This is all confessionals made during the sixth Leg.


So apparently the next leg is actually at a time I can be there at. Thank God! I was scared for Danielle. She sucks on her own. Alf told us we're staying in UK, so that gives us perfect time to study shit.

So I helped out Tyler so Team Barnyard could lose. Looks like the plan worked. Karma's a bitch.


I truly felt we could do well but after Shannon not contributing leg after leg after leg I knew that would be our downfall.


From last to first... Can ya believe it? Now they know we are here to win. We're in the final 6! We're a force to be reckoned with. And I think we can win this game... This game is like Clash of the Titans... And I'm one of those tiny but powerful titans. Now I'm in to win the whole thing.


It's funny how Tommy's first answers are actually answers for later questions. Anyway, Im happy I finally get to race.


I think everyone is happy to see David & Shannon gone. David kept begging for help, I ignored him. This leg was the toughest one so far and I just expect it to keep getting tougher, but Jessy and I are still going strong. Bye bye Barnyard, we ain't gonna miss ya.

Gerda approached me about working together to take out Luke and Julia, which makes me feel so bad! I would love to work with Gerda, but I can’t turn on my allies. When I saw the cast, I wanted to work with Gerda right away, but Jessy kinda pulled me into the thing with Luke/Julia and Purry/Fitz, which is the only reason why I didn’t end up working with Gerda. She is such a good friend and not working with her, especially now that she is asking me feels really bad, I wish I could, but I don’t think Jessy would agree and we already got an alliance of 3 teams with only 6 teams remaining.


Things we learn today...

- Flash games are a bitch.
- 5 minute penalties are longer than you think.
- Alliances are a big help when it comes to penalties.
- I'm having second thoughts about Jonas' footrub.