This is all confessionals made during the eight Leg.


Well I just proved myself when I was alone and I thought all odds were stacked against me but look at that world. ;D


I'm so pissed off right now. We were in a great lead, but we got third because Danielle was doing jack shit. It's so fucking hard to do these legs and having to only rely on your alliance for answers, because your partner never gets any.


I hate bumblebees nothing else.


Never do a leg in the middle of the ocean, ever.


I'm really surprised we made it this far. I think everyone is underestimating us and we can take this all the way.


I am so proud of Jessy for getting us to first place even though I wasn't here to help her. The two of us have really proven ourselves to be a strong team and also as strong individuals. I love playing this game with her.