This is all confessionals made during the second Leg.


So my team got 4th... Damn one worse but... Yeahs still hanging! I decided to help Szymon since he may help me in the future plus always good to befriend the owner of an Express Pass!

This round was hellish though. Like the challenges where so hard. Luckily I got time from multiple teams and I tried to trick 'Narchy bitches to make them loose time. I also reneged into giving helped Team Penis... Like C'mon that name is gross and I can't stand those two. They ask for help and do not offer some drug in exchange! Like Eff off!

Oh wait both suckers made pit stop!

Only Khaptad and Nerdy Herd's left! The biggest enemies of my other allies Sandra and one of the teams I fear the most... This is scary but fear is fun my dear. I hope Nerds go home since Khaptad are kinda sitting ducks...

Oh fuck Khaptad got eliminated... I really hope we can screw the Nerds sooner rather than later... Them, Peru, Penis and 'Narchy are my only non-fully allies.

Hope I can fuck them badly next challenge so they go one by one home!


This leg...amazing. Wes and I flew through it, and we kicked ass. But it is insanely creepy that Charley and Dallas are always 1 step behind us, and it is getting annoying. We need them gone as quickly as possible. That along with getting the express pass flushed out are my top priorities.