This is all confessionals made during the third Leg.


Team Barnyard needed to learn a lesson like that, it’s just sad they didn’t get eliminated. I got to the pit stop on my own, which I am proud of, not Jessy’s fault that she didn’t know there was a leg today, but oh well, it went just fine anyway. Purry and Fitz using the yield and ALMOST got rid of David & Shannon is just amazing.

I knew I wouldn’t have to do it myself and I am still on OK terms with David, though I don’t think he trusts me completely, he seemed pissed off. I love it, the drama right now is just fun, Purry is being crazy and its just fun.

Watch out team Barnyard, you aren’t winning this race.


Everyone really stepped up their game for this leg which I'm shocked about how well everyone did!


So we took Brendan and Rayton out using a yield we got. And NoSkillz also got a yield, and used it on Barnyard. David and Shannon were sooo pissed. However, they still trust Danielle and I. But any u-turn or yield we get in the future needs to go to them. I helped the useless teams with the leg just to make sure Barnyard lost. And I spread word that Barnyard cannot be trusted. So let's make it an effort to take those liars out!


This leg was REALLY GOOD. Because for once we both did it :3 yipee.

We decided to Yield Barnyards because they seemed like a big threat. BUUUUUUT they got through, so.
Anywayz. I'm excited about the next leg! ONWARDS!!!!