This is all confessionals made during the fifth Leg.


I can't wait to destroy lives with this #shocking 1st place leg win.


Wow... Wow is all I have to say. The legs keep getting harder and harder... I was at work during the leg and I was praying that it wasn't gonna be busy. Of course, I got extremely busy so I couldn't help Amber out. She tried so hard during the leg and I'm extremely proud of her. The locations were kinda hard as well which I usually get easily. We arrived last which I wasn't surprised by, but it was a non-elimination leg! I was SO happy! I think that was the boost that Amber and I needed to take a deep breath and return to how we used to dominate. I hope that I'm around for the next leg and that we can keep fighting, something we will do until we are told that we have been eliminated from the race. We have a speed bump next leg but I think we can get through it and win the race!