After the Dark: The Last of Us
People 16
Situation Outbreak of mutant fungus
Fedra Group
1 / 5
Survivor Group
4 / 6
Fireflies Group
1 / 5
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After the Dark: The Last of Us is the seventh season of After the Dark.

Despite its intriguing story and likable cast, the season suffered from mainly inactive hosting and caused many new rules to have to be made in order for future seasons to be faster. Also known for introducing the karma feature, which received much hatred due to the misuse of it.


Nuno Jamie
LúdicoManao Jamievdw101


Fedra GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
Noah (Last of Us)
40 Engineer Has asthma. Survived
23 Student Is married to TJ. Deceased
Week 17
Shot by doctors.
John Arvin(1)
35 Firefighter Lost one eye on duty. Deceased
Week 17
Devoured by Stalkers.
Najim rahman
Najim Rahman11
38 Police officer Suffers from anxiety. Deceased
Week 11
Shot by Miranda.
30 Judge Is claustrophobic. Deceased
Week 8
Died from bullet wound.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Amanda 15 Student Assumed of being immune. Survived
Liz 29 Fedra Agent Survived
Joanne 53 Fedra Agent Unknown
Lt. Paul 40 Fedra Leader Deceased
Week 17
Shot by Noah.
Carl 34 Fedra Agent Deceased
Week 15
Shot by Unknown.
Kira 29 Fedra Agent Deceased
Week 15
Devoured by Runners.
Marc 27 Fedra Agent Deceased
Week 13
Devoured by Clickers.
Miranda 25 Fedra Agent Firefly spy. Deceased
Week 11
Shot by Lt. Paul.
Frank 35 Fedra Agent Deceased
Week 11
Shot by Noah.
Ken 23 Fedra Agent Deceased
Week 7
Taken by water current.

Survivor GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
38 Architect Has a daughter in Salt Lake City. Survived
51 Farmer Is an orphan. Survived
Nightlock Kryptonite
26 Military Can't read or write. Survived
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38 Teacher Is daltonic. Survived
Dbwawesomepossum (1)
48 Dentist Is lactose intolerant. Deceased
Week 11
Jaw ripped by Bloater.
62 Nurse Is a lesbian. Deceased
Week 4
Shot by Perry.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Linda 15 Student Only daughter of the only known person immune from the fungus. Survived
Rachel 20 Agent Highly trained. Thomas' sister. Survived
Ellie 39 Survivor Linda's mom. Deceased
Week 17
Shot by Marlene.
Maria 39 Nurse Ellie's friend. Deceased
Week 17
Shot by Marlene.
Thomas 25 Fast Food Worker Hostage of Tommy. Rachel's brother. Deceased
Week 13
Shot by Rachel.
Carrie 26 Nurse Friend and once student of Perry. Deceased
Week 4
Killed by Runner.

Fireflies GroupEdit

Person Age Profession Trait Status
24 Model Has a ph.d in Medicine. Survived
Caleb Loki
40 Actor Broke his arm recently. Deceased
Week 12
Shot by Jo on a cliff.
28 Hunter Took ballet classes in the past. Deceased
Week 9
Smashed by Bloater.
35 Journalist. Lived all his live in Austin. Deceased
Week 6
Blown up.
TJ Peru
22 Meteorologist Is married to Natalie. Deceased
Week 5
Shot by woman.


Person Age Profession Note Status
Christa 24 Gardener Ex-Firefly. Survived
Diana 25 Police Officer Part-Time Hitman, Jo's friend. Survived
Marlene 30 Scientist Leader of the Fireflies. Deceased
Week 17
Shot by Ellie.
Marisa 24 Writer Ex-Firefly. Deceased
Week 17
Devoured by Clickers and Runners.
John 25 Computer Store Clerk Ex-Firefly. Deceased
Week 16
Smashed by Bloater.
Calia 35 Agent Jo's Second In Command. Deceased
Week 12
Shot down in helicopter.


Person Votes Status
152 Fedra Group
84 Survivor Group
69 Fireflies Group
Caleb Loki
nullified Fireflies Group
78 Survivor Group
70 Fireflies Group
90 Survivor Group
74 Fireflies Group
126 Fedra Group
108 Fedra Group
98 Survivor Group
Najim Rahman11
123 Fedra Group
Nightlock Kryptonite
82 Survivor Group
100 Survivor Group
121 Fedra Group
nullified Fireflies Group


Week 1:

  • After escaping a mall explosion, 16 strangers head separate ways.
  • The Fedra Group are stopped by a war car. People came out and pointed guns at them. A man signaled them to come inside and they headed to Houston, Texas.
  • The Fireflies Group were stopped midway by an ambush, as several bikes and people with torches started to circle them. However, a woman came down from one of the bikes, supposedly the leader of the gang, and told them to come with them. They went to Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The Survivor Group reached a cottage. Inside, they met a woman and a girl. The woman introduced herself as Maria, and that the girl is Linda.
  • The Fedra Group is taken inside of the military facility, and meets up with Lt. Paul, who welcomes them, and tells them to sit down with him for dinner. Despite doubting of Lt. Paul, they agree to go. They are given a proposition by Lt. Paul to become soldiers, and start training. They accept it, and meet some of the agents.
  • The Fireflies Group headed to Salt Lake City, and the woman introduced herself as Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, and she told them that the city is one of the last known resistance and research places of the Fireflies. She also said they are looking for a cure for the infection, using the local hospital to test on people.
  • The Survivor Group accepted a mission from Maria to escort Linda to her mother in Iowa City.
  • David hunted for food. He stabbed and killed a deer.
  • Marlene told the Fireflies Group that she has a proposition for them, but they are still not ready to answer it, and tells them that they must find shelter in Salt Lake City at night, and if they survive, they will be more than ready to join them.
  • Luke began to befriend Linda.
  • Jo and Tommy try to find shelter in Salt Lake City's Aerial Tram Cars. They look for two Tram Cars, but find both inapt to sleep on.
  • The Fireflies Group find a concrete dam, but inside also find some spores. They decide to leave.
  • Luke stays up late talking to Linda. She reveals her past to him.
  • In the Survivor Group, Linda hears noises at night while talking to Luke, and rushes to Maria's room, where she finds a Runner, and no sign of Maria. She quickly closes the door.
  • Jo visits her friend Diana, part-time Hitman, and lets Jo sleep in her house, but refuses the rest.
  • Sam slowly opens the door of Maria's room and the Runner bursts out, knocking Sam down. Fitz fires at it, but fails to hit.
  • Sam distracts the Runner while Fitz and Luke shoot the it. Fitz gives a final blow to the head of the Runner, killing it.
  • David walks into Maria's room and finds Maria's clothes on the floor, and a broken mirror, meaning somebody stole her, but at the same time, left a Runner to kill who was inside.
  • Sam and James went outside and saw a Runner, so they went back inside.
  • Tommy and Caleb found the Fire Department of Salt Lake City, but heard moaning from inside, so they left.
  • The Fireflies Group, sans Jo, entered the WingPointe Golf Course, and slept on top of the windmill.
  • The Survivor Group locked up the house, and searched every room, but found no Fungus or Maria.

Week 2:

  • The Fedra Group are told by Lt. Paul that their first task was to train physically. He asked them to locate a place in the map to jog to.
  • The Survivor Group took all the supplies Maria had for them, and headed to Iowa City, but stopped at Dallas first.
  • Perry grew tired, and was unable to walk. They rested.
  • The Survivor Group met an armed hostile man, but managed to escape him.
  • Lt. Paul sets the Fedra Group off on their job as they run. Noah runs through this and shows no signs of having an asthma attack and the nurses at the Minute Maid Park supply them with Meds. While jogging back to the main base, Infected appear off the highway and proceed to chase them.
  • Marlene told the Fireflies Group that they are joining the Fireflies. She said that they are capable of being the new generation of Fireflies who will find the cure, and destroy the evil ones.
  • The Survivor Group found a good apartment and rested there.
  • The Fedra Group ran to the Fedra building. JA tripped and landed on his face. Noah helped JA ton his feet. JA is shocked and cannot run as fast, slowing not only himself but also Noah.
  • Linda eats most of the food after a sugar rush.
  • The Survivor Group continue to Dallas, and when passing by Baylor University, Linda states her mother passed there in her surviving days, and also states that she may have left something on the way to help them. They entered.
  • Marlene guided the Fireflies Group to the city's entrance, where they were put on top of a dam, and she gives each of them a handgun and Molotovs. A swarm of Runners approached. She left them with the mission of protecting the city.
  • The Survivor Group heard Clickers.
  • Najim and Noah both helped JA, and he recovered and regains mobility. They run to the Fedra building, still being chased by the Infected.
  • Jo threw a Molotov at the swarm, killing a few. The swarm came closer.
  • Linda took the Survivor Group to an ancient classroom.
  • Tommy tried to hide in a car, but was attacked by a Runner and saved by Jo.
  • The Survivor Group aimed their guns at the direction of the Clickers. Luke kept Linda close by at a safe distance with his rifle readied. David approached the Clickers, backed up by everyone else.
  • David began shooting and a swarm of Clickers entered the room. David managed to kill a few. Purry is scratched in the arm by one of them, and as she is about to get bit, Luke saved her.
  • Purry ran away, but was bitten in the arm. She killed the Clicker that bit her. She escaped, but she began feeling the infection. The rest of the group made their way to the school's gym.
  • The Fedra Group continued to the Fedra building, Noah and Najim behind for having carried JA. Liz came out and told them to go to Glenwood Cemetery to fend off the Infected. They head to the cemetery, but Kaeden began to slow down from tiredness.
  • Jo covered the Fireflies Group to reach a watch tower. Jo began growing weak.
  • Tommy attempted to burn the swarm, but only burnt the dam wall.
  • The Survivor Group climbed a rope out of the school. Perry cut the rope afterwards. On the roof, they saw a ladder nearby.
  • The Survivor Group climbed down the ladder and noticed Purry crying.
  • Caleb found a flame thrower and TJ found Molotov. Jo and Joan began killing the Runners, but were quickly overrun, as the swarm began to climb the dam.
  • Tommy checked the tower, but found nothing. Joan and Jo ran away, but couldn't leave the dam. TJ and Caleb held off some Infected. Tommy came to the group's aid, throwing Molotovs. They then became cornered.
  • JA told Noah that he is better and can run. Kaeden required help from Noah and Natalie. Noah stopped to breathe, but was attacked by an Infected. He was saved by Carl.
  • The Fedra Group continued to the cemetery, as Kaeden recovered. At the cemetary, the group held off a swarm of Infected.
  • Purry told the Survivor Group that she isn't crying because she was bitten, but because she lost her wedding ring, the only memory she had left of her wife.
  • Perry cut Purry's arm off. Purry whispered something to him, and he couldn't make it out. They continued to Dallas.
  • The Survivor Group reached Dallas. They went to the Baylor University Medical Center, where they meet Perry's former student, Carrie. She let them sleep in the hospital and Carrie examined Purry.
  • Runners stop attacking the Fireflies Group. Jo uses her hairpin to open the door, as TJ jumps in the middle of the swarm, but the door is opened from the inside before she can, as she sees Marlene smiling at them. They go in as Marlene makes a signal to the tower where TJ is. TJ is being scratched and the Runners keep trying to bite him, but Molotovs fall from the sky, and the swarm is retreated and burned. TJ collapses and Marlene helps him. She tells the group that they nearly completed their second task, working together, but she cannot determine if they left TJ behind or if it was a heroic act. She lets them in and takes TJ to the hospital to see if he was bitten.
  • Noah and JA climb up to the trees, where they continue shooting the Runners. They kill them all and climb down.
  • Noah checks the cemetery, and sees nothing. So they decide to go back to the Fedra building. Natalie stops to tie her shoe and is attacked by a Runner. Lt. Paul then arrives and kills it. He explains them that while this was no plan, it worked for them, and showed them how well of soldiers they were.

Week 3:

  • Lt. Paul wakes the Fedra Group in the middle of the night, saying they have to train mentally. He tells them to meet him at the Fedra Base in an hour.
  • The Fireflies Group is told by Marlene about some important information at Temple Square, and they need to be real fireflies, but they must complete a task first.
  • Purry feels weak and does not want to leave bed. Carrie tells the Survivor Group that the only way to get out of Dallas would be by car, because walking is very dangerous. The group leaves to find a car.
  • Carrie stays behind to take care of Purry.
  • Marlene tells the Fireflies Group that for the task, they must kill the Fedra agents on the city's outskirts. She tells them that they have to find all 3 agents, and they should start at the Tomahawk Natural Area.
  • The Fireflies Group find supplies at EnergySolutions Arena.
  • The Survivor Group gets to the Fair Park, but notice a group of Stalkers around a car. Perry throws Molotovs at them, and with Luke's aiming skills, they manage to kill them.
  • The Fedra Group go through a questionary by Lt. Paul. Afterwards, gas fills the room, knocking them out. Lt. Paul injects a serum in their necks. They awake at a river side in the rain and see a burning cottage nearby.
  • The Fedra Group notice a man stuck under a bed, and a woman and a child trapped in the bathroom of the cottage. JA lifts the bed, but his good eye is covered by smoke, and he drops the bed to clean his eye, hurting the man under the bed even more. Najim gets the man out while JA cleans his eye. Noah tries to break into the bathroom, but finds it barricaded from the inside. The fire blocked off the front entrance of the cottage.
  • The Fireflies Group go to the Tomahawk area, as Diana gets to the scene. They notice some burnt wood and grass in the front, blood, and a dead Runner. They check the Runner, and find a bullet with the Fedra mark on it. They also hear footsteps heading North.
  • The Survivor Group gets a car, but without fuel and missing four tires and lamps. Linda tells them that they should try and find its parts to fix it. They enter a workshop, and find two Runners. Luke kills them. The group only finds two lanterns and a wrench.
  • Everyone but Noah leaves the cottage, taking the man with them, as Noah tries to get the woman and child out. He rushes outside, but sees no window. He realizes he has to go in to save her.
  • The Fireflies Group follows the footsteps and finds a Runner eating the living flesh of a man, who has a Fedra mark on his shirt. TJ kills the Runner. Jo examines the body, and she deducts that they were probably supposed to kill him. They see a dark forest under the hill mountain, where Infected may be.
  • Under bigger heat and dodging the collapsing ceiling, Noah charges the door open. He sees the woman unconscious and a baby boy. A ball of fire hits the floor, knocking Noah and the baby away, with the woman falling behind. Noah grabs the woman, who wakes up, slaps him and tells him to get the baby. She rolls over from his arms and rushes to the baby. Najim arrives but can't control his hands due to anxiety, and leaves.
  • The Fireflies Group reaches the forest and Tommy is nearly shot, but Caleb saves him by pushing him behind. Gunshots could be heard. The group rushes to a nearby bush. They notice the shooting is coming from two men above.
  • Jo and Tommy start shooting upwards, and rush to the other bush, as Caleb gets shot in the arm, and drops his flamethrower. TJ throws the molotov bottle at the gunfiring from above, and manages to land a hit, as he hears a man screaming above, and soon falling down to his death.
  • Noah manages to pick up the baby, but the woman dissapears from his view, and as the ceiling is about to collapse, Noah rushes outside, as the building falls down. Noah looks at the baby, and notices that he has the same necklace as Noah has, and when he looks at its back, he sees his name, and notices the striking resemblance to him. Memories of when he was a child start coming to Noah's mind, and he remembers how he started having asthma attacks and why his mother had died. After realizing he had just seen a memory of his past, he, along with the rest of the group, wake up on the room they were in before, greeted by Lt. Paul. He asks him how were they feeling.
  • TJ manages to use Caleb's flamethrower, but only makes the shooter back out a little. Caleb is in pain after getting shot. Tommy manages to shoot the agent, but he doesn't do much damage.
  • TJ grabs Jo's hairpin and puts it inside the flamethrower, pulling the trigger and throwing it at the agent, however, the agent grabs the flamethrower and throws it back at TJ, but it explodes before reaching mid air, turning TJ's situation worse, as he faints on the floor. The agent runs away to outside of the city.
  • The Survivor Group look inside a store, but Sam finds nothing inside. They hear a noise from the garage, but leave.
  • Joan manages to take Caleb and a burnt TJ back to the Temple Square, where Marlene leads them to the hospital. Jo and Tommy keep going after the agent, who they catch a glimpse of hiding in a cave. Diana follows.
  • Diana charges inside the cave, managing to dodge the bullets, and shoots the agent on the leg. He starts to have difficulty walking and running now. They go inside deeper in the cave, and the agent is closer to them now. Diana mentions she has no gas masks, so it may not be safe to go inside. They leave the cave, as Tommy sucesfully uses the shotgun to take the top of the cave entrance down, blocking it, leaving the agent inside if it is the only entrance
  • Lt. Paul explains what happened was just a simulation for them to be tested on not saving only those who know, but those you don't know, despite indirectly knowing them.
  • The Survivor Group takes the car back to the hospital. There Carrie, who hasn't been feeling very welling tells them Purry has gotten worse and she asks them if they wish to stay and rest or keep looking.

Week 4:

  • Purry hasn't gotten any better, and insists to be locked in her room at the hospital. Carrie has started feeling sick as well, but feels it is just a cold from the hospital.
  • Carrie tells the Survivor Group that she remembers seeing a gas station at the Klyde Warren Park, and suggests them go there.
  • The Fedra Group meet up with Lt. Paul in the morning, and he tells them that they are ready to do missions for Fedra. He says he has heard a cry for help somewhere in Houston, and he got a call saying a woman was seen screaming running from a Clicker in the Second Ward. He tells them that they should take Frank and two other soldiers with them for this mission.
  • The Fireflies Group get a visit from Marlene at the hospital, carrying an injection and some flowers. She tells them that they have an important task, and they need to be healed quickly. She inserts the injection on TJ and Caleb, as they heal quickly, having all gunshot wounds healed and burns as well.
  • The Fedra Group socializes with the other agents, getting to know them, as they take Carl and Marc with them for the mission. Later, they go to the Armory, to get supplies.
  • The Survivor Group heads to the Klyde Warren Park, but find the place filled with Runners, so they decide to go back to the hospital.
  • Marlene tells the Fireflies Group to grab some supplies, then leave to the airport. They go to the golf course, where they find some supplies, and meet up with Marlene, who gives them something.
  • The Survivor Group return to the hospital, but notice it is locked from the inside. They hear some shouting inside, and try to find a way around to enter it, but as the windows are bullet proof, they can't find a way in.
  • The Fireflies Group check EnergySolutions Arena, and find more supplies there. Before leaving, Diana gives Jo some supplies, and tells her she can't go with them, as she must stay and protect the city. They get on the airport, and start heading to Oklahoma City.
  • The Survivor Group find a blacksmith's place with Clickers, but decide not to enter. They also find a garage, where they find some tires.
  • The Fedra Group head to the Second Ward, taking Carl, Marc and Frank, then they split into two. Group #1 goes looking in the alleys, and finds a man sleeping on cardboad, along with a lot of blood nearby. Group #2 enter a building, but find nothing suspicious in any of the rooms. Group #2 looks in the phone booths, managing to find coins stacked with nail polish. Group #1 examines the man, who at first seems nocive, but quickly brings out a gun and shoots at Kaeden in the arm. Kaeden falls to the ground, and the man starts running down the alley.
  • David peeks on a car dealership and at first sees nothing, but as he enters the place, a Clicker comes charging from behind, pinning him to the ground and it starts to try and bite off his neck, however, Sam knocks the clicker over and sucessfully shoots him in the head. Linda finds a tire in the backroom left loose, as Sam takes one away from a motorcycle.
  • JA manages to bandage Kaeden with a piece of cloth, and he feels better.
  • DB searches a gas station, but finds neither Fungus or fuel to be used. Linda tells the Survivor Group that the hospital is energy supplied by the same kind of fuel as the ones they use in cars, and that it could be found somewhere inside of it.
  • Group #2 puts the coins in the booth, start hearing by the telephone a man asking where is his wife. They turn down the phone quickly. Group #1 follows the blood and the man, and find him in a dead alley. He tries shooting Kaeden again, but JA manages to give a single shot to his leg, making him lose balance and fall. He starts begging for mercy.
  • The Survivor Group scout around the hospital, finding an airduct, but it only fit Linda, Sam and Perry. Perry goes in, and after walking inside, finds an air duct opening, and tries to see under it what is going on. He hears moaning nearby, and sees some blood on the floor. He hears a war cry, but can't quite make out what happened other than that.
  • Perry climbs down the duct and successfully lands on the ground. He starts looking around, and goes to the main entrance and unlocks the closed door, despite nobody comes on in. He walks around, trying to reach the basement where the generator would be, and when turning a hallway, he sees the dead body of a girl on the ground, realizing it was the dead body of Carrie. He pukes on the ground, crying as well, and closes her eyes. He hears more noises.
  • The man confesses to the Fedra Group that he did kidnap the woman and tells them that he can't let the others have her, and that she is the most precious one. They let him live, but arresting him.
  • Group #2 searches the building they got the location from for the closet. They manage to find it, but nothing inside it, until they hear shouting. They take down the closet to find the woman, having been hid there, as she tells them that the guy who got her was a freak. She tells them she wants to go back to her husband, as both groups meet up and return the woman back to her husband.
  • Perry opens a nearby door, and finds a staircase leading down, but also hears the noises. He notices it is dark and the only nearby light would be pushing the button downstairs. He realizes the noises also came from the generator, despite there were some others.
  • James comes in the hospital and meets up with Perry, as they slowly open the door of the basement, and they start walking downstairs. Perry lets James go in front, and quickly, Perry shoots in the darkness and doesn't hit anything at first sight. They go down, and try to turn the lights on, but as Perry tries to hit the button, a Runner comes charging at him, knocking him down. He tries to bite him off, but Perry keeps fighting back.
  • James keeps shooting at the Runner, and manages to take it off of Perry, but it starts running in his direction, and tackles James down, as he is pinned down to the ground. Perry rushes to his aid, trying to pull the Runner behind, but the Runner jumps on him again this time. James tries to save Perry, and shoots on nearby, only distracting and annoying the Runner more. However, a single gun shot is heard, as the Runner's head is blown up. The lights turn on, as James and Perry see a Purry, holding a gun, with Fungus coming out of her head, however, still conscious. She throws the gun on the floor, and points at it, then at her head.
  • Perry grabs the gun, and he tells Purry he loves her, as she smiles calmly, and Perry shoots her in the head, killing her. James starts crying, but ends up finding the fuel they needed in the process. With Purry and Carrie dead, they fill up the car, and start driving out the way.

Week 5:

  • Driving to Oklahoma City, the Survivor Groups fuel runs over, and they set up camp at the middle of the road. They decide to go back to Dallas to find some fuel, and everyone but Perry and David go.
  • The Fireflies Group reach Oklahoma City by plane, and are told by Marlene to use whatever supplies they have to take over of it.
  • The Fireflies Group decide to look for supplies. They enter a house, buckled up with guns and vests, and they find a man and woman on a couch. The man quickly throws a lamp at Caleb, knocking him down, as the woman runs to the room.
  • Tommy shoots the man in the stomach as he falls to the ground. Joan checks to see if he is still alive, and finds him dead. Tommy rushes to the woman, but she closes the room door and locks it.
  • Noah heals Kaeden, as he will be better in a week. The Fedra Group head over to the base, after Lt. Paul calls them.
  • The Fedra Group are given a package and are told to meet someone and deliver the package to this someone in the cemetery.
  • The Survivor Group keep walking in the street at the middle of the night, and find a man in the middle of the road, who tells them to "come". He says he has some important information and asks them to follow him back to his house. They start to follow him, keeping their guard up.
  • Tommy shoots the lock, and pushes the door, finding the woman crying on the floor. She drops her weapon, and surrenders. She starts crying some more, asking for mercy.
  • Joan, Caleb and Jo search the house, and find a flamethrower, some handcuffs, and a shotgun. The woman tells Tommy the person they killed was her husband. She asks them to leave her alone.
  • Tommy shoots at the woman, who quickly rolls over, and kicks Tommy in the shin, causing great pain to him. TJ tries to shoot her, but she avoids it again, and grabs Tommy's gun, shooting TJ in the head, killing him instantly. She runs out of the house through the window, without being caught by any of them, screaming "Fireflies!"
  • The Fedra Group start heading to the cemetery, but as they pass by the Bayou Music Center, they hear strange noises coming from a female voice.
  • The Survivor Group go to the man's house, where they hear him tell how the cure could be found.
  • The Fireflies Group manage to run away from the house, and get to a gas station. There, the group grabs the shotgun and starts to shoot down the beverage section, making a lot of noise with the glass breaking by gun shots. They leave 2 Molotov bottles, each next to a gas pump, and proceed to leave. They hide on an empty house across the street, as the Fedra agents and cars arrive. 5 agents are shown to go inside the gas station, as the rest stays behind in the cars, and manage to sucessfully throw a Molotov bottle at the station, lighting up the other ones, and exploding the entire station, managing to kill everyone there.
  • The Fedra Group ignore the lady, and the lady shoots at the feet level of the group to get their attention. She tells them that they are being fooled by Lt. Paul, as Carl knocks her out. They continue your way to the cemetery, and there, hear some rustling on some bushes.
  • The Survivor Group, after hearing the man wants Linda and discovering he is a Firefly, quickly open fire on the man, and keep shooting him in the chest. The man stays still standing, as the group keeps firing at him. It doesn't take long to realize that the man is wearing a bullet proof vest. He quickly draws a gun and tries to shoot at Luke, but he manages to dodge the shot. The man runs to the back of the cottage.
  • The Fireflies Group throw another Molotov bottle at the cars, but despite being set on fire at first, they quickly are put out. They quickly reach the gas station and notice them on the house, starting to open fire.
  • The Survivor Group manage to go outside, as James hides in the storage room. There, he finds fuel, and eagerly awaits the man inside, who notices the storage room door open. The man goes outside and throws a gas bomb in the house, as James manages to get the stuff in the closet, and runs to the door, without inhaling any gas. He quickly joins the group, as they start running to the car, but soon, they hear the sound of a motorcycle coming from behind.
  • The Fireflies Group run to a house, but run out of it, hiding under a car. They then head to a house, and inside, start planning their next move.
  • James throws a Molotov bottle behind him, lighting up the street, making the motorcycle not pass through. They reach the car and fill it up, and start driving off to Oklahoma City.
  • Joan and Jo search the upstairs room, but find nothing. Tommy and Caleb search the floor some more, and find a man in the closet, who struggles when found, trying to run away, but keeps tripping. Tommy starts to torture him, asking him if he has a family, as he says he is alone in the world. Tommy keeps cutting him with the knife, and eventually, slices his throat open. They head on out to the next house, where you find a man and his two children in the couch, and a woman in the kitchen.
  • They hear a feminine voice, as she comes out of the bushes, and reveals herself to be the Fedra agent/Firefly spy. She tells them she has been on the Fireflies city for some time now, and she is pretty sure she knows how they act now. She asks for the package they have. They talk a little, as the group gives her the package, and go back to the base.
  • The Fireflies Group hancuff the family. They tell the woman she needs to get in the Capitol building and plant explosives there, so that her family lives.
  • Jo and Joan take her to the building. The woman walks in the capitol building, unsuspicious, as Joan and Jo hide. She reaches the top floor of the place, and lights a Molotov bottle with a wire on it, to time it correctly. She start walking downstairs, but as she does so, Fedra agents come in the building with guns quickly, and she starts to run away. She runs to the backdoor, and lights the Molotov bottle in the lobby, killing some agents, as they chase back to her. She starts running away to her house, as Fedra agents reach the front of the place.
  • Joan runs to the front and starts throwing grenades at people, but is shot in the middle of the way in the foot, and runs to a bush, while failing to walk, hiding there. Jo starts shooting them down, and manages to kill some of them there, clearing out the entire area as Joan throws another grenade. Caleb and Tommy still keep watch of the man and his children, but one of the kids starts to run away, and climbs out the window.
  • Tommy runs after the kid, but before he reaches it, a Fedra agent comes running to him, as he rushes back inside, and closes all windows and doors. Joan removes the bullet with a knife, and patches his leg with some rag, as Jo comes to his aid. The Molotov bottle will explode very soon.
  • Tommy throws the bottle at the kid, but he misses, and the agent shoots at Tommy, despite he misses. Jo and Joan need new orders, as if they don't get out within the next post, they will die because of the Molotov TNT bottle.
  • Jo and Joan, carried by Jo, starts running away from the Capitol building. They start running away, as the building explodes, sending them off flying, landing on a nearby bush. Everyone inside the builiding is killed, and the explosion even manages to hit the Fedra agent that was with the kid, killing him, but leting the kid escape. Survivors begin to flee the city to Kansas, leaving only a few hiding in the houses, and a few Fedra agents.
  • Jo and Joan run back to the house, killing some Fedra agents on their way back, and reach the place. The man and his daughter wanna know where is the woman and son.
  • The man and his daughter start hugging each other, and tell them that if you are going to take over the city, at least let the survivors be hostages, all of them, together, so they can say their goodbye. Joanne and her son walk inside the house, handcuffed, and don't try to do anything, because they know they will be killed if they do. They walk to their family, and sit on the ground. Caleb looks outside and notices most of the city has already evacuated, and only a group of 5 outside remains, helping a man on the ground.
  • The Fireflies Group manage to handcuff the 10 Survivors to each other, and despite one of them trying to break free, they all are tied to each other. You look over, and notice there is the family of four, the Fedra agent who has a wound in his arm, two teenage girls, an old man and his wife and a fast food employee called Thomas.
  • The Fireflies Group get a call from Marlene, saying their satellites intercepted the girl, and that she will reach the city soon. She tells them to get ready.

Week 6: