This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


So Sam and I were at first running the challenge until I decided to help Szymon out in the pitstop, roadblock whatever thing. In my opinion that was a dumb move since I got stuck on a letter on that challenge and he stomped over me. He possibly also gave Team Peru the answers since they also heated me and Sam.

Damn it's frustrating to be 3rd when I could have gotten first! Why am I so nice to my friends?

Anyways I helped Team Nerd and Sandra. Better be nice so they help you out when you need it and do not U-Turn you!

My main objective is to screw over Teams Penis and Aqua since they are the ones I like the least, if I get the chance I will try to make them go the opposite direction so that they get eliminated!


So like we are after first leg! Im so glad we won, and we have a express pass in our back. In this leg we worked together with Natalie and Ryan, so i feel like collaboration with them would be uselful for us now. Other teams might see us like biggest threats now. So the best option for us is to be nice to everyone and play good social game. I also would love to work with Charles and Wes, but im not sure what would Henry think about need. We really need to talk.


So Ryan and I completed the first leg race and I have to say that I did 95 percent of the work because he was at work which understandable. We have formed an alliance with both Team Slutty and Team Sexy Nerds. Szymon helped me a during the leg and I helped him. Team Slutty won the first leg and said we could use the express pass first we need to but who knows if we will be able to use it.