After the Dark: Size Does Matter
People 22
Situation People shrunk to ant size
Office Group
0 / 11
Neighborhood Group
3 / 11
Series Chronology
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After the Dark: Size Does Matter is the thirty-third season of After the Dark.

Despite the slow start which received a few complaints from players, Size Does Matter incorporated new ideas to the series and gained recognition for its heavily active cast and intriguing plot. The season is also known for its very challenging boss battles and puzzles.



Office GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
28 Office Worker Is also a violinist. Deceased
Day 25
Melted in acid.
22 Office Worker Is Meredith's brother. Deceased
Day 25
"Shadow Joan"
23 Office Worker Swims really well. Deceased
Day 11
Head shot.
37 Office Worker Has astigmatism. Deceased
Day 6
Eaten by snail.
Noah Mason After the Dark Mangatar
24 Office Worker Is vegan. Deceased
Day 5
Bled to death.
30 Office Worker Won the lottery recently. Deceased
Day 4
Fell to death.
49 Office Worker Used to be an hairdresser. Deceased
Day 4
Crushed by foot.
Perseus Potter
42 Office Worker Allergic to dust. Deceased
Day 4
Crushed by foot.
Octoling King
26 Office Worker Secretly loves someone in the office. Deceased
Day 2
TAR 7 Nicholas
39 Office Worker Faints upon seeing blood. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by rat.
Ridwan Danganronpa
25 Office Worker Is a known kleptomaniac. Deceased
Day 1
Face burnt by Wesley.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Aya 20 Office Worker Trips constantly. Survived
Liz 20 Mercenary Is Aya's other personality. Survived
Goldie 49 Office Worker Participated in a singing competition once. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.
Ven 23 Office Worker Rumoured to be a girl. Deceased
Day 15
Chopped in half.
Kent 27 Office Worker Is very crafty. Deceased
Day 7
Dissolved in acid.
Mi 29 Office Worker Knows karate. Deceased
Day 2
Crushed by rat.
Bob 40 Office Worker Got his stapler stolen by the boss. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by rat.
Bill 30 Office Worker Is the boss of the office. Deceased
Day 2
Beheaded by rat.
Olivia 35 Office Worker Hates Meredith with a passion. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by rat.
Dylan 45 Office Worker Hates Bob. Deceased
Day 1
Eaten by rat.

Neighborhood GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
29 Animator Gains money from caricatures. Survived
"LeShandria Black"
45 Unemployed Is accused of being a witch. Survived
41 Computer Designer Is highly imperative. Survived
23 Mechanic Has a lot of stamina. Deceased
Day 25
Melted in acid.
20 Student Just broke up with someone. Deceased
Day 6
Stung through heart.
19 Student Carries a pocketknife with him at all times. Deceased
Day 4
Eaten by mantis.
39 Teacher Takes part time acting classes. Deceased
Day 4
Shot by woman.
35 Veterinarian Has a pet dog. Deceased
Day 4
Eaten by cat.
"Hugh Janus"
30 Unemployed Has an affair with someone in the suburbs. Deceased
Day 3
Killed by Lizzie.
Screenshot 2015-11-04 at 5.59.09 PM
34 Author Is an alcoholic. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by ants.
32 Plumber Married to Georgia. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by ants.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Ebru 30 Engineer Makes weird projects of guns. Is Rodolph's mother. Deceased
Day 24
Devoured by spiders.
Helen 29 Entrepreneur Gossips about everything. Deceased
Day 11
Margaret 30 Housewife Is the richest woman in the neighborhood. Deceased
Day 11
Spine broken.
Christina 35 Housewife Married to Jammil. Deceased
Day 11
Heart removed.
Saint 50 Gardener Used to be a rapper. Deceased
Day 11
Heart removed.
Jammil 35 Seller Married to Christina. Deceased
Day 11
Heart removed.
Lizzie 0 None Is a butterfly. Domesticated by LeShandria. Deceased
Day 10
Passed away.
Rodolph 15 Student Is mute. Is Ebru's son. Deceased
Day 4
Stabbed by glass.
Georgia 31 Housewife Married to Ziggy. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by ants.
Meredith 34 Housewife Is Blaine's older sister. Deceased
Day 2
Eaten by ants.
Patrick 40 Actor Is also a good comedian. Deceased
Day 1
Chewed by dog.

Other NPC'sEdit

The Third GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Karen 35 Artist Lives next to Margaret. Deceased
Day 25
Chloe 18 Student Is an orphan. Deceased
Day 25
Melted in acid.
Frederick 26 Model Is very famous. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.
Matilda 37 Housewife Head of the book reading club. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.
Sci 60 Unemployed Once arrested for murder. Deceased
Day 15
Stabbed in stomach.
Ruby 40 Music Teacher Taught Wesley how to play the violin. Deceased
Day 9
George 30 Unemployed Has a heart disease. Deceased
Day 5
Fell to death.

The Garden BowlersEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Mackenzie 31 Office Worker Fights in his free time. Deceased
Day 25
Fell to death.
Gustav 32 Office Worker Wrote a motivational book once. Deceased
Day 13
Beheaded by Frederick.
Joel 29 Office Worker Works out a lot. Deceased
Day 13
Malcolm 27 Office Worker Is a master bowler. Is gay. Deceased
Day 13
Chris 34 Office Worker Has a gun with him at all times. Deceased
Day 12
Eaten alive.

The CoupleEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Goodwin 25 Fashion Designer Dating Steve.
Is very optimistic.
Day 25
Steve 25 Student Dating Goodwin.
Works as a part-time judo teacher.
Day 24
Impaled by spider.

Lizzie's ChildrenEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Ginny 0 None Is a butterfly. Lizzie's child. Survived
Noodles 0 None Is a butterfly. Lizzie's child. Survived
Mika 0 None Is a butterfly. Lizzie's child. Survived
Kirby 0 None Is a butterfly. Lizzie's child. Survived
Aqua 0 None Is a butterfly. Lizzie's child. Survived

The CorporationEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Mr. S 28 TV Host Hosts the Size Does Matter show. Deceased
Day 25
White Queen 10 Defense Mechanism Has an endless supply of data and takes care of the tasks of the corporation. Offline
Madame Q 57 Scientist S and D's mother. Deceased
Day 25
Mr. D 29 TV Host Hosts the Size Does Matter show. Deceased
Day 17

The HubEdit

Person Age Profession Note Status
Trevan 178 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 25
Ermid 500 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.
Suzzane 30 None Rita's partner. Inmate. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.
Eudav 158 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 24
Eaten by spider.
Sugyn 532 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 24
Eaten by spider.
Kamden 250 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 24
Eaten by spider.
Sensei 64 Teacher Is very wise. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.
Rita 29 None Suzzane's partner. Inmate. Deceased
Day 24
Eaten by spider.
Bevin 58 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 24
Eaten by spider.
Pany 400 Miner Is a dwarf. Deceased
Day 24
Impaled by spider.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Mosquito Prototype 7 0 None Made out of titanium. Can shoot many substances from its mouth. Deceased
Day 25
Spider Prototype 6 0 None Can shoot acid cobwebs. Extremely agile. Deceased
Day 24
Balthazar Prototype 5B 1 Defense Mechanism Specializes in long range attacks. Located in desert room. Deceased
Day 17
Alastair Prototype 5A 1 Defense Mechanism Specializes in gas and claws. Located in lab room. Deceased
Day 17
Blown up.
Callum Prototype 5C 1 Defense Mechanism Specializes in laser rays and melee attacks. Located in jungle room. Deceased
Day 17
Turned off.
Scorpion Prototype 4 0 None Has claws that overextend. Can heal itself from fire. Deceased
Day 15
Squirrel Prototype 3 0 None Can shapeshift. Has needles and razors for teeth. Deceased
Day 11
"Bled" to death.
Hounder Prototype 2B 0 None Can shoot lasers from its eyes and run really fast. Deceased
Day 9
Head blown up.
Hounder Prototype 2A 0 None Can breath fire and run really fast. Deceased
Day 9
Head blown up.
Fly Protoype 1 0 None Can shoot acid from its mouth. Can use its mouth as a vacuum. Deceased
Day 7
Melted in acid.


Day 1:

  • Margaret invited a lot of people from the Radiant Garden neighborhood for a party.
  • Ebru came over with a weird portable gun, that looked like a pair of scissors with some strings on it. Rodolph, her son, came with her, and was on his phone all the time.
  • Meredith, Margaret, Helen, Christina and Georgia gossiped about LeShandria.
  • Patrick, Saint and Jammil tried to have a rap contest. They were doing terrible.
  • Someone knocked on the door of Margaret's house.
  • Meanwhile, on the office of Vitacid Co., Bill tried to tell jokes to some employees. Aya cleaned a coffee stain from her shirt that she got when she tripped. Kent, Mi and Ven discuss about Ven's true identity.
  • Bill calls the entire office over for an announcement.
  • Ahsan helps Aya clean the coffee stain, bonding with her while doing so.
  • Blaine compliments Bill's jokes, and gets praised for that.
  • Back at the house, Luke looks out of the window, and sees a man in a tuxedo with some camera men behind. He proceeds to answer the door.
  • A man called Mr. S enters the house. He proceeds to examine the house.
  • Reid tells Patrick, Saint and Jammil they suck at rapping.
  • Gavin tries to remember his dog's name. He finds out it is Roger.
  • Mr. S walks around the house, as Helen claims she knows him from an old TV show.
  • Mr. S asks who called him, and nobody comes forward. He turns to the camera and introduces the rest as competitors of "Size Does Matter, 33rd edition"
  • LeShandria throws chicken grease at Margaret. She responds by throwing wine at LeShandria. She then also throws BBQ sauce at Margaret.
  • At the office, Joan bonds with Goldie, who mistakes him as Chinese, and talks Cantonese with him.
  • Aya and Ahsan bond some more, talking.
  • Blaine compliments Bill and gets promoted. He gets an office of his own. Wesley and Blaine check it out.
  • John makes a snarky comment about Bill, to which Mi bumps him for.
  • Blaine makes coffee. Andrew gets told off by Bill for sleeping, as him and Purry proceed to work. John follows suit.
  • Wesley tries to leave to get his violin, but is stopped by the security guards. Disagreeing with them, he is soon beaten up in a backroom, and leaves it slightly injured.
  • Ahsan kisses Bill, much to Bill's concern. He backs away from Ahsan.
  • Out of the elevator, comes a rushed man in a clumsy suit, with many camera men behind of him. He carries a microphone. He walks fast towards Bill, tripping on many people. A pin reads: "Mr. D" on his shirt.
  • At both places, Mr. S and Mr. D do similar actions. They bring out a large case with 4 items, and proceed to show case each on each place.
  • Mr. S shows the house the Extremely Blunt Gloves. Mr. D shows the office the Chaotic Boomerang.
  • Mr. S and Mr. D both show the Dual Fire-Ice Guns to the groups.
  • Mr. S shows the house the Damnation Sceptre. Mr. D shows the office the Extremely Blunt Gloves.
  • Mr. S shows the house the Chaotic Boomerang. Mr. D shows the office the Damnation Sceptre.
  • After some talking, the office group pick the Dual Fire-Ice Guns, while the house group pick the Extremely Blunt Gloves.
  • Mr. S and Mr. D both announce the rules of the game to each of them.
  • Introducing a last minute twist, both groups are shrunk to ant size by a gun called the "Shrinkray 5000".
  • At the house, Gavin looks for his dog, but can't find it.
  • Helen, Margaret, Christina, Georgia and Meredith blame LeShandria for what happened, calling her a witch.
  • Luke takes the left glove, while Gavin takes the right glove.
  • The house people realize they are in the living room.
  • They see a tennis ball under a table, and try to climb the carpet to get it. They fail.
  • Luke takes a loose thread from the carpet.
  • Luke suggests everyone getting on top of each other. Margaret, fed up with the group, decides to walk off. Jammil, Christina, Saint and Helen follow her.
  • Seeing nothing working, Ebru gets her scissor-like gun and shoots sharp blades at the carpet, forming a staircase. The group climb it.
  • Back at the office, the group find a rat hole on the wall.
  • As Jaylen peeks inside, he sees a family of rats inside.
  • Ahsan begins freezing the hole. A small ice wall begins forming, however, due to only using one gun, it is not fast, and the rats begin exiting the hole upon seeing that. It also breaks the small ice wall formed.
  • Blaine and Wesley begin shooting fire and ice at the rats. They are startled by this, and begin running out of the hole, away from you. There are 5 rats in total. One of them stays behind, and has ice marks and burn marks on him, but heads towards the group.
  • Wesley freezes the rat's left front paw, but it breaks through it. It heads towards Jaylen.
  • Wesley shoots the rat on fire, burning some of his skin off but this just causes him to be more pissed, and head towards Wesley.
  • While Wesley and Blaine distract the rat with the guns, the rest of the group unfold a plastic paper clip. The rat rushes towards it, and with the right timing, the clip goes through the rat's eye. It begins spinning around. Bill and Bob are sent flying because of the rat's tail.
  • Wesley and Blaine shoot at the tail, causing it to fall off. Dylan pushes Bob towards the direction of the rat, but is punched in the face by Joan and has his leg frozen by Blaine. The group run to a wall nearby, as Dylan is eaten alive by the rat. Nicholas faints at the sight of blood.
  • At the house, the group make their way on the carpet towards the ball. However, they hear a bark from the kitchen, and soon enough, Gavin's dog shows up.
  • The dog walks under the table, and gets the ball. However, he smells something, and heads for the group.
  • Allison throws LeShandria's chicken pot out, causing the dog to notice the group.
  • Gavin brings the girls together and asks them to sing the loudest they can. This pisses the dog off, and causes it to drop the ball and face the group, with his fangs showing.
  • Gavin tries to calm the dog down, but fails. Hugh makes a comment, pissing the dog more and more. It charges at the group.
  • Luke and Gavin try to turn the gloves on, but this takes too long, and Patrick is chewed alive by the dog. The dog then goes to a corner to barf Patrick's remains.
  • The group run to the other side of the table leg, and the dog tries to follow them. However, it hits its head face first on the glass of the table, breaking it into many small shards. The group manage to avoid it, however.
  • At the office, Blaine suggests an idea to the group. He lures the rat in their direction, and shoots the binder directly above the group with the freeze feature, causing it to fall on top of the rat, crushing it.
  • Ahsan tries to sleep on the rat, thinking it is hot. It is cold.
  • Ahsan points to Mars, thinking it was Orion. This weirds out Aya.
  • Goldie says: "Why aren't we hiding, white people?!". She then proceeds to take her suit off and takes Kent's lighter. She lights it on fire, and puts it on the ground, warming the group. However, hearing that comment, John punches her in the face, causing her to pass out on the fire, burning her greatly.
  • Olivia and Ven help Goldie out, but she is a bad state.
  • Wesley shoots John in the face with the burn feature. It melts his face, blinding one of his eyes, and make his face very bloody.
  • John collapses, dead.
  • A small insect reaches both groups and shows an hologram of Mr. S/D. They warn each group that they will get a batch of supplies every third day, with something of their choice.
  • Purry and Ahsan decide to head for the water cooler, taking up all night to do so.
  • The Neighborhood Group head for the kitchen, taking up all night to do so.

Day 2:

  • At the office, Purry and Ahsan take the guns and head to the water cooler. There, they find a weird diamond shaped glowing symbol on it. Meanwhile, the rest of the group hear whisking, much like the rat's.
  • At the house, the group reach the kitchen.
  • Rodolph and Ebru discuss about how this show has never been here before. Luke ties a lasso on the thread and throws it upwards, on the handle of a cabinet.
  • Everyone begins pulling the thread, making the door slightly open. Lucas rushes inside while the rest hold on. Inside, he finds many cleaning items, the kitchen sink plumbing system and a glowing diamond shaped symbol on the wall.
  • As Lucas clicks the small button, a small cheery sound is heard and a hologram appears in front of Lucas, giving him options of prizes he could pick.
  • Lucas picks the hint, which tells the group to find transportation and go to another floor to leave the house.
  • Lucas comes back soon after. Rodolph states he knows the house by party, as Georgia begins falling asleep on Ziggy.
  • At the office, Joan tries to cut a piece of paper with Goldie's earrings. He fails.
  • Joan attempts to roll up the paper with the rest of the group.
  • The whisking the group heard approaches, as they notice two rats coming their way.
  • The group set on fire the rolled paper and throw it at the rat's direction, despite this only causes the paper to unfold. A rat eats Olivia, as another steps on Noah with his paw. The other rat, done with Olivia, heads towards Joan, Andrew, Mi, Aya and Ahsan.
  • Joan throws ash at the rats' eyes, causing the charging rat to bite Nicholas slightly in the head.
  • Joan tries throwing ash again, but this proves unsucessful the second time, as the rats just bite Nicholas's head off. They also grab Noah and throw him towards the rat hole. They then begin slowly walking towards Tung, Wesley, Goldie, Ven, Bob and Bill.
  • Ahsan and Purry begin making their way back, but are faced with a rat on the way.
  • Blaine finds a stapler on a desk.
  • Bill proceeds to be eaten alive, but tells Blaine to keep his desk cleaned after he dies.
  • The rats drag Noah inside of the hole.
  • Purry and Ahsan try shooting at the rat, but miss, due to the rat proving to be quite smart.
  • Noah's left shoulder begins to be chewed on by the rats. Bob is also dragged to the rat hole.
  • Purry and Ahsan burn the rat attacking them a bit, but it whips its tail at Purry, sending her flying across the room, as she meets up with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, this rat runs towards Ahsan.
  • Bob starts being eaten alive by the rats.
  • Blaine uses Purry's gun on the rats, giving Noah time to escape, but putting the target on him.
  • Ahsan blinds the rat with the fire feature, as it begins spinning around, out of control.
  • Back at the house, the group decide to head for the entrance, and there, are greeted by a gigantic swarm of ants, eating on the food that was left behind by there. The ants start heading towards the group.
  • Luke orders Rodolph and Ebru to do something with the crumbs of food. Not understanding Luke, they just throw them ahead, crushing two ants. This causes lots of ants to begin swarming the group now.
  • The group manage to get away. After discussing, they decide to head for the kitchen. From there, they then head to the storage room. The group find a plastic toy sword, and a doll house, which Ebru and Rodolph proceed to investigate.
  • As the group explore the doll house, they hear a scream. From the other room, they see Meredith being eaten by two ants. She tells the group to tell something to Blaine, as she falls down dead.
  • An ant begins climbing the stairs, as the group hide inside of a doll room.
  • Everyone, but Ebru, Georgia and Rodolph head down the doll house by jumping down. They don't get injured a lot. Ebru throws the mirror at one of the ant's head that was close to Rodolph, causing it to faint. She throws the blanket down the window, and her and Rodolph go down the blanket. However, Georgia gets eaten by the ants, since she was unconscious and nobody helped her.
  • Ebru revolts and decides she and Rodolph are going to escape. She gets a doll head, a blanket and one of the gloves, and begins heading towards the ant swarm.
  • She tries to punch the glove, and realizes the doll works like a ping pong stick with a string on it. She and Rodolph run towards the ants, as Ebru begins to punch with the glove, causing the dolls to throw the ants far away, clearing a path for her and Rodolph. The group slowly follow behind.
  • James and Ziggy trip due to the group's low speed, and are left behind to fend for themselves. They fail to escape, and are eaten by the ants.
  • Ebru rolls the doll around, knocking many ants away. This clears a massive path for the group, which they follow.
  • The group eventually escape the house.
  • Luke learns Ebru is married before the group fall asleep.
  • Back at the office, the two rats go back to the rat hole, as Ahsan is knocked towards the wall by the rat's tail and falls unconscious.
  • Purry commands Kent and Mi to run over to Ahsan, as they oblige. However, coming back doesn't help, as Mi is violently whipped against the wall, dying there.
  • Blaine takes a gun and begins aiming it at the bottom of the desk, creating icicles on top of it. The rat approaches the group.
  • After this, Blaine melts the fire while dodging, causing the icicles to fall on the rat, killing it.
  • Aya, Ven and Goldie begin to cry, saddened by all of the deaths that have been happening.
  • The group reach the emergency stairs. They try to walk carefully to the next step, but realize it is a big drop, as Andrew falls to his death and is splattered.
  • Kent briefly leaves the group, but returns with scraps of paper. He tells everyone to follow suit, as he parachutes down the staircase.
  • On the ground floor, the group see the receptionist desk, with the receptionist working.
  • The group make their way across the desk, but are noticed by the receptionist, who grabs a shoe and heads towards the group.
  • Blaine uses both guns for the first time, and this causes them both to hit the receptionist in the head with all of the blows. This makes her trip backwards and fall down, as she hits her head on the desk, snapping her neck.
  • The group take some snack crumbs before leaving. They then leave, and fall asleep.

Day 3:

  • At the office, Goldie and Ven wake up early and claim they found a shortcut. Noah seems to be in a bad condition.
  • The group agree to go down the shortcut, an ant nest. Goldie makes torches for everyone.
  • At the house, Ebru and Rodolph also claim they found a shortcut. The group end up agreeing not to go down.
  • The group start heading towards the road, by the curb, Nathaniel leading, as they find a sewer hole.
  • They take the chance of going around it, on the middle of the road, as some gust of wind hits in. They get through it.
  • The group eventually find a handicap inclination, and get back on the sidewalk.
  • Suddenly, a butterfly encounters the group, with a diamond shaped symbol on its belly. It lets out a huge gust of wind towards the group's direction.
  • Allison tries to touch the butterfly, as the butterfly proceeds to bite Allison's arm out.
  • The group run away, after the butterfly sends a gust of wind towards them, but the butterfly catches up and grabs Hugh. It begins biting him and chewing his head off, after throwing him by the road, as he splatters.
  • The butterfly sends another huge gust of wind towards the group, causing them to roll back a lot. LeShandria gets a glove from Ebru, as the butterfly begins flying in a line above of the group. It begins dropping faeces from its behind on the group.
  • The roll out of the faeces' way, as LeShandria begins climbing a flower. This caughts the butterfly's attention as it flies towards her.
  • LeShandria waits until the butterfly charges at her, as she drops down the flower, holding on to the petal, and uses the impulse from the fall to ascend above and grab the butterfly by its back. She begins riding it.
  • LeShandria rides the butterfly, as it drops another huge turd at the group. They avoid. The butterfly proceeds to release gust of winds on the group, however, causing Reid and Allison to get stuck on turd remains on the sidewalk.
  • The butterfly begins flying to the sky, as LeShandria has difficulty holding on to it.
  • LeShandria tries to tame the butterfly with a belt, but fails. She asks Ebru to climb the flower with the thread.
  • Reid escapes the turd, but Allison doesn't.
  • LeShandria nicknames the butterfly "Lizzie".
  • Lizzie flies to Ebru, as she throws the thread to LeShandria.
  • After a try, LeShandria ends up controlling the butterfly putting the thread on its mouth. It lands, as Luke presses the diamond. The group go up in size, to the point Lizzie is a horse to their size.
  • Meanwhile, the office group enter an ant lair. They realize it to be a huge structured ant fortress, with hallways of ants carrying food all over the place. They charge at the group.
  • The group, using both gun features, fail to kill them.
  • Wesley snatches Goldie's gun and shoot Noah with both features, but fails, only causing Noah to fall back a bit.
  • aylen runs to help Noah up, but Wesley shoots Noah with the fire feature, making him fall again, as Noah's shirt begins burning. The ants close in, as Blaine takes Kent's gun and tries shooting at the ants, despite it still doesn't work. Purry takes Wesley's gun and shoots at the ants too, but the fire/ice feature at once doesn't work.
  • Noah throws his shirt, but continues burning.
  • Purry shoots Wesley with the fire feature, causing his shirt to be also set on fire.
  • Purry tries to shoot Wesley again, in the face, but misses, due to an ant falling on top of her. The ant begins fighting with Purry, trying to chew her head off.
  • The fire is put off. Wesley's fire continues burning, but Goldie shoots the ice feature on him after taking Purry's gun, helping the fire be put out. The burning shirt was put off by Goldie as well.
  • As Purry is fighting with the ants, Wesley grabs the boomerang and all guns from the rest of the people, and runs to strangle Purry with his bare hands. However, due to the ants being close to the group, Purry and Wesley start both to get eaten by the ants on their stomachs.
  • Everyone else begins to get attacked by an ant, as Ahsan, Joan, Aya, Kent, Jaylen and Tung are all fighting off ants on the ground.
  • Wesley and Purry both push each other off, and end up saving each other from the ants eating them while that happens. Wesley manages to help Aya and Joan from the ants, but is tackled by Noah, as Noah gets the guns back, and an ant heads towards them. Ahsan starts getting eaten alive.
  • Wesley slams the boomerang on Noah's head, causing Noah to fall to the side. Wesley gets the guns back afterwards.
  • Wesley tries to shoot Noah, misses the shot. Ahsan is being helped by Aya, but gets help from Wesley as well. The ants tackle the rest of the group, and everyone but Noah, Purry, Wesley, Aya or Ahsan is fighting off ants at the moment. Noah can't find a rock after looking for one. Purry fails to get the guns from Wesley.
  • The group shoot the ants with the fire feature, as the ants begin burning from the shots, and stop attacking the group. The rest of the ants up the hallway begin charging at the group however. Goldie and Ven help everyone up. They suggest the group to run.
  • After a lot of running, the group reach the bottom. There, they see an ant queen with a small crown on her head, with the diamond shaped symbol on it.
  • Ahsan and Wesley shoot at the ants nearby, causing a lot of them to be set on fire. Seeing this, the ant queen starts charging at the group.
  • Wesley shoots the queen, causing it to back out, despite the fire doesn't help.
  • Ahsan manages to shoot at the remaining ants, making lots of them burn.
  • The ant queen continues backing away, as the ice seems to freeze some parts of it, causing it go slower. It begins climbing the coocon's wall, heading to the roof.
  • Wesley begins shooting at the dirt, but it doesn't work. Neither does Ahsan have success. Noah manages to fend off some ants coming from behind, despite the boomerang has a crazy aim, hitting with a lot of strenght, but not accurately. The ant queen proceeds to jump down from the roof of the coocoon into the group.
  • Everyone runs from the Queen, despite the entrance crashes down. Aya, Mi, Goldie, Tung, Joan and Purry are all locked on the other side, as Wesley, Blaine, Ven, Kent, Noah, Ahsan and Jaylen are on the circular room, with the ant queen facing them.
  • The queen's legs are frozen for a bit by the group, despite it breaks through them quickly, being frozen on only one side. Kent points towards what Ahsan is doing.
  • The group manage to freeze both the ant queen's legs.
  • Suddenly, a large dirt rock falls from the sky and smashes the ant's head, killing it. Soon after, at the roof of the ant hole, the group see LeShandria riding Lizzie.
  • As LeShandria steals the crown, she accidentally clicks the small diamond shape on it. Everyone, but LeShandria, begins growing. Soon enough, everyone is LeShandria's size, as the butterfly seems horse sized to them.
  • LeShandria takes the head of the ant off. She uses an ant leg, some ant heads and the crown to make an ant sceptre.

Day 4:

  • At the office group, Goldie teaches Ven how to twerk.
  • Wesley hands a gun to LeShandria in private. LeShandria tries to fly off, but Wesley snatches it back before she can leave. The rest of the group try killing Lizzie and LeShandria, but fail.
  • Back at the neighborhood, the group find a trail of gummy bears. They eat them, satisfying their hunger.
  • Lizzie and LeShandria fly back to the neighborhood group.
  • Gavin stretches.
  • With grass and gauze, Luke manages to patch up Allison's injury.
  • Rodolph points towards the house. LeShandria takes everyone to a windowsmill with Lizzie.
  • LeShandria flies really up, but the wind begins dragging Lizzie away. She eventually lands on the tree nearby to avoid any more wind, at the back of the house.
  • LeShandria ends up making a cat start heading towards the front of the house, where the rest of the group is.
  • Allison knocks on the window of the house, where a woman and a little girl are making lemonade.
  • The girl and the woman look at the window, and are shocked seeing small people. The woman proceeds to grab a gun from the desk, as the little girl runs upstairs.
  • The cat reaches the front yard, and begins jumping at the windowsmill, trying to get the group, while the woman inside begins aiming at the group.
  • LeShandria begins to fly above Reid and Gavin, throwing down the thread, as they climb it. However, the cat bites on the bottom of the thread, as it begins pulling it. The woman slowly approaches the window, scared.
  • LeShandria jumps down on the cat. She grabs on to the hairs, as the cat begins to pull the thread, sucking it in.
  • Gavin is swallowed by the rat, and killed on its bowels.
  • Reid manages to cut the rope separating him and the cat, as Lizzie flies off, with Reid holding on to the thread.
  • The woman, still scared, and noticing the group are real people, shoots at the window, missing, but causing lots of glass shards to fly around.
  • Rodolph is stabbed by one of these glass shards and falls to the ground, to which Ebru screams in pain, trying to remove it. She begins mourning.
  • Meanwhile, the office group start walking towards a bus station.
  • Joan tells Goldie how he got his skin like that, as she is shocked.
  • Ahsan and Aya bond a lot.
  • Aya, suddenly, grabs a gun and shoots the roots of her hair, burning them up a bit. She begins laughing maniacally.
  • Wesley tries sitting on Blaine's lap while walking, but falls.
  • Aya grabs on to Ahsan's collar and begins dragging him away from the group, into a sewer hole.
  • Blaine tries shooting Aya with a fire gun, but misses. She then shoots back at the group, causing Jaylen's shirt to be set on fire.
  • Aya introduces herself as Liz to Ahsan, swearing at him.
  • Blaine shoots pebbles at Liz, causing her to fall on the ground and sneeze there. Aya wakes up, asking what happened.
  • The group try freezing Aya, as she runs away.
  • Aya trips, dodging a freeze shot. She then sneezes on the ground, again. Liz comes back, explaining how Aya has DID.
  • The group try shooting Liz, despite she avoids all of their attacks, somersaulting, cartwheeling or dodge rolling.
  • Jaylen's fire is put out, despite it burnt his shirt. The group reach a bus stop. There, they see an old woman reading a newspaper.
  • The group try to climb her sandals, but only cause her to notice them. She screams, and begins shaking the sandal.
  • The group manage to hold on. Soon enough, the old lady rolls her newspaper.
  • The lady tries to swing the newspaper at the group, but they dodge. She then swings her purse, and most of the group dodge, but Joan tries to grab it, causing him to be sent flying away.
  • The woman raises her foot. Ahsan says something, causing the group to be distracted, as they dodge too late, and Tung and Purry are crushed by the foot because of this, and Noah's foot is also obliterated.
  • The group hold on to the woman's dress, and get on the bus, as she seats down.
  • Back at the neighborhood, LeShandria climbs onto Lizzie. After a while, she drops Reid off near the mantis. The mantis begin to slowly head towards Reid.
  • The group run inside of the house, with the woman inside. She begins shooting at the group, and while they manage to dodge at first, Allison is shot and destroyed the second time she shoots.
  • Reid runs to the back door, as the mantis follow him.
  • Being too light to raise the cat door, Reid is eaten by the mantis.
  • Ebru shoots the cat with the sceptre, causing it to be knocked back. LeShandria and Lizzie fly back for her, and make Ebru ride Lizzie with the sceptre.
  • The rest of the group run out of the house, and hide on the crushed window's parts. They manage to avoid one of the shots from the woman.
  • The group manage to jump down on some flowers.
  • LeShandria and Lizzie manage to make the cat head to the back, distracting him.
  • The group run off to the grass, and starting running. However, a huge bottle of pesticide is aimed at them.
  • The pesticide is shot at the group as they run from it. Everyone's skin begins burning, but stops before reaching blood. The group hear meowing.
  • The group run to an ant hole, and are faced with an ant.
  • LeShandria tries to command the ant to do something, but it doesn't understand. The cat finds the group, and gets ready to eat one of them.
  • The group run to a sidewalk, and hide on the curb. The cat leaves.
  • Back at the office group, the bus stops, and the woman gets out. They try to go for the exit, but are too far away, and don't make it in time.
  • After a while, they reach another station. Ignoring the height of the bus' ledges, Jaylen falls down and is splattered.
  • The group wait for the bus to stop again, and reach the next station.
  • After they reach the next station, they use the paper scraps to parachute down.
  • The group also escape a car that nearly hits them. They all manage to dodge out of the way, however.
  • Goldie and Ven start learning karate with Kent, despite Goldie accidentally hits Ahsan. Ahsan hits Goldie on purpose afterwards.
  • Goldie restrains Ahsan for doing that. After some talking, he is let go by Goldie.

Day 5:

  • Goldie wakes up early and starts doing Tai Chi. Aya is in her Liz form.
  • Noah wakes up in a bad state, and needs bandages soon.
  • Wesley and Blaine catch the normal symptoms of a cold.
  • The neighborhood group start feeling thirsty.
  • Both groups find the water to be cloudy, indicating soon rain.
  • LeShandria and Lizzie head to a nearby dog house, looking for shelter from the rain.
  • Finding no dog, the group enter the dog house. Inside, they find dog bowls and a bone. It starts raining.
  • Lucas stands out his hand on the water, despite the impact rips off his hand from his arm.
  • Mikey takes off his shirt, putting it on Lucas's injury, trying to stop the bleeding.
  • The office group try to decide what to do, as the rain starts reaching to them as well.
  • Ahsan leads the group to under a bench to avoid the rain. Noah starts to pass out, as the group didn't try to his wounds.
  • After trying to bandage his wound with clothes, Ahsan shoots fire at Noah's wounds, hoping to cauterize it. This ends up killing Noah, who was already weak, and couldn't resist the pain. He dies.
  • It starts to rain by the office group, as the water begins covering them, since the benches have gaps on them.
  • The group use the freeze gun to freeze a wall that surrounds them fully. Ahsan then makes an ice roof, trapping the group with water and ice. They begin freezing to death.
  • They try using a lighter to unfreeze them, but fail, due to it being small.
  • Ahsan shoots fire, breaking the ice wall. The group start heating up. The rain stopped
  • The group receive the package for the boss fight on the next day.
  • Back at the neighborhood group, the rain stops, and they leave the dog house.
  • Walking, they see a group of 7 people. They think it might be the ones that left them earlier, but they are different.
  • After a brief introduction, the other group throws a metal spiral towards the group, which they manage to dodge.
  • Lucas trips, causing George and Frederick to get him and restrain him. The group say they wanna make a trade.
  • LeShandria tries flying on top of the group, despite the spiral is thrown at her, and she falls down, with a glove in hand. George steals the glove.
  • Lizzie flaps her wings, sending a huge gust of wind. Lizzie manages to get George and raise him up, as he falls down dead, with the glove.
  • The other group run away, as the neighborhood group get the small package for the boss fight.

Day 6:

  • The office group wake up to Goldie's Tai Chi. Aya is in her normal form.
  • A newspaper lands next to the group. After they check the front cover, they see the picture of Goldie restraining Ahsan, while it announces the show is recording its 6th episode.
  • Joan looks for skateboars laying around, but can't find any.
  • Kent starts working on a weapon using sticks and cloth.
  • After Kent suggests finding a place with environment, the group head to a garden.
  • Meanwhile, the neighborhood group wake up to find Ebru and the sceptre gone. Lucas's injury seems bad, as well.
  • The group also notice a strange fog coming from a nearby house.
  • After heading towards the house, the group realize it is LeShandria's.
  • Inside, the group see the men examining each of LeShandria's things, passing an x-ray on them, testing for blood and using a weird, pixelated machine that makes a weird noise, and when it rings, they grab the item and put it inside a plastic box, sealing it and taking it away. Mr. S is there, making comments about her junk.
  • Mr. S goes over through LeShandria's stuff, making comments of them. The group see a picture of LeShandria beating up a man for money.
  • Mr. S and another man proceed to bring a mattress full of money downstairs.
  • Mr. S goes through LeShandria's stuff and finds out she was a security guard and once protected the president.
  • The group hide on a small crack by the entrance door, as the men take LeShandria's stuff away.
  • The group start feeling a smell of smoke. They leave the house.
  • As they leave, the look inside and notice LeShandria's house starting to set ablaze, suddenly, as a new fire starts at every place of her house. Before the fire reaches the group outside, Mr. S comes to close the door, commenting someone forgot to.
  • After the house completely burns down and disappears, leaving a green free area where it once was, a sign saying "For Sale" falls out of the sky.
  • Back at the office group, they examine the garden and find it to be beautiful. However, they also find a giant snail with the diamond shaped symbol waiting for them by some tulips. It starts charging at the group, not like any snail before.
  • The snail approaches, quickly. Liz leaps out of the way, as follow Ven and Kent, as Liz starts shooting ice towards the snail's eye, trying to get a hit, but failing.
  • Blaine tries shooting fire at the snail, but misses.
  • The group run away from the snail, as the snail sloppily charges on a shovel, curling inside its shell when doing so. After a while, it comes out of its shell, and begins charging at the group again. The boomerang misses, but returns to the group.
  • Joan manages to climb a flower pot through some leaves, as the snail still charges, at high speed. Liz, Kent, Ven and Goldie all leap out of the way, as do the rest of the group.
  • Joan throws the boomerang, but it misses again, and the snail hits the flower pot, causing the flower pot to break and Joan to fall on the ground, covered in dirt. The snail gets out of its shell again and begins to charge towards Joan.
  • Blaine tries using the freeze gun again, but misses.
  • Joan avoids the snail's attack, as it hits the dirt. However, it comes out of it quickly. The rest of the group start slipping due to the sticky slimy path left by the snail.
  • Joan rips out a leaf and tries to use it to snowboard on the slime. This allows him to escape, but he crashes on the rest of the group.
  • The group try sliding like penguins on the slime, but only find it to be sticky.
  • The group use the freeze feature to create a small ice path, allowing them to escape just in time.
  • Joan throws the boomerang again, but misses. The snail is now closer to the group.
  • Meanwhile, at the neighborhood, the group start hearing some buzzing. They realize it is a swarm of bees.
  • The group begin climbing an old tree, with the bees approaching. There, they notice the ramifications, a hive and lots of leaves.
  • The group try to break branches, but fail. The bees charge at the group.
  • The group look for something soft to jump on, but find nothing
  • As the bees charge, they get their stingers out, and proceed to charge the group.
  • The group try punching them, but the bees avoid it.
  • Luke, LeShandria and Mikey are all stung on their shoulders. Nathaniel and Lucas avoid getting stung.
  • The bees go through the group, on the other side of the tree, and prepare to try and charge again, now from the opposite side.
  • Lizzie hides on top of the hive, scared.
  • Lizzie signals towards the hive, as the bees charge again. The group manage to get inside the hive, hiding.
  • Inside, the group find a lot of honey and nectar, along with many tunnels.
  • After traveling throughout the tunnels, the group reach the heart of the hive. There, they see a queen bee sitting on a hill that is high up to the center of the hive, hexagonal shaped honey and bees flying through the tunnels. After they are noticed, 10 bees stand next to the queen, as 3 try to charge the group.
  • The group dodge the bees, moving out of the way. They charge at the group again.
  • A bee stungs through Lucas's arm, making him bleed a lot. That bee dies.
  • The group manage avoiding any other bees, and rush to the queen. However, as they do so, the other 7 bees prepare to charge at them. Other bees come from the tunnels to replace the ones dead.
  • The group are forced to run back, as the queen is being heavily protected by the bees. They fall on top of honey, crushing it, and finding it to be very sticky.
  • The group continue their dodging strategy, only this time grabbing chunks of honey and heading for the tunnels. They start covering them.
  • They manage to cover a lot of the tunnels, but are distracted by this, and don't notice other 5 bees charging at them.
  • They begin to dodge, but Nathaniel ends up getting stung on the foot, causing the huge stinger to be stuck on the middle of it. The rest of the 4 bees accidentally get stuck on the honey walls created.
  • Nathaniel, aided by Luke and Mikey, manages to remove the stinger, despite he is bleeding a lot, with a hole on his calf.
  • The group manage to cover most of the holes, except the ones far above. Meanwhile, two bees prepare to charge, these ones at Lucas and Nathaniel.
  • Lucas and Nathaniel have difficulty dodging the bees, being injured, and Lucas is stung on the heart by a bee.
  • LeShandria, Luke and Mikey climb the walls, covering the remaining holes with honey, suceeeding in doing so. A bee heads towards LeShandria.
  • Back at the office group, the group try shooting the snail, not running. The snail avoids the shots and proceeds to eat Ahsan alive, as Liz watches. Liz runs off to a flower pot nearby.
  • Blaine shoots at a bird's nest on a tree, causing it to fall and drop eggs. A bird soon flies nearby the sky, notices this, and starts diving towards the group.
  • The snail charges at Liz's pot, as she jumps down, and it breaks.
  • The group start taking leaves out and throw them towards the path the snail is taking. They set them on fire when it arrives, despite it doesn't seem to burn the snail upon contact.
  • The group run to a cacti pot, and stand in front of it. When the snail charges at them, they jump out of the way, causing the cacti to fall, despite it doesn't fall on the snail.
  • Joan freezes the top part of another cacti pot, as the snail charges. The snail ends up charging to side of the pot, and not towards the pot, where Kent, Joan, Blaine and Ven are in.
  • The group jump out of the way, as Joan tries a similar plan. It fails. The snail charges at Wesley and Kent.
  • Both of them dodge. Wesley gets behind the snail as the bird charges at him. However, the bird accidentally hits its peak on the snail's shell, falling unconscious, as the snail proceeds to eat the bird, even if it is a bit big.
  • Wesley shoots fire at the snail, despite it doesn't affect it.
  • The group run to the fallen cacti and cover it with leaves. They wait until the snail comes, and run past them, as the snail charges directly at the spikes, dying.
  • They click on the diamond shaped symbol, and have all injuries healed.
  • While all of this is happening, LeShandria shoots the queen in the head, causing it to go crazy. The shot doesn't penetrate all of her head, but part of her nerve system, as she flies around, throwing her abdomen out and about. The other 5 bees are accidentally killed by the queen bee, and no new bees come due to the holes being closed.
  • LeShandria tries to run, having climbed up, and falls on top of a honey batch, crushing a lot of honey, but surviving due to it being sticky. The queen bee proceeds to shoot lots of needles towards Luke and Mikey, however.
  • Mikey and Luke manage to jump down, landing on honey, as the needles hit the honey walls. The queen bee proceeds to spin her stinger, like a drill. It begins going towards LeShandria.
  • LeShandria waits for the queen to close by, and dodges, causing the drill to be stuck on the honey.
  • LeShandria tries to stab the queen through the head, but fails, due to being too down low. The queen proceeds to take the drill off, and heads towards Mikey with it.
  • Mikey dodges, causing the queen to be stuck again.
  • The group try boosting LeShandria up, but she shakes the group off before LeShandria can do something. The queen shoots needles at Luke and Mikey.
  • The two manage to dodge, as the drill begins spinning again, towards LeShandria.
  • LeShandria puts her hands on honey and jumps on the bee. This only causes her to be stuck, as the queen shakes LeShandria off.
  • The group manage to get the queen stuck on another pile of honey as it raises its drill, as it shakes LeShandria off, with her falling down. LeShandria punches it on the abdomen, causing it to shoot needles again.
  • The group dodge, as the queen pulls out the drill one more time. It gets stuck again as the group use the same strategy.
  • LeShandria begins to climb the wall, as the queen leaves the honey, spinning and knocking the rest of the group all to the ground. The queen proceeds to aim the stinger at LeShandria, ready to shoot needles.
  • The rest of the group throw honey at the queen, causing its attention to head towards the other 3. It starts drilling towards their direction.
  • They jump out of the way, causing it to be stuck again.
  • LeShandria manages to hop on the queen's head, as Nathaniel passes her the stinger, and LeShandria stabs her directly in the head, as the queen bee falls down to the ground, dead.
  • As LeShandria presses the button, the group's injuries are all healed and the wounds in their bodies disappear.
  • LeShandria manages to smash a sticky tunnel that was sealed. She leaves the hive, and notices all bees are gone. Lizzie appears near the hive, as everyone leaves the hive.
  • After leaving the hive, they see, from high above, a group of men and a woman, gagged up, with them. They notice it is Ebru, with the sceptre being carried by one of the men.
  • After climbing down, the group debate on whether or not saving Ebru. They choose to sleep.

Day 7:

  • The office group walk at night and find the neighborhood groups sleeping by the rocks. The groups merge with each other.
  • As the groups merge, they decide not to kill each other and to work together. A small package falls from the sky.
  • Kent asks about what happened to Ebru and his son, and Luke tells his the bad news. Kent is devastated by this.
  • Wesley opens the package, and sees a small letter inside. He reads it in private, then burns it.
  • He then tells the group the letter on one side told the group they could all win as a merged group, while on the other, strange information in bold, red letters saying "SEIZE THE DAY" "ESCAPE THE S" and "BURN THE CROWN" were written, as if they were written in blood.
  • Joan grabs LeShandria's crown from her scepter and burns it. It turns to ash.
  • The group hear some plane noises coming from above.
  • After some talking, Lizzie starts acting strange. Soon enough, they realize a fly is coming down. It lands. They notice its leg are sharp, metallic and could cut anyone with them. The fly's wings seem to be resistant to bullets, as they fly, revealing chains circulating its structure, leading to the core abdomen. On it, the group sees a small camera. Not small, but a camera lens. It seems to be recording the group
  • Soon enough, on one of the eyes of the fly, an image is seen play. Of a woman. She says the neighborhood group have seen too much for their own taste, and must die for it, and subsequently, the rest of the merged group. The image then fades out, and the giant fly starts hoisting flight.
  • The group can see its bowels inside of its abdomen quickly open to get air, but they soon close again, covered by many metallic plates. The fly begins to be airborne.
  • The group try shooting at the fly with ice, but it dodges all attacks.
  • It proceeds to extend its mouth, as a large vacuum starts pulling the group in closer to its mouth, a huge gust of wind pulling them in.
  • Joan throws the boomerang at it, causing the sucking to stop, and it to be knocked back a bit.
  • The fly begins flying directly above the group, as Lizzie seems scared.
  • The group wait for the fly to start sucking the group in again, but instead, it opens its bowels, as a huge circular saw starts descending from them, towards the group, in the middle of the sidewalk.
  • The group roll to the sides, as the saw hits the middle of the sidewalk, creating a ravine on it. Nathaniel, Kent, Luke, Goldie and Wesley are stuck on one side, near the grass, while LeShandria, Ven, Aya, Lizzie, Joan, Blaine and Mikey are stuck on the other, near the curb. The fly proceeds to throw a weird substance from its mouth, causing the ravine to be filled with an acid substance. A smaller fly accidentally lands there, quickly melting.
  • The fly opens its bowels, as two other circular saws come out, as it throws one to each group, horizontally.
  • The group try to back away, and this doesn't help much. Lizzie manages to fly up with LeShandria, as everyone on their side holds on to Lizzie, causing the rest of the group on that side to be saved, as they fall down when the saws came. Goldie manages to push most of the othergroup to the ground in time, despite she herself doesn't get down completely in time. Before Goldie is killed, Kent tackles her to the ground, causing Kent's back to be peeled off, revealing bone and flesh, as he screams in pain, excrutiating pain.
  • The group shoot ice at the wound, causing the bleeding to stop, for a while.
  • The fly releases the chains from its wings, and starts spinning, towards both group's direction.
  • LeShandria manages to get guns from the other group in time, shooting the chain and freezing it. The chain on her side is frozen, and obliterates as she punches it with the glove, causing the fly to screech in pain. Meanwhile, the other group, having not dodged, are all knocked over, as Wesley and Nathaniel both are knocked back to the ravine, holding on to the edge of it. The fly reaches a side of the sidewalk, and prepares to spin, from the opposite direction now.
  • LeShandria manages to do the same as earlier, causing the chain to be obliterated as the fly screeches in pain and flies high up. Nathaniel and Wesley get up while the fly is distracted.
  • The fly begins circling around the group, as wind begins carrying the group. A tornado starts forming around them, as they all fly randomly. The group try shooting ice, despite the icicle flies around, hitting Blaine on the arm, cutting it a bit. Soon enough, they are separated into new groups by the sidewalk. Blaine, Nathaniel, Mikey, Ven and Goldie near the curb, while LeShandria, Wesley, Luke, Joan, Aya and Kent make up the grass part.
  • The fly proceeds to open its bowels again, revealing a sphere. From behind the sphere, however, comes a bigger circular saw, that starts drilling on the ravine, as the acid flies around.
  • The group manage to jump out of the acid's way as LeShandria shoots the fly with the ice, even if it doesn't seem to hurt the fly. However, one of the icicles shot from the ice gun reflect and accidentally hit Joan on the foot, as Joan trips on the ground. The fly begins to turn around, as its wings close in to its back, and it slowly starts to open. A large pole, attached to a glass dome, starts coming out from its back.
  • They try shooting fire at the pole, but it doesn't work a lot.The pole begins standing out and soon traps the group in a dome with it. On the center of the dome, where the acid is, a hole starts sucking in the group.
  • The group start holding on to the sidewalk cracks, while Lizzie battles the vortex, flying on the other direction. LeShandria, taking advantage of this, shoots at the ceiling where the pole is blinking red, causing the dome to be removed, and the fly to fly high up again. The sucking stops.
  • The fly begins flying down, trying to pull a kamikazi attack. Everyone begins running, as the tornado slowly forms again, and the groups are redistributed again. It stops right before it hits the ground, and heads towards Nathaniel, Luke, Kent and Aya. It begins sucking the group in its mouth.
  • Blaine tries throwing the boomerang at the fly, but it doesn't distract it, as the vacuum begins sucking the group in, Kent being pulled by the winds towards the mouth.
  • The group decide to let Kent go, as he dies inside of the fly's bowels.
  • The bowels soon close again, and the fly proceeds to rise up to the end of the sidewalk, throwing circular horizontal saws again, one at each group. Nathaniel, Luke, Liz, LeShandria and Blaine are on one side, the rest on the other.
  • The group dodge them, as the fly raises flight again, opening the bowels.
  • As the tornado starts, the group throw the boomerang on the fly. As everyone flies around it, the boomerang hits the sphere inside of the fly, as the sphere explodes and the fly crashes down, falling on acid and melting on it. A tape recorder and a tape fall down from the sphere, however.
  • The group listen to the tape, and find info about the corporation. Ven and the rest make an inspirational speech, prompting everyone to put their hands on a circle, vowing to find the other groups.

Day 8:

  • The group wake up, and Goldie suggests going to a pond.
  • After a while, the group meet the third group, with Karen and Matilda arguing.
  • Despite a small fight, after Wesley and Ruby prove to know each other. Matilda knocks Karen out.
  • Ruby gives Wesley his violin.
  • Aya sneezes, as Liz looks over at Sci, and restrains him, stating all crimes he commited, and saying he needed to be arrested.
  • Wesley and Frederick head to a house nearby, and see Mr. S with a man inside. Blaine joins them.
  • Chloe and Luke start talking, while Liz and Matilda argue. Frederick and Wesley bond a little.
  • Karen wakes up, and makes the deal to work together with the group.
  • The group explain the house disappearing event, causing Karen to be shocked by the signs of her art, despite she hits her head on Sci's helmet, being knocked out again.
  • Aya comes back to her Aya state, as her, Ven and Luke go to the house, and watch Mr. S and the man take off personal belongings from the house on the plastic boxes, as the house is set on fire. After a while, grass fills the space, as a "For Sale" sign falls down.
  • The group learn of the existence of at least 6 groups in the game.
  • The group find a red trolley.
  • Luke gently punches the front of the trolley with the glove, causing it to go far ahead. The group are all knocked back to the back of the trolley, as it goes in high speed. After a while, it stops.
  • The group notice they end up in a much darker neighborhood, as the night falls. Abandoned houses are nearby. From a house's darkness, the group see four red eyes rushing at them.
  • They realize they are black guard dogs. They charge at the group, jumping at the trolley.

Day 9:

  • Picking off from last day, Chloe grabs a small signal gun from Matilda's purse and shoots it upwards the sky, as a red light begins lighting the group.
  • The dogs begin to quickly charge at the group, as they use the glove again, sending the trolley down the road in high speed. The group are knocked back to the back of the trolley, as the trolley travels. It eventually stops nearby a mail box. The dogs quickly chase the group.
  • Blaine and Wesley shoot at the dogs, but only hurt a bit. As Wesley ends up shooting the dog he is shooting on the back, some parts of its skin peel off. He sees the diamond shaped symbol glowing.
  • The first dog proceeds to jump at the group, and bites the trolley's back, slightly damaging it.
  • Wesley manages to get a hit on the dog's nose with the gloe, causing it to fly a bit back. However, it lands on the ground back far, causing the ground to be smashed slightly by its landing. The other dog proceeds to open its mouth, revealing metal fangs.
  • The group try using the glove, but don't get a chance. The dog bites the cart, creating a gap on the trolley. The dog proceeds to bite again, as the other dog arrives. It opens its mouth and the group see a small gas come out of its mouth, along with something sparking on it. *Blaine also doesn't seem to do any damage to the dog with both features of the guns.
  • The group run to the front of the cart, as the other dog proceeds to shoot fire from its mouth, using the gas that was spread out. The other dog bites again on the cart, taking another chunk out from it, chewing it. Aya sneezes, turning into Liz.
  • The group shoot ice at the fire, dimming it down a bit, but not before Blaine's arm and Luke's leg are set on fire.
  • Liz draws her knives and jumps at the dog's face, ripping the skin off, revealing it is made out of metal.
  • As a dog proceeds to attack, Wesley punches it on the face, sending it flying off a bit.
  • Blaine and Luke set off their fires.
  • Both dogs run around the cart, as the group is unsure of what to do.
  • A dog jumps inside of the trolley, as the group run to the front of the cart. The dog jumps again, revealing spikes on its belly.
  • Running to the front, Ruby is spiked by the dog. The other dog lets out gas from its mouth again.
  • Blaine shoots fire at the gas before the cat shoots the group with it, causing that dog to explode.
  • The other dog's eye turn red, as it begins shooting laser from it at the group.
  • Blaine uses the scissors' blade to reflect the lasers, sending them at the dog, as it explodes. Exhausted, the group pass out on the cart.
  • After waking up, the group notice the rest of the group went off to bury Ruby's body on the grass.
  • The group explore a bit, finding the place to be an abandoned neighborhood, with dead grass all around.
  • After a while, the group reach a dead end, a cul-de-sac. On the center of it, on top of dead grass, they see a lamp post with a diamond shaped symbol.
  • LeShandria presses the diamond shaped symbol, revealing 4 options. Wesley, Luke, Nathaniel, Blaine. A questions pops up asking who wants to play. LeShandria chooses Luke.
  • Joan contacts the gods from the sky explaining what a cul-de-sac is, and gets threatened by them.
  • The hologram reveals a holographic slot machine with various reality shows, and it lands on Fear Factor. Luke gets the task of finding everyone's fear.
  • Luke jump scares Sci, as he faints.
  • Wesley is asked by Luke about violins.
  • Liz complains about Sci being let go, bringing out a long list from her clothing, citing crimes commited by Sci "accidentally".
  • Luke finds out more secrets. Matilda starts crying after station her fear is bad TV show endings.
  • Frederick gives Wesley a piggy back ride.
  • Joan proceeds to kiss Frederick's face, making out with him, as he drops Wesley by accident.
  • Wesley uses a glove on Joan, causing him and Frederick to be sent flying.
  • Wesley hits Joan in the face, as Sci knocks Wesley out.
  • Mikey starts to sing a Rick Astley song.
  • Liz, Chloe and Frederick facepalm. Sci smiles, oddly.
  • Sci duets with Mikey. Sci's voice sounds beautiful to the group.
  • Joan tells something to Frederick in secret.
  • Liz and Chloe leave the group, going to look for water.
  • Goldie and Ven start doing weirder tai chi positions.
  • Luke follows Liz and Chloe. They find a hose with water droplets, and Liz uses bottles she had with her to fill them.
  • Luke, Frederick, Liz and Chloe reunite with water bottles, as Ven and Goldie run to them, and start drinking each a water bottle, chugging it in.
  • After everyone drinks water, they realize Sci's voice sounds terrible.
  • Karen says her fear is dying without making friends. Matilda comments on how that is inevitable.
  • Luke asks Lizzie her fear. Lizzie blinks, being a butterfly.
  • Wesley and Frederick leave the group for a bit, but come back together afterwards.
  • After figuring out all fears, a small package falls from the sky near Luke. He opens it, finding it to be an unlimited ammo machine gun. Blaine tries to steal it, but fails.
  • After walking a bit, the group meet the bowlers again, with Ebru and the sceptor.
  • Despite a small face-off, they let Ebru go.
  • Ebru, reunited with the group, tells the group she found something weird. She shows the group a newspaper of 2016 showing the group facing off a huge spider, with some people dead on the background, and many dead people alive on it, as they use a titanium sword.
  • The group find themselves at a standstill, debating whether on finding Margaret's group, the bowlers or the couple. They decide to look for Margaret's group.
  • Matilda helps carry Wesley. Matilda trips after LeShandria causes her to fall, and Matilda's nose starts bleeding. She punches LeShandria, causing LeShandria to fall back.

Day 10:

  • Lizzie is noticed acting strange. She has been flying around looking for milkweed.
  • The group wake up to a red blood sky, and an orange blood sun, called the Crimson Moon by Nathaniel.
  • The group start walking, finding a mansion nearby. Lizzie sits on the milkweed.
  • Something begins coming out of Lizzie. The group see it is an egg. She proceeds to lay another one.
  • The group notice a person by the mansion, their size.
  • Lizzie lays another egg.
  • Lizzie lays another egg. Liz suggests 3 people go talk to the person. Liz, Sci and Luke volunteer.
  • Walking towards the person, they notice it to be Christina.
  • The 3 greet Christina, and begin chatting with her about the days since they split up.
  • As Joan tries to poop, LeShandria grabs it with her bare hands and gives it to Lizzie. Lizzie doesn't like the poop a lot.
  • Lizzie starts to fall asleep. She looks weak.
  • Luke explains the current situation of the group to Christina. She tells the 3 to wait until the rest are back from the mansion.
  • Wesley, Matilda and Karen leave to look for food. They find a house nearby.
  • Entering the house, they find nobody inside, but a chocolate cake. They go to it, and start eating it. Matilda stuffs a lot of it in her purse.
  • LeShandria finds some nectar on a flower nearby.
  • Lizzie starts passing away. LeShandria points a gun at herself, but Lizzie puts her arm down.
  • Liz turns into Aya.
  • Wesley, Matilda and Karen return.
  • LeShandria tells Lizzie to look at the flowers, as she obliges. Her eyelids shut.
  • Lizzie passes away.
  • Saint and Helen come out of the mansion. Helen laughs upon seeing Luke.
  • Luke explains the plan to those two as well.
  • Margaret and Jammil leave the house.
  • The 5 agree to work with the rest of the group. They show them 5 toy cars, which they have been using to get around.
  • Karen and Mikey make a bet on who can screw Mackenzie first.
  • The entire group make a funeral for Lizzie. LeShandria says her goodbyes.
  • The groups separate in cars. In the first car: Margaret, Saint, Jammil, Christina and Helen. On the second car: Luke, Aya, Ebru and Chloe. On the third car: Blaine, Wesley, Frederick and Goldie. On the fourth car: Michael, LeShandria, Karen, Matilda and Sci. And on the fifth car: Joan, Nathaniel and Ven. The group start driving off.
  • Margaret asks Luke if they ever found out who signed them up. After a bit of questioning, Margaret deducts there must be a traitor.

Day 11:

  • The group, having driven all night, stop by the road, where they notice it is really cracked, seemingly destroyed. The houses nearby are empty, and the sky is still red. They also notice newspaper pieces scattered all over the road.
  • Saint and Joan go check out the pieces.
  • Joan grabs a random newspaper piece, seeing the city in chaos, with lots of robberies and fires starting. Luke tries to see it from his car.
  • Wesley screams that Joan has an STD. Matilda slaps him for his lack of manners.
  • Wesley smacks Matilda. Matilda kicks Wesley's crotch, as Wesley falls in pain to the ground.
  • Joan sees another newspaper piece saying the robberies expanded to the city.
  • He sees another paper, showing Mr. S, Mr. D and the woman that appeared when the fly attacked them, Madame Q. They learn their names are Sydney, Dawson and Quella.
  • Joan catches a glimpse of a red glove, much like the Extremely Blunt Gloves, on a street floor covered in dirt and smoke. The papers then fly off.
  • Something begins falling from the sky.
  • Falling down from the sky into the cracked street, causing a huge crater to be opened on the already cracked street is a dark haired squirrel. Its eyes are made out of a weird substance, with a strange white liquid inside, that shakes. The squirrel's arms and legs are filled with a weird purple substance that crosses his entire body, leading up to the back, in place of his veins, as they stick out from his body, flowing in a anti-gravitational state. They circulate it fast. Metallic coils cover these veins, as the metal molds as the squirrel walks, causing the metal to seemingly change. The squirrel's tail seems normal at first, but soon enough, it begins shape shifting into other animal tails. Its claws seem to be regular human nails at first, but soon also shape shift into other, as the purple substance seems to be going around them, allowing the change. The squirrel has, on the center of his back, the diamond shaped symbol, despite it is covered by all of the black skin in his body, the purple substance and the metal that covers it, as the squirrel rises up. It slowly starts walking towards the group, as the group hear some words from above. "This is take 3 on the murder show! Let's go!". They recognize them as Madame Q's words.
  • The entire group leaves their cars, armed and prepared, as they watch the squirrel. The squirrel opens its mouth, revealing razor blades making up the higher arch of teeth, and needles making up the lower arch of teeth. It shoots needles from its mouth at the group.
  • The group jump out of the way, avoiding the needles. The squirrel gets it claws out, and runs towards the group, in a fast speed.
  • Only running away doesn't help, as it lunges in on Saint and Jammil, piercing them both on the heart, as they fall down dead, and the squirrel throws both of their hearts towards the side. Christina begins crying, and throws a knife at the squirrel, as the squirrel dodges, and lunges on Christina as well, putting his claws through her heart, as Christina tries to fight back in her final moments. The squirrel rips out Christina's heart and throws it towards the already existing pile of hearts of Saint and Jammil.
  • LeShandria begins running alone, catching the attention of the squirrel. She shoots fire at it, causing it to jump over her.
  • The squirrel jumps over her, landing behind her. Its tail shape shifts into an armadillo tail, made fully of metal, as it swings it at LeShandria, causing her to be sent flying across the cracked road.
  • LeShandria gets to the rest of the group, dodging one of the tail swings of the squirrel. As LeShandria shoots with the guns, however, the squirrel jumps over the fire and ice burst, heading towards the group. It opens its teeth, razor and needle, and slowly lunges on top of the group from the skies.
  • The group jump out of the way, as it bites the ground. However, it doesn't break its teeth. It begin eating the ground that it landed on, chewing on to it, as it starts spitting into random directions, boulders of which head towards LeShandria, Michael and Blaine.
  • All three of the group manage to jump out of the way, as the boulders fly through. The squirrel, quickly moves his eyes about, as the black pupils on the white liquid just float around. The squirrel prepares to open its mouth, as the razors come out, and he lunges towards Wesley and Frederick.
  • LeShandria shoots the ground, freezing it.
  • Frederick and Wesley manage to jump out of the way, as Wesley tries punching the squirrel, sending him flying a bit, but not much. However, the squirrel starts changing. Its metal coil and purple liquid become to come together, sucking the squirrel in a blob of them. It begins compacting, and molding to be a person. Soon enough, it takes the form of Wesley. It seems like a very weird replica of Wesley, with the purple liquid circling a little on the top of where in the skin Wesley-Replica's veins would be in, as the metal still circles, covering them, still molding a tad. Wesley's face has a huge metal going all over him, and lots are at his brain, much like humans. It has a glove like Wesley, but it has a purple and metallic tint to it. It begins running towards the group.
  • The group back away, as Wesley-Replica jumps on top of Margaret and hits her face with the glove, making her entire spine and her head all together go back behind, in a matter of seconds. Wesley-Replica then begins the process of disfiguration again, as the purple liquid and the metal coils shape him back into the squirrel, as his tail shapeshifts into a metal armadillo tail again.
  • The beast dodges the fire that LeShandria shoots at it, but is hit by the ice, as its metal coil quickly freeze, despite they soon unfreeze. The beast begins its disfiguration process once again, now taking the form of LeShandria, with the purple liquid covered by the metal coils making up the whirls in LeShandria-Replica's hair. It has a fire and ice gun, which it aims towards the group, and a normal gun, both covered in the purple liquid and metal, as it aims this one at LeShandria. The eyes of LeShandria-Replica are all filled with the white liquid.
  • The group manage to avoid the shots. The gun fires two shots at LeShandria, despite she manages to avoid the metallic purple bullets that try killing her. LeShandria-Replica starts rushing out to Joan, Blaine and Goldie, ready to knock them down. It runs at a fast pace.
  • LeShandria manages to get a glove from the closest person, that being Wesley, and runs towards Saint's dead body. LeShandria-Replica kicks Joan in the stomach, and aims both guns at his head, preparing to shoot.
  • LeShandria begins breaking down every bone in Saint's dead body. Joan tries to jump out of the way, but with a gun pointed towards his head, it fails, and he is shot in the head. LeShandria-Replica passes its attention towards Blaine.
  • Before Blaine is shot to dead by LeShandria-Replica, it gets shot by the dead body of Saint, as LeShandria controls the dead body to make it shoot. Soon enough, the disfiguration begins, and the purple liquid, covered in the mettalic coils all mold, as the squirrel turns into Saint-Replica. However, it is fallen on the ground, due to Saint's broken bones. The disfiguration starts again, as the squirrel turns into something bigger. The original squirrel turns into a much bigger squirrel, as its metal parts have all been broken and destroyed, and only the purple liquid is what remains, circling around his skin, veins and dripping on the floor. Its stomps create mini-craters as it walks. It proceeds to grab Helen with its hand.
  • LeShandria shoots with the freeze feature towards the giant squirrel's feet. It hits the purple liquid, as it freezes, and soon, breaks. Lots of the purple liquid starts leaking out on the cracked road. Helen is slowly led up, being held by the squirrel's hand, tiny. The squirrel's other hand comes out, with the needle claws, and prepares to impale Helen. She calls for Luke to save her before being impaled by the squirrel's left hand claws, as the other hand also proceeds to impale her, and her insides are disenbowled in front of the group, all of her organs removed from her chest and body. Helen falls down dead. The squirrel proceeds to shoot the needles from the mouth at the group once again, from high above.
  • The group get out of the way of the needles, and notice how the squirrel seems more slopp. Its purple liquid starts leaking out a lot, and it disfigures back to the smaller squirrel form. Its liquid is leaking, as it prepares to lunge at the group, with the claws.
  • The group all jump out of the way, now avoiding the claws, as the squirrel slams them on the ground, and pulls them out. Its boulders stuck to his claws as he shoves them on the ground from the attack. He proceeds to throw them at two groups, of Luke, Aya and Chloe and of Wesley, Blaine, Frederick and Nathaniel. LeShandria misses the shot with the guns due to having to dodge, and Wesley tries to get guns from NPC's, but fails.
  • Both groups manage to dodge the boulders heading towards them, as they jump to the ground. LeShandria shoots again, freezing another part of the purple liquid, as it freezes and breaks, leaking out some more. The squirrel growls because of that, in pain, and the group also see the black pupils turn green. The squirrel proceeds to run, as the liquid leaks, towards LeShandria. *Mikey manages to shoot it as well, causing another part of the purple liquid to freeze and break, leaking. The squirrel's black pupils that once were green now turn orange, and it begins opening its mouth, the razors coming out, and being thrown towards each of person of the group.
  • The group all manage to dodge, by ducking, as the razors fly by. The metal parts start forming again, near the purple leaks. The squirrel starts running towards the group.
  • Blaine realizes NPC's don't have guns.
  • The squirrel charges at the group, as LeShandria freezes a part of the purple liquid. Mikey also manages to freeze the purple liquid, as soon it breaks, and all of it starts leaking throughout the cracked road. Luke uses his limitless machine gun to help shoot the purple liquid, despite it doesn't really do a lot of damage, only on the frozen parts. After so much liquid having escaped its body, the squirrel's black pupils that once were green, then orange, turn red, as it collapses on the ground, all of the white liquid leaving the white sockets of where his eyes were supposed to be, it falls dead. Everyone starts cheering, with a bittersweet taste.
  • After getting another tape and listening to it, the group put the bodies of the dead people by the dead grass, get on the cars, and head off.

Day 12:

  • Wesley and Blaine make 'love potions' inside of their cars, using remains of the hearts, water and LSD.
  • The group continue driving, meeting more destruction.
  • LeShandria and Mikey try to crash on Wesley and Blaine's car, after hearing bug sounds inside of their car.
  • Car 3 is shot a lot, but endures attacks.
  • Seeing it might rain, Ven suggests parking on an open garage nearby. The group do as so, and the rain starts.
  • Frederick drinks one of the "love potions" and faints. He then wakes up, having visions.
  • Wesley gives Sci a love potion as well. He faints too, but wakes up, dizzy. He goes over to Mikey, and grabs his balls.
  • Liz sneezes, turning into Aya.
  • Luke kisses Aya for the first time.
  • Mikey gets in car 4, as Sci starts chasing him around the garage on car 3.
  • LeShandria shoots at car 3, trying to freeze it.
  • Mikey cries after Sci corners him, and starts weirdly undressing him.
  • Frederick and Sci faint. Upon waking up, they look for their clothes, unsure of what happened.
  • Luke has a talk with Aya, afterwards heading towards Ebru.
  • Mikey gets on the car again, trying to run over Sci.
  • LeShandria gets on the car, throwing Mikey to the passenger seat.
  • Car 4 and Wesley begin shooting at each other, but both miss.
  • The group starts feeling a bit tired. The rain stops for a bit, now showing the garage more clearer. The group see a light switch by a toolbox.
  • Frederick and Goldie search inside car 3, finding the love potions. Goldie takes one and spits it out, claiming it was a mixture of blood and LSD.
  • Nathaniel clicks the light switch, lighting the room up.
  • Luke and Aya continue bonding. LeShandria investigates something shiny on the shelves.
  • Nathaniel tries to lift a screwdriver, but fails. He asks for helps, but all also fail.
  • Nathaniel eventually gives up and takes a nail instead.
  • The group hear car noises outside the garage.
  • Avoiding rain drops, a couple in a toy bike arrive inside the garage. Goodwin and Steve. They excitedly greet the others, introducing themselves.
  • Wesley starts feeling emotional, as Ebru and Chloe comfort him.

Day 13:

  • Goldie woke up early, like usual, and started doing Tai Chi. Goodwin and Steve liked this, and started doing it as well, finding it to be very exciting.
  • LeShandria and Mikey switch their car for the bike with Goodwin and Steve.
  • Ven grabs a piece of paper and starts drawing on it with a pencil and a pilot he has, putting out random theories of his.
  • The group head off. After driving for a while, they spot the bowlers. They don't see Chris with them.
  • After discussing, Gustav states the bowlers are there to win the money.
  • Malcolm brings out a golden bowling ball, Mackenzie gets a gun, Gustav gets a flare gun, Joel gets a titanium sword.
  • Luke tries to reason with the bowlers, but fails to persuade them.
  • Gustav proceeds to shoot the flare gun at the group, as it explodes in front of everyone, blinding them, as the scene covers in smoke. LeShandria, Mikey, Goldie and Frederick are quickly knocked over to the ground, by what seems a bowling ball. However, they notice a spring on this ball, as it is sent back to where it came from. As the smoke is fading away, Joel is faintly seen running towards the group with the sword.
  • The group all jump out of the way, as Joel swings his titanium sword. As LeShandria jumps out, nearly having gotten hit, they notice the sword slowly reach out to a small string of hair she has, as it cuts the string with the slightest touch at it. Even though the group jump out of the way, Joel proceeds to swing the sword at fallen LeShandria.
  • Amidst the smoke, aim is not the best, as shots are missed when the group try to fire at Joel. LeShandria begins shooting at Joel, with both of her guns, causing the ammunition of her human gun to empty after 4 shots. Joel quickly backs out and puts the titanium sword in front of the way of LeShandria's, Mikey's and Luke's shots, and the ice, fire and bullets are deflected by the sword. Smoke starts to fade more.
  • Gustav shoots the flare gun again, blinding the group. Chloe, Luke and Aya are knocked by the bowling ball to the ground.
  • After Luke saying they won't kill anyone, Mackenzie shoots randomly at the cloud of smoke, hitting Aya in the shoulder. She sneezes, as Liz appears, throws alcohol on her wound, grabs two knives and runs in the smoke.
  • Joel sneaks up behind Wesley, with the sword.
  • Joel is knocked back by Wesley, landing near the other bowlers.
  • Luke tries firing the machine gun at the smoke, but fails. The smoke fades, and the group notice Liz and Mackenzie fighting against each other, showing skill in their attacks.
  • Gustav shoots the flare gun a little higher up.
  • Gustav begins running, avoiding Luke's shots fired at him, as Joel comes in front of Gustav, with the sword, dodging all of the bullets, as they begin deflecting randomly. Mackenzie and Liz continue to fight, none of them getting hit, as Malcolm rolls the bowling ball again, causing Matilda, Karen, Sci and Mikey to be knocked to the ground, as the flare explodes on top of the group, making the group not see anything above of them.
  • Luke and Mikey proceed to shoot at Malcolm, who is not near the rest of the bowlers. Malcolm is gattled down to death by the shots, not being able to escape them in time, and falls to the ground, passed away. Mackenzie, Gustav and Joel all look at Malcolm's dead body, shocked. This gives an opportunity for Liz to knock Mackenzie to the ground with a kick. Joel, angry, runs to Liz and tries to attack her with the sword.
  • LeShandria shoots the ground with ice, causing it to be slippery, as Joel slips, slowly falling to Liz, as Liz raises her knife on his chest, it going through, as Joel looks, gasped, and Liz removes her knife. Joel falls to the ground dead. Luke also shoots his dead body. Gustav and Mackenzie just look, shocked.
  • Liz grabs the sword, and throws it to LeShandria, as the smoke fades away, and the rest of the group get up. Gustav and Mackenzie just stand there, speechless.
  • Luke and Nathaniel yell at the bowlers, asking them if they're ready to stop.
  • LeShandria points her guns at Gustav and Mackenzie, telling them to put down their guns.
  • Gustav lets go of the flare gun, as it falls to the ground. Mackenzie takes out all of the bullets from the gun and throws them out on the street.
  • Luke asks the two if they're ready to work together. Mackenzie says he is.
  • Luke proceeds to talk about how their friends didn't deserve to die, pissing off Gustav.
  • Luke explains the plan.
  • Gustav agrees to work together, if the group buried their friends with their own hands. LeShandria shoots Gustav in the back with the ice.
  • Luke says his quote, looking at Liz, causing her to raise her eyebrown.
  • Wesley starts having visions of Joan making out with Frederick for a second.
  • Mikey stands in front of Mackenzie as LeShandria walks towards him, shocking Mackenzie.
  • LeShandria takes the bullets Mackenzie dropped.
  • Nathaniel talks about making the best out of the sacrifices.
  • Gustav asks to be killed by the group, while Mikey defends that what the group is doing is ridiculous.
  • Nathaniel, Mikey, Steve and Goodwin start defending not to kill Gustav. LeShandria and Wesley vote to kill Gustav.
  • Ven votes for living, Goldie votes for killing.
  • The group start arguing, and split in half, one group of people voting for the killig, another for the living. Luke, Blaine and Sci decide not to vote.
  • Wesley grabs Mikey's gun. Mikey gets it back.
  • Wesley begins taunting Mikey, irritating Frederick, who had heard things that Wesley did at the office from Joan. Frederick proceeds to grab the spiral and get ready to behead Gustav.
  • Mikey tries to shoot Frederick with ice, but is too late. Gustav is beheaded. Frederick is hurt by the ice gun, and falls to the ground.
  • Frederick starts crying, as LeShandria asks about what the group wanna do with Mackenzie. After asking Ebru, they decide to let him live.
  • The group get in the cars. Mackenzie and Mikey go to Nathaniel's car. They drive off, and arrive at the city, finding it to be in complete chaos.

Day 14:

  • The group stop by dead grass, making a small base camp.
  • Goldie and Frederick rush out of their car, covered in barf. It is then revealed Wesley and Blaine caused everyone to vomit the night before.
  • The group blame Blaine for the events inside car 3.
  • Wesley gets air freshener from Matilda. Goldie and Frederick start cleaning the car.
  • Everyone washes their clothes.
  • The group get on their cars, and drive toward the city.
  • Driving into the city, they notice it to be immersed in chaos. Fires, robberies and destruction surrounds the city. A lamp post falls towards the group.
  • The group drive away, as it crashes behind them, locking them in the city. The group hear glass shattering above.
  • The group speed up, quickly as some of the glass falls down on Car 3, with a big shard getting stuck on it. None of them are injured by this. LeShandria manages to dodge the falling glass, as do the rest of the group.
  • The group reach an intersection, and see two cars driving towards the center.
  • The group try going forward, towards the HQ, but find it to be a bad idea, as the cars crash in front of them, wreckage falling on the group.
  • Moving the cars left, they avoid the wreackage, only for them to see a couch falling from the sky.
  • They swerve out of the way, avoiding such damage. The group see a building on fire ahead, as the road splits left and right.
  • As the group make their way towards the right, the building behind them explodes. They also see Nathaniel's mom in a black latex suit and a whip running towards a building with a supermarket cart.
  • Steve and Goodwin point towards the TAR building, stating the HQ is right next to it.
  • The group head right, after a car crashes into the TAR building, and it falls down. They see an empty space, with a shrunk building their size on the middle.
  • The group manage to leave the cars, and the bike, parking them by the curb, as they climb the sidewalk.
  • Ven walks towards the front door, as a metal gate closes on his foot, cutting his toes. The clock hits midnight, as another experiment falls from the sky near the group.

Day 15:

  • The clocks strike midnight, and a huge scorpion falls from the sky.
  • They release it is a golden scorpion, skin made out of gold metal. Red eyes. A metal coil coating the eight legs. The head is filled with spikes, and the pedipals are electrolyzed. Tthe stinger has a weird transparent liquid on its tendon, that goes all the way towards the stem. The sting itself is made out of metal.
  • The group back away, as the scorpion slowly walks forward. Then, it brings out its tail, with some sparked wire around it, as the stings hits the ground in front of the group, the ground shakes, causing a huge crater, as the group fall down. The transparent liquid that covered the telson turns rock hard upon hitting the ground, and then goes back to its liquid state shortly afterwards, as the scorpion takes off the sting.
  • The group run backwards, away from the scorpion. The fire feature, used, makes the scorpion block the fire with its pedipals, despite the ice, used shortly afterwards, doesn't seem to affect it, as the ice simply hits his head, without any reaction. It proceeds to extend its right pedipal at the group, as it opens, and the two sides of the claw make the group stay between them.
  • Backing away doesn't make all of the group escape in time, as Ven is sliced by the claws on the waist, making two parts. Ven's upper part, the only part left of him, cries in pain, as some sort of rolled up paper is seen on his hands. The human firearms are fired, but don't make any damage to the scorpion, and neither does the shots of fire and ice on the claw, while it attacks Ven. The nail stabbing doesn't really work, as the group realize the metal skin that covers is really hard. Its other claw begins to overextend, as the group notice a spring connecting the other pedipal to the skeleton of the scorpion, as it reaches out to the group, as the other claw finishes chopping Ven, blood all over the place.
  • The group run, as LeShandria manages to take the paper from Ven's dead hands. Both claws open at the group, as they are put between them. One at head level, another at waist.
  • The group duck and roll out of the way, making it able for them to avoid the claws. LeShandria uses the sword to block the claw, raising it up, as the claw is very damaged by the sword, but soon, repairs itself. LeShandria notices it to be the paper Ven used to make his theory.
  • Blaine uses the fire gun, setting the claws on fire real quick, despite the other claw begins shooting a spray of ice from the center of the pedipal, causing the fire to be set out.
  • The claws retreat before LeShandria swings the sword, going back to the scorpion, as the spring pulls them in. The scorpion proceeds to turn on the electricity of its pedipals, as it swings the sting again, towards the group.
  • The group manage to jump out of the way of the stinger, as the transparent liquid becomes solid again. The fire is deflected, as it heads back towards Blaine.
  • LeShandria shoots ice at the fire, missing. Blaine manages to dodge the fire, as the sting comes out of the ground, and aims it at the group again.
  • The group dodge as the scorpion hits the ground again. The back of the scorpion slowly opens.
  • The group try to shoot at the back, but miss.
  • The back opens, revealing a shelf, filled with missiles. The scorpion starts aiming a red laser, that circles the group at first, but finds it aim right at the closest person to it, Blaine, in the head.
  • As the missiles are fired at Blaine, the group jump out of the way, while the missiles quickly fly towards the direction Blaine was in. LeShandria and Blaine shoot fire at the claws, as they begin burning. The missiles hit the empty space the group left, and create a huge explosion, sending the rest of the group flying, all in diferent directions, forming four smaller groups. Luke, Mikey, Goldie, Blaine. Aya, LeShandria, Mackenzie, Nathaniel. Steve, Goodwin, Karen, Frederick. Matilda, Sci, Ebru, Chloe, Wesley. You notice how the claws both burn, despite one claw tries to save itself, using the small hole again from the pedipal, shooting ice to freeze the fire. This claw melts the golden skin, revealing the claw of the scorpion, all metallic. It seems vunerable. The other claw seems a bit melted, but not a lot, as the fire was put out.
  • Blaine shoots fire on the molten claw, causing it to be set on fire. The rest of the group also shoot there, causing this claw to fall. LeShandria shoots ice, making no damage at all. The stinger's transparent liquid turns solid again, avoiding all of the group's shots at it. The scorpion raises its good claw, making the group be between them.
  • They duck, as the claws close on the air, not hurting the group. LeShandria and Blaine both fire at the last claw, causing it to be set ablaze, as the golden metal melts, revealing the metallic claw again.
  • After a bit, the pedapals both are destroyed and melted by the group's shots. The stinger stem also seems to be protected by the transparent liquid, which is solid, and doesn't seem to get hurt at all. The scorpion's face melts, showing its metallic face, however, it doesn't seem to do anything else. It begins stinging the ground, running at the group fast first, really quickly, creating craters all over the place. It approaches the group.
  • The group try to set it on fire again, but it doesn't get more ablaze than what it already is. The group manage to avoid the stinger's attacks.
  • Aya begins running towards the scorpion, as the stinger lunges at her, but she manages to dodge it just in time. However, the stinger only hits the ground in front of the scorpion. As it is still close to Aya, it aims the stinger at Aya again.
  • The guns don't seem to blind the scorpion when fired. Aya manages to get out of the scorpion's sight after a while, but doesn't manage to get it to sting itself during her run. The scorpion heads towards the rest of the group.
  • Goldie motions a movement that goes up to down.
  • The group get under the scorpion, avoiding many attacks, however, due to everyone running at once, Sci gets stabbed by the stinger on the stomach, and falls to the ground, bleeding. The rest of the group get on the center of the scorpion's belly, and wait there. Soon enough, they leap, as the scorpion stabs itself with the stinger, the transparent liquid dissolves on the ground, and the scorpion's red eyes turn off. It dies. Goldie runs to Ven's dead body, mourning, as Chloe, Karen and Matilda go check Sci, who seems to be dying.
  • Aya checks the VCR slots on the metal gate, and notices there are three, but the group only have 2 of the tapes.
  • Luke gets angry, however, Sci reveals having the last tape. He then dies.
  • Chloe leads the rest of the group inside, as Wesley climbs on Frederick's back. Frederick, tired, falls to the ground, as Wesley also falls. However, as the entire group enters, the glass door closes, and the metal gate locks it again. A hole opens up on the roof, as a small television, attached to a thin pole, comes down from it, now standing on the top of the room, as it faces the group.
  • The group are challenged to the get to the final floor of the building to get the Shrinray 5000. The floor begins ascending, in different ledges, creating a maze, as the group is separated.
  • The groups formed are: Luke, Ebru, Steve, Goodwin. Aya. Nathaniel, Michael, Mackenzie. Matilda, Karen, Chloe. Frederick, Wesley. LeShandria. Goldie, Blaine.

Day 16:

  • The groups find themselves in a maze, and have to get by using their senses.
  • Luke heads forward, as his group follows him. He sees a pedestal with a circular, sphere-like rock on top of it. Upon touching, it lights up.
  • Wesley and Frederick go forward, after turning back, then head left.
  • Wesley heads right, and sees a path to the left.
  • Luke heads left. He then sees a path right.
  • Wesley sees a long hallway forward, and something on the end of it, along with a path leading right.
  • Luke sees another path right. Ebru starts tearing up after a talk with Luke about the journey.
  • Wesley goes ahead, and sees a path leading right and a path leading forward, with LeShandria on the forward path.
  • Mikey, Nathaniel and Mackenzie see a path forward and a path right, with something on the right.
  • Luke finds a path forward, narrow, and a path to the right. Ebru still is tearing up a bit.
  • Wesley reaches a wall, but can go right.
  • Michael, Nathaniel and Mackenzie find a circular white rock on a pedestal.
  • Mikey touches the rock, as it lights up, shining. Mackenzie states it is a reference point.
  • Wesley's group reaches a dead end after going right.
  • Luke's sees a path to the left.
  • Luke's sees a path right and another forward. He goes forward and can see a path left.
  • Wesley's turns around, and can go left now.
  • Mikey tries to move fire, but fails.
  • Luke finds a dead end, after going left.
  • Wesley goes back to the hallway after going left, and can go forward or left.
  • Wesley goes left, finding a dead end.
  • Luke sees a path right, having turned around.
  • Luke goes right. He goes back to the hallway, with a path left and forward.
  • Wesley goes back and head forwards. He sees a path forward where he came from, and one left.
  • Luke goes left. Wesley goes to the direction not taken yet.
  • Luke sees a path left and right.
  • Wesley sees a hallway only leading forward.
  • Nathaniel's group goes forward. Nathaniel sees a path leading right.
  • Luke goes left and sees the door that was supposed to be the exit of th eroom, and a path leading left, while one that leads backwards, but is slightly towards the right.
  • Wesley goes forward and sees a wall, going left and right.
  • Nathaniel goes right and finds a small room where the entrance of the building was, with the metal gate still covering it. A faint path to the right is found.
  • Luke tries to see if he can open the door. He suceeds.
  • Luke goes left. He finds a hallway going forward.
  • Wesley heads left, and sees another path left.
  • Mikey finds a wall going forward.
  • Mikey hits his head on a wall, as Mackenzie lets out a giggle.
  • Luke goes forward and sees another path forward.
  • Wesley goes left and sees a path right. He takes the path.
  • Wesley finds a narrow hallway, leading forward.
  • Luke sees a lit white rock on a pedestal, and a path leading left.
  • Wesley takes the hallway, and sees two paths, only left and another right.
  • Nothing happens to the rock upon touching, as Luke sees another path, leading left and another forward.
  • Mikey sees a path a bit forward now.
  • Goldie slaps Blaine for breathing fast.
  • Blaine hears breathing approaching him.
  • Wesley goes left. He sees another path, heading forward and another left.
  • Luke sees a path leading left and forward, another. After going forward.
  • Wesley, sees a hallway, and can go forward.
  • Mikey, Nathaniel and Mackenzie watch as Blaine screams in front of him, as Goldie slaps him. Aya, Chloe, Matilda and Karen also appear near Blaine.
  • Wesley hits a dead end.
  • Luke sees a hallway leading forward.
  • Wesley finds another hallway, leading forward.
  • Luke sees a path left and another forward.
  • Aya points towards the path she came from. Which seems like the left path, despite another forward path is there.
  • Wesley sees a path right and forward.
  • The group go left, and can go right now.
  • Mikey learns Mackenzie is a virgin.
  • Luke tries to sing on certain paths, hoping someone will hear him. Nobody replies.
  • Luke sees paths left and right.
  • Wesley sees a path to the right.
  • Wesley sees a long hallway, with a path leading forward and another right.
  • Luke sees a path left.
  • Wesley sees a path forward again.
  • Wesley sees a path right and forward.
  • Luke sees another path left.
  • Frederick makes Wesley go forward. He sees a path to the right.
  • The group Mikey is in sees a hallway leading forward.
  • Luke sees a path right.
  • Wesley goes right, and can go forward.
  • Wesley sees a path towards the right.
  • Luke sees paths that are able to be headed left or forward.
  • Mikey's group can go left or right. They see a light towards the right.
  • After asked what they will do after all of the chaos is over, Chloe states she will finish her Physics degree and feed her cow. Matilda says she will finish watching How To Get Away With Murder. Karen says she'll paint a picture of her kicking Matilda in her lady parts.
  • After a long and stressful time looking for each other, the groups reunite, and have Steve lead them towards the exit. They sleep on a guest room nearby, with a TV, beds, bookshelves and lots of pictures on the walls. They shade beds inside.

Day 17:

  • Michael wakes up on the floor, with Karen on his bed, with Mackenzie.
  • Looking around the guest room, the group could also notice some bookshelves, a small TV and a lot of picture frames spread around, some of which were familiar to them.
  • Nathaniel checks Ven's theory in private.
  • Luke gets up and grabs a random book. He begins reading it.
  • Goldie stretches during Tai Chi, and says she slept really well to Blaine.
  • Liz picks a book.
  • Liz throws the book away as Luke comes near her, and grabs another book. Luke checks the book she threw away, and finds it to be a sheep taming book.
  • Frederick and Goldie pull Wesley out of bed.
  • Matilda grabs a random book, and starts reading it.
  • Luke sees a lot of paintings of the room. He recognizes one picture of be of Meredith, Blaine and their mom.
  • Luke sees a picture of him drawing a caricature of a person.
  • A picture of Liz receiving a medal of honor is also among the pictures.
  • Luke turns on the TV of the room, and sees a video of Goodwin and Steve's thanksgiving on Goodwin's house.
  • The group leave the guest room and go upstairs. They reach a door saying '2' on it, indicating the second floor.
  • The group enter a great white room, with a door at the end. They find green and black machinery on the corners of the room, along on the roof near the walls of the sides, looking like cameras, but also seemingly of guns. There is also a hole on the roof above the center of the room. They exit the room, and head to a corridor.
  • They then enter an exactly identical room. They exit it, and head to a corridor.
  • They then enter yet another exactly indentical room. They exit it, and head to a corridor.
  • The group return to the first room, but notice a tv coming from the hole on the roof. They see an image of D with the Shrinkray 5000. The television soon goes back up, and something else comes back down. The camera guns on the sides of the room start pointing towards the group.
  • As the group rush to the door, the ground starts shaking. They notice the straight hallway they are in start tilting, as if it were curving towards the right. They hear lots of shaking behind them.
  • The group head towards the door, and find a laboratory. Countless desks, with a blue tint, and the ceiling also having the blue tint. On the center of the room, covered by desks, they see a hole on the wall, with a larger camera like the ones outside coming down from it, with many arms fixing it.
  • The robot is put through a purple liquid, and two others of it are created. They go through the hole. A gas is released into the lab, set to kill in less than an hour.
  • Air starts sucking the group in from the doors. Luke, Blaine, Goodwin, Steve and Aya are sucked towards one, where they end up in a jungle themed room, but with a huge robot camera on the center of the room, coming from the hole, and the other camera guns on the sides. LeShandria, Wesley, Frederick, Matilda and Ebru are sucked towards the other, ending up in a desert themed room. gments, despite the hole is also there on the ceiling, and so are the cameras. Nathaniel, Mikey, Karen, Chloe and Mackenzie manage to hold on to the desks, as the sucking stops, and all doors are sealed, shut.
  • Luke, Blaine, Goodwin, Steve and Aya get up on the jungle like room, finding a glove, the machine gun, a dual fire-ice gun, a helmet, scissors and the lighter with them. They find the camera on their room to be called Callum.
  • The cameras at the top start shooting at the group, as they move out of the way. However, they shoot a weird, green substance, that starts accumulating as the cameras shoot the same place.
  • The cameras high above are quickly broken by the machine gun and fire gun, and start going through a repair period. The group manage to dodge, as Callum attachs two huge blades to its body, and begins spinning around, as the blades slowly reach the group. The green substance also begins approaching the group, as if it were a blob.
  • The blob starts to be caught on fire as Blaine shoots it, as it goes red, and runs towards the group faster. The group start running from the blades, despite they realize their range is long, but the group manage to duck as they barely slice them. Callum proceeds to open a hole on itself, as it begins shooting random bombs at the group.
  • As Blaine shoots ice at the blob, the blob suddenly freezes, and stops moving. Callum isn't affected by neither ice or fire, but the group manage to avoid the bombs thrown at them. The group gain ground, as they now stand a long distance from Callum, with jungle trees in front of them, and a pond nearby. Goodwin and Steve give a look to each other and jump on the pool.
  • The cameras on top get off repair mode, but are shot on, and eventually break, and go in repair mode again, but some blobs start quickly accumulating, some even on the pond. Steve and Goodwin leave the pool as the blobs fall on it, as they point at Blaine's gun and the pond.
  • The pond is frozen by the ice gun, as a lot of the blob is stuck inside. However, the rest of the blob that was accumulating lunges towards the group. They also notice some of the trees nearby them starting to be set on fire.
  • Suddenly, a huge explosion happens nearby as the group dodge, and fall to the ground, near the dense vegetation. They notice Callum using a laser ray to ignire the trees nearby on fire, as it makes its way towards the group.
  • The ice manages to stop some of the fire, despite the laser ray is more powerful and hits the trees, exploding after a little bit of contact with them. The group run from Callum's laser, as they reach another part of the jungle, filled with vines to climb on the trees.
  • Aya turns into Liz, and tells the group to distract Callum.
  • A tree falls nearby the group, but they dodge it. They run towards Callum, but hear something falling from the sky.
  • A huge boulder falls from the sky, but the group jump out of the way.
  • Luke and Blaine try distracting Callum, but fail.
  • Blaine throws the love potion at Callum, despite Callum uses a blade attached to it to slice the potion.
  • Callum attaches a huge saw to him, and smashes randomly nearby.
  • Callum proceeds to use a tube that comes from the hole, as he puts it in a pond nearby, sucking in water from it.
  • Blaine suceeds in freezing the pond that Callum sucks, as he proceeds to aim the tube at the group, however, instead of water, only snow comes out, not doing much damage. Liz appears from a tree and jumps on Callum, as she starts ripping out Callum's wires apart. Callum eventually breaks, and the desert door is opened. The group run there.
  • Nathaniel, Mikey, Mackenzie, Chloe and Karen get up, finding the boomerang, the slingshot, small rock, stinger, flare gun and a helmet with them. They find the robot to be called Alastair.
  • Alastair proceeds to bring a claw from the hole above him, as it is attached to its body. It lunges at the group, as the cameras high up shoot bullets at the group as well.
  • As the group dive out of the way, the claw hits the desks, destroying them and the experiments on them. The group manage to start breaking a lot of the cameras using the boomerang, but they aren't damaged by the flare guns or the slingshot, that Chloe is using with wreckage nearby. The claw lungs towards Chloe, noticing her with a weak weapon.
  • The claw isn't affected by the smoke only on the claw, but Chloe manages to dive out of the way. Nathaniel throws the stinger, but the claw only grabs the stinger, and proceeds to hold it as if it were a knife, as it prepares to stab Nathaniel with it. The smaller cameras are eventually destroyed, as they go in repair mode.
  • The claw is hit by the boomerang, dropping the stinger, as Nathaniel jumps out of the way. Alastair opens a hole on itself, as gas comes out of it, covering the group's visions.
  • The group start to hide, as Mackenzie is suddenly grabbed by the claw on the foot, as it starts dragging him towards it. The gas fades, as the cameras above repair, and start shooting at the group again.
  • Chloe shoots the slingshot with the wreckage, not doing a lot of damage, as Nathaniel and Karen begin to pull in Mackenzie, stopping him from being dragged, but he is still being pulled, violently. Mikey manages to break most small cameras with the boomerang, but one of them shoots Chloe on the shoulder, due to her being occupied with the slingshot.
  • The boomerang manages to stop the claw from grabbing Mackenzie, as it lets go of him, and the claw proceeds to circle the laboratory again. It hits directly towards a tank with a test tube inside, as a weird, robot like cat gets out of it, and starts running towards the group.
  • The cat is blinded by the smoke of the flare gun, falling to the ground and hitting its head face first, causing it to break, revealing it was a robot, after all. Alastair changes strategies, and goes inside of his hole, as 5 buttons appear on the floor spread around the room. All of different colors.
  • Mikey goes towards one of the buttons, and upon pressing the green button, acid comes out of a tank nearby.
  • Mikey presses the black button, and Alastair can be heard insulting Mikey. He presses it again, and is offended again.
  • Chloe passes out from the gas.
  • Alastair comes back, with the claw, and lunges at the group, with the claw rotating.
  • The claw is hit by the boomerang, as Alastair goes back inside of his hole.
  • Mikey hits the blue button, as the roof starts closing in.
  • Mikey presses the white button, and the lights go out. He presses both buttons again.
  • As Mikey presses the yellow button, the closest rocket experiment toy nearby him flies to the roof, and explodes on it, leaving a huge mark on the roof.
  • Mikey presses the black button twice, and is insulted by Alastair twice.
  • Karen tells Mikey to put a rocket under Alastair. She then presses the blue button and yells, trying to cause a distraction.
  • As Mikey presses the yellow button, a rocket experiment nearby him flies up and hits the ceiling. The ceiling quickly closes in. Alastair comes out of his hole, and lunges the claw at Karen.
  • The lights go out, as Karen dives out of the way.
  • Mikey manages to put the rocket under the hole, as Karen presses the yellow button, causing it to be sent flying, as it hits Alastair. Alastair slowly begins breaking from the explosion, and then, breaks into various pieces. The door to the jungle and the desert open, the gas starts fading away. Mikey and his group head to the desert.
  • While that was happening, Wesley, LeShandria, Frederick, Matilda and Ebru find themselves with the titanium sword, the sceptre, the spiral, a dual fire-ice gun, a glove, the paper scraps, the painkillers and all of the nails. They notice the big robot on their room is called Balthazar.
  • The cameras that are on the ceiling start shooting at the group, with fire. The entire room is desert like, limited by the walls. At the same time, Balthazar brings out a gatling gun from the hole and attaches it to its body, shooting at the group with them.
  • The group manage to dodge both attacks, as Balthazar shoots the group with the gatling gun, despite they dodge out of the way. The fire is also dodged. The camera robots high above begin to be destroyed, quickly, by the guns and long range weapons of the group, and begin entering repair mode. Balthazar attaches a crossbow to itself, and aims it at the group, now.
  • Balthazar shields itself with the crossbow, as LeShandria throws the nail like a javelin, as the crossbow breaks. The ice hits the top of Balthazar, but doesn't freeze it.
  • The cameras on repair mode look stagnant, and have to restart repair mode due to all of the shooting that is brought upon by Wesley and LeShandria. A hole in the sand, under Balthazar, starts forming, as the sand starts sucking the group towards that hole.
  • LeShandria manages to freeze the hole, as the group slide down, now under Balthazar, who opens a sharp blade under itself, and prepares to shove it on the group.
  • The group all dodge the blade, as it hits the ice wall created on the hole, as the hole starts sucking the group again. Wesley doesn't manage to punch Balthazar with the glove due to the distance. The sceptor doesn't damage the blade.
  • Matilda throws the spiral, after the hole is frozen again and the group stop sliding, at Balthazar's eye, despite it doesn't do much damage. The spiral falls on the sand nearby. Wesley doesn't seem to do damage to Balthazar using the normal gun.
  • LeShandria and Wesley start trading weapons. Wesley shoots with the fire/ice gun, but the fire doesn't do much effect, despite the nail LeShandria throws hits right in Balthazar's eye, as it goes back inside of the hole, and the ground starts shaking.
  • Behind the group, the small rock fragments start attracting each other, joining each other, and making a pile of rubble. Soon enough, they shape each other into a rock golem, the size of the group. It runs towards the group.
  • LeShandria tries to shoot a ball of fire with the guns, but they don't do damage. The soldier/golem runs towards the group, grabbing Frederick and throwing him across the room.
  • LeShandria gives nails to everyone to defend themselves. The soldier, using its forearm, hits Matilda and Wesley, as the nail doesn't help the group defend themselves, and the two are sent flying across the room as well, not too far from Frederick. The soldier grabs the spiral and raises it up, ready to behead LeShandria or Ebru.
  • Ebru and LeShandria dodge the spiral, jumping out of the way. The stone golem's feet are frozen by LeShandria, as he begins to try and break them to move. Wesley starts running over to the rest of the group.
  • Wesley manages to hit the golem as LeShandria freezes more of the feet, distracting him, as the stone golem goes back to just being rock fragments. Balthazar comes from the hole again, and shoots a huge energy beam at the group of 3 with a new weapon attached to it.
  • The group shoot ice at the beam, despite the ice is disentegrated by the beam. The group are all knocked back on the wall, as Ebru can be seen with bad burns, and so are both of Wesley and LeShandria. Balthazar aims it at Matilda and Frederick.
  • LeShandria shoots Balthazar with the sceptor, despite it doesn't damage it. It turns its attention towards LeShandria's group.
  • The group manage to dodge an energy beam, as Ebru gets the sceptre and Wesley gets the guns.
  • Balthazar is not affected by ice fired at it, and begins to attach the crossbow to it again, aiming at the group.
  • The crossbow is set on fire by Wesley, as Balthazar deattaches it from its body. It grabs the gatling gun again. Matilda yells something, and points towards what is behind Balthazar.
  • Balthazar follows Wesley and his small group as he tries to get behind him. Matilda yells, saying there is a small opening behind Balthazar. Wesley's group manages to dodge, as the gatling gun tries shooting them.
  • Wesley tries heading for the opening, but Balthazar's front follows him and the group as they do so, not leaving a chance for them to get to the opening.
  • Balthazar goes back in the hole, as two golems start forming nearby with the rock fragments.
  • The golem's are frozen by the ice. In this moment, Luke, Blaine, Liz, Steve and Goodwin arrive by the door, having defeated Callum.
  • Wesley and the others run towards the exit, leading to the jungle.
  • Balthazar shoots the group, and Steve is hit on the foot.
  • The group manage to dodge, however, Balthazar shoots the group with the gatling gun, aiming for the bigger crowd, and Matilda gets hit on the leg, falling on the floor.
  • The stone golems are unfrozen, and run towards the group, as Balthazar heads up in the hole.
  • The group manage to freeze the golems.
  • The group try shooting fire at the hole.
  • The fire unfreezes the golems, and as they walk, are unnaffected by fire. They rush at the group, again.
  • The golems avoid nails thrown at them, dodging, and tackle Liz, as she begins wrestling with the golem. The golems are then frozen again.
  • The golems go back to being stone fragments after Luke and Wesley punch them. Balthazar comes out of the hole, again, with a spear, as he throws it at the group.
  • After some running here and there, LeShandria grabs two nails and begins hitting them together, catching Balthazar's attention. Luke manages to shoot down a target on its back, as Balthazar slowly stops working, and falls down from the hole, breaking upon impact with the ground. The ground starts shaking.
  • Suddenly, from the corner between the two doors, that lead to the jungle and the lab, the wall starts coming up, in that corner. It raises up, revealing a hidden space, with a giant metal sphere inside. The metal sphere's door slowly opens, revealing Mr. D, with three computers inside of it, sitting on a chair, trying to get out.
  • After a show off, and Mr. D sending the Shrinkray 5000 through a tunnel upsatirs, the group shoot Mr. D to death.
  • The group go up a ladder, and reach the third floor. They try to open an elevator, but it states that it requires six keycards from a Virtue Test.
  • Suddenly, the button shoots flowers at everyone in the group. Michael, Wesley, LeShandria, Luke, Nathaniel and Blaine end up getting red flowers, while the rest get green flowers.
  • The oval room changes, as six doors open up on the sides, and an explanation of the Virtue Test begins.

Day 18:

  • Wesley decided to do the Wisdom test. He took Ebru with him.
  • New furniture is put on the floor. Including a couch from Blaine's house, and TV's from LeShandria's and Mikey's house.
  • Wesley and Ebru enter the wisdom test room. They find themselves in a digital world, and see the keycard on the other side of a canyon.
  • Goldie uses the stinger to crack the lock of a door she hears the voice of the female robot. Just as she is about to be shot, she manages to crack open the lock.
  • The group watch a video of Mr. S entering Margaret's house on the first day.
  • Wesley and Ebru find a wall with some scratches on it. After Wesley tries to knock down the wall, he notices it sends him flying.
  • The group begin exploring the floor, finding a library, a test room, a storage room and a lab.
  • Wesley and Ebru use ledges to climb the wall. Then they find a pixel city. They try to get on a cable car, but find out they need 3 coins to get in. They go to a school nearby.
  • After talking to Sensei and completing his tasks, Wesley and Ebru get the 3 coins.
  • As the cable leaves, halfway through, it stops. The man on the cable suggests waiting two years.
  • Wesley and Ebru use a wire to zipline on the cable car wire, and reach the other side.
  • A tiger attacks Wesley and Ebru. It manages to chew some of Ebru's stomach and scratch Wesley in the face. After using fire and ice, the tiger lands on Ebru again, and begins eating her out again. Wesley takes the opportunity to take the keycard, transporting them back.

Day 19:

  • Luke decided to do the Trust test. He took Aya with him.
  • Luke and Aya enter the trust test room. Luke finds himself alone in a prison cell. He is instructed to leave and to find a key half on the cafeteria food.
  • Luke leaves and finds a cafeteria, filled with people. Many people rush to the food, looking for their specific keys. Luke finds his half, then helps Aya find the other half. They get through a door, and hear screaming behind.
  • Mackenzie tries to ask Mikey to help him lose his virginity, but is too shy to do so.
  • Luke and Aya go to a playground where many inmates are seen killing each other, and turret tanks shoot firey dodgeballs. Luke and Aya use the fire/ice gun and the machine gun to kill a lot of the inmates, dodging dodgeballs, and meeting up with two women who help them, Rita and Suzzane.
  • The inmates are instructed to go through a hallway, but Rita and Suzzane tell Luke and Aya not to go. The inmates that do go end up crushed. Two other hallways open, and people are also crushed by them, leaving only the four of them. They head through the first hallway.
  • Luke and Aya are instructed to select the traitor that has followed the group the entire journey. If they choose someone alive, they get executed. They can only get it wrong more than two times.
  • LeShandria, Wesley and Mikey begin searching around the entire floor, and eventually look under the couch. They find a note from Meredith saying she is sorry for putting Blaine in "this" situation.
  • Luke chooses Meredith's face, and is given the keycard. He is transported back, with Rita and Suzzane. Sensei also comes with them.

Day 20:

  • Blaine decided to do the Perseverance test. He took Chloe and Steve with him.
  • Luke finds out Liz/Aya disappeared.
  • Rita and Suzzane begin fighting with the White Queen verbally. Luke tries to calm them down.
  • Blaine, Chloe and Steve find themselves in a cottage, during a snow storm. They leave, but Chloe gets hurt after tripping. Blaine also falls, bruising his arm on a stick.
  • The three see a truck in the dark. They try to call it for help, but a man inside shoots Blaine in the arm with a shotgun.
  • After a fight, the group manage to take down the tractor, as it explodes, and they run away. sharp metal hits Steve's leg, though.
  • Back at the hub, the group find a control room. Ebru takes the scissors, and starts removing things apart. She makes a gun that shoots bladed gears.
  • The three get inside a base, but a laser cuts off all of their legs upon entering. They see the keycard on top of a table.
  • Blaine tries using the boomerang to get the keycard, but fails.
  • Blaine uses the sceptor to make a hole on the table. He gets the keycard, and the three are transported back.
  • A sphere falls on the White Queen's room. Luke picks it up, causing the White Queen to give him a sermon. He puts it down.
  • Ebru begins working on a project to make a Shrinkray 5000 that is reverse.

Day 21:

  • Michael decided to do the Temperance test. He took Mackezie, Karen and Goldie with him.
  • TBA

Day 22:

  • Nathaniel decided to do the Patience test. He took Matilda, Frederick and Goodiwn with him.
  • TBA

Day 23:

  • LeShandria decided to do the Will test. She went alone.
  • TBA

Day 24:

  • The group wake up and find themselves on a basement, much bigger than their size.
  • They find themselves covered in a gooey, white, graysih substance, and see a huge hole on the ceiling that they assume they fell from. There, the same substance is found.
  • The group find the basement to be dusty, abandoned. There are bookshelves around, desks, a table, blueprints, a lightbulb, a window with nothing on the other side and some staircases.
  • The group hear squeaking, growling and a big roar somewhere around.
  • They ready their weapons.
  • Luke asks if everyone is ok, to which they nod.
  • The dwarves question the size of the spider, stating they can handle it.
  • Luke examines the staircase trying to see how he could climb it.
  • Luke uses the gooey substance to climb a table leg. Upon getting to the top, he finds nothing, but dust.
  • The group start hearing more growling, squeaking and roaring, as Luke climbs down.

Day 25:

  • The group find a ladder, bigger than them, but with blood, guts and organs that are small spread on it.
  • They climb the ladder.