This is all confessionals made during the elleventh Leg.


This is probably the most important leg in my opinion. The four teams left have been the front-runners for most of the competition, being 4/5 of the teams that have won a leg - so the competition for this leg will be really tough. Me and Tommy have to prove that we deserve to be here just as much at the others do and get through to the finale.

There's an alliance with all the other teams in apart from me and Tommy, and Perry is patronising me and treating me like I'm easy to beat. Erm, we've won three legs too, ya know? ANYWAY, we have to win this leg to make sure that alliance doesn't beat us.


Dear fellow competitors,

It is the penultimate leg. There is one after this, and nobody will be helping anyone. Just because you can't be here, does not mean we are in some way obligated to help you. In short, you can sort out your own shit.


The Bitch Hoes.

I literally dragged both of the other 2 teams that survived through and past the detour. We may be team bitch hoe, but like...we showed them up today :')


So Perry did the leg that just ended by himself and didn't share the location and I wasn't here , so Emma got mad and added Jamie & Tommy to the alliance chat and Jamie exposed Nuno on snitching i think and showed some screenshots of Joan popping shit basically. I said nothing because I was none of my business. Also Perry saved Jamie and Tommy. I kinda wanted him to slaughter them but ehh it's whatever i just need to be here to help him next time that's all.