This is all confessionals made during the third Leg.


Fun trivia. Both Purry and I have history with this flight task. In season three, this was the challenge Purry's partner cheated in. Also in that season, my partner submitted the lowest score possible for no reason. However, my score was SOMEHOW enough to carry her and get us on flight 1. However, I had one thing then that I don't have this time. Time.

So for the first time, I'll actually be here on a computer for a leg. We're so gonna be on 2nd flight, but I can actually show my TAR strength this time. I don't think Purry's gonna be here for the leg, so I'm gonna have to put all I got into this.

Yep, we're fucked. On second flight with all allies and everyone else is a fast team. If we go next, at least I can continue tech week without stressing about more things than I should be. I'm going to make the most of my final leg here.

So I anticipate a non-elim, so I decided to help out both teams aside from our alliance. Joan/Sam and Ryan/Natalie. Now we have both teams on our side in the event of a u-turning or yield.I finally got to use one of my Roadblocks, so even if it's non-elim, we made progress this leg. yay.By the way, did I mention that I'm fucking sick of these Flight Tasks?


So........The traveler alliance is made up of the challenge beasts of the season..............and then theres I & Luke.....................grrr I hate those guys >.....>

Yaay ;D we didn't come last, even though it was a non elim, go us ^.^ super dooper proud


I wonder if there is any bigger alliance that we aren't part of. I mean, we are obviously big threats for every team in game. That's why social game part is really important, my goal would be to get close individually to people and make them feel safe with us.


I've seen something today, we cannot trust anybody. I asked Szymon for help and he didnt give us the express pass as I asked him. Emma and Nuno didnt help us until they finished. Luke practically acted like he didnt see my messages and Purry didnt even try to help. I am no longer going to ask for help. I am going to get my revenge in all three of those teams.


Finally grabbed our first leg win, feels amazing to stand at the top again. That being said, Szymon & Jamie and Tata & Ganda are still major threats in The Travelers Alliance and I have to find a way to knock them out. So I came to Andrew & Nicolas and proposed an alliance to them. I know Szymon & Jamie probably dragged Purry & Koror along in the last legs of last season and use them against my team, so it's very likely they with do it again. But this time, they have Luke, which is also a big threat because he knew every single move I made last season. Luckily, because of the flight thing Purry & Luke are all by themselves, but it would be great to get them out and weaken the Szymon & Jamie force. So the plan I proposed to Andrew & Nicholas was working together, don't help Purry & Luke if we end up in the same flight with them and possibly use the U-Turn on them when we have a chance. This plan didn't work out last season and I hope this time around we will be about to pull it off. That said, the way Andrew responds, only with "OK" and "Yeah" and "Ya" and short sentences in general don't give me a great feeling. He could run up to Szymon & Jamie and spill it all to them, but if they were smart they should follow this plan, then they might finally have a chance at final 3.Another thing I'm concern about is Tung's challenge score. It's obvious that he is a challenge beast and he is proud to show that to people. Tho this is not exactly a flash game depended ORG, it will still put a target on our back (oh ffs who am I kidding with like we weren't a target before, fucking U-Turned in the 1st leg). But still, the more show up he is the higher chance of being U-Turned again we get (but it's already 100% lel), so I told him to just "Slow down a little" and chill.Last thing, from what I see up to this point this season seem extremely like season 4, with the strong teams in one alliance, work together in the first half and ready to slit others' throats in the second half of the game, we also grabbed our first win in leg 3 just like last season (LEG 3 CURSE AGAIN FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!). But we'll see.