This is all confessionals made during the second Leg.


A 7th place finish, eh tragic. I only performed so poorly on the first half to give the others a false sense of confidence. But how will I explain that I screwed up a simple game to everyone? They already think I'm a weakling. But they are in for a shock. Cause One by One, They'll all go down.


I'm so happy with my performance today, I was playing on a laggy laptop BUT somehow I managed to be quicker and place 3rd in the 2nd leg.


So we've made it past our second Hellish leg. Danielle really took a beating on the roadblock. But we're safe for now. My only concern is the next departure schedule. Anyways, us and our alliance with Teams Animals and NoSkillz (which I have named Victorious Animals with No Skills) have all made it. So all is well.


I thought we were screwed at the last leg, and I thought I ruined it when I was taking too long on the roadblock, but it took me a while to get the hang of it. Thankfully, we were saved by the skin of our teeth and hopefully we can overcome some more adversity tomorrow, where both of us are restricted when we depart.


So Laos, don’t know much about it except for Hinduism and temples which I learned about today. Jessy and I kept finding places quickly, most of the time and the challenges were fairly easy. Mahjong was a bit hard, but I figured it out quickly enough.

The alliance between us and Purry/Fitz and Luke/Julia without David/Shannon is officially called “Victorious animals with NoSkillz”.

David and Shannon did once again not contribute and seeing how they gave their express pass to someone outside of the alliance, they have made it clear that they are not with us. I hope Purry/Fitz or Luke/Julia u-turns them, or maybe Gerda/Jake would do it, they have been having problems.

I want David/Shannon out of here, dirty players. I love Jessy and I love working with her, we make such a good team. I really think we can make it far. I just want to beat the jerks who are playing dirty.


That was stressful.

I'm glad I got 6th, that was all worth it. I hate that game. Ew. That game. Don't even remind me about it.