This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


So like last time we fucked up and like we gotta redeem ourselves. Sam started going to an alcoholic anonymous to treat his problems and I think i kinda learnt how to not piss the shit out of people. Plus after our final performances we learnt how to work this shit meaning we have a good advantage over the others Team ratchet being the other fully experienced group other than us. An alliance with them could be a good long term benefit for us since they are not exactly the strongest team compared with us. So yeah... Better Truly by Nice this Time...


Wheeeeeee! I'm back! Team #Fox are going to win it ^_^

We have an alliance with 2 different teams, Awkward & Bitch Hoe (Sam, Caleb, Perry & Tyler)

I wanted to align with Team Hunger Games but David said to wait and thats exactly whut amma do

I feel like our biggest competitior will be Team & HG, but I think we'll do fine

First out predictions? Team Magma or Awkward, but hopefully one from Awkward will be onlien so we can help them xD

Thats all for now, I'll probably make a confessional after the leg or right before telling you how much I'm dying

K thx bye.


I wish Team Awkward would wake up >_>

OK, So that Leg went well, I guess. I believe me and David are a good team.

We're also in a new alliance with Andreas and Nicholas ._. um, no betch, no.


Well, this is it! Today marks the first day of TJ's and my race around the world. I'm really glad he agreed to do this with me, and that he went for the whole "Team Teal" motif- things have been hard, and I'm hoping this game keeps me sane through the surgery and treatment I'm about to do. I normally suck at Geoguessr, but I gave it my best effort for TJ- he's probably going to have to do Leg 1 on his own, since my mom and sister and I are doing birthday stuff that I can't seem to get out of. But I'm more than trusting of TJ's abilities in this game, and hopefully I got us on that first flight to give him some sort of advantage. In the future, I'll be around for legs- it's the last day my sister is on vacation with us, so lucky me is being dragged out. I'm a little worried that very few teams have talked to me yet- Szymon sent me a little heart and "OMG, TAR!" when he got brought in as a replacement, but that's honestly it. I should probably do some friend-making before I head out with the fam- I know TJ's super friendly, but being the oldest team DEFINITELY puts us at a disadvantage socially. If they start calling things "fleek" and "ratchet".... I'll probably need a dictionary.


So Rebekah submitted a shit score and decided she wouldn't be online for the first leg.

Second boot, here we come!

Fuck yes! We made flight one with our entire alliance of: Nuno and Emma and Tyler and Perry! Time to do this with my invisible partner!

Fourth place because my alliance sucks at giving info. I REALLY think Nuno is trying to sabotage us to help his alliance with Sam and Joan. Also, Rebekah is doing even less than Danielle did last season! She needs to get her shit together, or we're next.


We might only be Mozzerella sticks but we'll fry you.

Jamie is a bae.


We're back! And with an awesome partner, I am so excited to be playing again. Last time I was taken out in the penultimate leg when my partner couldn't be here to do her roadblock, and I had to take a penalty. This time, I am geared up and readier than ever to win. There's no Wes in my way, and we are here to win.

We scored highest and are on the first flight! I'm really curious to see who the strongest racers are this go around. I suppose we're about to find out.

That leg was a fast one! Nuno and Emma beat us, but only by under a minute, so I think Tyler and I can do a good job here. I'm looking forward to some harder legs, let's get it on!


I'm just so excited. I've always liked travelling. Europe, America, Asia, anywhere. It'll be very exciting I'm sure. IF Erica and I stick together, we'll make it far, I'm sure.


I am an explorer. This is want I want, seeing the world. I want to create a new experience with Max and hope for the very best.