Contestant Profile
Team Team Fox
Teammates Purry

Season 3

Average age 14,5
Placement 10/11
Average placing 8.0
Roadblocks Purry, 1
David, 1

AmazingPurry & DBWAWESOMEPOSSUM also known as Purry & David are a team competing in The Amazing Race 3.


See Fitz & Purry for Purry's older profile, and David & Shannon for David's.


  • Age: 14
  • Current Residence: Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Connection to your teammate: Best Friends ♥
  • Current occupation: Student (Fulltime mother of 3 Foxes)
  • Favorite hobbies: Reading, Writing, Playing Video games & Twerking
  • What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?
  • What famous person reminds you of yourself? Tish Simmons
  • What famous person reminds you of your teammate? Tish Simmon's Car
  • What scares you most about traveling? Everything
  • What excites you most about traveling? Everything
  • Pet peeve about your teammate: Nothing...Yet >_>


  • Age: 15

Season 3Edit

  • Leg 1: 6th
    • Icon-Airport 2nd Flight.
    • Icon-Roadblock David
    • Icon-Detour Flag Assemble
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 6th.
  • Leg 2: 10th
    • Icon-route Received a planned penalty of 2 hours.
    • Icon-Airport 2nd Flight.
    • Icon-FastForward -
    • Icon-Detour Colorful Chaos
    • Icon-Roadblock Purry
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 10th. 2nd Team Eliminated.


  • David cheated with the flight task, which resulted in a planned penalty of 2 hours. This eventually led to their elimination.


Season 3Edit

The Amazing RaceEdit

  • First team to cheat.
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