This is all confessionals made during the third Leg.


Ok so like me and Sam are gonna slay it, it's pretty Patagonic.


Last on the first flight! Hell yeah. Anywhere on the first flight suits me, it means that we won't be eliminated unless if we really cock up. Off to Patagonia we go!


Once again, Rebekah got a mediocre score. But my score was once again enough to carry us to first flight.

However, Nuno and Emma stuck on the second flight. So we can't help or get help from them. First flight, sounds great, right? But Nuno does most of our alliance carrying so we're probably screwed on the first flight. Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

So I made an alliance with Jamie and Tommy, just so we don't get our asses u-turned. However, my entire alliance wants them out. Rebekah once again didn't come online for the leg and we wasted YET ANOTHER one of my roadblocks. But we still have the express pass, luckily. I'm also somewhat pissed that we got 3rd because we would have gotten 2nd if I didn't help Perry find freaking Fashion World. The rest of the game ain't looking up for us.


Time for leg 3! ...And I'm alone again! TJ's stuck at work until a half an hour after our flight, and by then I'd be shocked if I'm not done yet. Hopefully I won't get held up with any stupid games about fish this time around.

So we might have to change our team name to TEAM NUMBER EIGHT, because that's the place we've gotten every single leg. It needs to change before next leg or we're goners...


At this point, it looks like Tyler and I might have the highest average placement (considering Nuno and Emma can get 5th at best). I'm so happy for us!


My partner is a boss ass bitch and the teams are mad about it.


We'll come in first next leg.