This is all confessionals made during the ninth Leg.


OMG WE HAD EVERYTHING PLANNED FOR THIS LEG! win the leg, u-turn Dicks if there is a possiblity and get rid of them. IT WAS SO FREAKING CLOSE for a perfect leg for us, but we still did amazing job, and we can still beat dicks or whatever their team name is. Cookies FTW

I had a interesting convo with Koror, and he's up to work together aganist Duy and Seth. I mean, sure if you want to work together, why not, but if its a final 2 season, i would rather to have Seth in finals rather than any of others teams. Things should be intense now, Dicks will be for sure looking out for blood


It's now or never. We have to do good enough on this leg if we want any chance of safety. I just hope John doesn't flop..again..

That was probably the most stressful leg of the game! I had to put my trust into John and thankfully he pulled through for us. Not to mention Jamie/Szymon basically dragged us through dirt in this leg but.. hey! We made it!


F E K. Seth/John and Duy/Tung didn't get out. F E K. I feel as though We'll get to the final with Jamie's help tho :~) I got a good feeling about this. Unless, you know...We suck... That would hurt xD


We've won the most legs so far and going into the F4 we're definitely the biggest threat. But I can see us winning, we've already got 4 leg wins and who says we won't win a couple more?