This is all confessionals made during the second Leg.


Eyy, Leg 2 and nobody screwed up so far, woowooahha.

W O W, Third, I was sure we would be last, that leg seemed to take forever.Thank god that one of our alliance members didn't get the boot...Even though they barely help us and I forget they're there lmao. Wes & Gerda and Tung & Duy are HUGE threats. Maybe we can pull off a TAR2 move c:

I legit didn't even know they wher ein that alliance, thats how unhelpful most of these alliances are.Anyways, hopefully this doesn't screw us up because even though I entertained the host I doubt they'll rig it for my horrible mistakes ;( *cough* Anywyas, hopefully we can get that uturn or soemthing and have it NOT played on us by Cookies and Cream, gosh.


Leg 1 is over and I’m glad we’re still here, however I’m afraid we won’t be able to last long in this race. First being the time, don’t know about the Java team but this is a very big disadvantage for us (well at least for me because as I’m typing these words, I’m sleepy as hell). But I guess we can’t do anything about it. Second being the other teams. 6th is not what I expect nor ever want to finish. There are some pretty strong teams here, I’m worried about them, and I’m worried about my partner as well. We’ll see how it works out in leg 2, and hopefully we’re still here by the end of it lel.


I want to rename our team name to Slay of Tarth!!!


Thanks to John sitting on the sidelines the whole time we ended up in the bottom half of the teams I literally dragged his ass once again smh. But thankfully we survived again, thanks to me

After this leg I definitely want to stay aligned with Jamie/Szymon, but only for a while. They're really strong, plus Jamie smells like dirty gym socks tbh


Well this is the first leg I was able to participate in, and I think we did well . Jaylen did not want to do the side road, but after some convincing, we did it and it really wasn't too hard after all. Honestly, I'm surprised we placed 7th as I thought we were making great time. We'll have an advantage in the next leg, looking forward to doing even better there.


Super happy today because me and Wes like totally slayed this leg. And on top of that, we have an advantage for the next leg. I feel positive about it. Me and Wes fit together really well as a team. I always felt something was a bit missing with Jake and well in the end it didn't work out well for us, although he was quite a good partner still. But there is something different about how I work with Wes. We just click really well and on top of that both of us seem to be really fast. Although quite often I find Wes has posted an answer like a second before me XD But we think alike and we work together really well. I will try to give my best to make sure he becomes a two time winner.


So the point in this exciting Race is just don't lose track. If you lose track, it's over. Almost for us, though. But we're lucky still in the game.

To be honest I feel lucky for this non-elimination leg. My connection deserved an aargh until I connected it to the Guest House's WiFi. Well, I'm currently away during this leg, went home after the Gala Dinner & Closing Ceremony of the spelling bee, and I got second on the Bee, soooo Double lucky for me, perhaps? I hope we can do better next leg.Keep the Beekmans spirit alive, or perhaps we can be like Jason & Amy or others? (just surviving the leg is something for me)Life lesson: "Don't be careless. If you do, it could be game over."And yes that happened to when I competed on the Bee.'euphausiid' and I tripped as 'euphausie' then I was like 'okay I know I've missed it' and everybody laughed.