This is all confessionals made during the second leg.


First flight. At least we did a great job on the start, and we need to improve.

Lost someone, gain someone. That's the essence of this leg. In allying


Welp, I'm on flight 2 again. It's not a huge deal, considering that Kaeden and I are pretty good at the legs so we should be safe, but...I'd love to have that little added chance of top 3. I'm praying for this leg to be a toughie leg so that me and Kaeden can catch up, speed over the competition and win ourselves a vacay.

That leg.... That was a crazy leg. Kaeden and I were extremely confident coming into this leg, yet we placed even lower than before -- 9th. Wow. Not only this, but we'd be out without the help of the Desi Swedes. This truly humbled me and made me realize that you should always watch your behind on the race, kids -- never know what'll happen next.


I now know what's it's like to be on the second flight. I hate it. I hate it. When everyone is racing and you have to wait. Then everyone is saying their placements. I never want this feeling again.

--- THANK GOD! And I would like to thank coffee for torturing us.


We just gotta push extra hard his leg and do our best. Even if it's 7th place but it's better than last. I think we can do it, it's just gonna be bad today.

I'm so done. LIterally the most infuriating leg and half hour of my life. I'm gonna lie down before I kill someone. Auckland can go fuck off, everyone can go fuck off, I'm done today.


You know, I practically was a one man team in WW. I thought I had it all figured out. No, I don;t have this figured out. WW was based on landmarks and without them I'm like a lost puppy. It's saddening. My mother Tiffany Pollard would not be proud right now. Like, I sat there and went through that chanting stuff damn frame-to-frame and still couldnt find it. Why is it that when my partner is reliable I cant perform well. Im getting TAR 4 teas from this. omg


That leg was fun! I may not have done much, but 3rd is great! I wish we got 1st though, that would've been great


I was not #prepared for that leg. OR that roadblock!! like whew. i liked that leg tho, but it was short so yay that's good. I'm no on good terms w/ Martynas too, I hope lol he's cool poor guy almost LOST if it wasn't for me 8- ). i must have such a big ego g0sh


Purry is our God and Saviour. if i'll ever say a bad word about her - just kill me. i'll worship her in this season.