This is all confessionals made during the fourth Leg.


2 more days left of my difficult rotation, then ill be free to kick some serious butt.


2 more days left on my stay in the US, then I'll be back in Poland where I'll be more available to kick some serious butt.

Double Tung staying for a while might actually be a pretty good thing for us, purely because of their time zone - they can't be on super late which makes coming on time difficult for quite a few people, making them weaker.


We won! We won! This is great! I actually feel like with the right timing, we could win this thing!


And I'm feeeeeeeeeling goooood. First place baby, and it couldn't feel any better. We hammered out an alliance with fellow power players Tom and Lucas, adding already allies Bjorn and Danny into the fold with them. We helped those two teams, DoubleTung, and Amber+Lucky this leg, each of the teams getting great placements as a result. With the exception of the roadblock (which was straightforward after I re-read it), this was a relatively easy leg. Great teamwork from Team DS, and I hope this recent success continues as the race gets tougher.


Today's leg was a complete and utter mess! We started the leg off with Amber and I in an argument about her not being able to do the leg. But thankfully, Amber was able to get on and successfully complete an extremely hard roadblock. I was having a LOT of trouble this leg with finding the locations. I'm really upset with myself because I'm usually good with locations and Amber is good with the challenges. Thank goodness she was here cause without her, I don't think I would have made it. The detour was hard and we couldn't find the museum. We switched and I easily found the four paintings. My heart was pounding when we reached the pit stop. Nuno had to be a little bitch and trick us but we came in 8th, just escaping elimination. Amber and I have moved on from today and we are going to dominate for the rest of the season! It's game time. No more Mr. Nice Guy...