This is all confessionals made during the sixth Leg.


With Chris and Bryce quitting we have the record for highest lowest placement this season! We've never placed below 6th, and even if we'd somehow go out 7th, we'd share the record with the Tungs. I also think we should aim for highest overall average this season. I mean, we're having it right now anyway.


It truly sucks seeing the break-up of The Old Swedes alliance. Bjorn and Danny were fun to play with, and it seems Bjorn is finally becoming active. From a game perspective, I wish we helped out another team so we would still have the kind of bond we have with Bjorn and Danny, but with a team still in the race. Though, no worries, we had to beat that at one point or another.

Team Desi Swedes is ready to bring this baby home. Hoping for a first place finish today.

First place once again.With that first food having many names, it was weird being denied on my first try at the roadblock. Nonetheless, got first. Thanks to our help, Lucky's team got 3rd with Lucas' team getting 4th... I wonder who came in second all by themselves >,>

Thanks to our help, Tung and Gunt were able to get 5th! Our allies survived the leg

Even better, that means Jessy and Jamie... or Seth and Josh got last


This time around is a major role reversal for me. Last time I was being dragged through the dirt to the finish line every leg hanging onto Jamie & Szymon's coattails, but this time I'M the one leading the pack and it kind of makes me feel a bit more safe going into future legs knowing that there's a team we can beat.


This leg was great! It really rose our spirits after coming in last in the previous leg. Amber wasn't really too active during the leg so it was mostly me by myself but I think I did a good job. I breezed through the speed bump and the roadblock. The detour was great too. Amber helped out on some of the locations and we worked great together. It really sucks that two teams quit in yesterday's leg but what can you do? I'm excited to keep racing around with my best friend!