This is all confessionals made during the ninth Leg.


I think Julia & Luke is our biggest competition, they are really nice but if anyone can beat us its them. Fitz & Purry have been carried here by Jessy & I and Luke & Julia, though Fitz is strong, Purry have struggled a lot it seem. I like them and I am glad to be working with them.

Tommy & JA seem alright, they have stayed in the middle of the pack most of the time. I didn’t appreciate getting yielded, but it doesn’t matter.
Jamie & Tyler I expected to be gone by now, I like them though. Don’t have much of an opinion on them.

I think Jessy and I got a good shot at winning, we have never been below the top 3 and we have the most first place finishes. We are working so well together and we are both strong individually, I hope and think we can win this.


Julia+Luke - Might be a team where they can sneak out the win + apparently they named the episode "I'm So Pissed Off Right Now" so that sounds peculiar. Maybe it's about Alf and I winning the leg??

Purry+Fitz I want them to stay to the finale. Lol. Easy team to win with in the finals.
Tyler+Jamie I want them to stay as well since their schedules are horror.
Tommy+JA I want them gone. No one gets in between me and my win!
Yeah we probably are going to win no lie


What you think of the other 4 remaining teams.

I don't know Team Forgotten very well, I feel like I forgot about them >_____> The others I have been talking to.

How big of a chance you think that you have of winning this game.
Not very big D; deffo a 1/4 doe D: rite? I feel we'll go out next leg tho >_> Unless JA & Tommy don't make it D:


All the teams that are left are strong competitors.

My shot at winning this game is like 1% outta 100%. Prob be eliminated this leg or the next.


We're rapidly nearing the end.

Team Twins seems pretty bad and mostly inactive, team NoSkillz gives me bad vibes sometimes, but they're good allies, team Forgotten seems to just be there with not really any purpose and team Animals probably has the best shot at winning. I think Danielle and I may have the best shot at winning besides them.