The Robinson Expedition's Secret Series is a game series, in which the players must solve a mystery or crime that has been happening around them while also balancing NPC relationships and the surrounding drama.


Season Host(s) Players Survivors
Secret Series: Desperate Housewives Joan 7 4
Secret Series: Wurth Academy - School of Lies Purry
14 14
Secret Series: Family Jewels - Money and Death Joan
9 1
Secret Series: Purgatory - Crime & Justice Purry 14 7
Secret Series: School Reunion - Tale of Lies Purry 12 1
Secret Series: Trust Joan 7 1
Secret Series: Immortal Blood Purry 13 10
Secret Series: Old Bones Joan 12 11
Secret Series: 13 Reasons Why Dani
Secret Series: House of Shade Nuno

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