This is all confessionals made during the fourth Leg.


So I'm going with the old strategy of shit-talking allies so no one knows we're aligned.

I was also sure to tell my allies I was doing such before they get any screenshots. Might as well try and play the strategic portion of the game, since my partner won't allow us to be good at the physical part.

So damn pissed off. Fucking goddamn non-elim leg after working my ass off. Damnit to Hell.


Im the voodoo vixen! Im the voodoo vixen! The Orange shall fall from the tree and rot!


So I'm about to race with a poncho wearing, knife wielding, Spanish psychopath. Rip me.


No more planes. Now the race really starts...

This would have been a lot easier on my regular computer, but oh well. We didn't get eliminated and that's what's important.