See here for a list of game series.

The following archive shows one-off games, test seasons and other finished ORGs and RPGs of The Robinson Expedition.

Ended seriesEdit

The Great MistakeEdit

The Great Mistake, previously United Nations, was a series where players would play as a nation trying to achieve control of the world.
The series was ended after four seasons due to inactivity.

Logo Season Name Host(s) Winner(s)
United nations flag 1 United Nations Kaffe Everyone
900px-Earth flag.svg 2 The Great Mistake Kaffe Jamie
Jews-in-the-Ancient-World-1024x758 3 The Great Mistake 2 Kaffe Nathaniel
Vikingler 727398 4 The Great Mistake 3 Kaffe Sam

Scream QueensEdit

Scream Queens lasted two seasons.

Logo Season Name Host(s)
479262 1 Scream Queens Sora
Untildawn 2 Until Dawn Sora


Champions lasted two seasons.
Main Page: Champions

Testing AreaEdit

The Testing Area are seasons that are tested out, and for some reason not turned into a series.
Many series on The Robinson Expedition started out as in the Testing Area.

Logo Name Host(s) Winner(s)
Murder Mystery Luke JA
Character Quest Luke Joan
International-made-in Made in International Kaffe Nathaniel
Wom World of Music Kaffe Sam
TheMoleBanner The Mole Max
BB Big Brother Sam George
Circle Joan Danielle
How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Kaffe None
Yandere: LoveSick Joan Alf
Oelandia Kaffe Gavin
E469e8d3d46dfce1e615cbbc7c9a96c7 Lübeck Kaffe Wes


Very few seasons can be considered a Special season, though they occur from time to time,

Logo Name Host(s) Winner(s)
Tre The Robinson Expedition Luke
100 Luke


Pages for discontinued seasons are usually deleted, though they are occasionally kept for one reason or another. They can all be found here.

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