This is all confessionals made during the fourth Leg.


Next leg starting shortly, terrified out of my mind. Here's to hoping Danielle surprises me.

I'm worried for Danielle now. She did jackshit that whole leg, as she has the whole game just about. And I very well might not be on tomorrow. So we're basically screwed.

So I helped DB finish the race. My plan is to get him on my side, since everyone else is after him, he'll get booted eventually after a u-turn. I need someone like his team on my side. And Boo kinda deserves to be kicked from the race after taking a penalty. None of my allies can find out I helped DB, though.


Not much happened in this leg, we didn't go for the fast forward in case someone else did, also didn't really need it anyway. Jessy saved us once again when I got stuck, it's what she does, she is a great partner.

I feel really sorry for Boo, I wish his partner didn't let him down like that. I know he understands and doesn't blame her, but I can't help but feel this was a sad elimination.


JA, get your act together.


Yeah, yeah. I didn't help Tyler in today's leg, but what can I say?

I didn't get much help in the beginning, so why is he surprised that I didn't help him today? I mean, I'm on vacation, so I'm going to enjoy that rather than sit on a computer. Hmm... we'll see.


This has been such a wild yet very fun adventure for me. Me and Cali defiantly gave it our all and I know if she was here right now she would be happy with how we did. Good luck to the remaining teams.


I'm so thankful for Fitz! If not for him, I may have been close to being eliminated. I hope to repay him sometime soon so we can continue to work together


That was an AWESOMEEEEEEE leg.

Like, Fitz is so useless, I can't even.