This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


Purry likely won't be here today since she doesn't feel good. I told her I can handle it. Of course my back is hurting a lot now. I can barely move because my back hurts whenever I do move. Hopefully I get first flight so I can go slow. This game may be too much for a small guy like me.

Good, we got first flight. I really like that. I am in pain still, not as much as before though, so Ill try my best today!


Whatever, the matter is: as long as the last team ain't us

--- Whoot. At least we're not last, at first -- before going on to the next level. We could improve that.


Did you really think I couldn’t “do” the challenge. I’m on the third flight on purpose. Will and I won’t be able to get that first express pass, so why not risk it all for the 11th place express pass?

This 11th place express pass is risky... I think I'm just gonna race.

Passing the entire 2nd flight is pretty good. 1st place next time.


ayyy I might be here yas. I can help my smol daddy race to victory. Also, I found this tutorial, which could come in handy.


First flight! I'm really hoping for our first win this season. We can do this


During leg 1, I was going through everything like wildfire, man; locations coming out of my azz. I seriously think Kaeden & I could've been top 3 had we just made that first flight, but ah well, we'll take 8th, right, Kaeden?


What a great start to be quite honest! We just rocked that leg and now we're in second. It seems our biggest competition is Jaime and Nuno, so hopefully we can beat them.


this our best finish (excluding ffs), hopefully we can keep up this momentum.