This is all confessionals made during the ninth Leg.


We're screwing over the team that tried to screw us over. Sorry Lucky, but we're not helping you when a team has already checked in


omg...Do you guys believe? After a long race. We finally got 1st. We won FF. Yass... Finally we can have our own gun


OMG! What a fucking stressful leg! I had to fight through it all by myself. I think I was the first one to have the location, but I was struggling with the roadblock so I helped Nathaniel & Gavin and Seth & Josh out, which proved to be a mistake. THE ROADBLOCK SUCKED! They both found the roadblock before me and didn't tell me until afterwards. Eventually, I fought through the roadblock. I was shaking when playing the bee detour game. I even started crying. I couldn't get to fucking 2000 points. Finally, I got there and was able to finish 4th. It wasn't one of our best finishes but at least, we survived yet another day. From now on, I need to keep things to myself because I could have been screwed over today. Luckily, I was lucky. I can't believe that I've made it this far already and I'm pumped to keep on racing.