This is all confessionals made during the seventh Leg.


our not so great finishes last leg have personally lit a fire under my butt to go harder for the next leg. Now that there is only 7 teams left people will become more individual and we can't rely on Nathaniel and Gavin or we'll get 4th or 3rd. Hopefully we can at least get a top 3 finish next leg so we can start working our way to number one and the win.

I really don't want the leg to happen. I'd hate to see such a good team go out like this.


What Nuno did there was uncalled for, and now I will do whatever I can to slow him down


I can't believe anyone would do that. It was totally based on personal reasons. Well, maybe strategic reasons but Nathaniel and Gavin are the stronger team no offense. It was almost uncalled for but I don't want to see their reasoning to be honest.

Also, we are doing better! Maybe we can finally grab that first place that has been evading us for so long. We need to pick it up and not let anyone defeat us or drag us down! It's time to dominate!

Some fun statistics. Reid and I haven't hit the bottom two yet, even though we have had two disastrous legs. Also, so far, we're the only team to put a scenic view/u-turn and have that team to be eliminated. I mean, yeah, Hoa and Tuan we're dead in the water anyway but it's fun to dream.


They've already seen what we're capable of. Now it's time to go for their throats.