This is all confessionals made during the fifth Leg.


I am active as feck I am ready for this!!


Lindsay had just beat cancer for a second time and I felt extremely happy for her, however Luke decided to uturn her, that heartless son of a bitch. I am extremely infuriated by this, she deserved respect for at least one leg and my blood has been boiled, now Im only fire and anger baby.


So we FINALLY used our Express Pass. We also got a U-turn and u-turned Lindsay and TJ, since they were already far behind and would most likely lose; making it unlikely for them to get revenge.

It worked out and those two are FINALLY. OUT. Seriously, thank God. The only reason they were still here to begin with was because of non-elim legs. So yay.


Well, if TJ and I get freaking 8th place again, we're goners. We need to do well this leg, and the problem is, I don't know if TJ is going to be here. Again. I may be doing this leg. Alone. Again. Cue the moans. I really hope we pull this one out...

I feel like Nicolas Cage, and I died at the hand of a bunch of goddamn killer bees in a bad movie. If it weren't for that stupid bee game, I could have done this leg singlehandedly, even with a speed bump! But no, Luke and Rebekah went after us. I had Perry, Orange, AND Joan sending me answers!! And I STILL got last. (I say I because let's be honest, I've been a one woman team since the second leg...) there has to be SOME sort of special award for getting eighth place five legs in a row. Like, that's impressive. In a really sad way. Like Nicolas Cage's career.