Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 24, 1999 (age 15)
Hometown Barcelona, Spain
Occupation Student


Age 38
Profession Printer Salesman
Trait Is a great cook.
Group Tail Section
Weeks 8
Current Status Deceased
Kills 4
Death Shot by Luke.

Falling Skies

Age 32
Profession Police
Trait Used to be an Olympic athlete.
Weeks 6
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Executed by soldiers.

The Last of Us

Age 40
Profession Engineer
Trait Has asthma.
Group Fedra Group
Weeks 18
Current Status Survived
Kills 4+

Spider Invasion

Age 45
Profession Lighting Adviser
Trait Knows numerous languages.
Group Car Group
Weeks 12
Current Status Survived
Kills 0+


Age 41
Profession Engineer
Trait Recently recovered from asthma.
Group Chicago Group
Weeks 12
Current Status Deceased
Kills 1+
Death Shot by Flaura.

Haunted Hill

Age 19
Profession Magician
Trait Is dating Rebekah.
Group West Wing
Weeks 15
Current Status Survived
Kills 2

A Late Night

Age 66
Profession Scientist
Trait Can identify poison easily.
Group Outside Group
Weeks 12
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0+
Death Ripped in half.

Hostage Situation

Age 37
Profession Prison Guard
Trait Knows taekwondo.
Weeks 14
Current Status Survived
Kills 1

The Dragon

Age 103
Profession Monk
Trait Is a dwarf.
Group Dungeon Group
Weeks 12
Current Status Survived
Kills 4+

This War of Mine

Age 44
Profession Belgium diplomat
Trait Is a great cook.
Group House Group
Weeks 9
Current Status Deceased
Kills 5+
Death Burnt alive.


Trait Ultimate Actor.
Weeks 13
Current Status Deceased
Kills 1
Death Executed by MonoLuke.
You have to risk it to get the biscuit

–Joan, during the "This War of Mine"

 District3, also known as Joan, is a survivor from the After the Dark series.


Name (Age): Joan (15) Current Residence: Spain Personal Claim Of Fame: I survivor AtD... Once Hobbies: Bitching Pet Peeves: It's too long to list 3 Words To Describe You: Confident, fun-loving, and driven. If you were on a fire, what would be the one thing you would rescue?: A water hose... duh Why do you think you will survive?: I can't lol



Joan made his debut in Lost, where he was placed in the Tail Group. Since he disliked his group he set a plan where Szymon, Bethany and him would flee to the jungle meanwhile the rest of teh group gathered supplies far away after Joan had instructed them to do so. The trio found a crashed cruise ship where there were barely any supplies, scarred of what could happen during the nightime at the cruise Joan told the group to continue walking. They spent the night at a beach.

The next week Joan, Bethany and Szymon were near dehydration but they got to a pond in time and gathered water. Joan contacted with the Middle Section group telling them they were in great danger and needed help. Joan then schemed a plan to murder Luke so they could get his gun and blackmail the other groups into giving them food. They made traps all over the area and sharpened sticks into spears. Meanwhile Joan and Szymon talked to Luke, Bethany who was until that moment hiding, tried to spear Luke through the back, however Luke noticed her and shot her dead. Joan quickly made up a lie saying that Bethany was one of the "Creeps".

Joan and Szymon were taken to the Middle Group camp where after helping them for a few groups they stole food and fled to the Amethyst where the duo found a map with some locations and medication. Joan traded the medication in exchange of one of Luke's guns to heal his friend Emma after she was bit by a spider.

When Emma died due to the Middle Group splitting the medication between Emma and Luke, Joan was furious and bowed to kill Luke. Joan and Szymon then found the Hostiles, when they attempted to sneak into their camp Szymon was shot. Stanley and Joan then started a negotiation where Joan offered Stanley to kill the entirity of the Tail Group in exchange of Szy getting medical attention.

Joan met up with Tyler and Nuno in The Clam where they found a computer that was capable of contacting with mainland. Joan scarred of Szymon dying due to him not killing Tyler and Nuno, grabbed a shotgun and killed the two and destroyed the computer. Joan then returned to the camp where Lisa and Henrik attempted to help him escape, Joan wanting to make sure Szymon survived, used the last two bullets of the shotgun to kill Lisa and Henrik. He was then locked up and told that him and Szymon would be executed next week.

During the execution Larry, Mallory and Leslie helped him and Szy escape. However the two being badly injured had to choose which one of the two would be carried by Larry, Szymon chose to stay and was shortly after killed, much to Joan's dismay. Joan and the three NPCs made their way to the Fig. Max attempted to kill Joan but killed Larry instead, Leslie then killed Max. Mallory killed herself after this, leaving Leslie and Joan have to flee.

Joan and Leslie talked and after briefly talking with the Middle Group they decided to return. They were surprised by a trap that killed Leslie and then Joan was shot by Luke in an act of revenge, having learnt that Joan tried to kill him in the first few weeks, blackmailed his group with medication and killed Lisa.

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