This is all confessionals made during the sixth Leg.


yup, wrecking balls are coming and you'd better be careful bitch. It will wreck your asses cuz we're tired of any placements besides 1st.


not miss gavin trying to shade people and getting the fuck out of his scalp burned off!!!!!


Andrew will most likely be mad, but it should be better tomorrow. I completely hate doing legs on mobile and I promise that I will never do this again. Next week Andrew will also have to be alone, due to me being in Tennessee. This game is falling apart right under our noses and it will eventually catch up to us.


So we got 1st, beating the team who took the FF! So happy to beat Nuno (and Emma). Heading to Italy next, and pretty psyched about that. Told the Tungs about our next destination since they asked... no need for them to know that we're ready for them to be eliminated right after Nuno and Emma. We're on good terms with basically everyone as well. Helped Tyler out this leg, so he should be comfortable helping us even a tiny bit. We still have our allies in the Tungs and Reid/Mikey. Will is still super open to working with me at least. All is looking up, even if we are not dominating this season like last time


There is getting to a point we have to let Nathaniel and Gavin go. They're too good, and we need to have the least good competition in the end. We need to just keep surviving, get to the point where we hit our stride and starting winning legs. We so want to win. We just need to be good enough and not flop.


Omfg this leg, grr...i dont know, we missed 1st again, i feel so sorry right now. How can Gavin and Nathaniel do it? ;-; Fast Forward was exactly a trap, it's really really attractive, we were like flirted by it ;-; It's like a big cake, but terrible ;-; Today, i understood the sentence: Grasp all, lose all.