This is all confessionals made during the fifth Leg.


YES! We made it until my show finally ended! Now we're in final eight, lowest placement to still qualify for All-Stars. We should feel accomplished.Anyways, now that Flight Tasks are done, this game is going to be more competitive. It'll be harder for us and everyone else, and I think Szymon/Jamie and Joan/Sam should best be watching their backs. I'm gettin' kinda sick of the same people winning every leg. It's gonna make for a very boring season, and no one dares to do anything about it. I think we orta shake things up a bit, don't you?

Looks like all our allies abandoned us. All-Stars my ass. They're practically just gonna hand the win to Szymon/Jamie and the second place to Joan/Sam. Pfft, fucking ridiculous.

Our speculations were correct. We have been abandoned by Nuno/Emma. Our now biggest ally is Andrew/Nicholas, since they're pretty much the reason we were able to complete the Roadblock.And Szymon/Jamie continue their cakewalk to victory. Looks like no one's gonna do anything about it. Oh well.

So I'm basically fed up. As predicted, Szymon/Jamie told everyone about Tata's alliance. They literally thought we were loyal to it. Fucking wow.So now we're primary targets and I've lost passion. Everyone is bitching and whining, and no one's even dared to question me about it. Ugh, I need a long ass break from online.

So for some reason, I'm now going to rant about the "All-Stars" in this game *Spits*. Szymon/Jamie - Their gameplay is a fucking mess. They overplayed far too early. In TAR, you don't overplay til like final five. Even still, they threw out an alliance that was loyal to and could have helped them. When their as big of targets as they are, that's just stupid as shit. Nuno/Emma - Just like in Rome, Nuno is FAR too paranoid to play ORGs. Like he just called me and a bunch of others out without even talking it through first and figuring things out. Then he had the gall to act like HE was the smart one. And Emma, she just believes whatever she's told. Joan/Sam - Szymon/Jamie's sheep. Every single time I see Joan play with Szymon, he practically hands him the win on a silver platter. No different this time. They also act like fucking five year olds. Don't start fits in the chat, what the fuck. They also don't understand the concept that it's better to make enemies into friends rather than make more enemies. They really don't want to win, I can tell.Duy/Tung - They're pretty cool. Just wish they would talk more. Nicholas/Andrew - Pretty good. Tata/Ganda - Talk about out of the loop. Adding random people to alliances, not contributing, trying to do everything alone, etc. Ryan/Natalie - Who? Oh yeah, finals goats that'll somehow outlast most the cast. Finally....Purry/Luke - Ugh, why would you accept to be in a season if you don't have time for it? Luke is such a dumbass. He claims that he needs to change the game, but has done nothing to do so. Also losing passion in the middle of the season is pretty stupid. Wow.


Can't believe we got 6th, I thought we would have done worse. That really isn't bad for the first leg without flights


Some asshat thought it would be a great idea to leak alliances, which I don't even give a shizz about anyways, It was a dumb as hella lliance and was filled with people who didn't do shit and it was only a U-turn safety blanket.

Anyways, we did well in the leg, I',m proud of us even though we lost all our allies


We were so close, yes, that was close enough.

But at least we're safe, so thank goodness. Just I hope we did better than our previous season.

Well, this is dramatic. I finally revived +7 Alliance, the thing that they didn't notice lol xDD +7 Alliance exists since TAR TRE 4 and no one notices, this is so amazing.

That personally also brought me nostalgia to one of my TAR seasons, my first TAR season especially...

Song of the Day for me this leg congratulations to Armenia's Face the Shadow from Eurovision 2015 #lol



Our loyalties stands between Joan and Sam and Ryan and Natalie. That would be just a perfect final 3 scenario for us. At this point we just need to break this alliance of Tata/Luke/Purry/Duy/Orange. The game is just begining!!! This is the real All Stars!!!!


Everything is so crazy! We just raided the other alliance's chat and what can I say? WE ARE GONNA SLAY THEM MUAHAHAHAHHAHAA By the way, the ringleader has to like go, without her the other four peasants will self-destruct. Oh yeah, when raiding the chat I slew Tata... So... I am the new ringleader!


Too much shit happened in just one night. Seems like everyone knows about The Travelers Alliance now and I couldn't care less about it, but who exposed it to the outsiders? Nuno knows about it so it could be him, or Szymon & Jamie have been playing both sides, which is understandable considering how big of a threat they are. But I don't understand why he added the outsiders to the alliance chat and had them cause a big mess there. For some reason they all think Tata is the leader of this so-called alliance (well she revived it so...) but I don't like the way they spoke. Now suddenly Bad Bitch Club want to target Tata and I'm like bitch wtf why. After all the drama after this leg I feel like just maybe our team along with Tata & Ganda are the real outsiders. The Bad Bitch Club might as well be a Team Pokemon/Ratchet alliance with us as extras considering how much trust Andrew putting in Nuno. So the only option left is to revive the +7 Alliance of us and Team Java. Tho I don't even want to do all these alliances shit because these people are fishy as fuck, I need more than just one U-Turn. Working with Tata & Ganda is difficult because of their constant bringing back the past thing, but I don't think there is any better move as for now. I still want Purry & Luke as a target for the U-Turn and now Sam & Joan as well. Waiting for it to happen.