This is all confessionals made during the eighth Leg.


Go us winning 4 legs so far! Hopefully our U-Turn works out and Nathaniel/Gavin are eliminated because right now they're our biggest threats.


Lucky has got to be the worst partner EVER. In our dumbass alliance chat he's literally reading my messages but chooses not to help me like tf ?// Thank god queen Amber came to the rescue because today was just not my day at ALL. So thanks for that Amber


This wasn't our day... our allies in Tung and Tung pulled through for us, but we didn't really help out Lucas and Tom as we knew we needed the edge to stay alive. Sad to see them go though.


In the next leg, we raced through Niger and Nigeria. I was at work for the day but Amber SLAYED it. She dominated it. She killed it. She finished the roadblock immediately and she did amazing in the detour and I knew I was going to be happy with our placement. WE CAME IN SECOND! But we were still racing so we continued to go through Nigeria and Amber continued to slay it challenge after challenge. But there was a U-Turn and we hoped that Jamie and Jessy were behind us but they were sadly in front of us. We continued racing and CAME I SECOND! I was so ecstatic. I was so frazzled with the leg that I upset our alliance members, Seth & Josh and Nathaniel & Gavin for not helping them. Luckily, I've talked to both teams and I hope there are still with us. The next leg is my turn to keep killing it and dominating! I'm ready!