This is all confessionals made during the eight Leg.


Today everything was fine. We raced and finished race. No problems untill we got to hear that Charley and Dallas were eliminated. I can't say I am not sad about them being eliminated. I genuinely liked them, and still do. But however after the race, hell broke lose. Dallas opened a can of worms, a huge can of worms. A huge fights appeared out of nowhere, and secretly I am enjoying it. Teams are fighting and I dont even have to do a thing!


Omg, what just happened.

We got U Freaking Turned Again, got 5th again, and history is repeating, AGAIN.

So our alliance of 4 (Team Ratch Hoes, Team Slut, Team Boss Ass Bitchez and Team Hunger Games) is doing pretty well, as we 4 nearly got all in the F4. We managed to U-Turn Charley and Dallas and that got them out, but it also caused CHAOS.

After Joan did that screenshot thingy, it made me and Emma get targeted by Team Sandra, and that is why we got the U-Turn again. We are ratchet thow, so we can survive anything they throw at us.

We know that we are going to stay in Australia for this leg, so we hope to go to Sydney. We really need to get Charlie and Wes out, as we need to prove we are not ghetto trash.


Ok, so the alliances changed this episode. We worked with Emma and Nuno, Sam and Joan, and Szymon and Henry. We were the last placing team who didn't have to do another challenge, but I'm not super worried.

The 2nd park was a bitch to find, but the penguins were awesome . I'm excited to stay in Australia because there's so much to see.


Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem. I have never seen such a big mess. This leg has just caused so much friction between teams, and a divide has been formed. Crtha/Kman/Wes/Me vs Nuno/Emma/Joan/Sam/Jo/Perry/Szymon/Henrik. So yeh, looks like we are royally screwed. But this leg was fun anyways, we managed to make our way back up, and I reckon we could have come first if not for the slip up, but mistakes happen.


God Dallas is so pissed off by my moves to get him out. Like seriously, if he is gonna be bitter he should better be a quitter.