After the Dark: Shrouded in Darkness
People 19
Situation Eternal darkness
The Office Group
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The Outside Group
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After the Dark: Shrouded in Darkness is the thirty-ninth season of After the Dark.




The Outside GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
68 Politician Is the mayor of Burkesville. Survived
Captura de pantalla 2014-10-31 a la(s) 10.17.10
22 Cashier Has to take medication hourly. Survived
"Shadow Leshandria"
N/A N/A Is a demon. Deceased
10 AM
Dragged to Hell.
67 Retired Knows only basic English. Deceased
10 AM
Blown up.
"Miss Coco Peru"
37 Radio Show Host Is blind, but walks with a cane. Deceased
9 AM
Blown up.
45 Police Chief Can run remarkably fast. Deceased
9 AM
Blown up.
32 Pharmacist Lost her daughter to a rare disease. Shadow
5 AM
30 Construction Worker Has a habit of randomly falling asleep. Deceased
5 AM
Taken by Shadows.
44 Ranch Hand Works on the ranch with Beavis. Deceased
4 AM
Taken by Shadows.
Screenshot 1
23 Unemployed Is a reformed criminal. Deceased
2 AM
Taken by Shadows.
20 Student Descended from Mark Gretch's executioner. Deceased
1 AM
Taken by Shadows.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Adolphus 88 Priest Was found at the temple. Survived
Jimmy 27 Paranormal Investigator Does not fear spirits. Survived
Tammy 32 Insurance Broker Is a descendant of Mark Gretch. Deceased
9 AM
Blown up.
Beavis 43 Carpenter Has only one tooth. Deceased
4 AM
Taken by Shadows.

The Office GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
18 Journalist Is extremely short. Survived
39 Journalist Has asthma. Deceased
10 AM
25 Journalist Can hold her all in combat. Deceased
9 AM
Blown up.
Octoling King
27 Journalist Is delusional that he has alien friends. Deceased
9 AM
Taken by Shadow Leshandria.
Belle Rue EDITED
41 Journalist Is a huge fan of sorcery. Deceased
9 AM
Blown up.
Ari the ari
38 Journalist Is the wealthiest person in town. Deceased
9 AM
Taken by Shadow Leshandria.
TAR 7 Nicholas
24 Journalist Recently moved from Greece. Deceased
6 AM
Fell to death.
Sean (sid)
Sean The Arctic Fox
38 Journalist Lost the election to Dani. Deceased
5 AM
Fell to death.
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.22.35 PM
41 Journalist Can drive almost any vehicle. Deceased
5 AM
Fell to death.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Olson 59 Journalist Foretold the events. Survived
Mr. Cliff 51 Journalist Is the boss. Deceased
9 AM
Blown up.
Angie 29 Journalist Is half blind. Absorbed
9 AM
Absorbed by Mark.
Samantha 44 Journalist Knows the town inside and out. Deceased
6 AM
Fell to death.

Other NPCsEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Mark Gretch N/A N/A Controls the Shadows, is a demon. Deceased
10 AM
Dragged to Hell.


Prior to:

  • One century ago, cultist Mark Gretch was sentenced to death by hanging after many demonic practices in the town of Burkesville. Upon his sentence, Gretch delivered haunting final words. In them, he cursed the town to be overrun by his demons. Over the course of a century, the Shadows developed enough strength to emerge and wreak havoc on the poor little town. Many fled when the darkness fell, but an unfortunate bunch were left behind and unable to leave Burkesville.
  • Half of the survivors were journalists working late in the Burkesville Print office building, not realizing the imminent danger. The other half were not trapped inside, but now found themselves outside and among the darkness.

12 AM:

  • When the darkness strikes, the Outside Group gathers as Tammy takes charge. They are then met by ghost hunter Jimmy.
  • Mr. Cliff notices the darkness, recalling what his employee old man Olson had warned them about. He suggests heading to the top floor of the Burkesville Print to find Olson, as the exits won't open.
  • Sean tries to reach his office on the third floor, but finds the second floor has lost power.
  • Joan takes his medication as the group discusses what to do, as Jimmy insists that they confront the spirits.
  • Angie begins freaking out, as Andrew and his imaginary alien friend, along with Belle, try to comfort her.
  • Heading to the first floor, the Office Group splits to search rooms. Nikki and Samantha find a strange key, but Sean and Mr. Cliff encounter a Shadow.
  • Miss Coco Peru suspects Joan is perving on her, hitting him with her guidance stick. Michael suggests that the group goes to him and Beavis' ranch while Jimmy explains spirit nature.
  • Angie is startled by the Shadow and runs off into the powerless second floor. Taking the key, the rest of the group follows her, but can't see her in the hall.
  • Belle and Nikki head to Belle's office, as Belle calls for Angie. The group searches offices, until they find Angie shivering behind an overturned table she tripped over. Angie tells Belle that she lost control of herself and nearly commit suicide, before crying.
  • Domonique and Sean check Domonique's office, where Sean finds a sticky note labeled "I'm here", followed by an explosion from upstairs.
  • The Outside Group talks for a while about nonsensical business, until Jimmy smashes a convenience store window after getting tired of waiting. Entering the store, they begin searching as Jimmy searches a bathroom.
  • After raiding the store for lighters and snacks, the Outside Group searches a backroom. During this, a frustrated Jimmy storms out of the store and abandons the group.
  • In the backroom, Dani opens a small fridge and is startled by the head of a demon inside, slamming it shut.
  • Justin attempts to turn on a computer, but finds it won't turn on. Suddenly, it boots up with an error message reading "I'm here", followed by an explosion outside.
  • Michael suggests finding Jimmy, knowing he'd know what to do. The group sets off into the night as Leshandria raids the store for nail polish.
  • The Office Group continues to search offices for methods of lighting their way, but can't find anything.

1 AM:

  • Both groups hear a church bell ringing from the temple in the graveyard. Most buildings in town begin to lose power.
  • Kyoko falls asleep, but Dani shakes her awake. The Outside Group then proceeds into town to head for the temple, but sees a Shadow in the distance. Leshandria rips up newspaper and dips it in the nail polish to fashion a strange weapon. The group then debates whether to go to the temple or the gun shop. They decide on the temple, but the Shadow is still in the way.
  • In the Office Group, Angie calms down a bit, as Domonique and Nicholas head downstairs to search offices. On the first floor, they see a strange purple aura. They return to the group.
  • Justin approaches the Shadow and attempts to communicate with it, but it grabs him and begins pulling him into a rift. Michael tries to help out while MCP strolls on by, but the Shadow is too strong as Justin and the Shadow vanish forever.
  • In the office, the group notices that their phones won't turn on. Mr. Cliff leads them to the third floor. Arianna, Domonique and Nikki search as one group, Sean, Purry and Nicholas search as another, as Nuno searches with Andrew and Samantha.
  • Sean, Purry and Nicholas encounter a Shadow, but flee quickly. More purple stuff is found.
  • Searching an office, Nuno finds a piece of cardboard marked with a lowercase t and the letters "fa." He takes it.
  • Dani and Michael talk religion as the group reaches the graveyard, but see a Shadow walking about. Leshandria attempts to defile graves to grab a cross, but finds it futile.
  • Adam throws one of Leshandria's nail polish weapons at the Shadow, but it does nothing.
  • The Office Group finds an open window with a balcony of a nearby building within distance. Harambe attempts to climb out the window, but an unseen force shoves him back as an evil laugh shakes the building.
  • Heading to the break room, the Office Group sees that a Shadow is inside. With a room in the back, Nikki tries to reach the room while Harambe distracts the Shadow. Both of them escape the demon and reach the backroom, where Nikki finds a paper detailing the history of Mark Gretch, learning that he had a fear of farms and their animals.
  • Harambe and Nikki escape through an air vent and reunite with the rest of the group, sharing their newly found information.
  • Seeing the temple in the graveyard, the Outside Group runs past the Shadow to reach the temple, entering it. Inside, they hear an organ playing and see an old man in a robe who greets them.

2 AM:

  • Joan begins acting strangely, smacking Dani twice. The old man welcomes the group to the temple of Saint Matthew, introducing himself as Father Adolphus.
  • The Burkesville Print shifts for a moment, freaking Angie out.
  • Joan promptly takes his medication, as Leshandria asks Adolphus about the Shadows. Michael asks the priest if he was the one ringing the bell, to which Adolphus says he was. His intention was to gather the survivors in Burkesville to the temple, which is a safe haven since Mark Gretch hated religion.
  • In the Office Group, the team promptly decides to head up to the fourth floor as Belle comforts Angie. A Shadow appears on the staircase, scaring them back down to the third floor.
  • Harambe and Nikki head up the stairs to try and scare the Shadow by making animal noises, but the Shadow grabs Nikki and tries to pull her into the darkness. Harambe grabs Nikki and tugs against the Shadow's grasp, being joined by Domonique and Nicholas. With enough strength, Nikki is pulled away and the Shadow dissolves.
  • Adolphus offers the cleansing of "Shadow blood" to the Outside Group, but Leshandria questions what this means. Adolphus explains that those who survive a Shadow's touch are plagued with great illness that may lead to death if not treated.
  • Joan gives Dani, Leshandria and Tyler three of his pills so they can make sure he takes them in case he forgets again. His side effects once again take place as he slaps the two women.
  • Upon surviving the Shadow, the Shadow blood hits Nikki. She begins to glow purple and vomits purple ooze on the floor, feeling badly ill. Using Nikki as a lantern, the group heads up to the dark fourth floor, where a Shadow walks the halls.
  • Angered by Joan slapping her, Leshandria beats Joan up, preparing to throw him outside. Tammy tries to stop it, but Leshandria insists that Joan is a danger to the group. Dani and MCP convince Leshandria otherwise.
  • Leshandria breaks Joan's pinky finger, as Dani tends to it.
  • Tyler asks Adolphus how to defeat the Shadows, as Adolphus shows the group to a baptismal shrine where he keeps holy water. He explains that holy water must be poured on a Shadow while their vortex appears, as that's when they're most vulnerable. It is impossible to kill a Shadow without being infected by Shadow blood, though. Adolphus gives the team a pitcher as Leshandria fills it with water, but insists that she be given rosaries as well.
  • Adolphus brings three crucifix necklaces and gives them to the group. Leshandria then offers that they sacrifice Joan, which Dani opposes. Tammy and Leshandria then agree that they must find Jimmy, since he'd gladly risk his life against Shadows.
  • On the fourth floor of the offices, the only door not blocked by the Shadow proves to be Angie's office. The group goes inside and finds a box, which Andrew searches after his imaginary friend tells him too. Angie freaks out and tells Andrew to ignore the key in the box, but Nikki slips it away when no one is looking.
  • Being unwilling to pass the Shadow, the Office Group heads to the fifth floor where Olson's office is. Without any hesitation, they head inside and meet Olson face to face.
  • The Outside Group leaves the temple and heads to a gun store, as Leshandria punches out a window and enters, only to find a Shadow.
  • Leshandria uses the necklace on the Shadow, making it cower briefly. However, after staying stationary for a while, the Shadow overcomes its fear as its eyes glow red and it comes charging. Leshandria runs out of the store as Adam runs in.
  • The Shadow grabs Adam and proceeds to pull him into the vortex, as MCP blindly wanders into the store. Without any help, the Shadow pulls Adam into nothingness as he and the Shadow both disappear forever.
  • Leshandria mourns Adam's death as the team raids the gun store for weapons. Afterwards, Dani checks Joan's dosage limit on his pill bottle.

3 AM:

  • Kyoko falls asleep, but Beavis catches her. The Outside Group then sees Jimmy willingly run into a Shadow with a pitcher of holy water, killing it without being infected. Tammy scolds him as he rejoins the group.
  • Nikki grows sicker and vomits again, as Olson speaks to his visitors.
  • Jimmy explains to the group that he visited Father Adolphus earlier, and despite being touched by a Shadow, doesn't feel any illness.
  • Kyoko suspects Jimmy is up to something, causing her to threaten him. Jimmy purposely annoys Kyoko, before Tammy separates them.
  • Tyler suggests bringing Jimmy to Adolphus just to be safe, to which Nathaniel agrees. Ignoring it, Leshandria proposes heading to her pharmacy, which is where they go. Joan recommends getting Tyrosine.
  • Talking to Olson, Sean gets straight to the point and asks the old man how to kill Shadows. Olson admits to not knowing how, but observes Nikki and verifies that he knows the condition. Shadow blood. He insists that Nikki receive treatment quickly or she will die.
  • Nicholas questions how to leave, causing Olson to explain how the Shadows draw their energy from human negativity. Evil acts will cause the Shadows power to strengthen.
  • Sean and Nuno suggest checking the clock tower, even though there isn't much there. Despite this, Olson leaves his office and goes with the group to the tower.
  • Leshandria enters the pharmacy-grocery store with Jimmy, Joan, Kyoko and MCP. She begins raiding the candy, as the others enter behind them. Beavis wanders off to the alcohol section.
  • Climbing a ladder into the clock tower, the Office Group sees that a Shadow blocks the path to a broken board in the tower. They quickly go down and discuss a plan.
  • As everyone eats candy, Leshandria heads into her pharmaceutical office to grab Tyrosine.
  • As Leshandria grabs a first aid kit, Beavis stumbles out from behind a shelf, drunk. Leshandria is angered by this and proceeds to beat Beavis with her gun, as a loud bang is heard outside and the entire town loses electricity. A disembodied voice fills the store announcing that it has grown stronger, as the atmosphere grows heavy and storm clouds fill the sky.
  • Leshandria demands that the spirit show itself, but to no avail.

4 AM:

  • It begins to rain.
  • Nikki's condition greatly worsens, rendering her unable to move. Olson decides it best that he goes to the tower, but Arianna and Sean convince him otherwise.
  • Kyoko falls asleep, as Leshandria suggests leaving her and Beavis behind. Michael helps a drunken Beavis to his feet.
  • Joan takes his medication.
  • Arianna and Nuno discuss sending Nikki to the Shadow, feeling it can't harm her anymore, but Olson doesn't know if it's safe.
  • After some debate, Harambe and Nicholas head to the tower to grab the broken board. Nicholas is grabbed by the Shadow, but Harambe is joined by Domonique and Mr. Cliff in pulling him away. The Shadow dissolves as Mr. Cliff takes the board down.
  • Leshandria takes an umbrella as the Outside Group sets out into the rain. With Dani having the key to City Hall, that's where they head.
  • Seeing that the board says "ith" on it, and has a picture of Father Adolphus above contact information, Nuno applies his broken board piece to it and completes the picture. It now says "Faith" and the lowercase t turns out to be a cross. A light fills the room upon the board's completion, healing Nicholas and Nikki of their Shadow blood.
  • The Office Group searches all around, splitting into mini-groups after finding the clock no longer works. Nuno, Samantha and Angie enter a room full of books, where Andrew and Nicholas join them. Mr. Cliff and Sean search Mr. Cliff's office, while Arianna goes with Nikki and Domonique downstairs where a Shadow chases them back up.
  • Finding a notebook on a desk, Nuno reads it and discovers red writing that says "Do not go into Samantha's office."
  • Nikki climbs into an air vent in the copier room, which leads to Samantha's office. Inside, Nikki sees a large door in the middle of the room.
  • Harambe and Sean search bathrooms, being chased out by a Shadow.
  • The Office Group sans Nikki discusses where to search next, as Samantha suggests her office. Sean tells her what the book said, raising her curiosity and causing her to open her office. The entire group enters and discovers the door.
  • Mr. Cliff is drawn to the door, attempting to open it. Finding it to be locked, he asks Samantha for the key she found earlier. Mistaking it for Angie's key, Nikki gives Nuno the key she stole from Angie right in front of Angie.
  • Angie rages at Nikki stealing her key, but the group angrily demands that Angie explain what the key is as Sean restrains her. Suddenly, the disembodied voice fills the room as it takes Samantha's key and proceeds to unlock the door with it. Everyone dives for both that key and Angie's, but the door swings open and a force pulls everyone inside a pit of darkness. Angie's key is left on the floor.
  • Reaching City Hall, a Shadow lies in front of it. Beavis goes to urinate while Jimmy kills the Shadow. The group then enters.
  • Dani searches a desk for files on Mark Gretch, but can't find anything, recalling them to be in her office.
  • Heading to Dani's office, the floor is covered in a purple glow. Tammy recommends avoiding it, as the group searches Dani's files for info on Gretch.
  • Dani finds a file that mentions Gretch's fear of farms, exciting Beavis and Michael, but Leshandria brands it as useless.
  • Suddenly, the purple glow rises into two Shadows. Without any hesitation, Leshandria shoves Beavis and Michael into them. Jimmy attempts to save the two, but they're both dragged into nothingness by the Shadows.
  • Leshandria develops a sharp pain in her stomach as the disembodied voice continues to laugh in the background. Jimmy, incredibly angry, cusses out Leshandria and calls her "evil" before storming away from the group, bringing his water pitcher with.
  • Tammy forgives Leshandria, but Leshandria insists that Jimmy is a Shadow and they need to find and kill him.

5 AM:

  • The Office Group awakens on individual rusted platforms above a massive black pit, with a hallway on the other side. However, the platforms shift upon movement.
  • Leshandria's pain worsens, as she finds the pitcher of holy water and the crucifix necklaces to burn her. Tammy takes them, growing concerned.
  • Leshandria proposes telling Adolphus about Jimmy, still believing him to be a Shadow. Kyoko agrees.
  • The Outside Group sets off for the temple, but finds a Shadow blocking the door.
  • Sean throws his belt down the black pit, watching it fall and then vanish, with no sounds of anything hitting the ground.
  • Joan takes his medication, as Kyoko charges the Shadow with a knife. The knife doesn't hurt the Shadow, as it drags Kyoko away and vanishes with her.
  • The Outside Group leaves City Hall and arrives at the graveyard, seeing two Shadows still patrolling the area.
  • Nuno asks Olson how they should solve their dilemma, as Olson suggests that he jump to the hall on the other side. Harambe decides to try it out, but falls to his death. Olson jumps next, but successfully reaches the other side.
  • Nuno encourages Angie to jump, as she jumps and barely makes it, but Olson pulls her up. Feeling cocky that he can make it now, Sean jumps, but misses and falls to his death.
  • Samantha feels that Angie and Olson are more agile, which allowed them to reach the other side. Samantha moves up a platform, but it wobbles greatly beneath her. Nuno tells her to jump to the hallway, but she yells at him, being unable to jump in her situation.
  • Nikki jumps up a platform, gaining balance easier than Samantha. The group tries to remain positive in the negativity.
  • Nuno moves up a platform successfully.
  • Sneaking around the Shadows, the Outside Group reaches the temple. However, the sight of it causes Leshandria to burn. Everyone else leaves her outside as they go in to find Adolphus.
  • Inside, the Outside Group tries to explain to Adolphus about Leshandria's condition. When Dani opens the doors for Leshandria to see inside, Leshandria begins burning up in pain upon seeing inside the temple, prompting Dani to shut the doors quickly.
  • Adolphus proclaims that he cannot help Leshandria, as she has been infected by Mark Gretch by choosing evil over good.
  • MCP is offended by Adolphus refusing to help, claiming him to be racist because Leshandria is black. She leaves the temple and tells Leshandria that she's "evil", causing Leshandria to go mad and attempt to burn down the temple.
  • Before Leshandria can burn down the temple, complete evilness strikes her as her skin begins to shed. After her skin peels off, she emerges as Mark Gretch's new recruit, Shadow Leshandria.

6 AM:

  • Adolphus apologizes to the Outside Group for the mishap, as Tammy brings MCP inside. Joan takes his medication, too.
  • Leshandria leaves the graveyard and heads to the Burkesville Print, where she follows an ominous glow to a door in Samantha's office that leads to the Office Group.
  • The Office Group remains on the platforms, as Samantha finally gains her balance. Nicholas moves up a platform.
  • Nicholas attempts to jump in the same way Angie and Olson did, but falls to his death.
  • Samantha concludes that jumping isn't the solution, so Nuno commands Angie and Olson to head down the hall to find help. The two oblige and leave.
  • Suddenly, Shadow Leshandria appears floating behind the group on their platforms. Samantha is startled and falls off the platform to her death.
  • Shadow Leshandria offers to help the Office Group out of their pickle, but demands they act evil to give her power.
  • Nikki and Nuno start a fake argument, which doesn't do anything. Nikki threatens Arianna, which doesn't do anything. Nikki spits on Domonique continuously, which sort of warms Shadow Leshandria, but not by much.
  • Shadow Leshandria demands that someone be pushed off the platform or she won't help them. The group refuses to oblige, causing her to leave.
  • In the Outside Group, MCP suggests finding Jimmy. Adolphus recognizes the name and tells them that he refilled on holy water earlier and headed for the suburbs. Adolphus explains that Jimmy can't be infected by the Shadows because he has strong willpower after hunting demons for so long.
  • Dani encourages the group to be strong, before they search for alternate ways of carrying water. MCP suddenly tells Adolphus to soak her tampons in the water, causing him to scold her.
  • Dani actually gains an idea from MCP's outburst, making holy water bombs out of the tampons MCP snuck from the store earlier.
  • Dani asks Tammy if she knows anything about Mark that they don't. Tammy explains that he was insane and hated humans after a rough upbringing. MCP asks how he had descendants if he hated people, to which Tammy describes his marital life with a woman named Helga and their son.

7 AM:

  • Growing bored of the Office Group waiting on their platforms, the disembodied voice allows them to reach the hallway. They head down the hall, reaching double doors that Andrew opens. The group is blinded by a white light.
  • Angie and Olson arrive at the temple, where Adolphus gives them a pitcher of holy water. They are then introduced to the Outside Group.
  • Shadow Leshandria returns to the temple, lingering around the outside.
  • Hearing Shadow Leshandria, Dani and MCP conclude that they must kill her. Olson volunteers to help out, having taken down Mark Gretch in the past supposedly. He tells everyone that he and Angie's friends are trapped in the "realm of darkness" and must be helped.
  • Shadow Leshandria returns to the Burkesville Print, as MCP insists on going with Olson to find the journalists. Olson helps her walk as they leave.
  • The Office Group appears in a much older Burkesville, seeing a teenager and an older priest in training approaching a place called the Shark Shack. Belle quickly discovers that the group can't be seen, heard or touched by the two men. Nuno concludes that they're witnessing a memory.
  • Listening to the men, the Office Group discovers that they are younger versions of Olson and Adolphus. They say how Mark Gretch has returned and they will vanquish him. They enter Shark Shack, as the group follows.
  • A demonic Mark Gretch emerges in Shark Shack, as Olson and Adolphus take him on. Gretch's voice is recognized as the disembodied voice everyone keeps hearing. Adolphus is wiped out, but Olson uses a bag of holy water to defeat Gretch. Gretch begins to dissolve, but swears that he will return in the future, as his power was only half this time. He dissolves, but only for the time being.
  • The memory fades, as the Office Group returns to the Burkesville Print. Shadow Leshandria arrives to tell the group that Olson abandoned them, just as Olson arrives with MCP to save the group. Olson kills a Shadow on the way, being unaffected by the Shadow blood. Intimidated, Shadow Leshandria flees.
  • Olson reaches his friends, as he and MCP tell them everything.
  • At the temple, Angie contemplates if her friends have escaped or not. Dani tells Adolphus to ring the bell just in case. Adolphus obliges.
  • The Office Group hears the church bell ringing, as Nikki decides they must head there. The group hurries down the stairs.
  • Reaching the first floor, two Shadows stand in the path. Olson kills one, as he guides MCP in killing the other one. However, MCP is infected with Shadow blood.
  • Now having the chance to flee, the group leaves the Burkesville Print into the dark, rainy night. MCP vomits purple ooze, but the group hurries to the temple.

8 AM:

  • The two groups meet at the temple, as Shadow Leshandria lingers in the graveyard. Adolphus greets everyone, as Jimmy arrives at the temple for a water refill. With everyone together, Jimmy guarantees that Mark Gretch will be slain.
  • Seeing MCP's condition, Adolphus performs a blessing on her, healing her of her Shadow blood.
  • Joan smacks Nathaniel, having not taken his medication. Dani makes sure he takes them.
  • Nuno is starstruck by Jimmy, asking him about the vision from the past he saw. Olson is about to intercede, but is hugged by Dani. Angie and Belle reunite happily as well.
  • Nuno asks how to defeat Gretch, which Angie recalls that Olson did before. When questioned on how, Olson recaps what was seen in the vision.
  • Nuno asks about using animals to defeat Gretch, but Jimmy claims he saw none at the ranch.
  • Nuno suggests going to the Shark Shack, where Mark Gretch's first half returned originally, but Olson says that the place has been taken down and he doesn't know what currently stands there.
  • Dani begins showing affection toward Olson, while Nathaniel tries to comprehend what everyone is saying.
  • Tammy suggests going back to City Hall to find information on what happened to the Shark Shack. The group agrees, but first decides to distribute their three crucifix necklaces. Dani and Nuno take one each, while Dani gives the last to Olson.
  • To be safe, Nuno asks Adolphus' permission to take the wine goblet, which he is granted.
  • Heading outside, the two Shadows and Shadow Leshandria still roam the graveyard. The group discusses either fighting them or going around. After taking a long time, Mr. Cliff points out that they soon won't have a choice. This leads them to just go around.
  • Reaching City Hall, the group heads upstairs where Dani tells the story of how she lost her keys. Entering Dani's office, a Shadow is inside. Dani asks Jimmy to kill it, and he does so.
  • Reading through files in her office, Dani finds files on reconstruction and reads one pertaining to Shark Shack. Apparently it was torn down in 1999 and the land was purchased to build a warehouse on Yul Avenue.
  • Angie recalls that Yul Avenue is around the corner of Burkesville Print. Without warning, a major explosion is heard outside. The group tries to act positive, but Olson realizes that this means Mark Gretch is back.
  • Jimmy encourages the group, but Angie seems hesitant. Olson leads the group out of City Hall, as they head to the warehouse for their showdown with the demon king.
  • Dani suddenly kisses Olson, who doesn't complain. Andrew continues talking to his imaginary friend, which puzzles the others.
  • After reaching the warehouse, Jimmy heads for the door and asks everyone if they're ready to enter. After a consent of approval, he opens the door as they head inside.

9 AM:

  • Jimmy leads the group inside, where they see the warehouse resembles the realm of darkness. From a chest, Mark Gretch emerges, with the chest locking behind him.
  • Olson confronts Gretch once again, as they challenge each other to a rematch.
  • Gretch beckons Angie to come forward, as she does. Angie announces her secret to the group, revealing she is the second half of Gretch that was born upon his demise. She mocks the group for letting her get her key back, which could be used to defeat her. Angie transforms into a demon and morphs together with Gretch, bringing on Mark Gretch's strongest form.
  • A massive purple mist surrounds Gretch, as he brings Shadow Leshandria forward and commands her to kill her friends, granting her the ability to return to the world after taking one.
  • Tammy tries to reason with her ancestor, but he nearly kills her with a beam of energy absorbed from the mist, proving he has no time for family.
  • Right off the bat, Shadow Leshandria takes Arianna, killing her. Gretch attacks the group by shooting a beam at Domonique, Mr. Cliff, Andrew and Nuno.
  • The four targets dodge Gretch's attack, as Gretch attacks Dani, who dodges. Gretch shouts and causes ooze to fall from the ceiling, which morphs together.
  • Shadow Leshandria descends into the floor to hide, as Gretch kills Belle, Mr. Cliff and Tammy with his beam absorbed from the mist around him.
  • Shadow Leshandria sneak attacks Andrew, killing him. Gretch attacks Joan, who dodges. MCP attacks the ooze with her cane, but it dissolves upon contact.
  • Shadow Leshandria descends into the floor again, whispering a plan to Gretch. The ooze corners the group, as Shadow Leshandria pulls Tyler back.
  • Gretch fires a beam at the group as Domonique tries to pull Tyler away. The group discovers they can dissolve the ooze with holy water, and does so to cross. However, Domonique and Tyler are killed by Gretch's beam.
  • Nathaniel asks Olson for idea, as Olson blindly points to the chest. The group climbs up on boxes, but a beam forces Nuno to jump down.
  • Gretch summons more ooze, as the group dissolves it. Shadow Leshandria shakes the boxes, as Gretch fires three beams at the group, knowing they know how to deal with his ooze.
  • MCP throws herself on the floor and is killed by the beam, as Jimmy and Olson reach the chest. they discover it to be locked. Gretch's other two beams destroy the boxes.
  • Nathaniel is suddenly pulled back by Shadow Leshandria, as he pours his holy water on the ground.

10 AM:

  • With Nathaniel cornered, Mark Gretch kills him with the beam. But not after Shadow Leshandria is struck by his holy water, preventing her from going back into the floor.
  • Nathaniel's pitcher of water is left unattended, as Gretch decides it best not to interfere with Jimmy and Olson while they're by his chest.
  • The pitcher startles Shadow Leshandria, making her back away from it.
  • Dani tries to shoot the chest open, but finds it doesn't work. Olson remembers the key from earlier, angry that they lost it.
  • Gretch fires a beam at Nuno, Joan and Nikki. They run to the chest, but Shadow Leshandria trips Nuno into the beam. Nuno's head is then blown off.
  • Joan and Nikki reach the chest with Dani, Jimmy and Olson. Gretch notes that the chest is a safe zone from his attacks, but they won't be able to harm him from there.
  • After getting an idea from Shadow Leshandria, Gretch sets the warehouse on fire. Joan proceeds to intimidate Gretch by saying he's too reliant on his minion.
  • The fire spreads, as Joan contemplates there being another way to open the chest by bringing up light.
  • Shadow Leshandria taunts the group as Joan uses the very knife Leshandria gave him to slit his wrist and soak it in holy water. Joan places his hand on the chest and begins to loudly pray for light. Dani, Jimmy, Nikki and Olson join in, thinking the most positive thoughts they can think of. This harms Gretch and Shadow Leshandria, who beckon the group to stop. Dani and Olson proceed to kiss, which flings the chest open and knocks the group back as the fire is put out.
  • A force from the chest comes out and fills Burkesville, grabbing all Shadows, including Gretch and Shadow Leshandria, proceeding to pull them inside.
  • The fires of Hell fill the chest, as eternal damnation awaits Gretch and all the Shadows. Gretch screams as he, Shadow Leshandria and all the Shadows are sucked down into Hell.
  • The evil of the city disappears, as the survivors lay in front of the chest, watching it burn up into nothingness.

11 AM:

  • Although the evil has left the town, darkness still fills it. The group contemplates what to do to kill the darkness after sharing an emotional hug.
  • Dani suggests going to see Olson, so the group heads to the temple of St. Matthew, where Olson greets them outside.
  • Adolphus claims he can perform a blessing from a point in town that overlooks all the rest, but he doesn't know where. Nikki suggests the Burkesville Print's clock tower, as its time is seen by the entire town and it's the highest place there is.
  • The group, now with Adolphus, heads to the Burkesville Print up to the clock tower. Adolphus performs his blessing looking out on the town, as something starts happening.

12 PM:

  • Slowly, the clock begins to work again from Father Adolphus' blessing. The electricity around town begins to progressively turn back on, as the most remarkable sight yet is seen. The darkness begins to part, as the Sun makes its way through the sky and shines above the small formerly doomed town of Burkesville.
  • From that moment onward, light filled the town as it should. Day and night returned to normal, as the darkness would never rule over the day. After all, the days are longer than the nights for a reason. Everything returned to normal, even after the horrifying events that occurred.
  • Being unable to return to working at the Burkesville Print, the mayor Dani hired her new husband Olson to work with her at City Hall. The young couple Nikki and Joan were also promised jobs once they got old enough to take them.
  • Jimmy returned to his normal adventures, writing and telling about these insane events he witnessed. Burkesville became a popular attraction, and the population skyrocketed. No curses or anything ever struck the town again.
  • Father Adolphus remained at the church, now preaching to much larger congregations. The blessing he gave the town truly worked out in its favor.
  • From here on out, Burkesville was at the greatest point it could ever be. The light at the end of the dark tunnel was obtained. With love, teamwork and the right amount of faith... Anything is possible.


  • Shrouded in Darkness is the first season to conclude before its predecessor.