This is all confessionals made during the fourth Leg.


Tung just told me he has lost interest with the race and want to quit, just don't know when. Tonight we will still keep racing, but I guess the end of our team is near.


I take back what I said about Tata/Ganda. They gave us the Starpass, so we're automatically on first flight! God knows we need it.I'm hoping to be there today since my show isn't until much later, so things are looking up. If we can make it until my show is over, I will count this as a victory even if we lose the race. We're so close, we just gotta hang in a bit longer.

The silence we're getting from Nuno/Emma really makes me contemplate if they're really trustworthy or not. However, it's best for us to stick to both Tata/Ganda's alliance and Nuno/Emma's alliance. We need to cover all corners to do well this season. Since we're on first flight, chances aren't incredibly high of us fucking up. But can't get cocky.

So to be bluntly honest, everyone in this season is a giant liar. Including us.Anyways, we're not very fast compared to some other teams, so we might be screwed come later legs. I'm just happy to still be here.Also, Sam/Joan u-turned Andrew/Nicholas. This outcome should be fun to watch.

So Erica/Max are out, didn't expect them to go very far anyways.So now our alliance with Nuno/Emma is now consisting of two teams. Joyous day.


This is probably my last leg. If it is, to hell with me.


Yaaaas we won our third leg out of 4! I feel like me and Jamie became even stronger team in this season and we just collaborate better with each other so this is why we have brillant effects with each leg. Overall im glad im here with Jamie

Ok so time to mess a little bit with this game. Im annoyed by Tata/Purry/Luke/Duy alliance and i know that they are just using us so im lowkey starting to #expose those bitches. My goal is to make a new alliance with Joan/Sam and Nat/Ryan so we can get the fuck out with the core 3.


I love winning but it's definitely painting a huge target on me and Szy. We've won 3/4 legs and we came 2nd in the one we didn't win, and at this point I think if teams get a chance to U-Turn or Yield us then they will, so we just need to continue winning and beating the other teams to the U-Turns, as well as holding onto our Express Pass so that if we are U-Turned, we can save ourselves!


Tata & Ganda gave us the Starpass, am I happy? Absolutely, however that alliance sucks...wait...have I said that too much this season...Jamie/Szymon go too fast >: ( and don't give answers, actually, nvm. Everyone doesn't give answers, I'm sick of that alliance >: ( RATCHETS 4 LYF. like, lmao, I'm such a fake bitch.


U-Turning Andrew and Nicholas is more than anything an entertainment, we placed second but due to the penalty its now 5th... I honestly don't care, had the FF not been there and the penalty either wed be first... Anyways, Andrew and Nicholas are like four timers, they don't deserve to be here. They didnt even do anything that brilliant during their first three seasons... Did they even win a leg? Hell me and Sam even won a leg... Let's say that this is more a cast cleaning.


At least it gave me some rest because I'm still unfit tbh and when I remember the leg when I slept after watching a soap opera in 11pm UTC+7, I decided to take some breaks a.k.a. a bit sleeping before the leg begins. Well, running nose and cough. And too tired. At least it gave me some rest