Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 23, 1998 (age 16)
Hometown Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation Student


Age 15
Profession Student
Trait Has bad ADHD.
Group Class 3-C Students
Weeks 5 (Months)
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Throat slashed by Tara.

Spider Invasion

Age 48
Profession Funeral Greeter
Trait Can read auras
Group Palo Alto Group
Weeks 12
Current Status Survived
Kills 0
Death N/A


Age 42
Profession Funeral Greeter
Trait Can read auras.
Group Plane Group
Weeks 2
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Eaten by spiders.
"I'm not gonna be some damsel in distress. Teach us something."

–Jaylen, Season 9

Fakeboy823, also known as Jaylen, is a survivor from the After the Dark series.

Jaylen is best known for his under the radar strategy of playing. He does what needs to be done and nothing else, which lead to him surviving, Spider Invasion.


Name (Age): Jaylen (16)
Current Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Personal Claim Of Fame: Playing in over 30+ ORGs in half a year (I have no life).
Hobbies: Acting, gaming, ORGing and relaxing.
Pet Peeves: Arrogant people, hypocrites and Jeremy (SJDS).
3 Words To Describe You: Survivor, fun, lazy.
If you were on a fire, what would be the one thing you would rescue?: Assuming it's just me, my phone.
Why do you think you will survive?: I have something most people lack these days... Common sense. *drops mic*



Spider InvasionEdit



  • Jaylen's traits have never came into use in his seasons.
  • Jaylen's character in All-Stars is the same character he used during Spider Invasion .