This is all confessionals made during the twelfth Leg.


I am so damn pissed at Sam right now, he knew that I didn't want to ride coattails this time around yet he got the answers from Perry. Its so frustrating because Perry and Tyler also turn on us and Emma that leg and then they gave us the answers because they thought we were weak.

Then Jamie, who is a bitch who isn't getting laid anytime soon decided to go grab me and swipe the floor with me saying that we had zero chance of winning and that she was gonna win and blah blah blah, she is a douchebag when it comes to games. Honestly I think she is just pissed because apparently she is the only one that can have the chronic backstabbing disorder and its only fine when she lies, but the others, they can go and fuck themselves cause Jamie must always be at the power position and if Jamie isnt at the power position, everybody else is a horrible person that would throw puppies to a river and laugh while doing so.

Honestly me and Sam have worked just so hard this time around and we have actually improved a lot from last time, we got better placements, we got less help and we actually had the chance to help other teams instead of begging for help. I just want to shock everybody and give my all and finish first, just to smack them hoes in the face after telling us that they wanted to take us to the end cause we were weak. Plus I want a baby, and if we win Sam will gimme a baby and we will be a happy family, yes we will. Right Sam? RIGHT?????

I want the baby, I need the baby, we better win.


I knew we could win. From the very beginning I was confident that we would be able to make it this far. Here begins our final test, the last leg. I'm ready to take home the gold on this one with my best friend. I'll take us out with April Ludgate specifying exactly why we'll win:

At least the worst we can do is 3rd!

Awww Jamie said if she loses Tyler and I deserve to win :')


So we haven't taken any notes about the previous roadblocks, detours or pitstops, so that screws us a tad. but the thing we should have to do is that like the final amazing roadblock we should take a penalty right away, since I hosted last time, if one of the teams took a penalty right away they would of won. I just hope we don't fuck up again. Oh, and guess what? I'm sober!


So here we are, the final leg! Me and Tommy are gonna pull out all the stops to win and hopefully it's a success.

Me and Tommy started this race getting 7ths, 5ths, 4ths, and in the last few legs we've really stepped our game up and won 3 legs (which probably shocked the other teams) and I'm really happy with that. Perry and Tyler deserve to win more than us because they've been more consistent but I couldn't be happier with how me and Tommy have raced.


*screams from excitement* *passes out*