This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


Wheww, The starting times for the first leg aint even up and I'm already spooked. Jeffy is all like "whew I am gonna make an army and have a big alliance, I owe people and I am loyal and my motto is go big or go home" and like IDK if he understands what TAR is... But nonetheless he is a very good ally cause he is all about that ~strategy~ boy.So Allison & I are in two alliances ATM, one is called the "SuperRacers Alliance" which consists of Jeffy/Vanne, Tung/Gunt and Allison/Myself. Which is cool, Jeffy is going around trying to get as much allies as possible, he made this speech to Nathaniel/Gavin how he needs to repay Gavin or whatever when he voted Gavin out in a game of Survivor... Okay.We have another alliance, which we're telling about the SuperRacer thing, that alliance is the cuties that I aligned with in All-Stars, Andrew/Nicholas and Emma/Nuno. I think this Alliance is likely to stay together, hopefully lol.I think Allison is going to be away for the first leg, but I think thats fine. I think we'll manage to keep up. Here's hoping!! ^__^

Ayy, second flight. Knew we wouldn't get on 3rd, really glad we didn't.All of our allies except one (Andrew/Nicholas) are on different flights than us, so we have to try and find people who wanna work with us lol.I want to try and get Nathaniel/Gavin to work with us for the time being, as long as we're all on the same flight, and hopefully we'll have enough allies so that whatever flight we're on in the future we have someone who will trust us, hopefully LOL.Let's do this!!!!

I have several!!! Complains!!!Fiirstly, Nathaniel is all like...... "We didn't need to answer with the alkternate name for the desrt!!" and I'm like ETF GF FUFUKLC YOYYU. Now I'm crying, dying and needing to pee.This is so stressful.


What an amazing cast. I can't wait to crush the majority of it! Also, flight tasks are difficult. I can't wait to get last in Conquering Europe (again) though

Puzzles are really terrible. Nathaniel gave me all answers after detour though, which was nice. Sadly, my back hurts from carrying Nicholas. Glad I got 8th, though

I am kind of pissed at Nicholas, he said he would be here. He might be very busy right now, actually, but still, what could he possibly be doing right now. I'm gonna go drown my madness with cookies.


Winning is the only option. We're not getting second again, not a chance.

Looking at our competition, it seems to be a much easier field compared to S6. The Tungs, Purry's team, Nuno + Emma, and maybe Reid's team are the only teams I am remotely scared of at this time. I am laughing my head off at Vanne and Jeffy playing so hard so fast. Jeffy always means well, but he is creating alliances like this is Survivor. He has the whole game mapped out. I suspect them to be an early boot to be quite honest.

Hopefully we can work with the Tungs again. Nuno and I talk a lot nowadays, and I also talk A LOT with Emma too. Nuno wants to ally until at least F5, but he says from there we can expect a backstab out of respect. I also talked with Will and he wants to ally. We can act as their tutors for awhile.


I knew that we would definitely be on the 1st flight but we are shocked to receive not 1 but 2 starpasses. And we also aligned with Nate-Gavin and Tuan-Hoa but they was on the 2 other flight. dang it. And there is still a thing call "super racers alliance". Like, are u serious? This is TAR, not Survivor. U don't align with half of the cast to race. Whatever, i will nod like i'm totally in this and avoid being uturn and once i get the chance to uturn, they're dead to me.


*tearing up* I don't know why my partner is attacking me like this. I am a good person. I came out to have a good time and right now I feel personally attacked.

So we finished fourth, but we kinda wanted that. It's weird, but we don't need any bigger target on our back. Maybe if we look weak someone will give us the Express Pass.


My first confessional! Ok so i basically sucked in the flight task so we are on the second flight... But at least we aren't on the third one... I'm really excited because i have no clue where we are going but i'm glad i get to do it with Purry!

--- I feel terrible about this leg..... I could have done more as a partner i wish my helpfulness machu (match)es Purrys next leg


This will sure be an interesting time. This is my first time doing this and I'm flying solo. I wish Gavin would have submitted because he then would have been on my flight and he had already promised to help us out. So I'm just going to wing it. I'm confident that I won't fuck up so bad that we get last, but I'll try and learn things as I go and get more experienced for the future. I have no clue what to expect and I am looking forward to it.


Hey...Im back. This is my fourth season in a row. I got 3 chances to win but i still havent done it. Now, i back for another time to continue my race. This time, it'll be my last race, my last try with The Amazing Race. Guess what? WE GOT A PERFECT BEGINNING, we won 2 starpasses, now we won the first race and we also won 2 express passess. I know we will be targeted after our achievement in early of the race BUT WHO CARE? We are going to be LEGEN wait for it DARY.



@ jeffy trying to be relevant and put a target in me and emma's back @ JEFFY GETTING IT WRONG AND MAYBE GETTING ELIMINATED

I can see Nathaniel being a polite person trying to win the game his way, which is a nice way, and Gavin trying to create alliances with the entire cast creating a devastating combination, which will cause them to get caught and Nathaniel to flop RIP


The first time in 3 seasons I did't arrive last! Luckily Nathaniel helped me with the roadblock and I was able to survive