middle of the night, and swore he saw someone walking outside of his room, watching him. America, who was sleeping on the same room as him, stated that she saw nobody.
  • Ramses suggests to Mikey they find the Eva Mikey has been muttering in his sleep every night. The two of them head off, despite Mikey has a vision of himself dying. The two find her shop, coated by barbed wire, and enter. Inside, Eva, who looks like an old woman, tells Mikey about his spirit friend, George, who told her to look after him. Eva grabs Mikey's arm and has a vision of him getting shot in the head, falling on a snow puddle following the happening. Eva then agrees to go with both of them, and takes off her costume, revealing herself to be a young adult instead of an old woman.
  • John goes to a barricated mall, however, he hears lots of gunshots loading inside when he tries to take it off. He runs back to the complex.
  • Olga and Sean try to head to a food place to scavenge, but see many zombies there. They head to Zaxby's afterwards. 7 Snicker bars that seem like they're spoiled and 18 bottles of water are found. The bottles might also be spoiled.
  • Mikey looks out of his window, and sees a man staring at him, smiling with a chainsaw in his hand. John grabs the shotgun and shoots the "man", however, he finds out it is just a scarecrow with a toy chainsaw in hand.
  • LeShandria wakes up and goes to find Joan, using Nero as a guide. She finds him, and brings him back.
  • Upon arrival, the Joan and LeShandria see Bryan putting his stuff on a bag. Bryan admits to Joan he can no longer stay, being a burden to Joan. Joan tries to get Bryan to stay, but Bryan continues insisting he has to leave by telling Joan he'll get him killed.
  • Joan asks Bryan for one final hug as Bryan is leaving, and Bryan complies. He hugs Joan tightly, holding his gun in his hand, while looking towards the direction where LeShandria is. Joan grins, and grabs his knife and stabs Bryan right in the back. Bryan lets out a gasp as he is stabbed by Joan, dropping his gun on the floor. From the other hand, a small note also falls down. Joan then proceeds to stab him again, and again, as Bryan's soul leaves his body, his face going expressionless. Bryan's corpse then falls on the floor. Joan cries shortly afterwards, reading the note. Reading the note, he reads this: "Joan, I'm terribly sorry. I need to leave you. Since I met you, I could feel you have become too clingy to me, and let's face it..... I'm a walking target. I easily get myself in dangerous situations and I'll probably get myself killed. I just don't want you to suffer when it happens. I just don't want someone like me to feel the same way. That's why I've been this way with you recently. I don't want you to feel like you're losing me. You've been the first person who has really liked me for whatever I am for a long time now. I'm just sorry it has to be this way. Know that in my last moments, I'll still remember you and your face. - Bryan." Joan then begins laughing histerically.
  • Joan grabs vanilla scented candles and draws a pentagram on the floor, trying to get Bryan to be revived. Joan begins reading a Harry Potter book backwards. Joan also throws a lightbulb at the corpse. Suddenly, the body begins moving. Joan tries to get close to Bryan, however, realizes he is zombified. Bryan tries to attack Joan first, then LeShandria, and Nero by last. Joan breaks a chair on the zombified Bryan's head, as LeShandria decapitates him with her katana. Joan throws Nero on a wall corner, hurting Nero. Joan then patches himself up, and goes to sleep, crying of happiness.
  • The Merged Group, dehydrated, try to boil the water with a pan. It takes too long, so they decide to drink the possibly spoiled water bottles. It turns out they were not spoiled.

Day SixteenEdit

  • Another inch of snow fell on Mobile.
  • Everyone hears a huge roar coming from somewhere in the city.
  • Austin passes away due to his injuries. Nathaniel and Nifty get better, however.
  • Mikey looks at the scarecrow doll from yesterday, and sees a note saying "Bad move." on it.
  • Eva accidentaly touches Jayme and has a vision of him falling down a high place.
  • Joan finds a locket on Bryan's body, with a burnt picture and the name "Gulliver" on it.
  • Joan and LeShandria go outside with Bryan's body, and Joan begins digging a grave with chair pieces from yesterday. LeShandria puts some flowers near Bryan's body. The sound of a small click is heard, as LeShandria points her gun towards Joan's head. Joan grabs a knife in his pocket. Just as both are about to try and kill each other, they hear lurking sounds, and run away towards a house, as a licker appears shortly afterwards and eats Bryan's corpse. LeShandria tries to make a trap, but fails. Joan takes LeShandria's gun, causing the licker to see them. They hear a southern accent from above the house, as a molotov bottle is thrown at the licker, who begins climbing the house. LeShandria runs one way, followed by a horde, while Joan goes inside the house. The two separate.
  • LeShandria runs ahead and locks herself inside of a building. A man points a gun at her, but the two of them eventually make up. The man introduces himself to be Gulliver, and introduces LeShandria to Angie, the girl he was staying with.
  • Mikey, Nellie, Ramses and Eva go scavenging. They find a restaurant, Dreamland Bar-B-Que, and inside, on the storage room, find a week worth of meat. They put the meat on a styrofoam box cooler. Ramses and Eva agree to take it back, while Mikey and Nellie explore more.
  • While walking, Nellie spots something on a car. She rushes over, and finds it to be various ribbons, red and white, from the country she came from, and from the story she told Jayme. She gets one and puts it on Mikey's wrist, telling him to wish three things. One knot for each wish. Nellie then says when the knots break, his wishes will have come true. She asks Mikey to tie a ribbon to her wrist as well. The two then hear crying nearby.
  • They get to a car and see a baby sitting on a baby chair on the backseat, a newborn, with pink clothes on. On the driver's seat, they see a woman with a lot of blood dripping from her head, likely dead. She appears to have a pregnant belly, as if she just gave birth to a baby. There are also a lot of notes written out on the passenger's seat to her side.
  • After reading notes on the passenger's seat, Mikey finds out this woman was Muriel, the one from the previous notes. Muriel's zombified body then tries to go for her baby, wanting to eat it. Mikey stabs her in the head. Nellie and Mikey then grab the baby, but they can't get its supplies due to a horde approaching. They return to the complex, where Twina begins cooking the meat.
  • Joan joins the Merged Group, hungry and thirsty.

Day SeventeenEdit

  • 3 inches of snow fell overnight on Mobile.
  • Nellie and the baby continue missing, having disappeared last night after Nellie rocked it, for unknown reasons.
  • Eva wakes the Merged Group up in her medium costumes, and suggests looking for Nellie and the baby contacting spirits through an Ouija board. Joan, Mikey, Olga, John and America sit down with her. After a while, they contact George's spirit, but don't find out any important information.
  • Twina calls the group, warning of something she found. The group find a hole behind the oven leading into a tunnel, having been dug there for a while now. Joan checks it out, but finds difficulty to climb back up, so he climbs down, finding himself to be in dirty sewer water. Alex goes down as well with a flashlight to help him, but accidentaly collapses the tunnel while going down. The two of them meet up down there. The two of them search some doors, not finding anything of use, but end up getting bit by rats. They jump on sewer water to drive them away, though.
  • After walking for a bit, seeing some scratch marks on walls, and passing through many tunnels, Alex and Joan swim through a hallow tunnel, and hear a body dropping behind them. Joan punches Alex in the face, leaving Alex behind and running ahead. Alex is split in half by a licker, as Joan reaches a ladder that he finds to be blocked by snow on the above. Joan dodges a lunge from the licker, running through random paths through the sewers. Eva tries to guide him back at the complex, but fails due to people interrupting her.
  • Joan faces a bifurcation, left and right. He goes left, and finds himself in front of a huge pool of dirt. He waits until the licker arrives and tries to bypass it, but fails, due to the licker jumping on the ceiling and staring at him. Joan is forced to run back to the other path, climbing up another ladder, and ending up on the surface. He meets a man, whom he at first tries to hide from a licker from, however, he soon finds out this man was DJ, who they had abandoned back at the airport.
  • Joan leads DJ back to the complex, where Joan is strapped to a bomb and forced to bring DJ supplies from the house, while the group hide inside. After giving many supplies, America takes a gun and a grenade she had hidden with her in her satchel and kills DJ with the two items. However, the group lose all supplies given.

Day EighteenEdit

  • Another inch of snow fell on Mobile.
  • Ezekiel, Nifty and Jayme start feeling sick, Ezekiel feeling the sickest of the three.
  • Eva states she has a lead of where Nellie is, stating it to be a warehouse camp. Twina and Joan check on Zeke, finding his skin to be red and pale, fearing he might be turning into a licker.
  • Mikey grabs Zeke's body, opens the window and tosses it outside on the snow. He says a prayer and then slices Zeke's throat. Twina comes running out of Joan's room, who kept her there, and watches the scene. Clearly revolted, Twina begins packing to leave. The Merged Group try to convince her to stay, mostly, but fail to persuade her. Twina leaves the complex, however, sees a plow truck heading her way. She tries to run, but is not fast enough, and ends up being crushed and run over by the plow truck. Two figures then leave the truck and head towards the complex.
  • The two figures approach the complex, and the group find out they are Wes and Oscar. Oscar laughs crazily, as if he lost his mind. He aims a gun inside of the house and begins firing. Afterwards, Jayme tries to convince Wes that the group tried to kill them because they were going to get eaten by Wes's group. Wes denies this. Jayme then tries to use the bow and arrow to shoot Oscar, but misses. Wes asks Jayme for a one on one fight.
  • Jayme and Wes begin fighting, after a while, Wes begins winning the fight. Joan tries to leave the house, but Oscar points a gun at him. After Joan makes a snide comment, Oscar shoots him in the foot.
  • A figure appears in the complex, turning out to be LeShandria. After Wes tries to throw a knife at her, she just dodges it and begins cutting off Wes's limbs, until there is none left and Wes falls on the ground, dying.
  • John takes the bow and aims it at Oscar. However, he begins saying a speech, giving time for Oscar to shoot John right through the neck. An arrow flies and hits Oscar's neck, though. LeShandria then beheads Oscar.

Day NineteenEdit

  • Ramses managed to save John, Jayme and Joan, despite he wasted all of his medical supplies. Nifty and Jayme also healed from their sickness. The bodies of Wes and Oscar were buried outside. Eva woke up the group by shouting that there is a way to find a cure, being ecstatic about that.
  • LeShandria takes the keys to the snow plow truck, ready to leave. She, is, however, stopped by Eva who confronts her about having the cure. She touches LeShandria, and accidentally passes out. LeShandria, Sean and Mikey begin to argue for a while, then LeShandria leaves.
  • America convinces Purry to go with her to find Nellie. Purry takes the bow and arrow while America takes a knife. The two head into the snow storm, however, after some time, they get separated. Purry hears noises, and is suddenly attacked by a licker. She tries to run away, but the licker corners her with its gun. Purry stabs the licker's tongue with an arrow and shoots the licker in the head, despite it doesn't kill it. Purry is then tackled by the licker on the floor, but shoots another arrow through its head, killing it. After some walking, Purry finds the warehouse camp Eva mentioned. Entering, Purry follows a trail, hiding from some men carrying body bags. She then finds tents, with dead corpses inside. Going into the nearby warehouse, Purry finds America chained to a chair, and heads off looking for a key. After killing off two men and searching intensively, Purry finds keys for America and a rifle. She is shot in the ankle, however. Purry then frees America. The two then go back to the complex.
  • Jayme and Olga go to Toys R Us with a golf club. They head there, finding it to be empty inside on the first floor, and go up to the second to find a toy train. Jayme finds one, but it begins making noise, so he sings along. Unbeknown to them, children zombies were in the floor, and begin flooding the area they are in. The two climb a shelf to get away from them, but the zombie children begin climbing as well. Olga jumps to a nearby shelf, leaving Jayme to fend off zombies. Jayme jumps down, getting bit in the process, and knocks down some shelves to kill the zombies. However, many survived and headed towards him. Olga manages to escape unscathed, but Jayme is bit again. The two then head to the complex.
  • America patches up Purry with a knife and vodka.
  • LeShandria drives by the complex, revealing Nellie inside of her plow truck. Nellie joins the group again, and reunites with them.
  • Sean begins demanding to know where the baby is to LeShandria, and gets for an answer only that the baby is safe. Sean demands to have the baby back, but LeShandria says she is not giving it back. Sean then shoots LeShandria, causing her to fall down, and Angie, a girl inside of the plow truck with LeShandria, shoots Sean, afterwards, going to LeShandria's aid. Sean shoots again, accidentaly shooting Angie this time. LeShandria then uses the rest of her strenght to shoot Sean in the head a lot of times.
  • LeShandria, bleeding, takes a rocket launcher out of the plow and demands the doctor to come with her. Ramses is forced to take care of Angie, getting inside of the truck. Olga also joins LeShandria, and they head off, becoming the Plow Group.
  • The rest of the Merged Group hear a message from a radio Purry stole that they will be rescued by the army in the following day.

Day TwentyEdit

  • Another three inches fell.
  • In the Plow Group, Ramses managed to cure Angie. However, the group wake up to see that Sophie is barely breathing and has not woken up. Ramses states she needs to be fed immediately, or she will die. LeShandria and Ramses then rush with her outside, using the plow truck for a bit, until it dies down. The two then run to a store, feeding Sophie seconds before she passes away. However, Ramses hears something outside and goes to investigate, not coming back. LeShandria goes outside as well, killing some men, despite her efforts aren't enough and she is ganged on by many men at once. They take the baby and Ramses, far away, and a man named Clark asks LeShandria to join the Top 10, a group of people who will escape the city on the 31st day of January. She heads with them to their house, tries to find information, however, nothing useful is found.
  • The Merged Group decide it is day to leave. They pack their stuff, and head into the storm, hearing lurking noises. After hearing some tractor sounding noises, they decide to go far away from them, following the path where lurking noises could be heard. They find two lickers in front of a supermarket. Nify begins speaking on the megaphone, trying to imitate a tractor, however, he fails terribly at doing so. The group get ready to jump out of the way, however, the lickers are very fast, and most of them have trouble getting out of the way. The only person who fails to get out of the way, being the center of attention, is Nifty, who gets attacked by both lickers at once, each ripping him from a different side, and Nifty is killed, dismembered in half. America tries to shoot with the coin shotgun, however, due to being far away, 40 coins fly around crazily, hitting several parts of both Lickers' bodies, but not a lot on the head. Purry fires an arrow, but misses due to the lickers being startled and moving a lot. Mikey and Nathaniel try shooting at the head of the second licker, Mikey hits a bullet on it, but it doesn't kill it, Nathaniel misses. The lickers, clearly angered, rush towards the group, charging. Nathaniel shoots the licker in the head, slowing it down a bit. Mikey manages to shoot two bullets with his rifle on one of the lickers, as it is about to attack Mikey. However, America's coin gun shoots this licker, causing its head to explode with the coins, and many other coins ricochet and hit the other licker as well, who, punctured with many coins/bullets, stops charging, begins walking around slowly, then falls down, and dies. Eva faints.
  • The Merged Group then head inside of the supermarket. Mikey finds a portable vacuum cleaner. The group then sleeps.

Day Twenty-OneEdit

  • Sounds of a baby crying on the radio are heard.
  • The Merged Group leave the supermarket after hearing noises, then head towards a farm. However, they notice it has tripwire on. Regardless, John walks on the tripwire, causing an arrow to hit his back. The group hear another group of people arriving with guns, hunting them down. They run away, but Jayme is shot in the back. They then return to the apartment complex.
  • LeShandria is told to look for supplies by the Top 10. She then leaves the house to explore for a bit, and sees a group of men heading towards a farm. She ignores it. Angie and Olga bond a bit.

Day Twenty-TwoEdit

  • The snow storm finally ends, and the snow starts to melt.
  • The Merged Group hear a scream coming from the neighborhood nearby. Checking, they see a man in a stripped shirt being carried by another man towards a fortified house.
  • Joan tries to shade Eva, but gets dragged back. He then cries in his room.
  • Back at the Plow Group, LeShandria returns home. Olga checks on Nero, finding it to be sick. LeShandria then leaves, with zombie guts on her face, and finds Clark in a truck. After he asks what happened, she states she couldn't find the other baby and everyone she knew was dead. Clark talks about how Mathias's house got attacked and destroyed, and LeShandria is taken there by him. There, on the hotel, they find everyone inside dead, and LeShandria sees the corpse of a baby amongst the corpses. Clark then tells LeShandria her baby is actually alive, but somewhere in the wooods. LeShandria leaves, taking the truck.
  • America, Jayme and Mikey stroll around the city, looking for guns. After entering a gun shop, they find a crystal doorknob, along with many guns for them. They leave, but see a man, the same man from earlier. They follow him back to the fortified house, but are stopped by LeShandria and Olga, as LeShandria begins chatting with them about leaving Olga, Nero and Angie with them. However, this draws attention to them, and LeShandria and Olga are shot, forced to go back to the truck. LeShandria then drops Olga in the apartment complex, and drives off.
  • Meanwhile, Mikey, Jayme, America, Angie and Nero enter the house through a basement window. They hide inside after hearing footsteps, then split up. Mikey and Jayme, after some walking, find the baby, crying near a radio inside of a room, under a rug. They take her. They then take two daggers they find in a room nearby, and try to go upstairs, at the same time someone goes downstairs. They run away from this person, but Jayme gets shot in the back, falling down the stairs, as Mikey and the baby, named Sophie, rush to the basement. The man goes down the stairs, shooting Jayme in the head, but Mikey manages to kill him. The group then head back to the apartment complex, where a distraught Olga drops subtle hints of something.

Day Twenty-ThreeEdit

  • The snow fully melted.
  • Sophie grows attached of Mikey.
  • Joan and Eva scavenge a pawn shop, finding 40 pistols, 4 rifles and 4 shotguns, along with many carts of bullest. They then return.

Day Twenty-FourEdit

  • Joan went through a change in his look. Now wearing trousers and having a man bun.
  • Eva begins sharing with Joan memories of Bryan. Joan sees Bryan growing up, having fun, all his life drama, up until the point where he joined a special police force.
  • The Merged Group hear music outside of the complex. After checking, they find out it is Hey Jude, by The Beatles. Nellie, noticing zombies are being attracted by the music, quickly rushes towards a nearby building, followed behind by Nathaniel and John, with guns.
  • Zombies begin to stumble nearby the barricade of the complex due to it being in the middle of the way, and the group decides to stab them in the head. However, this causes attention to be drawn to them, and more zombies start packing up against the barricade, trying to take it down. Sophie also starts crying, causing more zombies to come near.
  • Nellie heads to the building where the sound comes from, going up the stairs. Nathaniel stays behind as John begins running, Nathaniel shooting zombies following them. However, Nathaniel soon runs out of bullets and is forced to run, but begins being caught up by zombies. He enters a random floor and hides in the bathroom. He then takes off one of the panels from the roof and crawls through it, as John and Nellie reach the last floor and turn off the music. Nathaniel then meets up with John and Nellie.
  • Meanwhile, the Merged Group begin trying to calm down Sophie, but can't due to the experience she is going through. After many and many zombies reunite outside, the group see the barricade starting to be taken down. The group, except Joan, run outside to the trucks, however, find them to be in a position they can't enter from. The group begin shooting the zombies entering the barricade as they spread around, Eva is taken down and killed by them. Joan begins trying to fend off zombies inside of the house with his guns, however, the zombies begin flooding his direction. Olga climbs the roof of the apartment house, but she gets bit by zombies while doing so. Joan also climbs to the roof shortly after. The rest of the group, America, Angie, Nero, Mikey, Purry and Sophie run to another apartment building. Olga shoots Mikey in the back, causing the group to be slowed down. They eventually enter a bathroom inside.
  • The small group begin climbing through dusty vents. They eventually end up in a storage room, but find themselves to still be in the apartment complex. They go inside of a room, but find Sophie to be barely breathing. The girls try to breastfeed her, but fail. America tries CPR on Sophie, but it doesn't do much but keep her alive.
  • Nellie runs out of the building, pushing John aside, and leaves through another exit of it. After a while, the group see a rage roading truck running over many zombies on the street, and on the apartment complex. Nellie driving it. After a while, the zombies are killed.
  • Mikey runs out of the apartment after all zombies are killed, with a bullet in his back still. He rushes to the nearest store, finding formula inside of it. He then runs back and feeds it to Sophie, who doesn't die due to his heroic actions.

Day Twenty-FiveEdit

  • The Merged Group wake up to seeing Sophie playing with a knife. They take it away from her, and she begins to cry.
  • Sophie pees, shits and barfs on Purry while Purry tries to change her diapers into curtain diapers.
  • The Merged Group decide to leave the apartment complex, and get in a car. Inside of the car, Sophie hits people with a toy chainsaw Mikey gave her.
  • The Merged Group fall asleep and dream of being on the beach. In this dream, Olga, Joan and a man named Salvadore have a threesome, Olga gets pregnant, Sophie accidentaly sits on Mikey's boner, Purry is barfed on again, John steals a gun from the man's bag. After waking up, they find out they are near a cabin in the woods.

Day Twenty-SixEdit

  • The Merged Group settle in a cabin in the woods. They find Sophie is sleepy and feverish, which is probably not a good sign. Inside of the cabin, they find a poorly lit basement with a tank filled with dirty water, along with a saw blade and tools.
  • Purry and John take the ill Sophie for a drive, looking for medicine for her. However, they stumble upon a horde in the middle of the road. They head back.
  • Nellie ties one of her ribbons on John, as he wishes Sophie survives.
  • Mikey and John in the middle of the night leave with Sophie, heading to a school nearby, where Angie claims she thinks Ramses is in. Inside, they avoid zombies with the sleepy Sophie, and head to a nursery, finding Ramses to be handcuffed to a bed. He tells them there is a cannibal man keeping him alive and they need a key to get him out. Mikey sneaks to the principal's office and finds the man inside of there. He stabs him, taking the key, then shooting him in the head. He frees Ramses, and the group leave. They stop to get medical supplies in a store nearby, and then head to the cabin.
  • Ramses begins working his magic on Sophie.

Day Twenty-SevenEdit

  • The group heard screams from Sophie all night long. Torture screaming. However, they died down at a point during the night. Angie starts stealing food to feed Nero.
  • After seeing Sophie with her eyes closed and her body stiff on a bed, Purry and Mikey assume she is dead. However, they then realize she is just sleeping.
  • Nathaniel explores the basement, finding more things there.
  • Joan and Angie go hunting in the woods nearby, and Joan manages to shoot a bird. He tells Sophie to climb up a tree, however, Sophie falls down, causing her and Joan to fall on a rock, Joan cushioning her fall. Angie begins to drag an unconscious Joan around for a while, lost in the woods.
  • John, Olga and America head out to look for Joan and Angie. They find neither, but a bear instead. Olga climbs up to try and snipe it, but isn't fast enough, and the bear attacks John. Olga then shoots it. America and Olga carry John back to the cabin.
  • Mikey and Sophie bond more.
  • Nellie tries singing to Sophie, but sounds horrible, causing Sophie to cry. America then tries, but doesn't help much.
  • Mikey and John try looking for Angie, but only find Joan, who they bring back. America tells ghosts stories, after heading off with Sophie to bed.

Day Twenty-EightEdit

  • A thunderstorm hit the city. Wind and water circulating and flowing all across, with thunderous sparks of lightning hitting every now and then.
  • John heads outside, hearing banging on the porch. He finds Angie outside, and brings her inside, as Ramses begins operating on her.
  • Sophie begins crying heavily due to the thunderstorm. Purry cradles her. She then lets her loose, and Sophie begins heading towards the fire. Olga grabs her, and tries to play with her.
  • John heads to many stores, but only finds an action figure. He brings it back to Sophie, who begins playing with it.
  • John, Nathaniel and Joan explore the wine cellar they find under a trapdoor on the basement, all while using the flashlight. Nathaniel pours wine down Joan's throat, so Joan stabs Nathaniel in the leg, causing Nathaniel to lose a lot of blood. Nellie and John hold Joan at gunpoint for this. Due to the lack of medical supplies, the group is forced to use cloth and belts to stop Nathaniel's bleeding, and Nathaniel is left downstairs in the cellar.
  • The ladies attempt to breastfeed an unfed Sophie, but fail. Olga lets Sophie play with her hair.
  • Purry checks on the radio, finding a radio message, saying something along the lines of 'ten seats'.
  • Purry tries to make Sophie walk the staircase down the wine cellar, but causes Sophie to hit her knee, causing Sophie to cry more.
  • The group leave Sophie unnatended, and find her crying near the fireplace, with her finger burnt. John takes a water bottle and pours it down Sophie's finger while holding her on a sink, causing her to scream of pain, but it helps reduce the burn's effect. Purry and John decide to sleep with Sophie, but wake up in the middle of the night due to her crying. Instead of trying to stop it, they let her cry, traumatizing her.
  • Ramses leaves in the middle of the night to look for supplies nobody wanted to find.

Day Twenty-NineEdit

  • The storm continued.
  • Ramses didn't return overnight to the Merged Group.
  • Joan takes the saw blade and the tools upstairs to try and make a trap. He fails.
  • Olga and Purry head out to look for food. They come back after the thunder strikes are unbearable.
  • John heads downstairs, where Nathaniel is in the darkness, but he trips and gets lost in the dark wine cellar as well.
  • Purry checks outside on her own, seeing a dead body outside. She checks it, and finds it to be the dead body of Ramses.
  • Joan begins making stew out of bad water and bird bones. Joan feeds a bone to Nero, but that doesn't make Nero like him. Purry leaves the house and is seen dragging Ramses's dead body inside, towards the kitchen. Flesh cutting sounds are heard from the kitchen where Joan and Purry are in. After a while, they come from the kitchen with meat stew. Everyone eats, except John and Nathaniel. Purry tries to share the food with Sophie, but she doesn't take it.
  • The storm outside stops, but the group begin hearing groaning outside of the cabin. Purry goes out to get fruits, and finds two half-eaten apples, which she brings and tries to feed to Sophie. Sophie spits them out though. Purry begins boiling them.
  • Joan tries to make a torch with Nathaniel's underwear, but accidentally falls down the wine cellar as well. Mikey grabs a stick to help the group orientate, but he, too, falls down the wine cellar and finds difficulty to get out.
  • Olga uses Mr. Scopey, her scoped rifle, to see where the groaning comes from. She finds a horde of hundreds of zombies headed towards the cabin.
  • America, Angie and Nellie all go down to the wine cellar. Olga also goes down there, as does Purry, taking the boiled apples and Sophie, along with a few guns. They close the basement door and the trapdoor, and all await in the darkness. The horde is heard entering the house from the inside. Sophie begins to cry uncontrollably, despite the group's best efforts to keep her quiet. She is traumatized by the experience. The zombies begin banging on the trapdoor, as Joan feels around the room. He finds two switches which he presses, revealing another extension to the wine cellar inside of the wine cellar. The group find a lighter and make a torch out of it, but they find nothing else. Sophie continues crying for a long, long time, over hours, but falls asleep, starving, afterwards.
  • After contemplating death for hours, the group decide to take action. John shoots through the ceiling a hole big enough, and America begins throwing bottles through the hole, near the entrance of the basement. The group then open the trapdoor and begin shooting zombies on the basement and others entering. John tries to make a molotov bottle, but finds wine to not be that flammable. The group head back down the trapdoor. John drags a zombie corpse inside of the trapdoor, and the group use the guts to cammouflage themselves. Sophie makes small sounds of uncomfort, but nobody cares about it. The group, with the exception of Joan, all leave the house, and head to stores, looking for food for Sophie. They find her a basket, along with whole grains. Mikey then comes back for Joan and leads him to the store. The group barricade the store and sleep inside.

Day ThirtyEdit


The season will take place in Mobile, Alabama. The survivors are allowed to go anywhere around the city, according to Google Maps. Some images are given to show some available places to go to.

Mobile1 Mobile2 Mobile3 Mobile4 Mobile5


Location Points Advantage Disadvantage
Mall 49 Unlimited food and water when there is energy;
Gate system.
High amount of zombies;
Prone to lickers.
University 44 Fraternity house providing shelter and weapons. Low number of supplies;
Zombies only in hordes.
Airport 38 Small amount of zombies;
Fridge with supplies.
Small shelter;
Surrounded by zombies outside.
Cruise 35 Unlimited food and water. Very poor shelter and weapons.
Hospital 33 Unlimited medicine and bandages. Insanely high amount of zombies;
Prone to many lickers.
Supermarket 25 Moderate amount of supplies;
Big space.
Baby able to be found here.
Mother licker nest inside the storage room.
Mountains 18 Safe haven.;
Fortified with good shelter.
Lack of supplies and weapons.
School 17 Big and complex like a maze. Medium amount of zombies.
Cannibal running the place.
Cemetery 11 Shed with melee weapons. Maze in front of shed.
High amount of zombies.
Resort 10 Very small amount of zombies;
Far away from civilization.
Small amount of supplies.
Apartments 9 Extensive shelter;
Hidden tunnel.
Poor supplies and weapons.
Woods 8 Monster truck hidden somewhere in the woods.
Cabin hidden in the woods.
Incredibly easy to get lost in.
Suburbs 8 Mansion;
Farm nearby.
Deadly traps and low supplies.
Museum 6 Good and strong weapons.;
Strong shelter.
Lack of supplies.
Church 4 Strong shelter;
Small amount of zombies.
Prone to lickers.


  • Aside from the initial groups, many other groups were created during the season. They are:
    • LeShandria's individual Group (LeShandria Group)
    • Joan's individual Group (Bike Group)
    • Duo Group (LeShandria + Joan)
    • Mall + Airport Group (Some members of the mall with some members of the airport)
    • Merged Group (Everyone, sans Joan and LeShandria)
    • Plow Group (LeShandria + Olga)