This is all confessionals made during the third leg.


Do you know why Bubble Bees is literally the worst game of all time? It's all luck. One round I'm getting clocks and combos and the next run it's just utter crap and my game is swiftly over. I don't want luck to eliminate me or not because this challenge is super important.

It is a new day! I am calm (for now) and ready to take on whatever happens next! It's time for my next redemption arc, and this time it will last longer than one leg. I hope.

We just need to do better, and get on that first flight, but we can comeback. We always find a way to stay in it.


So right now, I really am hungry to get on that first flight, I'm sick of being in the back of the pack, but I've got a good teammate and I'm hoping to make some magic happen this leg and I want to be in the top half and if possible, I WANNA SLAY THIS MOTHERTUCKING LEG


I've found a nice ol' buddy in Jaylen. We're both on flight 2, so we've become the duo of the lost boys. We're going to work together on this supposedly difficult leg to ensure that we both survive this leg. It's the survival of the fittest and me and Jaylen have to be the fittest this leg. Enough cheeseburgers!

Today, we traveled to Iceland. How beautiful! Even though it was turning the very hairs on my chest into icicle-cubes!Placing 8th once again is a little disappointing, but it's no big deal. I can live with it. This leg I was on fire. It was a sprint to the pitstop between me, Kaeden and the flops, but they narrowly beat us after somehow gaining the legendary speed of Flash the superhero.So, in the leg, I helped out Lucas who had been given a penalty. I decided to make this decision because a) it gives me an ally and 2) it makes me feel like a good human-being, which I totally am.So, next leg, here are the plans: lay off the cheeseburgers, exercise in preparation, rinse and repeat.


I hope we can do well today. We're on flight 1, which is good, and I really want to keep our good average up. This season has just begun, and Jamie and Nuno already stand out as insanely huge threats, but you never know what can happen in seasons like this.


4th. Definitely not bad. I'd like to thank Martynas for helping us with the detour, we lived the struggle life!!!! Once again, I wish we got 1st, it could've been great


{{quote||I'm thinking we shall be like The Beekman Boys from US 21 (low profile but suddenly wins the Race), or we could be consistent like Daniel & Meiri from HMLM 4 (but not being eliminated is better|Tata}

I overslept and forgot to do the flight task! Fuck! Now we have to be on the second flight again. Hopefully we have a better leg this time and have a decent placement. Although my confidence isn't too high after last leg.

we did so much better this leg. We worked great together and we steamrolled through the challenges. If we can keep this up, I think we can win.