This is all confessionals made during the tenth Leg.


Well, this sucks... We were so close, but still didn't quite make it... Sucks that I let Gavin down, but now I hope we can do better in season 8!


If we got last, i would kill myself, cuz i helped nate with the detour


Well there goes our number 1 allies. Also racing over a speedbump and still getting first has to scare everyone. We're up to it though and it should be some easy cruising to the end if we keep this pace


That was like if the green team left last leg. I seriously can't believe that Nathaniel and Gavin our gone. We have proved ourselves and we can seriously go all the way. I want to win so badly, and we're gonna keep fighting until we get to the end! Just keep pushing and they'll fall. They make their mistakes while we overcome them.


My ideal f3 would be the tungs, will and martynas and us. I think nuno and Emma are WAY to strong and I hope us 3 can take them down. I think we can win if that happens